Game FAQs is running one of those “get every fansite to link to us” tournaments, pitting their selection of the top 128 games of the 2000s in a head to head contest. The voting has entered the second round, and after Diablo II won easily in the first round against something called Eternal Darkness, our game is now up against a more formidable opponent in Solid Metal Snake Gear 4, or whatever combination of the same 4 words they assigned that installment of the near-yearly stealth shooter series.The voting runs for one day only, and I guess you have to have a GameFAQs account to vote; I don’t see any way to do so on the very low-tech tournament page, at least.

    If you’re curious, you can see the whole bracket here. When I first looked a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Diablo II was in the same bracket as World of Warcraft and thought that could be a fun vote, if they both kept winning. However D2 is losing and WoW has already lost, to Paper Mario! Where are your 12m subscribers now?

    Thanks to OmniSliver for the tip.

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