The Escapist’s March Madness game developer tournament rolls on, and with Blizzard’s continued success our interest in it is sustained. Blizzard, a #2 seed in the Western bracket, has marched through the first three rounds and reached the Elite Eight, which brings the biggest challenge yet. Western bracket #1 seed, Nintendo. Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo vs. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon!

    Since voting requires clicking buttons on a computer, and not just waving a remote control around and hoping for the best, Nintendo fans may be at a disadvantage, but it’s still a clash of the titans. Should Blizzard win, and Bliz is well ahead in early voting, it will advance to the Final Four, in voting to be held later this week.  The three other quarter-final matches, FYI: North (4) Square Enix vs. (7) Zynga, East (1) Valve vs. (2) Bethesda Softworks, South: (1) BioWare vs. (2) Relic.

    Vote in the Blizzard vs. Nintendo thread here, and read about the contest rules and prizes here.

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