Vote for Blizzard vs. Bioware

Blizzard has advanced to the final four of the Escapist’s March Madness developer tournament, and in the semi-final match they are pitted against Bioware. RPG face-off!

Bioware is well ahead in the early voting, but that may yet change, and if you care enough to vote you may care enough to tweet your vote, making it count double. You can’t help but see instructions for that in the thread itself. Have fun!

Should Blizzard triumph, they will be matched in the finals against the winner of Zynga vs. Valve.

Update: Bioware triumphed in a close battle, and advances to face Zynga, the seemingly-unstoppable maker of all those Progress Wars style games your Facebook friends keep pestering you with. Join me in despair.

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1 thought on “Vote for Blizzard vs. Bioware

  1. I thought I was suppose to be the Fuzzy Bold Romantic..
    I suppose
    1. This April fool is not a joke,
    2. The fires of hilarity we do not stoke
    3. Though to our riddles,
    4. You have no immunity
    5. We thank you for being part
    6. FriskyDingo

    Doesnt make too much sense

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