Vote: Which are your favorite Legendary Gems?

The answer is clear...

The answer is clear…

ZappaFan started a thread in our Hardcore forum asking players to name their favorite DiabloWikiLegendary Gems. Most replies focus on function rather than fashion, which is to be expected in a HC forum… but even there style sometimes wins out! A few quotes from the “Which are your favorite Legendary Gems?” thread:

Lightning Leap Barb: Bane of the Trapped & Wreath of Lightning (so far). Bane/Trapped is kind of a no-brainer since I’m using the 3 second Stun rune for Leap, so all my Leap Quakes do extra damage. Plus it’s pretty hard to beat the lvl 25 attribute. I like the Wreath of Lightning because it scales linearly and is fairly effective right out of the gate. Plus it’s way cool. The speed bonus at lvl 25 is nice, too.

Solely Monk input here, as often happens with me :p

  • Gogok for ZDPS and SWK Genwuko monk (15% CDR and IAS, impossible to pass up)
  • BotP for quick T6 farming and decent usefulness in high GR as well
  • Mirinae if you have a proc skill (WotHF:FoF or TR:Electric Field)
  • Taeguk is great for hardcore, just gotta learn to keep the buff up
  • –Grishok

    I’m pretty boring in gem preferences: Powerful, Trapped, and Toxin. Jade Harvester build; these seem to work well with it. I’m slowly leveling others and I’ll probably mess around with the Smite one (in lieu of BotP).

    For myself, I tend to use the DPS+ LGems, and I feel drawn to ones that make cool shiny visuals. Mirinae isn’t as effective as Pain Enhancer for most high crit characters, but all those golden Smites of Light make it seem so much more sparkly, compared to Pain Enhancer’s invisible damage buff. An even bigger example is Bane of the Powerful which is probably the most impactful gem… but does nothing visually other than the buff icon. Imagine if it added a cool graphic to your character as well? Or take the opposite extreme; Boon of the Hoarder has very little function in-game (aside from some infinite-toughness Goldwrapers), especially below level 25, and yet plenty of people keep using it even if they are already rich… I think largely since it’s so fun to see all those stacks of gold popping everywhere.

    So, survey time. Which are your favorite gems to use? You can pick up to three, and you don’t have to vote for the 3 you use most often. Effective =/= fun, after all.

    Which are your favorite Diablo 3 Legendary Gems? (Vote up to 3.)

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    1. I am not sure if what they say is true about gems proccing other gems, but for the duration of my lightning monk I always had wreath of lightning and pain enhancer, wreath because I was stacking lit skill damage, and PE since I was also a CHC dependant build.

      While that's gone, I look forward to using wreath on barb, but PE is a staple for my demon hunter now. I know PE doesn't stack, it just refreshes.

      Simplicity's Strength has no love (gee, I see you there depth diggers, too bad you don't work on wizards and WDs, this gem might help where you lack!).. but I've used it when I had to rely on generators.

    2. As someone not planning on getting to GR25 pretty much ever (unless they nerf the game), my favorites are Gem of Efficacious Toxin, Pain Enhancer, and Mirinae. All of those do tons of damage and might actually be competitive with losing the extra ring affix. Wreath is nice too, I guess.

    3. Zei's Stone of Vengeance is criminally underrated.

    4. Hoarder and Toxin. But My highest gem is like 3(?) 😛

    5. love toxin. Unfortunately it is an incredibly dangerous rune on stuff that reflects like the act2 keywarden. That damn toxin reflecting back on yourself is so incredibly dangerous. Wish they would fix it so gem effects can't be reflected.

    6. Wreath is nice for Wizards b/c it triggers Tal's meteors and elemental exposure. Otherwise it's not much. Percentage buffs are way better than weapon damage gems currently.

    7. I've thought the same thing as Flux… every gem should have some sort of cool visual. Right on the heels of that idea I also think how cluttered the screen gets in a four player game, and imagine if every player had 3 different gems, and all those visuals are filling up the screen at the same time. Holy graphic hemorrhaging Batman! So how about the best of both worlds? The special visual is only visible to the person wearing the gem?

    8. What about none ?

      Since its impossible to get enough gems to socket them its an completely pointless addition to the game.

      Ive wasted 1000 gems to get the socket on 3-4 rings. Now they are gone and my other 5 chars with 3-4 ring have 0. gg blizz

    9. Please let Followers use gems too!!

      • That was possible initially on the PTR, but quickly patched out. If Followers had gems that gave the character their effect, it would be wildly OP. (Maybe if they gave like 10% of the effect, ala MF/GF/EXP gear?)

        But what if the LGem effect worked for the follower… Sounds cool, but the do so little damage compare to characters that it's almost pointless to buff it. And while no one uses defensive LGems, it's easy to put "can not die" bonus on a follower, making that doubly pointless.

        The best options seem to be Eff Toxin and Bane of the Trapped, if they were R25 or higher, since the party buffs are amazing and you'd benefit from those via your follower. Tesla Gem on Kormac just for the zapping fun and to finish off wounded trash? Gogok could be cool for the IAS and the useful cooldown reduction, since Followers all have 1 or 2 pretty good debuff attacks.

    10. wreath of lightning for me and toxic gem playin as ww barb.

    11. As you point out in the post Effective =/= Fun. It would be interesting to see two different polls: one for most interesting/fun gem, and the other for most effective gem. Might show some interesting differences.

      e.g. BotT is undeniably one of the strongest gems, but I have to say it's a pretty uninspired design; it's basically an auto damage buff at lvl 25. Also I hesitated to vote for WoL since while the gem is fun and looks cool, it clearly underperforms damage wise against a lot of other gems i.e. you're often better off using Miranae over WoL even if you're running a lightning build since the damage of Mirinae is so much better.

    12. n00b of the hoarder!

      wins by a landslide 😉

    13. I voted for boon of the hoarder because it's my source of income, but simplicity's strength is what pushed my electrocute wizard to the next level.

    14. If it weren’t for Boon of the Hoarder, the amount of gold that drops would be so low as to drive me away from a frustrating an unsatisfying game. That gem is the only way I can make enough gold to afford enchants and normal gem upgrades.

    15. I'm surprised mirinae is not used that much. The damage is insane!

      • With a really solid mainhand/2H teardrop can do some amazing damage. I was going to go for that, but felt that it didn't really have too much of an effective output in terms of consistent damage.

        If we had an option of 4 gems, Mirinae would be 4th.

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