The answer is clear...

    The answer is clear…

    ZappaFan started a thread in our Hardcore forum asking players to name their favorite DiabloWikiLegendary Gems. Most replies focus on function rather than fashion, which is to be expected in a HC forum… but even there style sometimes wins out! A few quotes from the “Which are your favorite Legendary Gems?” thread:

    Lightning Leap Barb: Bane of the Trapped & Wreath of Lightning (so far). Bane/Trapped is kind of a no-brainer since I’m using the 3 second Stun rune for Leap, so all my Leap Quakes do extra damage. Plus it’s pretty hard to beat the lvl 25 attribute. I like the Wreath of Lightning because it scales linearly and is fairly effective right out of the gate. Plus it’s way cool. The speed bonus at lvl 25 is nice, too.

    Solely Monk input here, as often happens with me :p

  • Gogok for ZDPS and SWK Genwuko monk (15% CDR and IAS, impossible to pass up)
  • BotP for quick T6 farming and decent usefulness in high GR as well
  • Mirinae if you have a proc skill (WotHF:FoF or TR:Electric Field)
  • Taeguk is great for hardcore, just gotta learn to keep the buff up
  • –Grishok

    I’m pretty boring in gem preferences: Powerful, Trapped, and Toxin. Jade Harvester build; these seem to work well with it. I’m slowly leveling others and I’ll probably mess around with the Smite one (in lieu of BotP).

    For myself, I tend to use the DPS+ LGems, and I feel drawn to ones that make cool shiny visuals. Mirinae isn’t as effective as Pain Enhancer for most high crit characters, but all those golden Smites of Light make it seem so much more sparkly, compared to Pain Enhancer’s invisible damage buff. An even bigger example is Bane of the Powerful which is probably the most impactful gem… but does nothing visually other than the buff icon. Imagine if it added a cool graphic to your character as well? Or take the opposite extreme; Boon of the Hoarder has very little function in-game (aside from some infinite-toughness Goldwrapers), especially below level 25, and yet plenty of people keep using it even if they are already rich… I think largely since it’s so fun to see all those stacks of gold popping everywhere.

    So, survey time. Which are your favorite gems to use? You can pick up to three, and you don’t have to vote for the 3 you use most often. Effective =/= fun, after all.

    Which are your favorite Diablo 3 Legendary Gems? (Vote up to 3.)

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