Vote: Favorite Gender for Diablo 3 Classes? Part II/II

Rank the Nun, Witch Nurse, and Witch by your gender preference. Part One of this vote can be seen here, with rankings of the Barbette, Demon Hugger, and Shieldress. Voting remains open, so hit if if you haven’t so far. Voting totals aren’t huge yet, likely due to the (US) holiday weekend.

Here we go with the last 3, plus a wrap-up vote. Rank your favorite gender for Diablo 3 Classes!

What's your gender preference for the Monk?

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What's your gender preference for the Witch Doctor?

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What's your gender preference for the Wizard?

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You can “prefer” a gender for any reason; visuals, lore, voice acting, one piece of artwork that caught your fancy, etc. If you’ve got some quirky reason you like one or the other, let us know in comments, since I bet there are some weird reasons floating around out there.

On top of your D3 character choices, what do you guys think about character creation options in general? Did you prefer the D2 style of 1 pre-made gender per class and a lore to go with it? Do you like D3’s dual-gender option, even if it rules out some potentially-cool uni-gender classe? (D2 had no Manazons, and was better for their exclusion?) Would you like moar options, like a lot of RPGs where you could make a short skinny blue-skinned Barbarian if you wanted?

What type of character creation options would you like to see in Diablo 4?

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  1. Thoughts on these:

    The female WD is the most non-descript class/gender combo in the game. Zero personality, IMO, even though the male WD is oozing with it. A lot of the armor art and designs also look really bad on her. My female WD is the one I’m playing now, and I don’t care much about aesthetics, but I kinda wish it was a male as that’s the more personality-full one of the two choices.

    I like the female Monk more than the male Monk; the male one seems way too cheesy Russian guy in a movie while the female one has it toned down enough to be more pleasant.

    I think both of the Wizards work well; I miss the hilarious starfish hat. The whole arrogance thing that Wizards have going on is more plausible to me on a male Wizard, though. The female Wizard’s voice acting doesn’t seem very convinced of her “child of destiny” status.

    • I don’t think the female witch doctor is that bad, voice-wise. I think they did a good job of equalizing the two of them. They both come off as fairly quirky. The male does seem a bit more oddball while the female seems more grounded.

      I agree the male monk seems dense while the female monk seems determined.

      The male Wizard seems arrogant while the female wizard seems bratty.

      • My impression with the female WD was that bliz was trying really hard *not* to just make her Calypso from Pirates of the Carribean. But that they couldn’t think of anything interesting for her beyond that, hence the lack of any real personality.

        • You should hear the voice-overs in Spanish (my wife gave it to me for my birthday and unbeknownst to either of us it ended up being in Spanish). The voice acting is goofy at first but then, as you get used to it, it really strikes a note, especially the female witch doctor. I don’t know if they changed the dialogues or lines but she sounds like I imagine a female shaman from the jungle would sound like.
          Just thought you should know.

  2. “I’m so good sometimes I astound myself!”

    Every time the female character says this its a total laugh.

  3. Like I said in the previous article/vote: I’m one of those guys who play mostly female characters in computer games. Just my thing I guess. Of all six male characters now I would be most likely to play monk. I like his design and flavor. As for other guys? Barbarian is too cliche, demon hunter too emo, wizard too wimpy, witch doctor too creepy and crusader too Kormac 😉
    As for character creation I’m all for diversity. I wouldn’t go as far as blue skinned but different hair or build would make my characters, if not unique, than maybe less uniform. Transmogrifying my armor is a nice start.

  4. Mild preference for male Monk. He’s the original design, and his battle quotes sound more angry (Feel the wrath of Ytar!). I’m not a fan of the bald+beard look, so minus points from ‘strong preference’.

    Witch doc is the class I feel least preference for. Voicing and looks are equal to me. Mildly prefer male for being the original design.

    Female wizard all the way, for combination of looks and voice. Again, she gets a tilt factor for being the original design.

    On the extra question, I’d like a bit more customization without straying too far from the established archetypes. Seems easy enough to give options for basic things like hair, facial hair, underwear, skin tones, and tattoo/scars.

  5. The female Wiz has hands down my least favorite voice in the game. Her whole “arrogant teen girl” vibe is REALLY irritating!

    • Have to agree. She makes me wince.

    • Have to agree on that. At first I wanted to start every single character as they were shown in their backstory, but after I heard the voice of the male wizard, I recognised him as one of my favourite video game voice actors, Crispin FReeman, who also made other ARPG characters sound like a real hero (Lucas Montbarron from Dungeon Siege III, for example), even if other apsects of the game weren’t that good.

    • I actually like the Female Wizard’s voice, but I wish she had more interesting voice options. Her dialogue isn’t that interesting. I believe that her voice actor is the same one that did Azula from Avatar: the Last Airbender, so when I picked her I was hoping for an arrogant, half-mad sorceress type. In practice, we got the arrogant part, but she doesn’t sound as crazy or as competent as Azula, so it doesn’t sell the role in my opinion.

      Still, I didn’t realize the Male Wizard was Crispin Freeman. That kind of makes me want to restart the Wizard to have Crispin Freeman mage.

    • Its the arrogant teen vibe that makes it such a laugh.

    • How can you say something like that! Female wiz + Eirena (enchantress) is the perfect couple.

    • She was supposed to be precocious but who wants to listen to a precocious brat all night long. Least favorite voice.

  6. I’d like a bit more than we currently have, probably hair colour and style only. Anything else would be a waste as the character is so small you can’t make out eye colour, face shape etc. Something as brilliant as Black Desert would be totally pointless ( for us.

    I’d like to make some of them mute – the female wizard springs to mind.

  7. Just as is + be allowed to apply cloaks transmogs on armors for the DH.

  8. Since the character is seen from above and from an important distance, I don’t think a facial customization is relevant.
    Choosing hair color could be nice, anyway.

    On the other hand, I think that portraits could be far more improved to reflect the character you are playing in term of gear and transmogs on the helm(/shoulders ?).
    You should also be able to choose the frame of your choice.

  9. I was surprised that male wiz can be so fun when I tried him on last PTR, but still Eskarina is primary option.

  10. I think a general body type selection would be fun. Like a vertically challenged Barb or a heavy set DH.

  11. I would prefer to be able to select some attributes that effect the playstyle of the characters & give a reason to create multiple versions of the same class. When you create a character you get to choose a pernament attribute from 3 different categories: passive, offence & defence options, each category would have 3 choices

    When you either get to max or level or complete the game you are able to choose a 2nd option from each of the categories. not sure which scenerio would be best as could either power level to max level, or rush through game on easiest difficult to unlock 2nd attribute options Therefore you can only ever have 2 out of the 3 options from each category so would need to re-role a new character to have a different combination.

    The passives would be defensive, offensice & resource based one for each class either new ones or ones taken from existing pool.

    The offense option would be a pernament % bonus to attack speed (+10%), crit chance (+5%) or crit damage (+50%).

    The defense option would be a pernament x10% multiplication bonus to life, armor or all resist.

    If the passives where taken from the existing pool, then they would be unavailable to select as a regular passives. If the pernament passives where taken from the existing ones then I would have the following as the pernament choices.

    Barbarian passives
    Offence – Weapon Master
    Defence – Tough as Nails
    Resource – Unforgiving

    Crusader passives
    Offence – Holy cause
    Defence – Vigilant
    Resource – Righteousness

    Demon Hunter passives
    Offence – Archery
    Defence – perfectionist
    Resource – Blood vengence

    Monk passives
    Offence – Mythic rythm (only outright offense passive), really could do with something along the lines of Barbs weapon master/DH archery passive.
    Defence – One With Everything
    Resource – Exalted Soul

    Witch Doctor passives
    Offence – pierce The Veil
    Defence – Jungle Fortitude
    Resource – Spiritual Attunement

    Wizard passives
    Offence – Glass cannon
    Defence – Blur
    Resource – Astral presence

  12. Voted 4 because character developement. ‘nough said.

  13. Perhaps there should be some gameplay differences for the male/female chars apart from visuals? Males could earn more gold from killing monstors (like earning more for the same work, like most jobs), while female could get better prices at the vendors and free transmog and more stash space 😛

  14. female crusader is just very beautiful plus her voice actress is THE MAJOR!

    female wizard so adorable
    female monk, that white hair is awesome

    male barbarian just looks so classic

    male witch doctor old dude looks like he knows his stuff

    female demon hunter just badass

    in general if im going to play a game for hundreds of hours, espcially like WOW where i see their back most the time, id rather look at a woman…must be my red meat eating maleness!

  15. Just a thought, but once you armor them up you can’t really see much if it is male or female. I generally play with the game muted (listening to music or don’t want to disturb the spousal unit) so I don’t hear the voices. I don’t usually read the dialogue much either, so the “personality” of the characters is pretty much lost on me…

    I guess to me it doesn’t matter one way or another on the characters. I usually just flip a coin, all I’m doing is playing the game and trying to level up. I don’t really play Diablo for the story.

  16. For most classes I like both the male and female options.

    However, for Barbarian I really prefer the male. It probably makes me a bad person but I don’t want my character to be a female who looks like she could grow a full beard in 5 minutes.

    For Wizard really, really, really, really prefer the female. Still can’t stand the male even after minor re-design.

  17. Some new customisation would be good, more in-depth despite not being able to see your face most of the time in the middle of the action. If they have the time then something like Korean MMO’s like Tera or Black Desert would be good but doubt it will ever happen unless D4 was like Skyrim.

  18. I only play male characters as I am a guy. Honestly, I think it’s stupid to play female characters (when you have a choice) if you’re a dude. (I loved Kitana and Mileena in MK2)

  19. I’d like the female barbarian more if her voice acting weren’t so terrible.

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