Vote: Favorite Gender for Diablo 3 Classes? Part I/II

Vote: Favorite Gender for Diablo 3 Classes? Part I/II

Male Wiz got no love back in the day.
Male Wiz got no love back in the day.
This topic came up in the last Fan Art Watch, when I noticed that HolyKnight had selected 10 arts of the Wizard, with 5 featuring the male and 5 featuring the female. That was curious since those of you who have been around for a while will remember the huge (but brief) controversy over the “too wimpy” male Wizard, when that half of the class was first revealed in his glorious “Star Fish” helm.

That happened way back in 2009, and I didn’t conduct a gendered survey of Wizard fan art pre-launch, but I can guarantee you it was not 50/50. We saw mostly female Wizards, partially since Blizzard used the female for the Wizard intro cinematic, but also since the Diablo 2 Sorceress was female, and most of us fans just sort of associated the gender/class in that way.

Do we still? Let’s find out. Vote for your favorite gender for Diablo 3 Classes. Part Two will run tomorrow with the Monk vs. Nun, Wizard, and Witch Doctor vs. Witch Nurse, so check back for that. (Part two is now live.)

What's your gender preference for the Barbarian?

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What's your gender preference for the Crusader?

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What's your gender preference for the Demon Hunter?

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You can “prefer” a gender for any reason; visuals, lore, voice acting, one piece of artwork that caught your fancy, etc. If you’ve got some quirky reason you like one or the other, let us know in comments, since I bet there are some weird reasons floating around out there.

Taking this beyond just preferences… does anyone play differently, like maybe you do really tanky Barbs when they’re male, but more speed and ranged attacks with female Barbs?

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42 thoughts on “Vote: Favorite Gender for Diablo 3 Classes? Part I/II

  1. Female all the way even though when I think of the D3 Barb I associate it with the male version.

    • You are wrong and you should feel bad for being wrong.

      As I tried to explain to Katniss on the podcast some weeks ago… there are no female crusaders. Crusadress is not a word.

      • I agree with Flux here. They are not Crusaders, they are Knights of the Crusades.

        Any class that would rely on “BRUTE” strength wouldn’t have a female equivalent. Women aren’t even allowed to become Shaolin monks (still). Which most closely fits the Monk class. (my previous monk was female but she was killed 🙁 )

        It’s just that now, in the western world, we are trying to ignore the facts for the sake of equal opportunity. That is fine with me!

        Put simply. “it’s a game”.

        Ps. I would lough to much watching the male DH run that i die all the time and not even get to HC lvl 70.

        • “Any class that would rely on “BRUTE” strength wouldn’t have a female equivalent.”
          Because, as any fool knows, women can’t be physically strong…
          *rolls eyes*

  2. For the three classes features here, I strongly prefer the female DH, I slightly prefer the male Crusader, and I have no preference for Barbarians. I feel like the female DH has a better voice actor than the male DH, and also I feel that for some reason the female DH just feels more charismatic than the male one. I can definitely see female Crusaders, and in fact I have one myself (named Elspeth for the planeswalker in MTG), but nonetheless I think the male one looks slightly more badass, and also sounds more like what I’d expect a Crusader to sound like. As for the Barbarian, both genders sound good, and both have a good concept. The male Barbarian is the strong, silent type warrior, and the female Barbarian is Red Sonja without the fanservice and skimpy outfits, as thus actually looks the part of the badass.

  3. Man-barb looks like a Rob Liefeld mutant freak and spends 80% of his idle time wiping snot on his armor and spitting on everything. They should have just made him compulsively scratch his crotch to complete the ensemble.

  4. I really, really wish they hadn’t given the female Barb that goofy accent.
    (In fact, I’d wish they’d stop giving everyone in the game so many different accents….)

  5. Male Barb all the way. His voice acting sounds much more angry, and I think the graphic for Wrath of the Berserker was designed for a male.

    Crusader is a close one. I like the bulky tank look of the male especially the larger size during Akarat’s Champion than female. But I mildly prefer female for having a more… “classy” sounding voice to me.

    Female DH for looks mainly, but I also like her voice.

  6. Having a max level of every class/gender combo except male crusader, I really have to say that of the things given:

    Female barb feels less hackneyed than the male barb;

    I don’t know what the male crusader voice acting/dialogue is like, but the female crusader is overly snarky and sardonic, rather than being a stick-up-the-arse holy warrior, which is pretty fun and unique; and

    Female DH is way too cliche and she just doesn’t actually seem to fit into the world because she seems more concerned with weird goth+steampunk-y stylings rather than actually getting vengeance on demons. Even her voice acting is a weird combination of sultry and hyperactive instead of seething and oozing with PTSD, as you’d expect. The male DH isn’t perfect along these lines, but seems more plausible as a demon hunter, as opposed to a lingerie model by day, warrior that uses improbable automatic crossbows by night.

    • “a lingerie model by day, warrior that uses improbable automatic crossbows by night.”

      Well said! That is exactly the reason I so strongly prefer the female DH.

    • I agree with you on the female DH – every time I see those high hells UUGGHH…….and yet somehow I still prefer her to the male version which I just find very bland and generic and somehow that feels even worse.

      • The male DH has a really weird running animation. Especially with low movement speed. Looks like his legs are too long for his body, like he’s running on bouncy stilts. That always put me off, plus the Underworld/Kate Beckinsale DH inspiration was so natural. (While ironically, the male DH actually has a much closer cinematic parallel in Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing, except that was a horrible cheesy uncool movie, while the Underworld movies were just horrible and cheesy.)

        That said, I recently played my first male DH and once I got used to ignoring the goofy running animation… he wasn’t bad. Decent voice acting and personna, though once that char died I went back to a female DH with my next effort on EU HC.

    • The female DH is all about balancing hatred and discipline. It shows in her voice: she’s supposed to be bipolar, and that’s how she’s trying to maintain that control. (I don’t know that the male DH is about, though.)

      I love the female crusader. So high and mighty and yet self-conscious. (And you could say the same of the female monk in some measure.)

  7. Interesting that pretty much everyone agrees the female DH is the right choice.

    The female crusader has a really odd run animation. Kind of a put-off since you look at your character more then anyone else.

  8. A big part of my preference of the male barb is the voice actor for him. He sounds a lot more barbaric than the female voice does. Her taunts sound almost polite by comparison.

  9. I’m going against the grain here, but male DH by a mile. The high heels are a total deal breaker. Every time the devs talk about “fulfilling the fantasy” when discussing class design, I think of those high heels on a class totally rooted in speed, agility and stealth and laugh hollowly to myself.

    • It doesn’t really matter what the class fantasy is, if it involves killing monsters and not a nite out at the goth club, the high heels are the wrong choice. Such a ridiculous design decision. And sadly telling of some of the other Fails made by the art dept. (“but it’s kewl!” *barf*)

  10. I gotta lean towards female for all the classes, but especially for DH and Crusader. Admittedly the DH can look a little slutty (especially with the high heels on some of the boots) but with the right look (made much easier with transmog) she can look extremely fearsome. I love the look of the female Crusader too…she looks great in either light or heavy armor and is probably the best looking female character since the Rogue (in heavy armor) from the first Diablo.

  11. I’m one of those guys who always play female characters in computer games. Like someone said about MMO’s: “If I am to stare at some ass for hours on end let it be a hot one” 😉 . That I’m into strong women doesn’t hurt either 😉
    I’m not identifying myself with my characters so there is just the eye candy factor.
    Speaking of an eye candy: I think that female crusader lack of skin showing is criminal. It flies in a face of long and glorious tradition of fantasy female chain mail bikini ;P

    • Not dressing slutty was the single biggest redeeming factor in Fem!Sader’s design. I will say that apart from half the barb armors (of either gender) and WD’s who utterly refuse to put on more than a thong, the “covered-ness” of the classes was pretty well done.

      Seriously, there’s MORE than enough places on the internet to find naked people. I don’t need softcore in my vidya gaems.

  12. Barbarian: The female actually comes across as a very good barbarian but the male fits the stereotype that we’re familiar with from the second game so well. The male voice is also recognizable whereas the female voice seems like it’s just imitating the male voice.

    I’ve played a female barb (called Barbara) for so long I’ve gotten used to it, and she seems like a solid character. So I put ‘mild’ preference for male instead of strong.

    Crusader: I’ve gotten one female one to 70 and one male one to 60+ so far, the female one first, and I strongly prefer the female one. The way the sarcastic lines are delivered are excellent. Having played female first, the male seems like a cheap imitation, like the voice actor was bored when recording the lines.

    Demon Hunter: The original reveal for DH was of the female, and it took awhile for them to come out with the male. I don’t think they did too bad with the male, he definitely feels right for the character, but something about a female breaking the mold to go revenge-seeking and becoming a slaughtering mayhem… It feels right for a female, and the male just seems like he lacks passion in comparison. Like the female has a true backstory and the male just wants to kill stuff. The backstory is supposed to be the same, but for the male it seems fake.

  13. The only reasonable females are DH and Wizard, whose male counterparts look a bit lacking in manliness.

    The worst is the female crusaders…she looks so silly when paired with a male crusader who’s like almost 2x bigger then her.

  14. Crusader – mildly prefer the female one. I have very little experience with the class but generally prefer female characters. Tried out a female crusader but her janky, poorly synced attack animation really got to me. I might have another go with her when ladders come.

    Barbarian – mildly prefer the female one. My first char to hit 70 and my main before I realized that what I *really* wanted to play was DH. Played together with my brother’s male barb a lot so I’ve gotten a good look at both genders. I’m not a huge fan of the female’s voice since it makes her sound unbearably dumb. I know she’s a barbarian and all but the barbs in D2’s Harrogath sounded way smarter than she does.

    DH – strongly prefer the female one. My main for most of D3 so I’ve gotten to see/hear a lot of her, but still holds up really well. The male DH doesn’t feel right for some reason – can’t put my finger on exactly what but I suspect it’s a combination of his slippery run animation and supposed sex appeal.

  15. Kinda funny that the male class won each class… Female barbs are the shit tho….

    • Female DH is up 78 to 14% with 600 votes. I figured that one would be the biggest preference (for the female) but it’s even a bigger landslide than expected.

      I expect the fem wiz will be a blowout too, and the male monk will win, but not hugely. Curious to see how the WD vote goes, though. That might be my fist “no preference” vote, and I have no sense of which direction the community leans on the WD’s gender.

  16. I prefer the “default” gender, probably a hold over from previous Daiblo titles.

    So it’s male barb, male crusader, female DH.

  17. For me any class that uses magic, is spiritual, or relies on finesse is female. If the class relies on brute for and strength then they are male.
    So that pretty much puts every class except barbarian and crusader are stronly female.
    The crusader doesn’t just use brute force, they also have a heavy magic component. Also being religious they also have a heavy spiritual component. Furthermore, when I think of the crusades, it think Joan of Arc. So sorry flux, the crusader is also firmly female.

    • Broad sweeping generalizations are broad sweeping generalizations even if you mistake them for facts. Female body builders exist, just as smaller-framed males do.

  18. Male Monk (Hellboy-style Rasputin for the win). Funny accent though.
    Male Barbarian. Feels right.
    Male WD. Original and somewhat fresh. Interesting voice acting.
    Female Wizard. Irritating, arrogant. Appropriate.
    Female DH. Because high heel boots can also be a weapon ?
    Female Crusader, switched after seeing my gf’s female Crusader.

  19. female crusader is just very beautiful plus her voice actress is THE MAJOR!

    female wizard so adorable
    female monk, that white hair is awesome

    male barbarian just looks so classic

    male witch doctor old dude looks like he knows his stuff

    female demon hunter just badass

    in general if im going to play a game for hundreds of hours, espcially like WOW where i see their back most the time, id rather look at a woman…must be my testosterone maleness!

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