news-realm-of-trials-hatesI hear a lot of complaints from players who don’t want to prove their worth in the Realm of Trials before going into Greater Rifts, and since a Blue replied to one such complaint today, let’s get into it.

    Trials – Why the GR system is failing

    Do devs ever wonder why players do 1 GR for every 20-50 normal rifts? Why do players have hundreds and thousands of GR (ahem, I mean trial) keys sitting in stash but are always out of normal keys?

    The answer is very simple: it’s because trials are a bland, boring and unrewarding waste of time. And no, upping the gold/xp trial rewards to scale trial difficulty won’t solve that.

    I want to use my 500 keys and farm GR 30s, I really do. But in the time it takes me to get a GR35 key from a trial, I can already be halfway through a T6 rifts. It is not worth it to farm GRs, because trials exist to waste my time.
    Nevalistis: We’re not happy with the Realm of Trials, and we’ve been tinkering around with various improvements. What I appreciate most about this thread is the friendly discourse, thorough discussion about why you feel the way you do about Trials, and the ideas being tossed around.

    Great to see; I’m always taking notes!

    The OP’s post has a lot of upvotes on B.net, and most of the replies sing a similar song. Which is why I’m curious to see how this vote goes, since I wonder if Trials are one of those things that no one likes enough to defend, while the minority who hates them makes all the noise. I’d fit myself into the first class; I don’t especially enjoy Trials, but I don’t really dislike them either, and I think they have a valid utility in the game.

    I see a number of main complaints about trials. 1) No rewards/items. 2) Unrepresentative of the actual game so players have to regear and respec just to earn higher level keys. 3) Unfair to some classes/builds and too easy for others. 4) Boring/waste of time.

    The last point is probably the most voiced, but is the hardest to defend with anything empirical, since it’s just subjective opinion. I’m not sure *why* people find Trials so boring, though. They’re full of huge hordes of monsters who scale up quickly, making it an interesting way to test your character’s strength. And the respecing can be kind of fun and strategic?

    I recently did a bunch of Trials with my PTR Monk. In my normal kit I was topping out around 34, mostly since I kept dying and losing too much time. So I changed my gear around, adding in the Gungdo Gear contagious Exploding Palm bracers, switched out my Bane of the Powerful for a Mirinae, respeced to add Cyclone Strike for a pull and Serenity for the temporary invulnerability, and changed my helm gem to Amethyst, etc. And in that new build I was able to yank everything in, trigger enormous Exploding Palm domino chain blasts, and earn up to GR43 keys.

    So that’s my counter argument, or at least anecdote. What do the rest of you think? Let’s take the temperature of the community. Vote: Everyone Hates the Realm of Trials?

    How do you feel about the Realm of Trials?

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    Click through for more pro/anti Grift arguments, and to explain exactly why you like/dislike them in comments.

    I don’t hate them, but I have a couple of Trial complaints:

    1) I hate the opening wait time to start. It’s only 8 seconds and it’s necessary in party games, and some classes use that time to set up turrets… but it should be skippable for classes, like my Monk, who just want to start punching things.

    2) Trials are okay, but I find Grifts boring and unrewarding, so I lack motivation to do Trials. I’m surprised there aren’t more complaints about Grifts, since I find them a vastly bigger time sink than the 40-60 seconds spent earning the key in the Realm of Trials. Other than LGem upgrades, what’s the value or reward of a Grift? What’s the point in doing them once you’ve got your LGems to high enough levels that further upgrades are only incremental improvements? (Admittedly, the greatly boosted EXP becomes very obvious once you’re up into GR40+ range.)

    The only fun I find in Grifts is the challenge of higher level enemies. I didn’t appreciate it so much with my HC chars on Live, but playing softcore on the PTR, I can’t believe how ridiculously easy T6 is. When you’ve got a character who can clear GR40, T6 feels like running through Normal difficult with God Mode enabled, and it’s absurd for the highest difficulty level in the game. I’d play a lot more if there were higher Torment levels, up to T12 or T15 (or just T10 with a bigger bump up in difficulty on each Torment level past T6).

    I’d love to be able to play higher level, harder content that wasn’t all about racing a 15m clock in a semi-random dungeon. Where’s the GR50 or GR60 equivalent for players who want to struggle through a grindy, defensive-based challenge? Grifts are fine for what they are, but it’s weird that the only way to get any kind of challenge for a well-geared character is to race through dungeons where no items or gold drops.

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