Vote: Did Blizzcon 2011 Meet Your Expectations?

Our last vote asked how excited you were about Blizzcon 2011, and as the results show below, most of you weren’t that EXCITE for it. Now that the show is over (though interviews will continue to appear for a while), what did you think?

We didn’t get that much new info, but given the fact that all of the classes and game systems were already revealed, we weren’t expecting that much. (As ever in life, low expectations = less disappointment.) I loved DiabloWikithe Black Soulstone cinematic, the deluge of new plot and story info was pleasantly-surprising, the new screenshots and gameplay were pretty good, and even the audience questions at the Open Q&A panel were pretty good.

On the other hand, the lack of a new DiabloWikiArena gameplay video was lame, and I’d have enjoyed more new artwork, though the cinematic visuals and concept art shown in the panels partially made up for that. My only real complaints are based on the lack of a firm release date for Diablo III, or final details on how the DiabloWikiRunestone system is going to work. But I guess they can’t reveal those until they know them, so I’m complaining about the slow pace of the game development, not the Blizzcon presentation.

But this isn’t about my opinion, it’s about yours. What did you guys think? Vote quickly, as this poll will only be up for a few days, since I want to run one about DiabloWikiAzmodan.

What did you think of Blizzcon 2011?

  • 2) It was okay, but nothing special. (42%, 1,833 Votes)
  • 3) Lame. I was disappointed. (24%, 1,039 Votes)
  • 4) No opinion. Don't care. Release the game! (20%, 875 Votes)
  • 1) Good show. Exceeded my expectations. (14%, 632 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,379

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Last Vote Results

The last vote only ran for a few days, but that was long enough to measure the general level of anticipation for Blizzcon. As it turns out, most of you guys were like me… not that eager for the show.

Do you have Blizzcon 2011 excite?

  • 3) Not very excited. Not expecting much. (30%, 1,193 Votes)
  • 2) Eager for Blizzcon, but not crazed. (23%, 916 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion. Wake me when the game is done. (16%, 655 Votes)
  • 1) Super excite! Can’t wait for tons of new info. (16%, 624 Votes)
  • 4) Don’t care. Will just be old info in a new wrapper. (15%, 614 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,002

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27 thoughts on “Vote: Did Blizzcon 2011 Meet Your Expectations?

  1. So-so, on the other hand it did make me change my order to Collectors edition… 🙂
    I just hope the Dyes have unlimited uses or you get a unique recipe and can craft em ( unless theyr muleable , you could just make new chars and stash the dyes 🙂 ).

  2. I didn’t expect much new info but I did expect a whole lot more on the gameplay video front.  We got 1 video and it was the shortest yet. 🙁

  3. after the first panel – 3) Lame. I was disappoint.

    but by middle of lore panel – 1) Good show. Exceeded my expectations.

  4. last poll i voted a solid 3. we know D3 is a bit of blizzards stepchild, so we knew which treatment it would probably get.
    this time i voted 2. just as expected. a solid meh.
    given, the lore panel was good… but honestly, that’s the best after all of blizzcon?
    so yeah, low expectations DO equal less disappointment.

  5. Yeah I wasn’t overly impressed.  Not a lot of new info.  The lore panel was by far the best.  The Q&A sucked because people asked idiotic questions for the most part.

    I was really hoping for:

    1) More solid release date
    2) More info on runestones
    3) More info on PvP
    4) A f’ing beta key for paying $40 to watch the damn thing!

  6. There isn’t an option for it being okay, having something special, yet not exceeding expectations.

    l2poll 😀

    • I consciously kind of bundled the expectations vs. appreciation issue, just to keep it from being overly complicated or having 9 vote options. Blizzcon 2011 exceeded my low expectations, but I still didn’t think it was very good, so none of the votes actually work for me. But such compromises are necessary to structure a simple vote, at times.

  7. And, of course, no word or mention of the sound panel, as expected.
    Time spent on the riverwalk with my good friend shiner bock=well spent instead of watching BlizzCon. :p


  8. For me, it was option 1.  But I am biased, I was there playing the PvP demo (best thing on the show floor)

    • Could you help us out and tell us the PvP build skills for the Wizard/Doctor/Hunter? We’re confused about a few of the runes. Some ninja videos of the Monk/Barb actually popped open the skill panels so we could gawk at the builds. Also, what kind of gear was everyone rocking? It looked like everyone had some weapon enchants, at least.

      • In the new podcast (that was recorded last night) we must of spent like 45mins just talking about the PvP, most likely that will be up later this week.  Hopefully that will answer most of your questions. 

  9. It exceeded my expectations…. doesn’t mean it was also a “good show”… for the record…

  10. This year’s blizzcon was no where near as good as last year.  The only good part about this Blizzcon was the Starcraft 2 GSL tournaments.  The band wasn’t as good, the Wow  expansion was lame, panda really?  And the diablo demo was so bad.  It was 15 minutes of the Beta.  You were only able to get to around lvl 5.  I had my brother and friend who have never played diablo 3, let alone diablo 2.  I wanted to get them interested into the game,  but in the demo you could only use 2 skills, the starting ones you come with, and NO RUNESTONES.  They came away from the demo thinking that diablo 3 was gonna be boring.  they should have left the demo from last year for us to play.

    Blizzcon was quite a bit of a disapointment.

  11. I’d say it pretty much met my expectations so I picked 2… I knew there wouldn’t be much on the Diablo side of things but I was pleasantly surprised by the lore panel…

    If you guys want to hear what the current state of runes is then you should watch the Jay Wilson interview that force did during the show…

  12. Everybody so far is a downer.  I liked to hear that behlial and his methods for taking over the trade capital. I also was surprized we heard of the main demon we are chasing the Lord of Sin Azmodan.  I also loved the youtube videos for team death match arena.
    Plus some of the Q&A was interesting and force’s private interview was half decent.

  13. I’d be curious to know how this poll compares to the last poll, as the “winner” on that one was “no expectations”.  By default, shouldn’t “Exceeded expectations” win, as we didn’t have expectations to begin with….
    But, aside from that, I thought that , all things considered, it turned into an OK Blizzcon for Diablo.  Of course WANTED more, but for not going, the info was good enough for a while; at least I have a new video to fit into the rotation during the upcoming News Drought(tm).

  14. What made it for me was the Lore Panel. I love the new artwork and story information, but what REALLY caught my gaze and enjoyment was the videos of the new areas. Especially the one showing Caldeum. HO..LY..SHIT that was awesome.

    This is what I have been waiting for since D3’s first announcement. FINALLY I got to see a major town, and it is absolutely STUNNING. That made me really happy. That and the news of Followers being viable past normal. All in all, I am very satisfied.

  15. Wish this had multiple fields. The costume contest and GSL finals did indeed exceed expectations, along with the concert at the end. The D3 info was lacking but the cinematic was a real treat, the Panderia thing was okay, it’s much better than the doomsayers are harping on and on about.

    If there had been a “Good, as expected.” Option on the pool I would of taken it, instead of having to jump straight from 10/10 to 5/10.

  16. Had absolutely shot down any expectations from D3 during blizzcon – and was pleasantly surprised ( bought virtual ticket).
    Still watching lots of stuff and listening to the various panels. Granted the info wasn’t overwhelming – quite the contrary – but it’s good imo

  17. Was I the only one who was blown away by the diablo sound panel? Geez, that was my favorite by far. Watch the bit with laurence juber, if that doesn’t make you excited I don’t know what will. Lot of haters posting up on this.

    • I enjoyed the live guitar performance, but the rest of that panel bored me. It was all common sense “we put in a variety of sound effects” type stuff.

  18. I thought it was pretty good show, and it actually exceeded my expectations. Of course, I watched mostly for the SC2 tourney, since I am a pretty avid SC fan. But I did end up catching a bit of the various D3 panels and actually got interested in Diablo 3 again.
    Anyway, the whole thing seemed a lot less awkward to me compared to last year.

    Btw, hi everyone! 😀

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