Vote: Diablo III’s Armor Looks

The debate started when those Gundam-style Inferno sets debuted at Gamescom, and kicked back into gear when we got previews of 25 gear sets earlier this week. The Diablo III armor is quite distinctive and visually-impressive… but do you like it? Do you want to wear it? Or do you think it’s absurd and silly?

Obviously everyone likes some and dislikes some, but form an overall opinion and pick an option that comes close to matching it, and we’ll get some community consensus.

What do you think of Diablo III's Armor looks?

  • 1) They are awesome. Very creative. (35%, 2,073 Votes)
  • 2) I like, but would make some changes. (30%, 1,753 Votes)
  • 4) I don't like them. They're over the top. (17%, 1,007 Votes)
  • 5) Hate. Stupid robots. Utterly impractical and non-functional. (12%, 691 Votes)
  • 3) Don't know. Don't care. (6%, 322 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,841

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Last Vote Results

The last poll tipped over the 10,000 vote milestone, which is sure a sign of the increased fan interest and traffic as the beta gets going. I was a little surprised by the results, even though they were quite close to my prediction. (I was surprised to be correct?) At any rate, most of you guys are interested in the beta, but not dying for it, other than as another step on the way to a full game release.

How much Diablo 3 Beta EXCITE do you have?

  • 2) I’d play, but I mostly want the beta to end so the game can come out. (53%, 5,310 Votes)
  • 1) I would sell my soul to play in the D3 beta. (38%, 3,843 Votes)
  • 3) I don’t want to play in the beta. Waiting for the full game. (9%, 887 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,040

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  1. I even opted out of the beta. I can’t play the same thing over and over again. I’ll wait for the full version and just keep going on and on and on.

    I already voted #4 on the new poll. Bit to much Japanese robot for most of the armors. I mean they don’t even look functional at all.

  2. I understand that we will see the characters like that when choosing them and i don’t really like most of them in that view. But i think the poll is really pre-mature and unfair because 99% of our time we will see the character in isometric view. And the past few hours i am drooling over the items section in the official d3 site. So i have the impression that in the “normal”/isometric view the characters will look superb.

    So, to sum up, if you are asking me about that particular view of the characters, no, i don’t like it and blizzard should probably choose another way to present the characters. But it is my impression that the isometric view of them will be awesome (although it is too soon to tell).

    P.S. Don’t forget that Blizzard has stated many times that you cannot design for both top-down and first-person camera views, you have to choose. That makes me wonder though, why did they choose a view that they have not designed the character/armor models for…

  3. i`D also rather have a – “wait for ingame experience to decide” -option
    im not disgusted like many people on the forum – but iam also no fan of the the always same looking variation of same armor in slightly different shades of grey and and brown. esspecialy considereing that they would look even mor mundane from isometric view.

    and once again i demise “dont know / dont care” – i`d rather had the ” want to see it ingame first” option than this insubstantial “i was here”-button

    do we really need an additional option to gauge the “interest” of those who are not interested ? – dont you see the paradox ?

    • Not that many people on the forum are “disgusted” by the items, but haters and whiners are always too frigggin loud.

  4. Id rather wait to see them ingame. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the poll.

  5. I have a much bigger problem with the poses than armor. Can’t they just stand straight, like in WoW, or better yet, sit down, like in D2? The aggressive, battle-ready poses are ridiculously childish.

  6. I think by the time I get to the stage in the game (if I ever get to that stage) when these wacky armor sets will be available I’ll be ready for a really radical new look for all characters.

  7. I’ve been slammed for saying this (looking at you RisingRed!) 😀 , but we still have no confirmation that all of the equipment codes in the beta client will be used.  There is a disparity between what has been announced and what we see here.  For instance most people have a problem with the monk in pink with the pincushion face.  What if it is legacy and the equipment codes will never be called in-game?
    My vote is for #3 until we know more.

    • The monk in the pink outfit would actually look rather cool if only he wasn´t pink. (I still don´t get what the designers thought when they made armor in a friggin DIABLO game pink. I don´t mind pink dye, whoever wants to have pink armor can choose to, but making the default armor pink, sheesh Blizz)

      • I don’t think what in the grim darkness of Sanctuary anyone sees pink as a color for girls or some shit like that. So there’s no actual difference between pink and, for example, blue or green.

  8. This pics are horrible at showcasing what they will most likely look like in game. There is a pic of a WD in high tier armor and it looks far and away better than these. In game they should have more graphical assets……shaders and such. These pics make them look flat and dull.

  9. Overall it’s just your typical fantasy armor on display here with a few zany outliers. About what I expected. If you’re shocked by any of this, you’re probably playing the wrong genre of games. There might be a market for more traditional armor and period accurate designs, but Diablo 3 really isn’t the game to target that niche.
    If I’m playing a game where the first barbarian skill can knock enemies fifty feet into the air, then armor like this is fitting. Anyway, I chose the indifferent option. :p

  10. Armor looks great in my opinion.

  11. are you people serious? they are very creative? if you ever played wow you can tell like 5 armor sets are exactly from wow

    • thats the problem with the most “critics”  they want something totally new/ creative AND familiar. there is only so much you can do without repeating yourself  – esspecially if you consider the isometric perspective – i think the impression you get from actually playing the game is different from just staring a character in the load screen –  its important to have a distinct sillhuette. and i think that it is less “bulky” and ridiculous once you actually play it.
      however i think an improvement from d2 is already there. i actually never cared what armor or weapons looked like in d2. if it had the stats i desired. also we havent seen Dyes in “real” action yet.  ( i know there was a example on a blizzcon but thats not very comprehensive for the gear you are actually wearing)

  12. I liked the DH’s armor. The others, not so much.

  13. Some I like, others I don’t. Just a matter of opinion.

    I vote 2.
    I’m surprised at how low-key most of the weapons are, though. I wasn’t expecting that. They’re much more in line with D2 than the armor is. Except for the barb’s ridiculous “mighty” weapons.

    • well i yes weapons are kinda “low profile” – but i hope the enchants and elemental effects are not as ridiculous as in WoW
      where you couldnt make out your weapon beneath all the sparkle of the enchants ….

    • Perhaps its because they will be enchanted? And thus burst into a fiery aura radiating off of your character’s back? ;p

  14. I need to see them in game before I make any judgement. So I voted 3

  15. The art direction is horrible. It MIGHT look better ingame, but the vote results nevertheless are depressing – do kids in general have no sense for style?

    • yes it´s very depressing when people disagree with you, right? Of course, calling everybody who might think these actually look good “kids” is very mature.

      • It’s interesting, actually.  My 42 year old brother actually likes some anime.  The thing is I suspect he was turned on to it by my now 15 year old nephew.  So yeah, damn kids and their anime.  I mean this was the man who turned me on to heavy metal for god’s sake!

  16. I think they look OK, but would look a lot better without so bright of colors which, from my understanding we can change with dyes.  Natural tones and dirty colors would look good.  Someone should try photoshoping some better colors on those images and see how they look.

  17. IDK if anyone else feels the same way — but I don’t even think these look like any sort of official armor preview release. These almost look like really good estimations of the armors — based on the released item pics in the wiki — put together in some 3D modeler.

    I say this because a lot of them don’t share the painterly style of the other armor previews we’ve gotten.  Like if you compare the shots of the Elephant and Tentacle armors we’ve seen before — these look like they’re made in another program.  I also say this because when you get a glimpse of the character in the armor — they don’t look that up to date like anything released officially.

    But whatever. I’m sure all the armors will look just fine from above and with w/e dye we like.

  18. I dont have nothing against the current armor. But the fist thing that made me love D3 was the brutal, raw look of the barbarian gear during the reveal video, and the concept art armor. I Expect more steel, realistic looking pieces of armor in the future, not only colored and combined gear pieces.

  19. So people are hating Blizzard for doing extra work?

  20. poll is hard because I like some, and dislike others.
    DH, WD I like. Barbatrons I hate. Monks need work. Wizards are OK.
    I would only relate the gundam-ness to the barbarians, so in that sense no i don’t like them.

    like strong coffee says, more steel and realism! this is still a medieval game, yes? i guess i don’t mind a little over the top/flashy as long as it is composed of realistic elements, not robotic exo-suits.

  21. The majority vote is that they’re awesome?  Really, guys?

  22. I have to be honest….
    These armor styles……

    I really don’t care anymore, I just wanna play 😛

  23. The worse part of this all is actually the fact that the armor is previewed when selecting a character in such a big manner… In a way, I believe they should do the char selection just like in D2, small sprites with the name and data… That or make high-res versions of the models (which would take them some time indeed)

    I don’t like much the concept of many, even if one can’t notice certain things from isometric view, it is the concept that which is flawed in some… Making them unreadable even…

    BUT there are many that are worth it too, especially on the Wizard…

  24. [email protected] ”very creative” stolen from asian MMOs is not creative…this blizzard team is a pathetic bunch, its not diablo like, and anyone who disagrees with me has obviously never played d1-d2…

    • *sigh* You are probably just trolling, especially with a name called “lol”…

      But anyone who uses the phrase “anyone who disagrees with me has obviously never played d1 – d2” or variation of in their argument has the maturity level of a child and does not deserve to have said argument be taken seriously at all.

      There, that’s the last bite I’m gonna give you.  Enjoy it.

  25. Some I like, some…not so much.  Hardly a deal breaker though.  Also as others have stated I’m wondering how it will look in-game.  

    I think the artists are taking advantage of the fact that they are now using a graphics that can actually show a degree of detail.  I guess D1 and D2 had a more realistic look to their armor…with the exception of the Necro’s bone armor.  Or any helmet that was a skull.  Or any of the female armor where there was skin exposed along the thighs/legs while the rest of the body was well-covered.  Or any helmet that had horns that were larger than the helmet itself.  Or any shield/armor that was covered in spike.

    Sorry, what was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, the graphics engine.

    Even in its day, D2’s graphics engine lacked detail in comparison to what else was out there at the time.  They looked realistic because the detail quality was so bland.  If you are going to compare the graphics of D2 to D3, you may as well compare the graphics of the original Quake to Crysis.

    • You know graphic engines, realism and all you talk has nothing to do with the subject? The main subject is art concept, while in d1/d2 it was more dark/ medieval fantasy like now its more asian fantasy / mmo -like, thats the biggest shift Sanctuary universe ever had. What were the reasons for it?
      You are critisicing diablo2 take on realism but there was no realism to start, YET there was a certain trend in lore/magic etc AND also in how people cloths look in that game. I want to see the reason why Blizzard wants to break d1/d2 trend (lore-wise). It seems kinda half-assed 50% is taken from Sanctuary 50% comes out of nothing (trying not to say WoW/asian-mmo 😉 ).
      Thats why i said i hope its fake, because it doesnt belong fully to what we can call an art/culture of Sanctuary . Unless they really want to retcon all the fashion in the universe.

  26. I wonder what an actual to-scale arreat’s face slayer guard would look like in this D3 view.

  27. I forgot to post a prediction on this vote when it first went up, but I’d have been way wrong. I would have said #4 in front, with 2 just behind, both around 35%, with #1 in a fading 3rd, and #3 and #5 distant last place.  I would have been right on the last two, but nowhere near on the first, and i would never have guessed that LOVE IT would be in first place after 4000 votes were in.

  28. Personally some are OK but some are to Sci-Fi looking for my liking hopefully they look better under game cam. I want my Diablo characters to say Diablo and not look like Warhammer 40K Space Marines.

  29. This poll lacks:
    “No opinion till seen from isometric point of view”.

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