Vote: Diablo III Delayed… Again?

The only sensible reaction to another Diablo III delay?

We don’t know when Blizzard originally hoped to release Diablo III, but they’ve repeatedly said they shouldn’t have debuted it so early in the development cycle, which seems like they wanted it done before 2011. At any rate, their first stated release target was 2011, and when that didn’t happen, Mike Morhaime wrote us a letter in which he said “early 2012” would be it for sure.Sadly, as of yesterday’s conference call the new release target is the second quarter of 2012, which means April, May, or June 2012.

So, how do you guys feel about this? Despair? Resignation? Exultation? Pick the option that best expresses your feelings, and we’ll see just how sad, or not, is the Diablo community.

So, D3 slipped another release date...

  • 2) Unhappy. Why did I get my hopes up? (36%, 2,409 Votes)
  • 3) Meh. "When it's done." is serious business. (30%, 2,033 Votes)
  • 1) Outraged. Disgusted. Nuke Irvine. (23%, 1,553 Votes)
  • 4) Happy.. I'll have more time to play come summertime. (6%, 419 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion. (5%, 334 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,747

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Update: We are also running a quick and dirty poll on our Facebook page based on the general feedback within the comments below.  Feel free to vote in that one too.

Last Vote Results

Last time we asked how you felt about the fact that we will not see a BlizzCon 2012. Not a lot of you guys seem too broken up, at least not if the alternative is some Blizzard games getting released instead.

How do you feel about no BlizzCon in 2012?

  • 3) I’m glad. Make games instead of wasting time on self-congratulating conventions. (50%, 2,082 Votes)
  • 2) Meh. There wouldn’t have been any D3 info anyway, this year. (26%, 1,094 Votes)
  • 1) I’ll really miss the show and the new info. (15%, 627 Votes)
  • 4) Dunno. Opinions are hard. (9%, 339 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,145

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113 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo III Delayed… Again?

  1. I’m fine with the delay! I have been saying summer 2012 a long time! Now atleast I can buy/build my new Ivy Bridge rig without having to make it a haste decision 🙂 But don’t get me wrong, I would love an earlier release!

    • Same here.  I voted no opinion, as there was no real option for how I felt.

      Also since they are now saying ‘targeting a Q2 launch’   I totally would not be surprised if it ends up being a Q3 or later launch.  I don’t have enough information to form an opinion yet on that matter, however.

      At this point, since they are using the word “Targeting”, for everyone else that is EXPECTING a Q2 Launch I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up to high.  Thats blizzard speak for may very well not happen. (just a little advise from someone who has been following blizzard since the beginning)

      • I would surely hope that after all the delays Blizzard can finally hit one of their targets, especially considering it’s 2 to 4 1/2 months away and they were confident enough to tell it to their investors…

    • Super bummed about it coming out in summer.  The last thing i want to do during summer time is sit inside and play a video game.  I live in Ohio right in the snow belt.  Was hoping it would come out when I’m locked inside anyways by 2 feet of snow or more 🙁

  2. iceglow you speak true words.

    The fans need to treat this maturely. I for one am re-playing me2 in order to prepare for me3.

    • If only they hadn’t made so many decisions they had to go back and change in the first place…

  3. Hating this. I was REALLY hoping a pre-march release, since my college starts class March 5. 

    And now i’m on  this really lazy-and-nothing-to-do summer holyday even without beta.

    • I have such a back log of games I don’t mind if they hold off a few more months to let me clean off my plate.  A total count of games I have started but have not finished and yet to even start playing but own is at 10.

  4. Where’s the option for “stop with the sensationalist journalism”? I think you might be too cynical to write these articles, the one the other day about the lack of chat channels going off on specious reasoning about the RMAH… I couldn’t bear it.

    Q2 is still early 2012. You may not think so, and that’s fine, but I wouldn’t call that a “delay”.

    Accept it and write about something interesting.

        • Yeh because Happy is not a positive word. Jeez. I also don’t think the game being delayed is very “positive” either.

          • Beat me too it Rushster… The options are happy, sad, pissed, and two neutrals… It seems pretty even to me.

          • (Happy..) makes it questionable.. wich.. means.. that.. it’s.. not..
            Besides the game is not delayed, but I guess it is for those that get their hopes up all the time.

          • Ah yeh not delayed. Sorry. Q2 is early 2012. Silly me! When it gets to 5 months can we use delayed? Yes, it is delayed. Remember the leaked release docs which proved to be correct at the time? They had D3 down for a late 2011 release.

          • The “happy” option implies you are happy because you can play during the summer because you are a little kid that has school other than the summer. What other reason would you have more time to play during summer?

          • I’d suggest that instead of the “meh srs bsns lawlz” option you include a neutral, “Delays are unfortunate but necessary” option that doesn’t seem so snarky. Fixing up the bad grammar/punctuation wouldn’t hurt, either.

            (For what it’s worth, I don’t see any problems with the “happy” option.)

          • Okay so we have one option to replace #3

            Delays are unfortunate but necessary.

            But a poll needs more than one suggestion so any takers?


      • He agrees with Bashiok, but has to point out that he “hates” doing so? This link doesn’t really make a strong case for your argument.

    • Putting the late 2011 aside for one moment, if the game was coming out in Q1 but now in Q2 and that isn’t a delay, it’s a?

      It seems reasonable to have a poll on the delayed, sorry um not delayed, release date the day after they announced the not delaying of the release date no?  Or would you suggest we move on, look the other way and ask for no opinions.

      • Though it’s mostly a moot point, I would have rather seen a poll on people’s feelings regarding general chat channels. Delays are pretty old hat by now.

          • It’s a moot point as far as development of the game is concerned, but I still think seeing people’s opinions on it, i.e. “Would you miss general chat channels if they were removed from the game?” would be more interesting than “Oh, the game has been delayed again, how mad are you this time?” It’s not like people’s reactions to a delay are going to change the delay either.

            Just my two cents’ worth.

          • If it becomes topical then we’ll do a poll.  Right now the release date is more topical, not only on fansites but general news sites.

  5. I miss the option that says I don’t give a crap anymore…
    I’m sure it’ll be a decent game when it comes out, but I can’t be bothered with the nitpicking until it’s released. I simply ran out of anticipation…

  6. Like I said many times before (I hoped that I would eat my words but alas…) I doubt that Diablo 3 will come out before June.

    But What is it with Mass Effect 3 and these boards??? Its not like D3 and ME3 are related in any way whatsoever, and the quality of Bioware games has dropped so sharply its laughable (and sad). 

    Me3 Ooooo shiny!!! Ok, great. Good luck with that interactive movie guys!

    • The issue for me with ME3 isn´t so much that it is interactive movie, but almost everything else. Total lack of any RPG elements, bad plot, uninteresting world, terrible characters, fact that the most interesting part of the plot is soap-opera like shallow “relationships” between characters i.e. who slept with who, your “decisions” that have no impact whatsoever, fact that the game is a glorified FPS that is, for some reason marketed as RPG, pointless game mechanics that have been simplified into the ground etc.

      I am still amazed that people here complain all day when D3 is “simplified”, and yet are still apperantly excited over Mass Effect 3? The King of making features more “streamlined” and “excessible to the general public”.

      • How exactly are you judging the plotline and “lack of RPG elements” of a game that isn’t out yet? The first two mass effect games had plenty of RPG elements, some of the best writing and voice acting in video games, interesting characters, and an original science fiction setting that managed to put a fresh spin on old tropes. Maybe the first two games of the series weren’t to your taste, but I think your implicit criticisms of them are highly, highly exaggerated (if not outright false) and I think the vast majority of critics and consumers alike would agree with me on that given the amount of awards and praise the series has garnered to date. Sure, they’re not perfect games, but to say there’s a “total lack of any RPG elements” in a series with pretty much every type of traditional RPG element you can imagine present in the game (character dialogue choices, character customization, experience, equipment management, etc.) is just trolling.

        The Mass Effect series has a better plot than any game Blizzard has put out in recent history, or anything in the Diablo series. Blizzard games are still great fun, but by and large I don’t play them for the plot anymore.

        Unless, of course, you actually have a time machine and are talking about ME3 and not the first two, and they did change things very drastically from its predecessors.

        • You have something negative to say about everything, don’t you? Look at all your posts… can’t you ever just contribute without trying to argue?

          “How exactly are you judging the plotline and “lack of RPG elements” of a game that isn’t out yet? ”
          “This link doesn’t really make a strong case for your argument. ”
          that’s just page 1.

          I like this one the most, because it reminds me of you.
          “…but the level of hostility some people experience over issues like this is just plain silly.”

  7. I was a ‘meh’ but now unhappy.  I do believe they should take the time to get the game done properly but feel misled.  Q2 is NOT ‘early 2012’ in the same way that 11 a.m. is not early morning.  ‘Sooner than you think’ turned out to be utterly misleading since the majority of us were thinking Q1 at the time of statement and ‘sooner’ therefore implied early Q1.  My support for Blizzard’s quality assurance is fast turning into contempt at their unprofessional dithering.

    • That’s where personal interpretation comes in, because for me, 11 a.m is VERRYYY early in the morning ^_^

    • Q2 can be considered early 2012 because it’s before the half way point.  Just giving you the potential logic behind it and it’s Blizzard so I look for the vaguest possible interpretations of what they say when it comes to release dates.

      • Honestly, I think of it in thirds: early, middle, and late. If everything before the half-way point is early then everything after that is late. Sorry, but to me considering June early in the year and July late in the year is just plain illogical. April may still be early in the year, but May, June, July, and August are the middle. If they wanted to put it out in the middle of 2012 then they should’ve said so instead of being misleading with their constant promises of “early 2012.”

      • No, just because it’s before the half way point it does not make it early. Blizzard failed once again, what a surprise.

    • 11AM is not early in the morning, it’s early in the day.

      Q2 is not early in semester one, but it is early in the year.

      • That is a fair point.  Still, even if Blizzard are pedantically correct, can’t help feeling disappointed!

  8. I miss the option where it says that I don’t see this as a delay. Anyone was still thinking March? Really?

  9. I don’t see how people can even react like this, Blizzard have still never given us a release date, yet you’re acting as if Jay Wilson announced it to be out, got out of his car, reached out to put the Diablo 3 box into the store’s, decided not to, and walked away with a troll face

      ALL of Blizzards game’s go through some sort of \longer then targeted\ phase, but a target window is not a confirmed release date, you people should be used to this by now, if you want developers who announce a date early on, rush the game, get it to your hands on that date, weither or not its a pile of bugged s h i t, I’m afraid Blizzard gaming is not for you

     Blizzard have decided to further make changes and polish the game past their \expected target frame\ (keep in mind, no thats not a release date), on very good grounds, Blizzard, take the time you need to make this game great for many years to come, people in the end will thank you for it  

    I don’t really see why all this agro came up surrounding this most recent target window, for me personally April/May is still Early in a year, comes down to how one personally interprets ‘early on in a year’, but the way I look at it, our best chance was what?? March?? we have solid grounds to believe April/May is likely (What’s that?? 1-2 months longer then a March release date??) The way I sum it up is Wow… ok 1-2 Months…… In terms of Diablo 3, 1-2 months… Mmmm let me think, Iv’e been waiting 60 months for Diablo 3 — Yep 1-2 months I’ll take it (Ofcourse I and anyone else shouldn’t set all your hopes on this window until a confirmed release date, especially if you react like a baby)

    Stop acting as if you’re entitled to anything more from Blizzard, if you dont want to get your hopes up, be smart and dont set hopes on ANYTHING but a confirmed release date gone public by Blizzard

    • Well they are taking forever… and cutting stuff one would think should have been ready years ago, or at least announced like something that’s no longer going to be in (hello boss fatalities)…
      Makes it feel like they’ve been iterating gameplay systems all this time and kinda ignored some more basic stuff… and we’re suffering.

      • They already said the boss fatalities never did work and that they were made specifically for that video. They would like to implement them but I can only imagine the coding nightmare to get it right. You can’t cut something that was never in the game to begin with.

    • I agree with every word you just wrote, but it’s not hard to understand how frustrated people are now after ~4 years after the announcement? And the constant teasing with “soon” “in the final stretch” “sooner that you think” etc…
      I know I’m frustrated despite knowing that the fact that Blizzard can take their time to try their best for a good product is always better than strict deadlines and rushing to meat those deadlines.

    • “I don’t see how people can even react like this, Blizzard have still never given us a release date, yet you’re acting as if Jay Wilson announced it to be out, got out of his car, reached out to put the Diablo 3 box into the store’s, decided not to, and walked away with a troll face”

      When Blizzard gets the game to a good place that they think is almost a releasable game then something outside of the actual gameplay delays them so they decide to second-guess themselves to the point that the original reason for delay has probably been resolved long ago and now it’s being held up by their overhauling of things that were decided months ago and cutting of features that they had in years ago then yes, that is practically what they have done. Either they should’ve stuck to their earlier ideas and released the game as they had it back in late 2011 and just resolved whatever the delay was with minimal changes to the game in the meantime or they should’ve never said they were targeting late 2011 and never spent so much time on things they couldn’t make good enough for the final product. It’s not having to wait that pisses people off so much, it’s all the empty promises and back-tracking…

      “Oh yeah we’ll have it out before next year.” “Oh there’s totally going to be this special inventory for charms and they’ll give you basic stat bonuses to replace manual stat allocation.” “Oh there’s these artisans in the game and one of them adds interesting affixes to your gear so that even stuff that’s not optimal can be made better for you.” And then… “Oh wait… Actually guys, the Talisman is not what we wanted it to be. We changed it too much from the original version and it’s just not interesting enough anymore, but we’ll totally dumb down gems for you so you can still have the bland base attribute bonuses. Oh and that Mystic we were talking about and looked pretty cool? Yeah, she’s out because we decided she was somehow redundant with our bland gems and so we are just throwing her more interesting bonuses into the regular affix pool and all you will have is the blacksmith and jeweler now. And by the way, the games coming out half a year later than we originally thought… Yeah we somehow missed that estimation by a ridiculous amount because we got delayed by something out of our control and then delayed ourselves some more with stuff we could control and decided most of our old work was going in the wrong direction at the last minute.”

      **** that noise… Either make your major features work and not tell everyone targets you probably won’t hit or acknowledge when things are wrong or unfixable earlier on instead of pulling last minute 180s and scrapping stuff months after promising it would be in and hyping it up with videos and panel presentations and game guide pages.

      • “Promises”?

        A company doesn’t owe a consumer anything until a product has actually been released. The fact that we’re hearing anything at all about the development of Diablo 3 isn’t because the company owes us this information or has any sort of obligation to live up to; they’s just trying to market their game a bit and build interest for it.

        It’s not as if Blizzard came out and “promised” that the game would be out by X date. Rather, fans have been banging at the doors, screaming “When? When? When?” for years, so from time to time Blizzard has said, “We hope the game will be out in 2011.” Then these fans treat that statement like some sort of holy covenant sealed with blood, and that when the game doesn’t make that release window they act like they’ve been morally wronged. It’s just silly.

        • “Rather, fans have been banging at the doors, screaming “When? When? When?” for years”

          Years. Oh, hey, maybe that’s the problem.

          • Years. Oh, hey, maybe that’s the problem.”

            I wouldn’t deny for a second that it’s a big part of it. Blizzard’s error in releasing info on Diablo 3 too early, however, doesn’t make the the overzealous indignation some people experience any more reasonable. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • I am not raging about it as I expected it to be delayed again but it’s ridiculous to stick your head in the sand and pretend no release date or timeframe has been mentioned before and missed.  It’s just as ridiculous to expect people who have been following the progress for 4 years and supposed approaching release shouldn’t feel a bit fucked off at this point.

      So it doesn’t bother you, big deal, who cares what you’re feeling.  Everyone cares about how they are feeling about it so and it doesn’t matter how much that upsets you it won’t change how they feel.

      And for the record just three occasions when a release window was mentioned by Blizzard.  It won’t be any of those according to them yesterday and that’s a delay in very definition.

      Rob Pardo, February 2011
      “We really, really hope so. That’s our goal,”

      Paul Sams – June 2011
      “With Diablo 3 targeted at being launched this year, we plan on testing the game in the third quarter.”

      Mike Morhaime – September 2011
      ““Soon” Was Too Soon — Diablo III to Arrive in Early 2012.”

      • Nobody is suggesting that we ignore that a release window has been missed; the question is about how it’s appropriate to react to that fact. Yes, Blizzard has missed release windows, but so what? THEY OWE US NOTHING. Unless you’re a shareholder in the company and you’re complaining about the potential market implications of the game’s delay on your portfolio, you really have no grounds to complain other than “wah wah I’m a whiny child and I want it now!” People are acting as if Blizzard owes them a game, and that’s ludicrous. This isn’t “sticking heads in the sand”; it’s just asking for a reasonable reaction to another inevitable product delay.

        • This is the internet. Welcome. What a great thing it is too.  Where else in the world could you complain repeatedly about people who are unhappy about something complaining and feel validated in doing so?

          Blizzard don’t owe us anything technically (they will do when it’s released) but they announced the game for a reason.  They wanted people to follow it and get excited, jump on board and become a customer.  If you do that you can’t expect to have it both ways – create the hype and endure no backlash when fans feel disappointed in something.  I don’t think Blizzard expect to have it both ways but people like you do.  Get hyped, follow the game, but if you’re unhappy keep your feelings in check.

          The release delay isn’t a big deal, lots of us expected it but attempting to marginalising their reactions is churlish.

          • I do understand people being disappointed over this, but the level of hostility some people experience over issues like this is just plain silly.

            It’s like not getting into the beta test: Yeah, it sucks. But is it a personal offence? Does Blizzard “owe” you a spot in the beta because of X, Y, and/or Z? Sure, maybe you’re disappointed, but are you going to get angry that you’re not in the beta? There’s a big difference between the two, and “Wowreally” and I are addressing the latter, not so much the former.

            Yes, I am trying to marginalize the reactions of people who get into a frothing rage over a video game being delayed. I think that if they care that much about a video game, their priorities are way out of whack and that they ought to be informed that their reaction is pathological and far from normal.

          • Yes MRR you don’t have to look far on the internet to find people getting worked up over trivial matters.

    • This guy just reached lvl 60 cap of fanboyism. Man, you’re probably needing an expansion or a new runestone…  🙄

  10. Well thank goodness in won’t get in the way of my ME3 playtime, I was worried they would come out at the same month. That would leave me confused with which one to play lol. Also, this would buy me more time to get in shape cuz we all know once D3 is coming out we’ll be putting on pounts lol. (yn)

  11. No release date announcement by february pretty much told us no Q1 anyway, so it’s hard to be unhappy…

  12. I can’t claim credit for the following:
    “At Blizzard, we love our fans. You hurt the ones you love most!”

    • Yeah… looks like they will go beyond even Jay Wilson’s off-the-cuff “6 months” estimation for beta length that everyone thought was way longer than it would really be. Oh how naive we were… 😕

  13. I surely prefer they take their time to finish the game, not every developer can afford the luxury to polish a game all they want, and a lot of players are crucifying blizz for doing just that only because the wait is long. Maybe blizz shouldn’t have started showing us the game back in 2008, but at this point I just hope this time they mean it when they say Q2, and that the wait is actually worth it.

    • They probably shouldn’t have announced it that early, but they also should probably reevaluate their development process and learn to be more focused on their specific goals for systems are instead of just modifying them over and over ’til they “feel right” and then learn to stick to their guns with game design and either make stuff work in a reasonable time or not waste tons of effort trying to make things work if there is even a possibility that they will cut it because cutting major features after so much time of people looking forward to them is just asking for copious amounts of fan-rage…

  14. Well, at this point, the delay was expected.
    Now I’m counting on June and Blizzard better not disappoint again :O

  15. So if I were to start an Occupy Irvine rally (as cliche as occupy movements are in the US), who would camp out with me?  Hopefully they would eventually give in and let the dedicated few become internal play testers?  Down with the 1% at Blizzard!

  16. Expected the delay… my prediction in the release date thread is still June 2012. Has been for years.

  17. It says enough when I have to find something new to say about yet another delay.

    I guess this is what comes of business monopolies (there’s no argument here, Blizz have the monopoly on re-playable games). And a good lesson for any economics students. Competition is good….and gets things done a hell of a lot quicker.

    • No, the monopoly you’re talking about is on MMO’s… if it was just regular games then they wouldn’t get the same monthly income and wouldn’t be able to keep paying people to work on stuff indefinitely.

    • I think the lesson here for economics/business students is more along the lines of: When you have a strong reputation for releasing quality products, you can get away with delays and it won’t destroy your business.

  18. It has been an obscene amount of developement time for this game and I’m not seeing greatness from this game. I see average to good at best considering how much developement time this game has had. Hype > Diablo 3!

    • Meh, i never saw greatness in any of their games, just the best polish job ever…

      Not a bad thing by the way… you know, as long as other good devs are around.

  19. Not surprised I don’t believe any dates Blizzard makes until I have the game in my hands.  On a technical note anything before half year could be considered early, but only in the loosest sense of the word.

    • Could be if all you have is early and late, but that doesn’t really make sense… Unless your definition of the middle area of the year is the day or two at the transition from June to July… which is a very odd definition.

  20. The delay was expected because it´s a greedy company called blizzard. On the positive side I haven´t tried Skyrim yet and Mass effect 3 is also upcoming, so I have something to look forward to.

  21. I’m only playing diablo 2 to bide my time, but the wait is slowly making my interest dissipate. A person can only wait so long for a game which seems to have lost its touch before giving on it. If they didn’t put their beta on a pedestal, I might not care as much about the delay.

  22. Well, I choose 4th option (happy). Since soon i will have to start my diploma work wich will have to be done until may/june. So the later the better for me, since I will all the time in the world to play D3 in june and later on.
    That’s only my side ofc, tho I would wish since I am in minority here for all fans outhere to see the game asap really.

  23. Are you serious? How does PvP being in effect you in the slightest? If you don’t like it then you don’t have to step foot in the arena ever. Posts like yours make me make me wonder what humanity is coming to…

  24. I seriously hope it’s in April/May as I go back to school starting in June, so the next few months is the best time since I’ll actually have some free time to enjoy the game…

  25. I’m glad for the delay. The anticipated release of my birthday is in Q2 so now I won’t have to buy the game for myself.  Any good item I find beyond one great wizard set will be straight profit on the RMAH.

  26. DAMN .. i really thought blizz will accomplish it this time :/
    Q2 then …. -.-

    BLIZZARD : … bla bla … ensure that the final release will live up to our high expectations

    maybe they put the talisman back in or somthing like that =)
    ill hunger after the AWESOME project zomboid update in the meantime 😉

    (its around the corner .. 8 tasks left yay 😉 )

  27. Meh. I don’t really care. It comes out when it comes out. When it comes out, I’ll be happy that it did. But for the time being, I’ll just not care, for it only causes unnecessary disappointment.

  28. Where’s the option for “I stopped caring in early 2011, too many other good games coming out to let Blizzard’s shenanigans waste my time. Besides, they cut the features I cared about, and the game’s outdated at this point anyway. When is that new Skyrim DLC coming out?”

  29. I am starting to wish I hadnt even seen that small video a few years back that got my hopes up. Yeah, it may have been in Blizzards best interest to keep this one under wraps a little longer before getting so many people going about it. I am just afraid that with such a long development, the game will be behind when it comes out. Its really hard to tell at this point what all the hold ups are. The have changed their minds so many times that they are going sideways instead of to the point. Looks like I will have time for a few more characters on D2 after all, and to use up all the runes I have hoarded.

  30. what a shame to read that many peeps will be bored all summer with nothing to do if d3 doesn’t arrive by then.
    the generations get worse every year.

  31. So they cut the talisman, they cut the mystic and then delay the game even further…? Then why the f*ck did they cut those things out of the game? Their developments looks pathetic..

  32. i wish ppl would just stop complaining and getting all pissed off. just let blizzard do wat they do, but they will never stop complaining! lol =/

  33. I’m not really sure how anyone can be remotely surprised about this anymore. Blizzard slipping a release date? Yeah, that’s totally never happened before.

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