The only sensible reaction to another Diablo III delay?

    We don’t know when Blizzard originally hoped to release Diablo III, but they’ve repeatedly said they shouldn’t have debuted it so early in the development cycle, which seems like they wanted it done before 2011. At any rate, their first stated release target was 2011, and when that didn’t happen, Mike Morhaime wrote us a letter in which he said “early 2012” would be it for sure.Sadly, as of yesterday’s conference call the new release target is the second quarter of 2012, which means April, May, or June 2012.

    So, how do you guys feel about this? Despair? Resignation? Exultation? Pick the option that best expresses your feelings, and we’ll see just how sad, or not, is the Diablo community.

    So, D3 slipped another release date...

    • 2) Unhappy. Why did I get my hopes up? (36%, 2,409 Votes)
    • 3) Meh. "When it's done." is serious business. (30%, 2,033 Votes)
    • 1) Outraged. Disgusted. Nuke Irvine. (23%, 1,553 Votes)
    • 4) Happy.. I'll have more time to play come summertime. (6%, 419 Votes)
    • 5) No opinion. (5%, 334 Votes)

    Total Voters: 6,747

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    Update: We are also running a quick and dirty poll on our Facebook page based on the general feedback within the comments below.  Feel free to vote in that one too.

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    Last time we asked how you felt about the fact that we will not see a BlizzCon 2012. Not a lot of you guys seem too broken up, at least not if the alternative is some Blizzard games getting released instead.

    How do you feel about no BlizzCon in 2012?

    • 3) I’m glad. Make games instead of wasting time on self-congratulating conventions. (50%, 2,082 Votes)
    • 2) Meh. There wouldn’t have been any D3 info anyway, this year. (26%, 1,094 Votes)
    • 1) I’ll really miss the show and the new info. (15%, 627 Votes)
    • 4) Dunno. Opinions are hard. (9%, 339 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,145

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