See the original to get the joke.

    See the original to get the joke.

    We’ve seen a rash of news and rumors about Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls’ RNG and drop rates and odds and legendary item weighting of late, and it’s spurred endless conversation and debate. I didn’t see much of it in the forums or news here, where you guys were mostly like, “These odds are interesting, match my game experience, and are only to be expected since of course the better quality items are less common.”

    Unsurprisingly, many of the B.net forum residents are a lot less calm about the weighted legendary drop rates we posted over the weekend, and the Bliz CMs have been busy banning trolls and shutting down threads full of angst and gnashing of teeth. Let’s look at the larger issue, though. How do you guys feel about the RNG and item drop rates and rewards vs. effort, etc, that’s now offered in Reaper of Souls? Is Diablo 3’s RNG fair?

    What do you think of Diablo 3's RNG in terms of item drops and rewards?

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    Most of the people I talk to, in our clans, on the forums, via my IM list, on the podcast, etc, are fairly happy with Diablo 3 right now. People (most of them better geared than me) feel they get decent rewards for their play time, that it’s challenging but not too hard to get into Torment, and that you can make decent progress once you’re there. The main complaints I’ve seen are from the super elite .001% fat cats who have already sunk hundreds of hours into RoS, are geared to the 99th percentile, and who think every legendary they find now is junk. (Which it is… to them.)

    I don’t think many of us are in that place yet, but that’s what the vote is for. To get a more accurate statistical breakdown of how you guys feel about the loots of Reaper of Souls. We’ll post another vote/survey later this week, since I’m curious how far you guys are advancing through the content, and if that’s to your liking.

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