Vote: Diablo 3’s Online-Only Requirement

As most of you know by now, Diablo III can only be played through There is no LAN support, and no offline/single player mode. Your characters are stored on and you must connect to to play. If your ISP sucks, or you’re going on vacation, or in the military, or you have a restrictive monthly bandwidth limit… well, you didn’t really want to play Diablo III all that much anyway, did you?

Perhaps those are just isolated cases, though. Maybe most of you guys have a good internet connection, and don’t mind the 10-character limit on, and approve of Blizzard’s need to fight piracy?

The news about this issue from yesterday blew up to 150+ comments in short order. I haven’t had time to read every one, but from skimming over them it looks like a solid majority greatly-dislike Diablo 3’s online-only requirement. I’m curious to see if those comments are really representative of the view of most fans, or if it’s just the angry people who were motivated to comment?

Pick the vote option that’s closest to your opinion, and we’ll get some community consensus on this topic.

What do you think of D3's online-only play requirement?

  • 1) It's fine. I'm always online anyway. (41%, 3,263 Votes)
  • 4) Dislike. I'm buying a game, not renting it. (22%, 1,724 Votes)
  • 5) Hate it. Will cripple my play opportunities. (18%, 1,391 Votes)
  • 2) It's okay if it stops piracy/hacking. (17%, 1,347 Votes)
  • 3) Not sure/no opinion. (2%, 189 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,907

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Last Vote Results

The last vote only ran for 3 days, but as busy as things have been lately, that was long enough for quite a few votes to come in. That poll asked how you guys felt about D3’s Auction House, and the results reflected even more polarization than I’d expected.

One one hand, 64% of you like the Auction House feature while only 24% dislike it. Yet at the same time, 44% single out the Real Money aspect as their main dislike, and you get 51% voting against, if you include the anti-RMT with the anti-AH crowd.

How do you feel about the D3 Auction House?

  • 1) Like it alot. (37%, 1,658 Votes)
  • 2) Like it except for the RMT. (27%, 1,238 Votes)
  • 5) Hate it. Especially the RMT. (17%, 760 Votes)
  • 3) Not sure/no opinion. (12%, 518 Votes)
  • 4) Don’t want, but it’s not a biggie. (7%, 330 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,504

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    94 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3’s Online-Only Requirement

    1. I am personally fine with this, if it stops hacking. But this is only me, as my inet connection is fast and stable.

      I feel pity for people who do not have constant inet connection or it’s too unstable =(

      • same here. been using Steam for a long while now and even though it does have a “work offline” feature, I’ve never had to use it. it just sux for people who don’t have a stable enough connection. especially those with more than 1 person in the household that uses internet regularly lol, or a single-pc household. god I hate pc-kickers.
        “piss off for 5 mins, I need to check my emails”

      • It won’t stop hacking. It’s a ridiculous argument.
        If anything can be stored on RAM, it will be hacked.

        • Hacking may still happen in some form, but the online-only structure has the potential to cut down on hacking a lot. I can see item duping (for instance) being much easier to track and handle with a system where item data is stored online.

        • L-O-L? What the hell has RAM (of course if you mean random-access memory) to do with hacking?
          All calculations are made on server. If any value provided by user doesn’t match expected result – it’s ignored. So till you have no critical mistakes in your server code and client data checks the only chance to hack game is to directly access database or server scripts storage. Your client shouldn’t calculate anything he got access only to results after they’re saved on server side.

          • Damn right, all the logic such as monster spawns, AI, item stats & drops and whatnot is done on the server. The client just does the graphics, audio and input.

            If you try to send funny packets to the server you’ll get your account banned pretty quickly. Unless the server code contains loopholes as mentioned above.

            • Actually, we don’t yet know what the client side does versus the server side. I doubt the client only does “graphics, audio, and input” though. If everything else is on the server, it’s a waste of a lot of computing power (though I guess I can burn a CD or defrag my hard drive while I play, if all my PC runs is a light user interface).

              Anything done on the client side can be hacked. For example, if they decide to have calculations be client-side (using our computing power instead of having the server perform all calculations) then the calculations can be hacked. Bots and map hacks? Definitely. Cause others to drop connection? Probably. Teleportation? Insane attack speeds? Ghost mode wandering? Perhaps. Duping? They’ve probably done a lot to secure this, but I seriously doubt it’s impossible. Though really, with the auction house and a couple dozen bots farming 24/7, duping is probably not necessary–there will be plenty of items to purchase for everyone.

              Any company that brags that their product is incapable of being hacked is issuing a challenge, and I know where I’d place my bet.

    2. Online-only is’t the problem. It is a combined prob. If yo want to dodge the RMAH you have to play HC. But when your connection is not stable you can die every minute.. =(

      • Dying due to a disconnect was true in Diablo 2 as well. It’s nothing new. Your connection will time out after a minute, and when you try to log back in you realize your character is dead >.<

        It’s always been an issue with Hardcore.

        • But in Diablo II you had the choice to play offline single players which meant no latency or disconnects.  That’s the only place I made HC characters because I had trouble handling losing characters due to no fault of my own.

      • Your argument doesn’t make any sense.

        If you are willing to play offline single-player just to dodge the RMAH… just choose not to use the RMAH. Play alone online and don’t trade items – a lot of people played D2 that way and had a great time.

        Your desire to play Hardcore (online) to dodge the RMAH is not affected whatsoever by a requirement for a permanent internet connection, since you would have needed the internet connection for that anyway. If you were playing without an internet connection, then you wouldn’t have access to the RMAH in the first place.

        • I believe he’s thinking HC wil solve “real-money” problem and no one will buy or sell HC characters or items just because it’s illegal. I think Blizzard doesn’t allow RMAH for HC not because of HC fans but because of possible flame from people who’ll lose all money spent on gear after death. Especially after death due to a disconnect.
          Very pitty there’s no auto-attack cause in WoW your character can finish a low-health monster after your disconnect and you won’t die. It doesn’t solve the problem but it reduces the chance of such stupid death when you dc right before your enemy falls.
          However they may enable some kind of AI if you connection is broken and your character will act like your mercenary till the combat ends. I bet “useful merc” passive will be very popular among HC-players with bad connection. 🙂

        • The RMAH will have a huge effect on the economy and all trading, whether a person uses it or not.The top items will only trade for $ rather than gold, low and mid level gear will be much cheaper and more common since people will farm so hard for top stuff, etc. People who are talking about HC to avoid RMAH are, I think, more worried about those sorts of effects corrupting the normal char economy.

          • Right – I’ve expressed similar concerns about the effects of the RMAH on gold as a currency at length in the forums. I’m just saying that his decision to try to dodge the RMAH by playing hardcore has nothing to do with an always-online requirement. If he was going to be playing online and subject to trading in the first place, he’d have to be always online already. The RMAH and the always-online requirement are separate issues.

      • Dodge the RMAH?  You could just NOT USE IT.  How about that?  The real money auction house and game money auction house are separate entities, different auction houses.

        • He meant “dodge RMAH users”. He thinks there will be no real-money items among HC characters.

    3. I think it’s just peachy. I mean, isn’t everyone online now? I feel like the only reason there’s any beef with this topic at all is because now no one can hack up there characters. Looks like you actually have to try to get awesome weapons now, eh?!

    4. My issue with their system isn’t that I can’t be online all the time, it’s that I don’t think that THEY can keep their servers online all the time.  Not being able to play singleplayer or with the person across the room because is down for maintenence is bollocks.

      • Server resets/maintenance happens every Tuesday for WoW at 5am PST.  Again, we are bitching about something that will affect only a handful of people and not the multitudes.  You will get used to it.  In WoW I am playing on a server with a 40 to 60ms ping time and I haven’t disconnected since Burning Crusade.  This is largely due to infrastructure improvements and the very server downtime that you are complaining about.  Again, I think this is a fear from D2 that is being applied to D3.  It’s 2011, everyone either wants a D2 clone or they think it is still 2001.  Online play and microtransactions are the way things are going INDUSTRY-WIDE, like it or not – LIVE IN THE NOW or be disappointed every time you see something like this (which will be frequently my friend).

          • Rather than suggesting it doesn’t matters, I think he’s trying to suggest that the problem here is being blown out of proportion. People do have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills around here.

            • I have confidence in blizzard.

              If people are truly being disconnected frequently, resulting in loss of items, time, hardcore characters- then blizzard will remove this requirement.

            • Hypersapien: I don’t expect that the always-online requirement is something they’d be able to remove later on; it’s built into how the game handles data.

        • I don’t think server maintenance will be quite so noticeable in D3 as it is in WoW.

          You have to keep in mind that in WoW you have a persistent world (server) populated by thousands of players at the same time, as well as instanced dungeons and so on. So in order to do maintenance they have to shut down the entire server.

          I think D3 will be more like SC2, because it’s all instanced games and not a huge persistent game world, and what I’ve heard about SC2’s implementation of B.Net is that it’s mostly up, except for game patches when they bring all the realms down.

    5. Maybe I’m confused but I think you’ve asked a somewhat skewed question with some skewed answers. I don’t really think there’s any major reason against an AH in it’s purest form.
      I think the problem most people have with the AH is the RMT aspect.
      The way I read these results is:
      Like it except for the RMT. + Hate it. Especially the RMT. = 44% against the RMT.
      Like it alot. = 37% for RMT
      Not sure/no opinion. + Don’t want, but it’s not a biggie. = 19% indifferent.
      I might be wrong though, and just see what I want to see.

    6. D3 tem que ser on-line mesmo. Depois que você começa a jogar on-line nunca mais quer jogar solo. Então não existe motivo para fazê-lo. Claro que a Blizz poderia ter dado a opção de escolher, mas não fará diferença.

      • Who are you to decide what makes a difference or not? If YOU do not feel that you’d ever want to play SP after trying out MP that’s YOUR prerogative. Don’t shove your beliefs/opinions down other’s throats.

    7. I voted “It’s fine. I’m always online anyway.” I don’t like it.  I think it’s a bad idea, but ultimately, it won’t really affect my personal gameplay at all.

      I think it’s mostly a moot point anyway.  This won’t change.  It’s a fairly major architectural decision.  To do things differently, they would need to distribute more or less the entire server and server infrastructure with the game so you can run it yourself in single player (as was done with D2).  That may or may not even be possible, and it’s certainly not something likely to change at this late date.

      • I believe we’ll see it some day after release. But it’s true – now it’s too late to change that back. Of course you can just pack server software and all data with every game client but at that moment it requires a lot of work. It’s almost the same as provide an editor on release date.
        I’m sure Blizzard will make D3 moddable. And that will require possibility to play offline and outside of the main database. They are planning to add to SC2 possibility to sell your maps and design your own achievments for your maps. So it’s just a matter of time.

    8. Personally I’m online a majority of the time so it’s no big deal for me but despite that I voted ”Dislike” because I know other players aren’t so lucky and that this measure could ruin their gameplay experience.

      Also, I’m planning on playing HC quite a lot and I am now worried about losing my character to a potential connection blip. I’m not sure about how many people can guarantee a connection stable and consistent enough to offset such a risk. Losing my character to a minuscule outage that I wouldn’t even notice otherwise would be a horrible experience. Jay Wilson’s comments about this smack of ignorance on the dev’s part. We don’t all live in Irvine Jay.

      Finally, godamn that story they keep rolling out about the poor person who thought he/she couldn’t play online with their buddies because they finished normal on single player irritates the shit out of me. It’s become the company line on the issue. Wish someone would remind them about open Battlenet. As Flux rightly said the single most unpardonable sin that D3 could commit would be confusing the noobs but seriously… This along with the ”We got rid of weapon switch because it was too confusing” bullshit have probably pissed me off most during D3’s development.

    9. People who play strictly offline are not the target audience in a next generation coop action RPG. Blizzard has every right to design their game as they see fit and they are giving a warning in advance of what will be required to play. Now its your choice to either buy or not buy.

      People just like to bitch and make themselves out to be the victim. Fact is that the advantages of being online only outweigh the disadvantages, from my point of view, especially if they are successful in creating a controlled environment to eliminate or minimize most cheats/hacks/exploits. It is also an effective measure to combat piracy because most diablo fans will want to take advantage of the online environment, especially the trading system.

      • How many of us SP players do you think are programmers sitting at a computer making up hacks? Are you serious?

        Combat piracy? That’s the last thing Blizzard’s ever been worried about. Diablo III isn’t some cash cow.

        And it’s only a “co-op RPG” because that’s what they’re calling it, hoping they can control exactly how people play. They can’t. People will play solo if they want and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    10. I never played D2 online because of delay on my actions, almost 2-3 seconds – (Brazil).
      I hope D3 online only dont give me that kind of lag issue.

      • brlizzard is got sc2 servers on são paulo(i think)
        we will probably have diablo 3 servers too 😐

    11. I’m one of the lucky few that this doesn’t affect, at all. I have probably one of the most reliable and fast internet connections that doesn’t have a cap (…yet), I’m not in the military or take vacations often (and when I do I don’t plan to play games anyways). So I really don’t care either way.
      I do sympathise with those not in my position though.

      • “I’m one of the Lucky few that this doesn’t affect”?

        Your part of the majority, look at the numbers.

        But I don’t think there is a single (normal) person that don’t feel bad for all the men and woman of the armed forces that don’t have internet when they are on base over seas, thus not able to play Diablo 3, with its no offline mode. 

        They should go to the offical forums and post a topic saying “Blizzard doesn’t care about the people that defend this country”

          • Its a large percentage of the community though, look at the poll, 4 of the 5 answers to the poll pretty much say they have internet. 72% have internet and are just at different level of care.

            Just 18% wont be able to play the game. This community is a small slice of what the consumers #s are but lets just say out of the 5 million copies of the game that would have been sold (before they announced the online only) 18% couldn’t play it. That’s 900,000 people that can’t play the game, and that’s also 54million dollars in lost revenue. Is it worth it for them to just make a offline mode, man I would hope so.

        • And what about the multiples more of people who live in countries where widespread broadband is not yet available and as such they don’t yet have stable internet connections?
          Not sure if you were being sarcastic in your last point or not but if you were being serious that would be an extremely cheap and exploitive thing to do. Though that wouldn’t exactly be out of place on the official forums 😛

          • Are you sure there are countries where you can’t play D3 online but you can pay $60 for it? There are lots of countries with slow connection, but that doesn’t stop people from playing online games. It’s just about the time you got to spend downloading patches and not the connection stability.

            • I remember playing D2 online for at least 2 years on my 56K dial up 🙂 And except for taking a LOOOOOONG time to download patches it wasn’t much laggier than the crappy DSL line I had after that.
              Even now on a 12 Mbit/s cable connection it’s the latency that hurts more than the bandwidth. Although I tried B.Net 2.0 a bit with SC2 and it works a lot better connection wise than D2 right now.

    12. A hack&slash game like Diablo is very ping dependent for a good gaming experience. It will just suck huge balls for those far away from servers or with bad connection. Especially if they have waited years for this game, knowing back in late 2010 it still would support offline single player.

    13. I just prefer to play offline. Why is that so horrible?
      Sure, I like to dip online now and then, check things out, chat with friends, do some pvp. But for the most part, I’m an offline player. This suddenly makes me a jerk or something.

      My internet connection is piss, but it allows me to play online games without much trouble. When my wife isn’t home. When she is, and watches a youtube video, streams something, I can’t play. When I want to download anything, I can’t play. I get about 100kb/s, and it took me over an hour to download the presskit from the media event. I couldn’t play during that time.

      It just plain sucks, and their response/reasoning actually made me angry.

    14. I voted “Dislike.  I’m buying a game, not renting it.”  Online-only is the very reason I dislike MMOs.  When I buy something, I feel that the company that makes it should never be able to tell me I can no longer use it.

    15. As many, I’m also against this, for many reasons.
      Firstly, if it really IS (though I doubt that) Blizzard’s attempt to stop/contain/limit bots/hacks/TPPs problems, I’d like to remind them that cheaters aren’t the majority of people playing. I’d say that 1 person out of 5 uses any type of illegal enchancements. So If Blizzard wants to tackle the problem – ok, go ahead, BUT do not punish EVERYBODY for the sins of a group. Eliminating the problem must focus on killing the germs and not the whole organism.
      Secondly, it’s been said time and again that still there are people who have no stable internet connection or no connection at all. There are many situations in life – sometimes you have to move, where there’s no i-net or not fast enough to play, or becuase of a tight budget you must give up having internet at home. Despite some nerdy teens here might think, it IS an issue. Compare that to people on earth who still live like our cave or nomad ancestors – it’s not tens but hundreds of thousands if not milions of people. The same with people having no or lame internet connection. The two previous games offered a solution: they enabled people to play and experience the same thing while in SP mode. And that really worked. And just to remind our juvenile firends, some ten years ago there used to be nothing else then SP mode. So there’s still a place for SP, especially to those who can’t/don’t afford and adequate i-net connection or any i-net conjnection at all.
      Thirdly, my personal reason – SP would give me a break from the prying eyes of nerdy teens, who’d just love to spy on my char with the armory feature or would want to make friends. If i want friends in Diablo 3 then I’ll make them myself or bring some along from D2. And Kids can get reaaally pesky if you try to ignore them. Furthermore, SP is like a save haven: there no spambots, boters, PKs, lame jerks – it’s just you and the game. You can try out any build in peace, make some mistakes and learn from them before going on to play online. SP is a havenm and a proving ground, while also being some sort of a performance benchmark.
      Fourthly – I want to be given options of how i CAN play instead of being forced how i SHOULD play, according to Blizzard’s whim. It worked fine for many people in two previous games, and there’s absolutely no reason to change it.

      • “I want to be given options of how i CAN play instead of being forced how i SHOULD play, according to Blizzard’s whim”
        Yes, it does seem like Blizzard is worling really hard through their entire game design to make sure we play the game “correctly”. Skill points were removed because players weren’t using them “correctly” for example.

      • Did you ever play MMOs? Do you think someone really needs you there? This “kids want to make friends and spy my account” argument is only true for top arena players or people streaming their games everyday with 1000+ viewers.
        And for those who can’t read – to add you as a friend they need your ID or they need you to be in some chat room – same way as SC2 works. And no one can send you PM if you’re not his friend. Read damn info before bitching.
        P.S. I still don’t believe there are countries where you can afford to spend $60 on a game and can’t afford a connection that will be sufficient to play D3. I live in not a big town and have a really bad connection for Europe (I believe in most of the Europe countries you can afford 10x better connection for the same price). I spend more time downloading patches but I can play games online. And I won’t say it’s nothing for me to pay $60 for a game.

        • I value my privacy, regardles whether I’m top or lame player. And don’t worry – I have a stable i-net connection, but I simply enjoy SP. I’ve been a gamer for 20 years now. To me all games need to have a SP mode to be complete in my opinion.

          • I don’t worry about anyone’s connection here I just tell you got no point. Gaming is about getting experience and fun. Offline-mode is just a technical issue. Same shit with arguing “2D vs 3D” from people who doesn’t even know most of 2D games use prerendered 3D.

    16. U want play solo?
      Just download a fucking crack and play your fucking single player.

    17. I think it’s fine but then again I am not affected by not having top quality internet.  I do have friends that live in the mountains here that have major downtime with their internet constantly and if I was in their shoes I would not be buying it.   I think for a majority of people it is a non issue but it definitely cripples those who don’t have access to fast access internet or always on internet.   And I feel for those people.

    18. “Dislike I’m buying the game not renting it”
      I don’t understand this attitude. Since when has buying a product assured the fact that you can use it whenever and where ever want? Not to mention, I don’t anyone who ever played the solo campaign more than one time through in D2, and at that only through normal difficulty. I consider D2 an online only game, cause that’s the only game mode that is worth it. I’m not saying that people who like to play the single player a lot aren’t out there, but I just feel that single player hasn’t been the focus of the series since D2. Rant over.

      • ““Dislike I’m buying the game not renting it”
        I don’t understand this attitude. Since when has buying a product assured the fact that you can use it whenever and where ever want?”

        Since before online only?

        • No, I’m talking about in commerce in general. I kind of sympathize with those who hate this online only so much. I am just saying that the argument that you bought something, therefore you have a  right to use it whenever you want has no precedent. You can buy a phone, but you are restricted to where it has service, you can buy a meal, but you can’t eat it on public transit.
          There may be a valid argument for allowing an offline mode, but that particular one just doesn’t hold up.

          • Those are weird examples. Almost all consumer electronics, TVs, VCRs, DVDs, computers, etc, including 99% of video games ever made, are yours to use as you wish once you buy them. Obviously you need a TV to play a console game, or a computer to play D2, but you don’t need access to some other service/system to play or use most such products. Even your example; a phone does a lot of stuff if the network is down. Games, voice recorder, calendar, calculator, etc. But a phone is a device primarily for communicating with others, so it’s not really comparable to other producsts or games.

            D3 isn’t an MMORPG; Bliz has made clear that you will never *need* other people to complete the content. Millions of people played D2 mostly solo, and offline. So this is a big change, and none of Blizzard’s “this is for your own good” explanations really hold water. Fighting piracy is the only valid reason I see, and maybe that’s so important that it forced this system.

            IMHO, all of their “pissing on you and saying it’s raining” PR excuses are just fanning the flames. People don’t like being lied to or treated like idiots.

    19. It won’t be a problem for me as I’m always connected. But what if that changes? What if my internet goes down, or their servers. What if someone hacks into their servers and screws with our characters? It’s happened to me in WoW, and I run a safe computer. Sure it gets fixed eventually – but at the cost of TIME and STRESS.

      I understand the need for them to do it this way, they especially cannot allow hacking since they are the one’s running the cash store.

      Too many games are going this route though. You no longer own the games you buy, you simply pay for access to the games. 20 years down the road will we be able to play D3, or will we be forced to upgrade to the next version of the game?

      Diablo 4 won’t have any stats visible at all, and weapons that drop will glow green if they are better for you, and auto equip. Sorry… tangent.

      Anyway, I’m still excited for Diablo 3, I will still support it. I’m uneasy about not having the character on my HD. I’m sure it will be fine, and we will all get used to it. Some fans will hold out just to make a point, but I think we’ll all give the game a chance eventually.

      • Actually Diablo 4 will just consist of a box purchase but there won’t be any game to play (though there will be a big art book inside) =)

      • Actually 20 years down the road we’ll be probably able to chose to play D1 on D6 engine and play our own mod ladder. It’s just a step game industry got to make.

    20. There are very few people who actually care that we have to play online, that isn’t the issue here.  Flux you should put a poll up that simply says “Would you like to see an offline mode in Diablo 3?” and give three options; yes, no, don’t care.  The way the current poll is worded is skewing the responses in favor of the online option, but when you listen to all the feedback it is overwhelmingly in favor of the offline mode being included, even though most people don’t have a big problem with online play.  Put this simple poll up and you are going to get much different results.  Having the offline mode put back in the game that was already there and we were told would be there, should be our goal!

      • I think that would oversimplify the question, and skew the results wildly. Who would vote against an offline mode, if it didn’t come at any cost or loss of other features?

        The issue is balancing the offline vs. online-only in terms of the other trade offs. And that’s hard to boil down to 5 simple, scaling vote options.

        • Really?  What is hard to balance with an offline system that can only be played offline?  I’m fine if they include no multi-player options in the offline mode.  There are many reasons for having an offline mode, as the many threads and walls of text have shown recently.  Blizzard has changed their view on this subject very recently, which leads me to believe they have 3 specific reasons, two of which are important for a completely single player offline.

          The first is I do not believe they want to support mods, as this would push the release back and in general raise the amount of support effort they have to put into Diablo 3 long-term.  This issue has been all but swept under the rug in light of the other issues.  They know the minute they capitulate on this that the fans will start asking about mod support.
          They want the security of the DRM system that an online only game gives them.  I don’t even mind them wanting this, as stolen software is a real issue.  However, they are playing this aspect down in the media, which bothers me a great deal, because if this isn’t the single most important issue to them, then they could include a single player offline mode with Diablo 3.  Especially considering that this mode was already in the game according to Bashiok.

          The third issue is the chance for duping items and trying to get them into their RMAH, but this would not be an issue if the offline mode was completely single player and did not include any auction houses or networking code for hackers to reverse engineer.

          The only reason I keep posting on this subject is because I do not believe Blizzard is being genuine about their decisions.  It is clear to me that “most” people do not believe them when they say the “user experience” is the reason.  No offline mode will affect me personally very little, as I like playing on Battle.NET, but I still think it’s important to fight for the little guy and for the things that we were told would be included with Diablo 3.  

          At the very least, can’t we all just agree that having an offline mode for Diablo 3 (even if it’s just single player) is something that almost every player would appreciate?

          • I don’t get your first point Red… What does mod support have to do with it? Blizz has said from the get go that they will not support mods. Offline play has nothing to do with it as not all offline games have official mod support (like D2 and D1).

      • I have one desktop PC for games which is always offline, unless necessary for the game,.. no problems with that, but the thing being online always with would just make it clutter up and make my nice games run slower because of internet’s junk fetish. my netbook is for internet 🙂  i guess kindof the other way around 🙂

    21. If this is going to be where all video games go (online only) then this is going to be where I end my time with this hobby. I have an always online connection that’s fairly fast, but that doesn’t mean I want to use it to play a game solo, and I don’t want that game to turn into a $60 log in screen just because I turn the net off, or it goes off on it’s own. Things are bad enogh now when the net does go down, being able to play games during that time is one of the good things… So why do SINGLE PLAYER games have to go down now too?

    22. I think Jay Wilson needs to log on to D2, play only public games for a month.  Can you imagine the amount of scammers now that real money is used?   That’s why there needs to be single player.  Yes, it is possible to play alone on Bnet, but that’s freaking lame.

    23. i voted hate it because it will cripple my playing ability.  i dont know about the rest of you but i have about 2 hours during a work week that i can do anything that is my private time. perhaps 4 hours on the weekend. I do not need blizzards “service” actually connecting to battlenet raise my latency simple because the overhead of the system itself is there.
      i wont tolerate 100 ms latency in fps games and diablo 3 is just as fast as those games. Perhaps those that think +100 latency is ok is part of that strange breed of fps player that slow down a whole server with their enormous latency and then wonder why you kill them 20 times in a row.
      the day all games become online only is the day i stop paying any attention to all the new shit and just keep playing real games

    24. I only have one concern about this honestly, at least at this point.  If something happens to Blizzard someday down the road are we going to get to keep playing D3 or are we SOL?  It’s not like it’s an MMO, we could easily download a patch that enabled offline/LAN play, but I wonder if they would think to give us what we needed to do that.

    25. >>but I wonder if they would think to give us what we needed to do that.<<
      No, I don't think they would. A friend from Poland showed this add to me . There are two lines in the add, spoken in English that make a very nice comment to your quote. "Leo (Blizzard), why? For MONEY". That pretty much sums it up.

    26. Heh… This is the first time I push the “Hate!” button on a poll at this site… man it feels odd…

    27. for every 1 person bitching in the thread about offline not in the game i bet there about 30+ ghosts who dont care about it to even reply here.

      • So you only care about the majority, even when an offline mode wouldn’t hurt them at all?

    28. I personally don’t have any problems with it, but I understand why people do have. I love playing d2, torchlight and other (mainly classic games from back in the days) when im travelling around with my netbook… But D3 wouldn’t be able to play on it, but I don’t want to either… I want to play relaxed at home. Without rushing… Well maybe also with rushing, but that’s a different kind… 🙂 Still there are people that DO have good laptops, and can’t play anywhere without internet… That does suck… But i am sure this online verification won’t be in there in a few years when diablo3 has become another classic  game (i really hope so… but im nervous about it) on my new netbook ! On the other hand, I also understand Blizzard. It is the best way to prevent piracy (i don’t think so, but that is also another topic) in their eyes. 

      One more thing, videogames almost ALWAYS have been and are rented. When u click that accept agreement at the installation screen, that’s what is says. It is a license. You are not the owner of the actual software, but you are an owner of the license to use it… which is pretty much renting. Blizzard is the only one who owns this game. Seems fair since they paid quite alot for it :).

      • It’s not simply “online verification” (like single player SC2) that could be easily turned off – the game itself is being played on their servers ala WOW etc.  So if your internet connection is slow or bad latency, you will suffer.

    29. I’m always online anyway so I am indifferent with the issue. I am more inclined into agreeing because I thought it is a good way to prevent cheating and establish a sense of fairness and equality between players.
      Well, maybe I just got way to used with playing MMORPGS.

      My only isssue here is about HC mode. I know I have a really good internet connection, but I do get disconnected for no apparent reason every now and then. I plan on playing HC and  I surely dont want to get DCed in the middle of killing something, logged back in only to find out I am dead. In fact, I think internet connection is gonna be a major source of frustration for HC players.

    30. true, but if you would be able to disconnect after verification and never come back online, u essentially have a offline game (which i would prefer as well. dont get me wrong. i would love an in-game manual puzzle which only shipped with box like in the old sierra games… i.e. what is the 5th word on page etc.) lol. it worked though 🙂 since there was no internet… anyway, that type of ‘one time online’ verification has already been cracked in many games… so useless to put that in. it’s all or nothing really. I personally think that a DRM free game creates much more goodwill for a company and might have less revenue in the short term, but in the long term Goodwill is way more essential than not. you need fans. :):) look at the path EA is walking nowadays… they won’t last much longer if they keep on making their fans angry… i always used the blizzard argument in those discussions…. 🙁 ) Blizzard will never. bla bla etc 🙁 summary: i understand both viewpoints, but as a gamer i want the good developers to survive and make more games. I think a DRM free game establishes that goodwill in the long run. which eventually leads to OR survival OR more money. which is what they want. Angry gamers like us they don’t want 🙂

    31. Oh and yes, did i mention that the person who invents a LAG-less internet or any connenction thing really without delay will be the most richest person ever alive for a long time? u have to travel faster than light, but i Am sure somebody in the Diablo community can do that? please? 🙂 in comparision with a BBS run in DOS, internet is already lag-less. for me it is. 🙂 in my mind mostly 🙂

    32. I do understand the reasoning behind it and give them all the credit for trying to stop hacking, but I still like the fact that I could play Diablo II offline single player if I wanted to. Granted that was very, very rare that I did that but it was a backup for if I lost Inet connection for some odd ball reason. I still feel as if we are being policed as to what we do with our own property.  Even though we buy and now own the game, we are being told what we can and can’t do with our own stuff.

    33. FLUX,
      Is there a way to map all these votes to a map via ip addresses?  I think it would be really interesting, each time you run a poll, to see whether/how geography might be influencing reader votes.

    34. I’m glad high standing members of the Diablo community such as Flux can see the other side of these arguments people are making.

      What I have been seeing is a very narrow-minded view of how video games should be. Just because the mainstream Blizzard gamer is glued to their computer with stable internet 99% of the time doesn’t mean that others are. Blizzard employees are also customers for their own products and often have the same narrow-minded view.

      Consider how others may not want to play on I had a few friends in high school who used to play single player Diablo 2. They never used because they were very casual gamers who didn’t like the prospect of online multiplayer. These same people would only do multiplayer in order to play LAN with their close friends. He also hacked his (single player) character sometimes in order to have a sort of God mode. That was his choice in play style… it is not like most of you who are okay with this have never used cheats in old Genesis, SNES games for the fun of it.

      The point is everyone is paying the same amount for these games, and not adding an easy to implement single player feature is going to turn off the game to a number of people. And frankly, I am tired of seeing comments like Oh yeah this is fine for me!, without taking into consideration how it may be for others. My friends who would benefit from single player offline would never come on here to comment on this or fill out these polls either.

      • You make a really good point here.  And just to add to your statements, it’s not just easy to implement, but according to Bashiok it was already in the game.  I don’t remember the exact quote, but something like we want to discourage it, but it’s there if they want to use it.  I don’t care how old that quote is or if you think I sound entitled by bringing it up.  My point is that it’s not even a new system they have to build, they just have to turn it back on.

    35. I’m a bit split here. On one side, it must feel horrible for those unable to reach the online requirements. On the other side, those who do can look forward to a game which is easier to “fix” when something goes wrong and is harder to exploit. 

      Fact is, Blizzard believes that the advantages outweighs the disadvantages in this case. A further explanation posted by Bashiok yesterday:


      “In addition to all the other benefits that we believe ultimately come from having everyone online such as an active, centralized community, a popular arena system, accessible character storage, etc. etc. Diablo III is built on a client/server architecture, which means not all the data for the game or mechanics reside on the client (your computer).
      This is not too unlike World of Warcraft where the world itself, the art, the sounds, etc. are on your machine, but all of the NPC’s and enemies are controlled by the server. Diablo III doesn’t function in all of the exact same ways, but things like monster randomization, dungeon randomization, item drops, the outcomes of combat, among others, are all handled and verified by the client talking to the server, and vice versa.
      We’ve learned a lot from this type of architecture from World of Warcraft, and the added security and oversight it provides. It allows a great deal of control over the game at all times for all players, so if we know there’s an issue or bug we can usually address it right then and there through a live hotfix. Hotfixes can’t be used for everything, we’re still going to have client patches, but we’re definitely looking forward to being able to deliver a consistently high quality experience to all players simultaneously through processes like hotfixes.
      In addition there are some pretty intense security concerns. While there’s never a fool proof solution to stopping hack and cheats, we’ve found that a strict client/server architecture is a huge barrier for their development and use.
      Ultimately we made the decision to make the game client/server based because of the security and quality it can provide to those playing, and as a bonus it reinforces a lot of our ideals for a thriving online community.”

      • This is a fine explanation and frankly one they should have been up front with earlier.  However, this also does not entirely rule out an offline mode, as many games are built with this architecture and included with the game is a local server that handles everything the online server would.  They could even configure it so everything sent between the client and server locally would be encrypted, thus reducing the chance for successful hacking.  Again, this answer just reaffirms my suspicion that DRM is a much bigger factor than they are saying it is.

        • You’re mixing up DRM and security. They are 2 separate issues which cam be mutually exclusive, but not necessarily so. You can have game which is extremely easy to hack but has the harshest DRM possible, and vice versa.
          Of course, Blizzard’s approach to D3 provides enhanced security and as a side effect strengthens their chosen method of DRM.
          They could provide an offline mode by including all the necessary infrastructure with the client and still demand an “Always Connected” DRM (sort of like some of Ubisoft’s games), but that would make it much easier for hackers to emulate B.Net and completely crack the game. Not to mention that it also provides an excellent database they can mine for exploits to create hacks.
          With this Server/Client structure hackers would have to snoop the packets and try to emulate B.Net with very little info to go on.

    36. FLUX this vote is biased towards online play since the majority will never be affected by online only and then dont care that it will affect other people at all. Simply becasue they cant think outside their own reference field.
      you could instead ask if people would rather play online or offline and you would get cleared numbners on how many of us that play single player. we would still lose out of course but it would be a more correct vote

      Also for many of us battlenet does not provide any “features” at all. ohh how blizzard love their little features that i would never use.

      friends list? totaly worthless i play games to have some me time i dont need other people to disrupt my play time.
      cross game chat? could not care less
      achivements? fun for thsoe that bother to care about being told that they are doing ohh so well when they play the game. i always max out nearly all archivments in all games where they exists simply by playing the game normally. getting to level 60 will probably be a achivement in diablo 3 and it will be totally worthless becaue there wont be a single person on these boards that wont be making it to lev 60. ohh that is right except those that can play becasue they dont have internet.

      for those that dont know a singleplayer game or lan game has 0 latency. even a online game that is password protected will add an overhead to your latency only from the battlenet infrastructure. then you need to factor in the distance to the servers, the congestion on the network path, the various ways your packets will travel over the network nodes and you could easily add 100 ms or more latency to your game simply by connecting to battlenet.

      what a feature blizzard slow down your game everytime you connect to their services

    37. I, for one, have been a huge Diablo I and II fan, and I won’t be buying DIII (and I was all set for a pre-order of the collector’s edition, too) because of the online-only demand.

      I play my games on my laptop; I ferry it between quite a few different places. I play at my parents’ place when I’m vistinng them (they live several hundred kilometers away so I usually stay a few days) – but they don’t have internet. I play on the train (though, honestly, probably not something like DIII). I used to play at my college room – where I didn’t have internet. I play at work, when I’m doing the night shift – there’s a few hours of just being-there-in-case-of-emergency, that’s perfect for some good old single player fun. I play on vacation. I play…well, whenever, wherever. Now, suddenly,I’m forced to play only on one specific site? Thanks, but no thanks – a game I can only play here, at my desk, simply isn’t worth it to me.

      Secondly, I’m simply not a multiplayer person. Throughout my student years, I’ve completed Diablo II on Hell difficulty on single player, with every character. I’ve leveled 5 types (not the assassin and the amazon – not a huge fan) to 95 or beyond. According to this site, I’ve found evey unique you can find, at one time or another (except the ladder-only ones, of course. And some of the \new\ superunique items like anni etc). Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time playing DII. I’ve played…maybe 10, 20 hours on a LAN with my brother. And I’ve been on exactly 0 minutes. I’m ssorry, I deal with people all the time, all over the place. I’m not interested in meeting or seeing or hearing other people on my games. Leave me to my escapism. As a corollary –  most of the supposed benefits of online play are either equally present with non-forced online play; or they’re more of a disadvantage to me than an advantage.

      Thirdly, I’m 100% convinced that the main reaon they want everyone on line, is to have everyone participate in the RMTAH. If offline characters are excluded, all those finds you do off line can’t make them money.

      Fourth, this architecture will, logically, force me to update to the latest patch whenever I play. Not only might I want to wait and update later (because I just happen to have 10 minutes now and want to kill some Fallen, I’ll update when I have more time!), perhaps I have a good reason to prefer an older version – different balance, features added/removed/fixed I’m not happy with, you name it. Crashes introduced! New content! Heck, I played DII on version 1.09 for veritable AGES even when newer versions were out. 

      Last, I live in a big city in Western Europe; but I’m still paying my bandwidth. I don’t have the money – or the inclination! – to suddenly spend three or four times as much time on line, and pay that much more for my connection. And, though it’s not related to me: my brother moved to South Africa recently; he’s a DII fan as well, but right now, he can choose between \no internet\ and \satelite internet\. The second is high-bandwidth, but unstable, expensive, and pay-per-bandwidth, so…Yeah.

      DRM is a crappy reason to make a game online-only. Making more money is a crappy reason to make a game online-only. The community is a nonsense reason to make a game online-only. This is a completely anti-consumer, pro-profit decision, which I deplore.

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