Vote: Diablo 3’s New “Shared” Magic Find System

As we learned just a few days ago, Magic Find, Gold Find, and +experience bonuses are now shared throughout the party in Diablo III.

This is a big change from those systems in Diablo 2, where all such equipment benefits went purely to your character and were not shared with the group. The D3 change seems to largely address the long-time fan worry about MF leeches abusing D3’s personalized drop system, but it opens up other issues, and the 160+ comments on the initial news post here express a wide range of opinions and concerns.

So, pick a vote option that matches your opinion and we’ll see what the community thinks about this new system.

How should Magic Find be handled in Diablo 3?

  • 2) I like the D3 system; everyone's MF shares. (53%, 3,990 Votes)
  • 1) As it was in D2. No sharing of MF bonuses. (24%, 1,772 Votes)
  • 4) There shouldn't be any MF in D3 at all. (11%, 828 Votes)
  • 5) Don't know/no opinion. (7%, 524 Votes)
  • 3) Some different system than D2 or D3. (5%, 356 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,471

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Last Vote Results

The last poll measured the community’s mood regarding the new skills and runes system. The big changes were received pretty warmly, with the vast majority of criticism focused on the system’s terrible interface, which was barely salvaged by the (still not very good) DiabloWikiElective Mode. Imagine the love the system makeover would have received had the UI been decent?

Do you like the new integrated skills and runes system?

  • 2) Like the new system, but it’s got room to improve. (47%, 3,124 Votes)
  • 1) Love the new system. Almost perfect. (16%, 1,086 Votes)
  • 3) Dislike the new system. Needs MANY fixes. (15%, 994 Votes)
  • 5) Don’t know/no opinion. (12%, 808 Votes)
  • 4) Hate the new system. (10%, 659 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,672


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  1. To me, as someone who will likely have pretty solid gear, it’s at best completely neutral (no gain / loss when playing with similarly geared people) and at worst a reason to play solo.  I don’t think MF leeches were going to be that big a deal as if they need to leech they probably won’t have huge MF and will do it regardless of the new system. Bring back the D2 system.

    • You either share magic find (D3) or the actual loot (D2), separating both essentially makes those decked in high MF gear a leecher. They would enjoy faster killing speed and equally good drops compared to going solo, thanks to the others who sacrificed their MF for killing power, and who also happen to be slowed down with no better drops to compensate. So if you want the D2 formula back, that means the crappy old looting clickfest too. No thanks.

      (Teaming with lower geared people is obviously going to slow you down, but I don’t see how that is relevant. It works like that in every game, D2 included. This is not about the relative gear level of party members, but the ratio of MF to killing speed.)

      • In D2 the MF of the player who did the killing blow was used, so wasn’t as easy to MF leech. With the D3 personal drop system, and the assumption that MF won’t be based on killing blow’s in D3. I think this is better than the D2 system for “random games”. When playing with friends this will add even more strategy options in team setup and gear.

        So I like it. 🙂

        Think my reply was more on MoUsE_WIZ post than on nailertn’s.

      • Sorry, when I said D2 system I really just meant individual MF. Individual MF does not turn high MF players into leechers automatically. If it turns out to be useful to have high MF, everyone will have high MF; you can’t really be a leecher if it’s the norm. If it turns out that having high MF turns you into a leech then the group’s kill rate will suffer which will encourage high MF leeches to change their gear up as kill rate is likely to dominate items over MF%.

  2. i plan to mostly solo even before this decision on MFs, so it dont affect me.

    But tbh, most ppl would go for a well balanced build at the end, so sharing or not, the dfifference shouldnt be huge. much easier to form parties if everyone is well balanced instead of scouting for specific geared. Unlike wow where the parties are huge, this will be a 4 person team. Unless you play with another 3 frens and you all stick to specific roles, i just cant see how it is worth it. 

  3. This change has discouraged me further from participating in public games. I am ok with sharing my MF, but I am not ok with taking a MF penalty and I won’t. MFing solo will be more efficient.

    • Thats if u can actually kill anything while decked out with mf, which hopefully you wont.

      • Logically, if you can solo Inferno in 100% Hell gear with 100% offense/defense, you can solo Inferno in Inferno gear with MF and the same offense/defense stats as your hell gear.

        • no, that is not logical at all 
          you have no idea what Inferno gear is like
          you have no idea what Inferno monsters or mobs are like   

  4. I don’t see why people complain about the new system. If someone ‘leeches’ your MF, you aren’t really losing out. Sure, your MF % is distributed to other people, but they are also generating gear by existing. They can’t steal your loot, and they probably deal more damage or are more sustainable due to more ‘regular’ gear.

    • In Blizz’s new world it makes a somewhat significant point.  Your MF is distributed but everyone has different lot tables – that will feed directly into the AH for trading.  A leecher isn’t just getting better items but potentially making money from your gear/efforts.  That’s a sticking point to consider.

    • You can’t see it?

      Tip: You have no idea what their “regular” gear is. Maybe it’s really bad, and they’ll make the killing slower. In D2 that could be bad as that would slow you down. In D3, not only will it slow you down – you’ll also have to split your own MF.

      Go figure..

  5. ” I wear MF gear to find great items… which I wont use because they dont have MF on them ” -Every Player from Diablo 2 PvE Ever

    • The majority of the best items in D2 did not have MF (enigma is the only significant one actually). It had diminishing returns too so you could get a reasonable amount from a few items without compromising your power.

    • Well, now you can try the easily accessible arena.

    • I dislike mf in general.  I’ve gone through whole difficulties just wearing MF to get that next piece of gear and when I do get something interesting, well my boots are still shitty, gotta hang on these shitty gloves that give me no resistance but have great MF.
      Not only that I’m hanging on to MF so I can get the very same gear with upgraded MF. It’s idiotic.

      • I’m slightly more open to this argument in D3 since they keep saying Inferno will be hard.  If it is, to the point that chars need to wear their best gear to survive, and MF stuff is really a bonus that comes at a price, then it’ll be great.

        In D2 I had no patience with the “there shouldn’t be MF” argument since MF was the only thing that made the end game enjoyable. Hell was much too easy once you knew how to play and had decent gear; if you went with all survival+ gear it became absurdly easy. Only by trying to survive, in HC, with a ton of MF stuff on, did I find any challenge.

  6. I think that anything that enables standing around and doing didly squat while rest of the group fights off baddies is pretty damn stupid. First and foremost, the game is about killing stuff, despite what everyone says. So, why not for example get rid of MF stat at all, and add something that would make people want to compete in the game. How about, players would get a MF bonus based on their performance in game? Like, monsters killed per minute, amount of damage dealt to boss? Of course it would have to have a cap of some sorts, because it would be abused like hell. And only in multiplayer games. Make the cap higher with more players to encourage team play, i dunno.

  7. i voted for no mf at all. just change the drop rates and do away with MF.

    however i know this will never happen and it can add a added level to choosing gear (though i expect most high level items to come with it) so if i have to pick i like the d3 system better. people are gonna leech one way or another. with the d3 system groups of friends can actually plan thier builds to best match each other. someone can go heavier on the mf while other go more kill or more tank or whatever. groups can be built around this system. it wont be the best for pub games but lets be honest, pub games never are the best option anyway.

    to me this system is far better than seeing 80% of the server running around as wizards stacking mf to insane levels and playing the game of hiding behind the few people actually trying to play the game. now if they do that the big beefy barb keeping them alive gets his share of the spoils too  

  8. its early but im a little suprised numbah three is the lowest percentage at 4% atm,…. thats me lol 😆

  9. diablo 3 the solo online game.

  10. It’s the one thing they are doing right. Now only if we had a working freakin’ chat system so that we could form high MF parties… seriously, the lack of being able to communicate is ruining the game for me.

    • There’s a Looking For Group channel. It’s not Blizzard’s fault if people don’t end up using what’s there. And if they don’t then Blizzard has no motivation to improve it.

  11. can’t believe the weenie votes here. lets all go mf whilst holding hands. like i mentioned, an easter egg hunt in candyland. what a damnable shame this has become. listen to these cheerios.

    • I think you are not accurately characterizing the sentiments here. It’s not about hand-holding and kumbaya, it’s about implementing the strongest incentives for cooperative play. It’s actually a deep subject and isn’t easily solved. Any good system that wants to promote cooperation needs to have a sense of justice (fairness?), but it also needs to give people room to excel or distinguish themselves. Let’s even disregard the philosophical/economic reasons for this sort of system and just look at the numbers. Going from 400% in solo (assuming you can even solo the relevant content… which will be doubtful) to {100+x}% may seem like a huge decrease in your ability to find items, but I am willing to bet that if you run the math for millions of instances, you’ll find that 4 people pooling MF will net you more items in equal amounts of time than solo play.

  12. I’m kind of torn on this issue but I chose number 3. I personally think they could to better than just combining and redistributing everyone’s MF. I like the solution of letting everyone have their own MF + a small bonus based on how much everyone else has. Then again I guess that still leaves it open for people to be MF leeches. But at the same time I don’t really like the idea of giving over some of my gear bonuses to other people (especially in public games). Hopefully the faster killing speed of full groups is enough to compensate for the loss in MF and GF.

    • What are you really losing by sharing your MF%? I expect people to have somewhat decent MF gear in coop play because they want better items. Look at it this way: if you party with someone to kill Leoric, now 2 rares can drop instead of 1. That’s a 100% increase in magic items dropped.

      • What? Leoric will drop just as much as he did before, FOR YOU. 2 rares total yes, but you’ll only see yours so does it matter? And you can’t assume people are geared out in proper gear.

  13. Either system could theoretically promote the terrifying “leeching” effect (and the contamination of our precious bodily fluids!).

  14. this style of MF promotes multiplayer and also varied builds (now if they’d only fix the chat to go with the multiplayer)

  15. I expect that the numbers will be balanced to support multiplayer.  Even at a large loss in MF, the combination of diminishing returns which lessens the MF loss and the additional kill speed by playing multiplayer should generally even out in the end.

  16. It’s something that’ll encourage multiplayer games at least.

    Maybe there haven’t been enough votes yet but I expected this to be around 80% for number 2, surprised to see it so much lower than that.

    • I don’t see how it improved co-op or encourages multiplayer.

      If I have a set of gear that has 100 MF on it, why would I enter a game that would possibly lower it to 25? I see no reason for this. I’ve obviously collected this gear for a reason, and I would want to use it to its full potential instead of being gimped simply via playing with other people.

      Like others have said, it seems as stupid as distributing attack damage numbers or “sharing” any stat at all. 

      • If that 100% MF is slowing your killing speed, or endangering your life in HC, then you’d be happy to only get 25% benefit while reducing or eliminating the other issues.  Though you’d probably be happier if the other people had some amount of MF as well.

        This all rotates around the “will D3 actually be hard?” question, as well as the issue of how prevalent MF will be on gear, and if we’ll actually be giving up other necessary bonuses to get it this time. Rather than the D2 system where numerous great items had MF on them also. As those questions are unanswerable at this point, we can only speculate.


        • If it were HC, I can promise you I wouldn’t be decked out in a set of gear that would be endangering the MF character.
          I also wouldn’t be wearing gear in MP if it gimped my ability to keep up, because then the bonus is null. 

          • You are discounting the fact that extra players generate extra loot drops (presumably) and that encounters will have a net less risk. You will clear content more efficiently and have zero risk of items being poached. How are any of these things bad?

  17. I suppose that there is really no way of knowing; but I wonder if it’s the same bunch of (and I’ll put this politely) “easy to please” people voting “go Blizzard” in all of these polls, or is it just that, with people voting issue by issue, it turns out that support is overwhelming.

  18. Then you will now lose xp for putting on your share of MF% while some ass decides to leech of your mf% and get of the kills. Stupid system, teh ghay!

    • Why would you lose xp compared to the old system?

      If anything, if people really are so obsessed about not using mf items because they benefit their party members, they’ll have gear with more offensive stats instead, resulting in faster killspeed and more xp.

      With the old system you could get someone with 9000% MF and zero damage just hanging back and getting all the best drops. Now that is leeching off your kills. 

      • “they’ll have gear with more offensive stats instead, resulting in faster killspeed and more xp.”

        No they won’t. They’ll play solo. 

      • Exp gain is irrelevant anyway, since everyone (non HC) will be lvl 60 anyway, soon enough.

  19. 6) No plans to play in public games, its too laggy, so they can do whatever.

    • “1) As it was in D2. No sharing of MF bonuses.”As far as I know everyone in D2 had the same Drops. Unless a dedicated Char made the last hit MF was already shared. Even worse, the high MF chars did less kills on averange and their high MF contributed less to the party.
      Do 22% really want to hear/say: “Stop killing stuff, we wannt more lootz!!111”?

      • All the kills ended up being done by very high mf Hammerdins, thats all the game ended up being in the end.
        Without them it was usually sorcs doing meph runs. It was last hit = the mf drop. But everyone just stood around and clicked like mad or bots took it all. 

  20. I’d prefer to drop magic find all to gether. If it has to stay, I vote for the current shared 3D version of MF.

  21. Snort D3 method is fair, given that everyone gets there own loot drops. Though of cause this assumes that the magic find items are balanced with the non MF items, IE lower MF items give better kill power/speed.
    Lets take a couple of friends one with full MF gear lets say +100 and his mate got 0 MF. The can play separately for +100 MF drops and standard drops. Or they can play together and get 2x +50 MF drops.
    Now depending on loot tables the 2x +50 loot drop can have more better items over all then the +100.

  22. I don’t like sharing MF.  What’s next, damage sharing?  Imagine if the damage I did benefited other players and hurt their monsters for them??!?!??  Stop riding my back, LEECHES!!!2!!

  23. Well, they’ve given me zero reason to play co-op, so I have to say that I don’t care.

  24. This is actually the only improvement they have made recently that I dislike. Well, i guess its ok, if they still keep soloing as the most effective way to gain items. But trust me, huge leveling exploilts going to came out of these as the game gets older and people have huge mf & exp items stored.

  25. I like MF sharing, but I also didn’t have any issue with MF no-sharing. Too many people have the attitude that MF and damage are the only modifiers you can get on your gear. High-level gear is going to have many modifiers on each piece, you can have MF w/o necessarily sacrificing damage. They could be sacrificing defense, or resists, or cooldown reductions, or run speed, or gold pickup radius or whatever. If you have 6 modifiers on a single piece of gear, it is not possible to have all 6 of these be MF.

    This boogeyman, the MF leech, doesn’t exist. If you are playing softcore (as most people are), then they are going to be more efficient ‘leeches’ by sacrificing defensive stats for their MF so they can kill things faster as well. Whatever, Blizzard listened and chased away this boogeyman by sharing MF. I have no problem with this, seems like an elegant solution. Now we have people complaining about that. If they removed MF completely, people would complain about that too.

    Too many damn complainers. Maybe you should focus on the fun, and less on what other people are doing. Some people are going to buy more gear on the RMAH than you would prefer they do. Some are going to change skills more often than you think is acceptable. Some are going to gear themselves \wrong\. Some are going to join public games and not contribute 100% because they are bad, or playing drunk, or distracted by family members, or watching porn or have a bad internet connection.

    In fact, if you are bothered by this, public games are always going to bother you – the solution is never to play them and play with your friends. Friends? You have those right? No, you are not going to magically find them if Blizzard creates a better chat interface and shows your avatars. They are not going to show up because you were able to name your public game \no noobs or baddies\. If you don’t have any like-minded real life friends to play with then find others on fan sites like this one, or play public game roulette and hope you find others in the same situation that you can play with again in the future.

    Also your super-unique build that you don’t want other people to be able to see you play with copy for themself (and that is why freespecs are wrong!)? They reason they don’t copy it is because it is because it’s bad. You’re not as good a player as you think you are.

    Also if you want character identity and an excuse to re-roll, you should be playing hardcore. If you are playing in a god mode where dying has no penalty and you get infinite lives, then why do you complain if the game is designed for casual players? You’re playing in a game mode that is super casual by its very nature!

    Let’s see… what’s left… Monks don’t use their weapons. OK, you are right about that. That’s pretty stupid. 

  26. 1) It is too early to make any opinions because we have not seen the D3 MF at work yet.  It is human nature to resist change that we are not familiar about. 

    2) The problem with MF is that people always looking to get the next best MF item.  In D2, if an item does not have MF on it, it is worthless (most items, not all).  There is a simple way IMO to fix this.  Make the MF affix apply only to amulets/rings.  This will spare the off/def gear from having the MF requirement.

  27. People talking about how there being lot of affixes on gear making MF not significantly hurt your character’s strength are assuming that there won’t be unique items like the Gull dagger in D2 that have extremely high MF and very little benefit to your character.  Or +MF gems/enchants or w/e else they put into D2.  I expect that these kinds of things will be in the game and it will be possible to stack MF to the detriment of your survivability/killing power.  

    Personally, I voted for getting rid of MF altogether, at least as a major part of the gear system.  I wouldn’t have minded seeing a little MF on some very rare, powerful items.  Or tied to some kind of quest/achievement system such that the MF was tied to your character rather than your gear.  Imagine going through some dungeon you come upon some rubble.  You sift through it and find an ancient artifact.  You take it to Cain, and he tells you that its history.  Bam, you get +1% magic find.  Maybe it could have been a full fledged profession i.e. archaeology.  Leveling up archaeology gives you +magic find modifiers to your character.  Maybe the permanent MF to your character through archaeology would have been pretty limited (to keep it from either getting out of hand or being a short, once and done type of thing), but you could acquire scrolls that would serve as a temporary buff to your entire party’s MF.  Maybe they would last 2 hours or something.  So it would work kind of like a flask does in WOW.  

    • Blizzard, hire this man!
      No seriously, that’s a great idea. I always liked the idea of temporary only MF boosts (mainly shrines, possibly hard to find/craft potions). Permanent MF on gear has the potential of screwing things up (D2) and the benefit to gear/character building was minimal, at best. They could have done more to tie MF (especially temporary MF bonuses) into the random quest/event system. Random quests where you have to bring a specific artifact to some treasure hunter, and he gives you a massive MF potion for a specific random dungeon. While you have to give him the specific artifact, everything else you find is yours to keep. And why not make it an Inferno only quest/dungeon combo?

  28. I like it but I want how much magic find your character has to be a criteria you can choose for restricting who can join your game

  29. I like the idea of some sort of shared MF BUT…..

    I just dont like that in multiplayer games ALL MY MF is averaged out with everyone elses, it depends on how much MF your random party members have. Some games you will have 25% shared MF, others maybe 50% shared MF, but my gear says i should be getting 100% MF! Ill have to go back and check but is there something that shows you how much shared MF the group is getting?

    I think the system is fine it just needs to be tweeked so that the MONSTERS I KILL use MY TRUE MF and drops from monsters your PARTY MEMBERS KILL use the SHARED MF stat.  Its the best of both worlds and still prevents the MF Leech argument while making everyone happy.



  30. I can’t believe 55% of this community agrees this is a good thing. GDWTF. The MF share is like shit icing on a shit cake made of online only and the new skill UI.

  31. Some people have pointed this out (but not in the main poll article), but we have to remember a few things.
    A) We don’t know the actual difficulty of Inferno (where most of the real item farming is). The harder Inferno is, the more of a real trade-off MF becomes.
    B) We don’t know how big of a trade-off MF is in terms of affix rolls, especially in regards to Legendaries and Set items. Sure, w/ 6 random rolls on the best of the best Rare crafts, you’ll probably be able to get 1 main stat affix, 1 vitality, 1 resist all, 1 skill boost, 1 physical armor, and 1 MF affix. Perfect rolls of those six affixes will probably be BIS for most people (maybe attack speed boosts instead of defense or skill boost, we don’t know how things will play out). But that’s the best case scenario. You might not have all of your MF and power on the same gear, you have to mix and match. We don’t know the extent of that.
    C) Groups of competent (key word) and relatively equal players will be faster than solo, b/c the monster health pool doesn’t grow as fast as the player damage, even ignoring group tactics. Monsters get +75% health for every player joining. If everyone knows what they’re doing and has equivalent gear, every extra player is contributing 100% damage, not to mention controls, buffs, or other utilities. Full four member parties do 400% damage against 325% monsters. You should chewing through monsters roughly 75% faster. The MF penalty for grouping is completely offset by the increase in speed. Of course, this assumes everyone is competent, which is tough in a PUG. A dedicated team of like-minded individuals (a “guild” if you will) will probably be the best farming option short of hacking and botting.

  32. MF Sharing is awful, it means you can get people cry and complain about “noobs” entering their game without MF, and the total MF % going down… sod that.
    MF should be either personalized, gone altogether, or only the highest of whichever player has it equipped should count. None of this sharing stuff.

    • Well, that’s stupid!
      Personalized: You got 1000% MF, you get drops that only you can pick up but your damage sucks! The other players are working hard and you get all the good items while standing back!
      Gone: Well, that is a possible solution. But it’s pulling a feature away from the game. If you continue to do this we’ll have a game where every feature that isn’t satisfying for all customers is gone. Hence an empty / boring game 😉
      Highest: Wtf, did you even think about this?! The optimal build would be 3 chars with 0% MF and one MF bitch that runs around doing nothing. Is that fun? No? Well… fuck no it isn’t.
      Sharing is the best way to go if the game is hard enough! If you sacrifice killing power / survival stuff for getting MF you start leeching. When soloing do what you want, if you have too much MF (too little Monster killing power) you will start using less MF. When you’re in a group you won’t start using less because the rest of the team is carrying you around! Now 3 people do the killing with 0% MF and you stand behind and get your 1000% MF item drops for doing nothing. Is this fair? Should we start kicking everyone with too high MF? Nope… average it! If MF decreases your killing power everyone will head to an average build and averaging the average is like: No problem?
      It would be like:
      Player 1 100%
      Player 2 140%
      Player 3 90%
      Player 4 80%
      In the end nobody loses / gains a lot, everyone has a balanced build and can have fun. If a jerk comes along with 1000% and no killing power he has to give up some of his MF because the others are beating the game for him.
      If D3 gets too easy like D2 then there will be a problem (MF gear strong enough to beat the whole game). But I hope this won’t go this way!

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