Diablo 3’s Enchanting Nightmare comes and goes. Enchanting is usually awesome, and I’m very happy when I see a socket appear on a weapon, or nail a big Critical hit Damage roll on a ring, etc. That said, there are wild disparities between different item slots, and those drive some players crazy. After all, some item slots have just a few other Primary Affixes, and on those it’s easy to get the upgrade you’re after.

    Other times it’s not so easy.

    Off hand items are the most notorious, with at least a dozen options and literally 30+ possible affixes (if you’re rolling it or a +skill damage isn’t already on the item). Not far behind come amulets, with a dozen or more possible affixes and a very wide range of possible values. Thus, the Nightmare Conundrum (which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen as the name of a Nephalem Rift). What’s your least favorite enchanting effort?

    What's the worst Enchanting experience in Reaper of Souls?

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    Though it’s my vote, but I had trouble deciding which box to check.

    diablo 3 enchanting

    My personal enchanting nightmare…

    Quivers: I’ve long been shouting in the wilderness (or at developers) about the obscene number of possible enchants on off hand items, especially quivers since I play a lot of Demon Hunter. It’s annoying for Wizards and Witch Doctors too, since there’s one affix (critical hit chance) that’s mandatory for a quality off-hand item, and its non-presence ruins 90% of legendary off hand items you find, since there are such terrible odds of getting it with an enchant.

    Amulets: On the other hand, Amulets are a strong contender for the front row of Hell. There aren’t as many possible affixes on an amulet, so it’s not that hard to get something useful. Mainstat, or + to a damage type, will usually show up before too many rolls. (Though getting the precise type of +damage you want can be a challenge.) The real killer on Amulets though, is Critical hit Damage. Not only is it really hard to roll, but the stat ranges from 50-100%, which can be an extra kick in the guts.

    At least on a quiver/orb/mojo, if you get lucky and roll ChC, you’ve won. You might not get the perfect 10.0%, but the lvl 70 affix value is 8-10%, and even 8% is awesome. With an amulet, it’s quite possible that you’ll roll a dozen times, (and on a Legendary Amulet that’s a 900k Flawless Imperial + a Forgotten Soul each roll) finally get CD… and then unleash the cry of ultimate suffering when you see +51% CD, and realize that you’ve beaten the odds, but still didn’t have an upgrade.


    Enchanting Fixes

    Enchanting rolls

    So variety. Many rolls!

    Should enchanting be better? Many fans feel that fixes need to be made. Not to the overall function or approach, but some fine tuning could easily be implemented. I’m not necessarily advocating these, but I have seen them requested and think they’re worth debating:

    More Affix options.
    Why not more than 2 new potential affixes each time? Items with lots of possible replacements could show more than 2, or you could pay extra gold or materials to get 3 or 4 options, or it could just be RNG, and sometimes you’d see an extra affix to choose from. The interface certainly has room to display more.

    Smart Enchanting.
    If one of the two new choices is the same affix you are re-rolling, the value of the affix should never be lower than the one on the item already. There are few things more annoying than trying to improve a modifier and having Myriam offer you the same thing, but less of it.

    Myriam: “I see you’ve got 2 sockets in your chest armor. Would you like to replace that with one socket?”

    Any other enchanting suggestions you guys want to offer? Or perhaps someone wants to defend the current system? I’d like to see some improvements, but if it’s too easy to get exactly what you want via enchanting, that wouldn’t be any fun either. Enchanting sometimes drives me crazy, when I can’t get a roll and my stack of Souls is vanishing like quarters into an unlucky slot machine… but I don’t want 10 new affixes offered, all of them with the highest value possible.

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