Vote: Diablo 3’s Enchanting Nightmare

Diablo 3’s Enchanting Nightmare comes and goes. Enchanting is usually awesome, and I’m very happy when I see a socket appear on a weapon, or nail a big Critical hit Damage roll on a ring, etc. That said, there are wild disparities between different item slots, and those drive some players crazy. After all, some item slots have just a few other Primary Affixes, and on those it’s easy to get the upgrade you’re after.

Other times it’s not so easy.

Off hand items are the most notorious, with at least a dozen options and literally 30+ possible affixes (if you’re rolling it or a +skill damage isn’t already on the item). Not far behind come amulets, with a dozen or more possible affixes and a very wide range of possible values. Thus, the Nightmare Conundrum (which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen as the name of a Nephalem Rift). What’s your least favorite enchanting effort?

What's the worst Enchanting experience in Reaper of Souls?

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Though it’s my vote, but I had trouble deciding which box to check.

diablo 3 enchanting

My personal enchanting nightmare…

Quivers: I’ve long been shouting in the wilderness (or at developers) about the obscene number of possible enchants on off hand items, especially quivers since I play a lot of Demon Hunter. It’s annoying for Wizards and Witch Doctors too, since there’s one affix (critical hit chance) that’s mandatory for a quality off-hand item, and its non-presence ruins 90% of legendary off hand items you find, since there are such terrible odds of getting it with an enchant.

Amulets: On the other hand, Amulets are a strong contender for the front row of Hell. There aren’t as many possible affixes on an amulet, so it’s not that hard to get something useful. Mainstat, or + to a damage type, will usually show up before too many rolls. (Though getting the precise type of +damage you want can be a challenge.) The real killer on Amulets though, is Critical hit Damage. Not only is it really hard to roll, but the stat ranges from 50-100%, which can be an extra kick in the guts.

At least on a quiver/orb/mojo, if you get lucky and roll ChC, you’ve won. You might not get the perfect 10.0%, but the lvl 70 affix value is 8-10%, and even 8% is awesome. With an amulet, it’s quite possible that you’ll roll a dozen times, (and on a Legendary Amulet that’s a 900k Flawless Imperial + a Forgotten Soul each roll) finally get CD… and then unleash the cry of ultimate suffering when you see +51% CD, and realize that you’ve beaten the odds, but still didn’t have an upgrade.


Enchanting Fixes

Enchanting rolls

So variety. Many rolls!

Should enchanting be better? Many fans feel that fixes need to be made. Not to the overall function or approach, but some fine tuning could easily be implemented. I’m not necessarily advocating these, but I have seen them requested and think they’re worth debating:

More Affix options.
Why not more than 2 new potential affixes each time? Items with lots of possible replacements could show more than 2, or you could pay extra gold or materials to get 3 or 4 options, or it could just be RNG, and sometimes you’d see an extra affix to choose from. The interface certainly has room to display more.

Smart Enchanting.
If one of the two new choices is the same affix you are re-rolling, the value of the affix should never be lower than the one on the item already. There are few things more annoying than trying to improve a modifier and having Myriam offer you the same thing, but less of it.

Myriam: “I see you’ve got 2 sockets in your chest armor. Would you like to replace that with one socket?”

Any other enchanting suggestions you guys want to offer? Or perhaps someone wants to defend the current system? I’d like to see some improvements, but if it’s too easy to get exactly what you want via enchanting, that wouldn’t be any fun either. Enchanting sometimes drives me crazy, when I can’t get a roll and my stack of Souls is vanishing like quarters into an unlucky slot machine… but I don’t want 10 new affixes offered, all of them with the highest value possible.


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  1. Took me 45 rolls to get 94%cd on my amulet, and I only got cd 2 times and both were 54%. Yet, my friend gets 100% cd in first try… yawn 🙂

    • well i roll 50 times on my moonlight ward and only got 53% CD and yesterday i spend another 30 rolls and able to increase the CD to 66% make me want to cry

  2. Adding Movement Speed to Boots. Or Vit to Boots. Or Main Stat to Boots. But that was weeks ago.
    Now I would say – main stat on Blackthorne’s Chest (not because It’s hard to roll but because I have to do it :P).

    • Besides my amulets comes with chd and I have to roll chc on them.

      • That’s annoying and I had an amulet in the beta that spawned with 700 dex/vit and 98% cd, and then took me like 3 weeks of rolling every gold I had to get CC on… but at least when I got CC, I knew it would be an upgrade. CD is a special evil on amulets since it has such a wide range of numbers.

  3. Off hand items are the worst – I recall rerolling wizard orb like 40 times and still not getting the crit chance(I did not want perfect roll 10% crit chance, I wanted ANY crit chance value – but didn’t get it). Luckily it was just a rare one so I wasn’t spending souls on it, but I still salvaged the item in rage after spending ton of gold. As far as Legs are concerned, I spend the most(15) souls on rolling 2 sockets on pants.

    In my opinion the best fix would be to increase the number of offered options each time you reroll the item. Choice of 3 affixes the first time, 4 on the second reroll, 5 choices on the third reroll etc. This way there would still be the element of randomness, but it would significantly increase the chance of getting what you want over time – greatly reducing the frustration when rerolling for the 15th time and still not getting socket on your weapon. So ultimately you’d be almost guaranteed to get what you want. What do you guys think?

    • Haken, I like that idea. That way when you spend more you get more choices.

    • That’s a good suggestion. Maybe stop at a certain quantity of affix, say 5 or so. But needs to couple that with not showing the same affix more than once. It’d still suck to see +vit on all 5 choices when you’re trying to roll a socket on the weapon.

      • not so sure. Guaranteed results are the hobgoblins of little minds.

        • I wouldn’t want guaranteed results, I’d just want all of the choices to be different (& ideally 3 choices plus the current mod), rather than 3x the same mod. Had that ~3-4 times in a row once (all skill damage & the next roll changed one of the skills).

  4. How about just balancing the current system? Where an item like chest armor with 10~15 possible affixes gives you 4~5 new options and an item with less options only gives you the current 2?

  5. Sometimes I feel enchanting is like this just to serve as the main gold/soul sink.

  6. How about trying to enchant change from one type elemental dmg to another.

    Those perfect 20% elemental dmg rolls that you achieved on your previous build now seem nigh impossible. Burnt through my entire stack of god knows 1000+ topazes to enchant my haunt of vaxo @ 20%lightning previously to 20%fire. Got firedmg NUMEROUS NUMEROUS times, but only 15%,16% rolls. I’ve made piece with 16% now… 🙁

  7. I think letting us choose how many we want to roll for various prices. 2 for current prices (but make jewelry the same, no added gem cost), add a Flawless Imperial gem for 3 (emerald for weapon/shield/off-hand rolls, diamond for helm/rings, ruby for chest/shoulders/bracers, topaz for shoulders/amulets/gloves, amethyst for legs/pants), remove the Flawless Imperial but add a Royal gem for 4, then finally a Flawless Royal for 5. That way you can go for a higher chance, but it’s a heavy gold sink, or if you have the mats to keep trying, you can! It makes sense, it’s a sink, makes you play the game… Yeah, I’m usually on Blizzard’s side with things like this haha!

    • And with that, I receive no likes, and may God have mercy on my soul.

    • I’ve seen that suggestion, that you pay a higher price (maybe double the gold and materials) for more enchanting options. I don’t think it’s a terrible idea, but how is it functionally different than just doing twice as many rolls?

      If the system fundamentally favored it, say by guaranteeing 3 or 4 different values (instead of the 2 the same we often get now), it could be an interesting feature. If you’re poor, do you save up to do the luxury enchant, since it’s more bang for the buck overall, even though you might get lucky with the bargain version?

  8. this has been mentioned before but primary AND secondary affix enchanting should work independently. If I need to roll healthglobes on an item I wan’t to be in the position to do so, or roll away from fire resist so I can get all resist as a primary affix.

    As a barb the +hltglobe stat is very important. SO much so, back before I was running Raekor’s set. I crafted shoulders that 1) would either end up perfect str/vit/ar/cooldown reduct and secondary stat hlthglobes OR would have just one thing wrong with them that I can correct.

    Know how many shoulders I needed to craft?
    3 Inventories FULL worth of shoulders.

    Now tell me what are the odds that I get a SET shoulder (raekor/earth) that comes with a healthglobes bonus and str/vit/ar/cdr………………

    Answer: approaching zero!

  9. Enchanting is really a headache especially in the early parts of the game when you are scouring for forgotten souls. Then not only that when you are crafting it requires two souls and if you happen to get a good item with one affix you want to reroll you need a soul to do it.

    One of the major complaints I had was that in general no one ever rolls a secondary affix. It is almost not worth the risk of rerolling a secondary affix since sometime in the future you may want to change a primary affix.

    If I had to improve enchanting I would removed to dual roll from it. Have the game drop enchanting scrolls where the enchanter learns how to enchant a particular stat. That way when you want critical hit chance on an item you choose critical chance on the item and now you get the random roll of a number. That way it doesn’t feel like you are wasting materials enchanting items especially legs.

    Finally I do believe the enchanter was meant as a gold sink and while I can see that as being cool and all in its current iteration its not fun and frankly it can be too much of a gold sink /material sink more often than not.

    • I’ve rolled secondary affixes a few times on armor that rolls perfectly. Say you want mainstat, vit, res all, and sockets or +damage to a skill. You get all 4 on the initial roll, so your only enchant would be to boost the mainstat by like 34 points. Not really worth it.

      But you can get some pretty good stuff on secondary mods. Reduces damage from elites, or a big boost to fire or arcane res (if you don’t have RA as a primary), or even pick up radius or life after each kill is very worth having, as compared to some of the really irrelevant secondary affixes.

  10. I’ll give you a hard 1.
    Buy a level70 item, then try and get reduced level requirement (at least -20) into it so you can level your new HC.

  11. What you call “Smart Enchanting” is what I always wished to be there!

  12. Yes, smart enchanting sounds great. When you enchant, there should be 1 slot that re-rolls the same property but a different value, plus 2-3 slots that roll other properties.

  13. Three things that need to be done to fix enchanting:

    1) Cap the gold cost

    When a player gets unlucky rerolling, gold costs can quickly get out of hand. I’d put a cap somewhere between 250k and 500k. Souls, not gold, should be the limiting material. Though jewelry costs are fixed, the gem costs can be pretty steep. I’d fix this by allowing caches *earned* in torment difficulty to drop imperial gems.

    2) You cannot roll your current affix at a lower value

    While every alternate affix is at least in theory a viable choice, a lower value of the same affix is a complete waste of an option. The way to make this work is to reroll every time RNG picks your affix at a lower value. Players will find their current affix less often, but it will always be an upgrade and these upgrades will actually be slightly more common than they are now.

    3) Temporarily lower the chance of rejected affixes.

    Every time you pass up an affix its chance to roll is lowered. This lost chance is split equally between any *non-reduced* affixes. Reduced roll chance affixes slowly increase back to their base value each subsequent reroll.

    Whenever a player replaces/upgrades their current affix, the new affix has its roll chance set at the base value and any lost chance is split equally between *all* affixes.

    It would be worth considering an option to return (all?) reduced chance affixes back to their base chance.

    • This!
      “Smart Enchanting” with addition of never rolling the same affix for second and third option would be great. So great in fact that I would gladly settle for just that. Changing affix roll chances by rejecting them would be another huge bonus.
      It would be nice to have some control of what is rolling. It can’t be too easy ‘cos the game would stop being fun very quickly (personal experience with Diablo 1 item editor). Make it ridiculously time consuming -“Hey! Bring me ten of every legendary crafting material including keys and Staff of Hearding mats and you can roll an affix of your choice with just the numbers random”. This would give us some goal to strive for not just yanking the slot machine handle and praying to uncaring RNG gods 😉
      I miss Horadric Cube btw…

    • I don’t like the idea if the affix you already have rolls again, you automatically get a higher value. If this were to happen then all of a sudden its not enough to just roll INT on my item anymore. Now once I have INT I have to keep pumping bucks into it until I max out the INT. Since it is a guaranteed increase every time INT is a possibility it may start to feel mandatory to max out all your enchants

      • Let me clarify:

        Assume you have 450 int as your enchanted property and you reroll. If an affix rolls as 425 int it is thrown out and a new affix is rolled in its place. There’s nothing to say it couldn’t land on int again and roll higher, but usually it will end up as a different affix.

  14. does anyone else think that the entire enchanting system is way too ‘gamey’?

    i mean each time you have to roll for two new random properties (both of which can turn out to be the one you’re trying to replace) and each attempt costs more GOLD (of all things).

    it’s like they wanted certain functionality but at the same time disregarded all in-game logic.

    imagine a conversation where myriam explains a customer how enchanting works. they’d be like ‘b*tch, you high?’

  15. Remove the gem reroll on jewelery. Reroll 3 affixes instead of 2 OR give the mystic the option to roll for stat; unlike affixes, rolling a stat would give one result and you have to take it.

  16. The biggest problem with enchanting is that it lets you see so clearly how bad some mods are and how too often it feels like there is a “best” choice. If they put some real work in making the crappier mods more worthwhile and some of the currently dominant mods less “mandatory”, enchanting would feel a lot better.

  17. The option number 3 is related to option number 1 so I voted 5.

    I’m sitting on damage% on my weapon (waiting for patch?) because I’m soul-less and it won’t roll attack speed.

  18. Not a ton of votes yet, but with 750ish, both my specific examples are way down the list. The biggest complaints are 38% wanting smart enchanting options, and 51% combined complaining about cost.

    I suppose that’s logical, that the more general issues outpoint the specific scenarios. But “should feature X be cheaper/easier” isn’t a real dramatic/fun vote/debate.

  19. The irony is I wrote this yesterday evening, and then playing that night I found a great quiver for my HC DH on EU.

    No legendary affixes on that one, but big roll to dex and vit, inherent IAS, 9% CC, and it’s even got +discipline and freeze chance on secondary. Everything you really want, and it had one spare primary affix… life regen.

    So I’ve basically got a free primary affix, with everything essential already covered. Which is fun, but I can see this thing eating every spare Soul I get from now until the end of time, since I’ll be forever tempted to tinker with it. I’m not even sure what I most want in that enchant. +damage to elites or +hatred regen are my first thoughts, mostly since I’m not set in my final build yet so I don’t know which particular skill I really want to boost.

    I did one roll and got 13% life, which I figured was good enough for now. It is a HC char, after all. But long term? I guess I’ll keep hoping to find a Kridershot and then try to roll Elemental Arrow on the quiver.

  20. Crafting is not gambling. Once the devs get this through their thick, ugly skulls, the game will be much better off. Now that they actually have gambling, there is no need for crafting and enchanting to be so damn RNG heavy. Just awful.

  21. I don’t enchant. Ever. If the item didn’t drop with what I need I’ll keep farming for another.

    What I don’t like about enchanting is that there’s no undo option, and you can only pick ONE thing on the item to change. Figuring out which you want to permanently alter and what it could possibly turn into is a hassle. I’d rather be out killing monsters.

    • Also, the complaints most people make about Enchanting, I’d rather save my money for upgrading gems, crafting, and repairing.

      – You can reroll multiple options of the same statistic (should be smart, pick the highest, and give you different options for the others)

      – You can ‘downgrade’ a statistic (should be smart, should only offer equal or greater than what you already have)

      – It’s too much RNG it wastes money. Gems have no RNG and at least with crafting you have some dependability of some statistics, sometimes, not to mention smart loot.

  22. 1) Trying to add Critical hit Damage to an amulet.
    2) Trying to add Critical hit Chance to an off-hand item.
    3) Spending flawless imperials to enchant legendary jewelry
    4) When both new affix options are the same thing you’re trying to roll away.

    I wish I could mark all of those.

  23. So far I have no luck Enchanting of course I know its a kind of gambling,
    I think I have tried to get a socket in my quiver without result and the same with a few other items, sometimes I have get the same useless options
    10-15 times in a row?? A guy he told he never enchanting and must admit right now i have stopped enchanting I feel more or less its waste of time,
    but has heard about some Lucky punch`s from other players.instead of 3 options there should be five so chance for a Lucky outcome would be better,

  24. Just got:

    +442 Vitality
    +468 Vitality
    +439 Vitality

    mm, decisions, decision.

  25. Only a couple of hours ago I dropped a Cindercoat, thank the rng gods.
    It didn’t have any sockets so as you do i rolled it and got 2 sockets, bummer eh. The problem was on my next roll both of the options presented were also 2 sockets. Has there even been any rumors as to wether they would bother to do something about this as it seems entirely pointless and aggravating. I can’t imagine time is an issue for implementing a check to ensure the same value does not show up twice as the coding for it is incredibly simple.

  26. I know that this option is not going to be popular, but why do we have to roll anything anyways? Does anyone here actually like the randomness of rolling enchants? Is it fun? I know that I personally don’t.

    My suggestion would be to change enchanting to when you select a value to replace, it gives you the entire list to select from… for a substantial cost, you get to select what you want – socket, chd, chc, %ele etc… then it can roll values for that in a wide range… example chc on amulet could be 1% – 15%… still keeps an rng flavor but at least you are working towards something

  27. Yeap, voted for the most voted, tried to roll away an affix, got 2 same affixes… worse, they are both lower than the original affix.

  28. 1. remove anything less than max sockets. seriously, wth is the point of 1 or 2 sockets in a chest? This isn’t D2 – there are no RWs

    2. do something to reduce the “RNG” absurdity. I’ve seen a lot of good suggestions. I think of things like:
    – allow us to eliminate some of the property options for a price
    – give us a guaranteed roll for an extremely high price
    – remove repeated rolls (obvious, frequently suggested)
    – allow us to remove an enchant and have it go back to its original roll (no refund needed, just let us correct our mistakes)
    – allow us to re-roll more than 1 property (this may be broken, perhaps require an expensive cost…but god is it annoying when I cant get a trifecta b/c the “RNG” gods are aloof)

    I understand that RoS is all about randomness, but it’s counter-intuitive to the ARPG genre of having the ability and freedom to test out builds. Though that gripe is more about sets/lego unique properties than enchanting. But regardless, enchanting shouldn’t be either so goddang expensive or so goddang unforgiving in its rolls.

    • ok, i lied, the lack of freedom to test builds isn’t just a set/lego-unique properties complaint. I am prevented (at least in my mind) of trying out a legit fire build b/c I cannot roll 3 sockets on my Cindercoat. Just give me 3 sockets and I can actually ENJOY and take advantage of the ability to not be pigeonholed into a certain build just b/c I have to rely on an unreliable drop/enchant system.

      “Want to try a new build? Ok, enjoy waiting for a drop or spending a F-ton of mats!” Is that Blizz’s selling point now?

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