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    What do you guys think of the current state of Diablo 3? We talked about a lot of the “issues” on the most recent podcast, and many of you guys added your own thoughts in comments, but I’m wondering what a larger survey of the community would reveal?

    Everyone can point to problems like unrewarding solo play, OP higher Paragon levels, mysterious lag, unbalanced classes, and so on, but how many of you guys think those are really big problems, or just minor issues that don’t really impact your enjoyment of the game?

    So here’s a vote/survey. Pick as many of the choices as you feel are of major importance. Vote: Diablo 3’s Biggest Current Issues:

    What do you think are the biggest current problems with Diablo 3?

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    Share your thoughts in comments. Are any/some/most/all of these things ruining the game for you? Making the game better for you? Largely irrelevant to your overall play experience? Remember that things do change, and usually improve. After all, not long ago most players thought the Auction House and Realm of Trials were the worst things in the game…

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