Vote: Diablo 3’s Biggest Current Issues?

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What do you guys think of the current state of Diablo 3? We talked about a lot of the “issues” on the most recent podcast, and many of you guys added your own thoughts in comments, but I’m wondering what a larger survey of the community would reveal?

Everyone can point to problems like unrewarding solo play, OP higher Paragon levels, mysterious lag, unbalanced classes, and so on, but how many of you guys think those are really big problems, or just minor issues that don’t really impact your enjoyment of the game?

So here’s a vote/survey. Pick as many of the choices as you feel are of major importance. Vote: Diablo 3’s Biggest Current Issues:

What do you think are the biggest current problems with Diablo 3?

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Share your thoughts in comments. Are any/some/most/all of these things ruining the game for you? Making the game better for you? Largely irrelevant to your overall play experience? Remember that things do change, and usually improve. After all, not long ago most players thought the Auction House and Realm of Trials were the worst things in the game…


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  1. I've played more this season than I have every other season combined and am enjoying the game quite a bit, so I answered "None of these problems are a big deal." just so I could say "I really enjoy the game."But there's always improvements that can be made and to that end I think the most important are: solo play being essentially useless (I played D2 single player for years and I really just like playing games solo; fortunately I've had multiple friends who were as into the game this season as I am, otherwise I'd be much further back than others who've put in similar amount of time), the lag (every group GR I will spend some amount of time playing the game without my screen doing anything, and while even at 70 I haven't had it be too crazy crippling it's still clearly something to fix and I know it gets even worse higher up) and botting.I don't take the "botting is killing my desire to play" stand because that would be ridiculous of me.  I'm not going to top the leaderboards even if there are zero botters because people like Alkaizer and Quin are around and will beat me legitimately, so topping the leaderboards isn't part of my expectations.  That said, Blizzard needs to address this problem because it will only get worse (I remember the complete cesspool that was Starcraft:Brood War's official ladder) and even if it doesn't actively harm my enjoyment of the game yet if they continue to let it slide, we'll end up with a life raft of legit players on an ocean of botters and that seems like a death knell for the game.

  2. Unrewarding solo play/… and Something else:1. Lack of variety in Rifts! There is only trash and elites and one boss at the end. Random boss/purple spawns. Now it's just run and kill. 2. Same thing can be said about bounties and lack of randomness in normal areas. Think about that – You go to Khazhra Den, and boom Ghom is standing there. It's Adventure Mode, make it crazy. 3. Without Rift keys there is no point of clearing Rift to the end. You just lose the reward from next Guardian. And we wanted reward at the end, now it's just pointless. That's the biggest 3, but I played just 22 hours this season, I'm not playing as much as others. But those stand out the most.

  3. The same layouts over and over – No really open layouts like say fields of misery – in grifts. Pylons in grifts should be removed. Unrewarding solo play.  Those are my biggest gripes.

  4. Personally I chose all but the last two. I do enjoy the game however I despise the fact that if I want to get things done. Paragons paragons.. Paragons!  I'm lucky I'm over 700 this season. I need higher but they some so much slower.

    So first off the fact that blizzcon has a tiny area for D3 just tells us all how much the game means to blizzard at this current venture. Another thing is that if you want decent XP you must group. PERIOD.  Another thing is the builds just have to be a certain way or they are worthless. I miss my damn Pony sader/ I was ran out of public games because I wasn't a studder stepping spastic hammerdin.

    From there don't get me started with the bots running rampant. You see them everywhere in bounty games. You set still long enough you see them in action mixed with the players there. Then you have higher plvl players than need to bot JUST to be competitive. I'm lucky I have plvl 700 I would love to be at 1000 but I don't know if I'll have the time to get there.

    If it isn't bad enough that when you run a game you see 3 witch doctors you know you have to leave because the game will freeze and you will lag to death. I know when I play my sader and monk I see the lag get bad and die a lot from it. It's annoying and should not happen with the amount of money coming in for this company.

    Lastly the class imbalance is a pile of sh**. It's infuriating when my crusader is almost full ancient gear and some of the most decent rolls on items I can ask for with decent leveled ancient gems. But because of my paragon and lack of RNG luck I cant get past grift 55. Yet with my monk; who mind you barely has a couple ancient pieces on her. She can get to 54 with so much ease it's just blood boiling. Why must I be punished for playing a class I love to death because of a balancing issue.

    I could go on forever but I'll stop here.



    I'm mad about the balance, lack of D3Y, crappy solo, cookie cutter builds, botting, paragons, and most of all LAG. Did I mention class balance?

  5. The biggest issue in D-3 is still the huge lack of atmosphere in-game. Story line and atmosphere as it is is and always have been “Children Oriented”.

  6. I voted other: buff icons not showing because they’re limited.

  7. Blizzcon 2015 having one panel for D3 among hours of panels and events for the other cash cows of Activision|Blizzard, is definitely the biggest issue. It highlights how little Activision|Blizzard values D3. They have clearly moved their talented teams onto more valuable projects, as clearly goes to show on the two day schedule posted recently.

    Solo play being unrewarding in comparison to group play due to the fact that four players can have a group composition of two DPS and two zDPS with XP gear and still be capable of gathering five times more XP in high Grifts than solo players is case in point. Solo play requires less organisation true, but to be so far behind group play that it becomes discouraging to play solo, scratch that, pointless to play solo, well that is game design at its worst.

    Botting going unpunished and requiring high paragon levels to do well in leader boards both go hand in hand really, considering players can afk level up Paragons all day long without a care in the world, while acquiring lots of Grift keys and perfect rolled ancients. This nets them higher leader board positions because they can fish for the perfect high level Grifts meaning legit player’s efforts cannot compete in the leader boards, making D3’s competitive mode valueless.

  8. I have been playing Diablo 3 since the day it came out. I play roughly once a week with my brother and once a month solo and once a month with another friend. We don’t play on the Ladders. I don’t play Hardcore. We play just to have a good time together. After all this time I’m only Paragon 194.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the new content that Blizzard has given us. I’m glad the RMAH went away but wish that I had better trading options with my friends (I dislike that I can’t give something to a friend I found while playing with my brother or solo). I feel like all of the content they’ve delivered since the last Expansion has already added up to 1/2 of another Expansion.

    I’ve gotten my money’s worth in this game for sure and have loved it as a sequel to Diablo 2.

    At this point, though, another Expansion including a 6th Act and 2 Character Classes would be much appreciated… Thanks Bliz!

    • Yep, this is how I feel about the game as well.It was never meant to be a game played for multiple hours every day. I log in a few times a week and have great fun.

  9. The problem with Diablo 3 is that while still great, it seems like it's perpetually unfinished, with bugs and issues galore. Stop the new content and fix the game.

    • Agree. I understand different people work on different things etc, but it still feels like they should have a clean up patch instead of new content. They keep piling up new stuff on top of the old problems instead of addressing them properly.

  10. My biggest issue is a slight one. It’s the lack of D3 at Blizzcon. Why I’m considering this as a slight one is well…. Blizzcon hasn’t happened yet. Maybe they’ll show a trailer for an expansion only to have more info at some other event.

    This will become a big issue if there is no more expansions for Diablo. They can’t leave us here without more to the story…. they can’t….. can’t they?… no Necromancer?…. no Druid?… but but….. grrrr

  11. hmm all of it. I don’t remember when I had to check all options in a poll before. The biggest of them all is the lack of presence at blizzcon as there is no light at the end of the tunnel for when all of these problems are gonna get fixed.

  12. I'm disappointed there is no new Diablo at Blizzcon but it isn't a problem with the game.  We're still getting plenty of good content for now.My biggest problem is the lag.  I am trying to push greater rifts and I'm stuck at 66.  Seems like every time I get ahead, I get stuck in a lag situation where I can't do anything for 30 seconds then suddenly find myself facing a death screen.  Fix that lag!

  13. Nobody knows for sure that a D3 expansion is not to be announced at Blizzcon. There is a suspicious 1.5 hour gap at the Main Stage and Panel Stage areas after the Opening Ceremony.

  14. Something else: I think lack of stash space is becoming an issue. I spend too much time bouncing between characters to find where I placed an item.Lag is also so annoying. If they require us to play on their servers at least provide something decent or let us solo players play off line.

  15. #1 Unrewarding solo play / mandatory party for EXP.
    #2 Mysterious, crippling lag in Patch 2.3.

    With the games pretense into rewarding the player for facing harder enemies surely solo & lag is the biggest killer of hardcore toons this season? I’ve lost 2 myself. So in actuality the hardest game mode = least rewarding?

  16. Most people I know bailed on this season due to the harsh “forced group” requirement and only some of the classes even being allowed to play in groups. Sure, you could play solo, but you’re really just spinning your tires.

  17. Seasons being mandatory to complete 6pc sets (via numerous items which arbitrarily double damage of the set's key skill)…. Which I guess isn't that much of a problem since NS is unplayable due to stash space limitations anyway.

  18. The key to game longevity is to not look at the top players and strive to play in that #1 spot.

    Play for fun, find your own play style and do the best you can with that.

    I’ve said this for a while, if Diablo II had the massive internet backing and constant filtering of BEST BUILDS, the game would’ve been just as dry, with 1 clearly favorite build for each class, but it wasn’t as prevalent so it seemed like there was more game to be had for each individual.

    I play mostly solo, and go with the play style I enjoy, looking at the pieces I have to work with and go with it. Having fun is the key.

    If at any point you’re not having fun, you’re gaming wrong. (imo)

  19. The biggest current issue is still the lack of a complex, interesting, player driven roleplaying system and, in consequence, the games dependency on new content being rolled out regularly to keep up player interests…

  20. For me it's lag/disconnect issue. It's really bad this season. I'm actually "on break" right now after another episode of untimely disconnect. And I was ot the roll, too. It's really disheartening. Thank god I'm not playing hardcore.Another issue, mentioned already, is lack of storage space or at the very least some gear sharing tool. I can't even keep my desk uncluttered and logging in just to maintain my inventory space feels more and more like chore. I know I'm beating a dead horse but that IS diminishing my enjoyment of the game somewhat…

  21. There is two things I miss more finally.Firstly, the play I am really enjoying the best is GR and this is the only mode in 2.3 which requires doing something before. I wish they remove the GR keys and possibly find a way to attract users to normal rifts (a random legendary mat? Guaranteed goblin at the end of the rift? Or guaranteed goodie (cow rift, goblin, greed domain)).Secondly I miss the casual multiplayer of D3V where anyone would jump in any game and have fun. The drawbacks were minors. Either a speedy barbarian (vote kicked) and leachers (don't really care it is just a /players 8). Now you have to have to proper gear, proper class, Behave as intended (split farming at low level etc.) I wish they add a "casual play" for multiplayer where we just want to play whatever the group wishes to do. My best MP experience in D3V was just going from where we arrived to killing Diablo (often people left after Asmodan).

  22. Some kind of trading would definitely be nice, I do quite a bit of boosting for SC seasons and if I'm finding gear that I don't need I'd rather give it to someone that can use it than just have it taking up stash space (I know I can give players stuff if they're in group with me when it drops but if I've got say, three versions of the same DH item in my stash I'd rather give away one to a player with minimal paragon than turn it into a soul I don't really need). Botting is an issue but I don't need to see everyone banned, just a few people to show that something is being done. Or for some kind of conversation to happen to acknowledge it on Blizzards' part.Paragons are busted but, at P400 it doesn't overly affect me. One idea that we've been talking about between some mates is "Why do you have to level up?" – I've badgered a couple of people to buy the game but no one has made it to 70. Its just make work. We don't need the levelling process to tell the story of Diablo. We don't need levelling to tell players about the classes – they've already experimented with giving people max level characters and unlocking the classes abilities over the course of a quest chain in WoW. At the moment I really enjoy the game and can tell people about it but then when they play its like "but you've got to level up and then find a few bits of gear before you can get to the stuff that's actually really good".

  23. The biggest issues are all points from 1 to 7. Every point of these 7 is way to big to stay ignored.

  24. Too little stash space & character slots.I play mostly single player, and I think the game is quite enjoyable. But the lack of space/slots is extremely annoying.Since I don't care about e-peen, issues such as botting, class inbalance, high paragon required, and unrewarding solo play are totally irrelevant to me.However, another thing I am not a big fan of is how sets are designed towards a single skill. Examples: Natalya, Raiment etc. I prefer the design of for example Tal Rasha or Immortal King, with which you can use many different skills in order to benefit from the set.

  25. To me, the biggest issue is "what's the point?" The Diablo series has always been really fun, but more than ever I'm feeling the hollowness of it. It's a slot machine in which we grind away hours looking for gear that will help us grind away hours looking for…better gear. There's no grand plan and the plot is meaningless. We beat the story mode only to go into a mode where everyone we've killed is back and the world is still being destroyed.Combat at higher levels is simply "obliterate anything that moves" as opposed to strategizing. Everything moves so damn fast that you're basically obligated to have a build that can handle dozens of monsters at a time. Enemies just get treated like amorphous moving blobs of hostility that need to be killed, I rarely even notice what types they are anymore, especially in grifts. I feel like the game would be so much better if everything was divided by 10 (or more). Hitting for 80,000,000 damage is just silly. Scale back the waves of mobs and require more strategy in approach. Showers of loot feel lame when only one in 1000 items are worth looking at. Everything in D3 just stands out as being designed as a game mechanic instead of designed to fit a rewarding game world. I've been drawn back into Borderlands 2 recently, a game which is also arguably about grinding for better loot, but that game never feels like a chore because of its atmosphere, the characters and dialog, and the strategy required in battle (FPS vs ARPG, I know, but comparisons can still be made).I'm obviously venting on things that would require D3 to be a very different game in order to fix, but I think I'm wanting a very different game these days.

  26. game is over too fast for me. i get my 6pc, my gems to 25 and my motivation to continue playing plummets, because after that nothing really changes gameplay-wise. and frankly I hate rifts, I want to be hunting big bad demon lords of hell, not killing  holograms in a holodeck training program.

    • “I want to be hunting big bad demon lords of hell, not killing holograms in a holodeck training program.”

      I find that a really strange viewpoint, since obviously nothing in the game is real to begin with. And it’s not like the gameplay in D2 was very strong on storyline either. You can always play adventure mode if storyline is what you want.

      • yeah I know… but besides item hunting, number crunching and all the other technical stuff (which I love) I also like to immerse myself in this type of games. and running rifts over over unfortunately ruins that part of the game for me. I am doing bounties and even go through campaign every once in a while for fun but the entire character progression is pretty much tied to rifts so.

  27. Unrewarding solo play / mandatory party for EXP. is the biggest issueI still remember the first time the devs was telling about their ideas and was in chock cuz they more or less say we will force peopelto play in Groups cuz they find it more social ??and when you try to join a public game with plvl 850+ you get kicked out in no time unless you are at the samme lvl or higher yes absolutely more social:( has always been able to play solo but now you are forced to play in Group to make Progress and gain EXP, another big issue is the lack of stash Space and Trading like AH, and yes i know Im beating a dead horse but still its big issues for msny. Laag, lost game connections and the way the game is now all want to get on the leaderboard, will any of these been resoæve no cuz Diablo does not generate any money

  28. The biggest problem with the game is the lack of drive to keep playing. New seasons are a bandaid to the problem that has brought me back every time, but it’s always just for 2-4 weeks and then I stop playing. It’s hard to say how they could fix it, but I think the core of the problem is the item game. Every season my progression goes in these steps.

    1. level to 70
    2. get to torment 1 level of gear (usually already completed when 1 is done)
    3. farm for a decent socketed weapon
    4. farm full set pieces
    5. farm required non-set pieces and cube items
    6. farm legendary gem levels
    7. min-max gear/ancient items

    1 is just a chore.
    2-3 is when the game feels hard but it’s a very cheap difficulty because you know you’re handicapped in underlevel items.
    4 is when you start to feel real progression and your character is starting to be fun as you get cool effects from items.
    5 is where you hunger for X item that really finishes your build. not having it is torture, and finding it is rewarding. unfortunately some items are so rare that this can artificially drag out for weeks and is very binary because you either get the item you want or you don’t. there’s rarely a secondary item that is an improvement but not the one you really want.
    6-7 are optional and when I always end up quitting.

    Competing over leaderboards is fine if that’s what you want out of the game, but it’s not for me. I enjoy the diablo core game loop in itself without needing constant item upgrades to feel good about the time I’m spending, but paragon levels don’t really do anything for me. Eventually I will get bored of the constant farming with no real purpose. Maybe I’ll find an item that gives me +2% damage, then I’ll be able to fight monsters that are 4% stronger, but wait it’s the same gameplay.

    Diablo 2 took more of my time than any other game I think. Part of that was being a kid, but a big part of it was how the game played. Leveling mattered because of skill points. Low level items didn’t all lose value simply because they were low level. Playing another build meant leveling a new character, not just flipping a few switches, changing my gear, and going “cool, I guess this build is alright.” Diablo 2 was a game where your character journeyed from weak to strong. Diablo 3 is a game where you grind 69 pointless levels and then make a similar journey in a fraction of the time. Without the need to reroll, I’ll simply move on to another game much, much faster.

  29. The "loss" of core diablo is my number issue and has been for some time.Core Diablo is about items and the basic mechanic we use to get them, killing monsters. Any system you put into place that goes against that basic tenet, and you start messing with the very foundations of Diablo itself.Experience has become more important than the item hunt and our items themselves, we are playing for this xp while also playing under a mofo timer.It's a titanic mistake, and it's killed what made diablo great, and the game with it.

  30. Every season my motivation to play the game finish after 1 month and a half at most. After that time frame I quit D3 for 2 months until next patch. This season is not an exception. I think I’m stupid enough to have hopes, that something better and interesting will come, and we will have better Diablo game. At least dreams are free.

  31. Has read all the comments here one time more and it seems more that dudes has lost faith to this game and blizzards ability / willingness to solve the many problems and I agree, they dont earn money only for sold copies, In the old days dudes really enjoy the game and help each other and trade with each other and in Groups everyone was welcome, today sorry dude we get out we need a monk, WD. wizzard ect ect.The devs has made the game unsocial and to play solo is more or less impossible and will blizzars do anything about it why should they?? Unless some unexpected happens soon I think Diablo will die today you only see really high Plvl use loads of hours in the game to get ranked on the leaderboard the game is now more a fight to get nr one thsn enjoy the game Sorry to be negative but I ask some old friends to start play again on europe even they are from US and they was skilled and good players WHO loved Diablo before and after spending about less than 100 hours they quit and say its not funny anymore 🙁

  32. Part of the reason Barbs and Monks dominate the ladders is simply because other classes can't tank specific monsters or elite affixes that do unavoidable, guaranteed damage. I still think this is the biggest problem. Frankly, the game could be much more skill dependent then it is now. I think it would make Hardcore much more palpable for many players, as well. I don't expect Blizzard to ever change any of these mechanics, though…

  33. The biggest problem with D3 is that all of the above are true.

  34. I like to play various chars, esp. when I find a new piece of gear that I’d like to test out, but I have no space!! All chars and mules are filled to the brim. I am a packrat; I save what I feel could be useful, if not right then, then further down the road (next patch). Give us the option to buy more stash space like you dell to the Chinese!

  35. Empty caves and loading screen DCs

  36. Just the fact that there are now 31 comments on this subject shows in weight that the current direction of diablo 3 is just wrong.

    • YES it shows how many issues and problems Blizzard have at the moment I mean spent Money on gameevent like blizzcon that monye could have been used much better

  37. ooops sorry I mean spent Money on a band of course:)

  38. Would be great in regards to the solo play if we could have stronger companions. Possibly with a full equipment set and maybe even an XML adjustable client side AI implemented so we can all throw their minds to and fro.

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