Vote: Diablo 3’s Auction House

Our current vote has been up a bit longer than usual, but there didn’t seem to be any point in changing it out last week, when I knew the info blast was coming up on Monday. I’ve been thinking about the topic for the new vote for several days, since I found out all about the media event on Wednesday, and realized how many potential controversies were brewing.

No more skill points? Skill rune redesign? Tiny sized beta? Traits removed? All seemed like good material for a site vote… and it turns out they’re all just mice squeaking around the elephant in the living room, as the DiabloWikiAuction House and its RMT aspect have dominated the conversation for the past 9 hours. (Though it seems much longer than that, probably because I haven’t moved from the computer during that entire time.)

So now that you know all about the Auction House, and you’ve read fan reactions ranging from love to /ragequit… what do you think? Pick the vote option that mostly closely matches your own opinion, and we’ll achieve some community consensus.

How do you feel about the D3 Auction House?

  • 1) Like it alot. (37%, 1,665 Votes)
  • 2) Like it except for the RMT. (27%, 1,241 Votes)
  • 5) Hate it. Especially the RMT. (17%, 763 Votes)
  • 3) Not sure/no opinion. (11%, 519 Votes)
  • 4) Don't want, but it's not a biggie. (7%, 330 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,518

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Last Vote Results

Our last vote asked how you guys felt about the new news of looooong skill cooldowns in Diablo III. That game feature appeared to be quite controversial when it was revealed, and though a solid majority of fans approve, there’s a nearly 6/4 split, with 57% like/love and 37% dislike/hate.

    Vote: How do you feel about long skill cooldowns in Diablo III?

  • 5) Great design. Creates more variety and strategy. (29%, 1,180 Votes)
  • 4) I guess it’s okay if the skills are super-powerful. (28%, 1,131 Votes)
  • 1) Hate it. Long cooldowns do not belong in Diablo 3. (20%, 822 Votes)
  • 2) Don’t like it. Cooldowns should be much less than 2m. (17%, 701 Votes)
  • 3) No opinion/don’t care. (6%, 268 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,102

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35 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3’s Auction House

  1. Not sure how I feel yet.  It’ll probably come down to how fast I can make $60 lol.  Truth be told I was against RMT in WoW but my opinion changes when I can personally gain from it.
    Doubt I’ll ever pay $$ for an ingame item though.

  2. Guess there were a lot of people buying items for d2 already so not that strange a lot of people like this idea. I find this so stupid, its like if they cannot remove a map hack from sc2, they might aswell include is as a paid featuers, and all the fanbois will scream it is ok and give you things like “you dont have to use it….”.

  3. It’s true what Flux said, we’ve been inundated with information since the beginning of 1st August. I just think people need to take a longer overview. A game is usually never released perfect. I mean, look at Starcraft and Diablo 2, those games took years of balancing to get to the point they’re at now.


  4. i just think the system is simple and is gonna be used to just remove third parties. if you dont want to use it just dont, no1 is forcing you to spend money. i played diablo 2 alot and found most of my awesome armour in the game, dont be lazy just play the game to death and you will find all the things you will want. plus i think the level of RMT will actually decrease with the new loot system. i assume that the chance of everyone getting a magical item will be similar because the game mechanics would need to be more fair. so if a unique item is dropped and only you see it and get it then your gonna be more likely to use it. the trading system can just be used for really rare items. and the auction house for other things.

  5. LOVE IT! I have a job, i work long hour’s and don’t have the time (only the desire) to spend long hours on IMF runs like i did on DII, not saying to i’ll buy something, probaly will, but i like the idea of having that plan b to get a powerfull item that my char lacks!

    I see loots of people saying: I won’t buy in real € only sell, and i sure hope so, that ill bring prices to the ground. And as Blizz says, the RMT has always been there, if there is a demand supply i’ll come, but this time instead of getting my heart on a sleave when i buy gold or whatever i’ll know that no hacking ill be done and that I’ll have the things i payed for. Sure there will be chinese ni hao farmers but now even a regular joe can get some cash for a lucky drop! GJ Blizz!

  6. I still see the whole skill system change more important than the AH, so “No Opinion” for me… Tis not like I actually traded or would have traded anyway…

  7. Being so pissed off about the RMT auction house (just look at the screenshots… a grimswold armor for 2 bucks :/, its disgusting) almost made me forget they butchered the general gameplay as well by taking out skill points.

    After visiting this site daily for almost 5 years I’m thinking of not pre-ordering and pirate the game altogether.

    not to be abusive with my language but VUCK ACTIVISION AND VUCK BLIZZARD

    • “Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer”. I think Blizzard does the right thing here, and I’m OK with it.

    • You are not force to use it, you can use this “in-game gold” AH… Blizzard is making a Good move here and I’m ok with the fact that people can make some money too…

    • You do know that those screenshots are just examples right? It might end up costing 0,02 bucks. There might not even be a grimswold armor. Blizzard doesn’t decide the price, players do.

      (It is sometimes hard to tell if people are doing sarcasm in pure text mode.)

  8. When I heard about this in the morning I hated it, I hated it a lot. Now that I’ve read some interviews from fansites and such I kinda like it. People need to take a chill pill and think about it more, it’s not end of the world (there was MILLION sites in D2 where you could spend few bucks and get very good gear).

  9. Voted wrong, meant to go with “like it besides the rmt” or whatever the option is. The interface looks a bit threadbare but it seems functional, and I prefer auction houses to bartering.
    The “smart search” thing strikes me as a bit silly, and trading characters is just downright dumb.

  10. I think the auctioon house looks fin. Seems to be a good system and the rmt? I don’t really care about that. If it keeps item seller spamming out of the game i’m even mor okay with it. I however, hate that there is no more customizations in this game. And respawning in the arena wtf. This isn’t CoD diablo. I mean seriously thats what it feels like to me. You can change around your characters loadout at anytime, and it seems to have lost the feeling of rpgs especially diablo 2.

  11. Seriously this is the best idea ever, I truly think that is a game change. This is how people can make real money from this ! I saw it like a real Auction House, I mean you selling stuff you don’t need and then you are buying other stuff you want. Nothing is wrong with that! And if a can some real money with it it’s good no? Anyway I’m sure that things will go far. And we’ll see more and more of that kind of stuff on video games.. And Blizzard is that best company to start it.

  12. I can see the benefit of putting RMT into the game itself to reduce it outside of the game, but there are still issues that could present themselves as the game is released.
    Personally, I never want to pay money for any of the items.  Though many may say this too, they’d be happy to sell their items.  Where does this leave the in-game currency auction house when everyone wants to make some real money?  Of course, if every did that and prices were driven down, then it might be more worthwhile to sell items for gold instead.  But for ultra rare items, this competition wouldn’t exist.
    Apart from this controversy, I think a possible feature to add to this is the ability to put an item up for auction simultaneously for gold and real money, where the poster determines some rate to calculate the winning bidder.

  13. only reason i dont like RMT is coz i know i wont be able to fight the temptation to use it……. 😀

  14. I cannot know this for sure because the game is not out yet, but I am seeing a lot of people thinking $$$, I can get rich from playing. If you are poor, I guess you can make som money, but you if have an education and get around 50 -80k  dollars I do not think it will give you more money than just working an hour more.

    I think you will have to exploit the system to make a lot of money. There will be a lot of poor people that get forced to play the game to find millions of items, they will prob be paid in food, so I do not think the prices will be that high that you can get any cash from this, due to the x number of farmers that does not do anything else.

    Also I fail to see how this removes the bots, imo this will really give a lot of more serious people in to creating bots now when real cash is involved.

    I also fail to see why blizzard would ban the bots, the more transactions the more cash for them.

    Another annyoing part is the “you dont have to use it”, ofc you do not have to use it but I think it will runin the normal AH, who would put thier items there now.

  15. I think Blizzard made the right decisions here, concerning the RMT.  Consider my points here and don’t just rage as an impulse (please, let’s try to have a coherent conversation about this development):

    1. It is optional – Call me a fanboi if you like, but they aren’t forcing anyone to use this system.  Anyone can still play the game as a purist and only use items they find themselves, but the truth is, whether buying or trading items, pretty much everyone participates in this aspect of Diablo.

    2. It’s completely player driven – Blizzard is not selling anything themselves and they are only going to take a small transaction fee for building and supporting the system.  Even if you are very naive, you must realize how bad the 3rd party market for Diablo II really was.  People are going to use these 3rd party options if Blizzard doesn’t provide them, so this is safer and probably cheaper than the old method.  Again, it’s player driven, so if you as a player want to boycott it, then go for it.  But why would you want to ruin something many others want to use?

    3. You can make real money with this – I’m not sure about your situation, but most of us could use a little income from our game time.  We are game fans, so we are going to play, and being able to monetize some of that time, even perhaps if we are really lucky actually fund our game addiction.  Why would anyone look at this as a bad idea?  We will have to see the real world value here once the game comes out, but come on guys, when has any game company offered you the opportunity to make money from their game?  Seriously, this should factor into the conversation, as Blizzard is actually giving you a license to make the money off of gold and item selling!!!

    4. Give Blizzard a shot on this one – If you still feel that this is bad for the game, at least reserve judgment until after the game launches.  This is going to be a pretty unique system, since it is player driven, so let us at least see what real effects it has on the game.

    I’m not trying to push any buttons or start a fight, I know people fall on both sides here, but can we attempt to have a conversation on the merits / faults of this new system?  Hopefully, people on both sides will put together points and counter-points so everyone can understand why this may be great or perhaps why it may be a serious problem.  Please try to take a deep breath before responding and think through what you want to convey, without attacking others who love the Diablo games as much as you do!

    • Well I think you have a lot of good points very well written post, the only problem I see is that it will not be possible to trade like normal now that cash is involved, the good items will be for cash only.

      • ….or other good items, maybe even ‘in game’ gold too if they have the systems in place to allow/force it to survive..

  16. Yeah, this is one of the things that I am concerned about too.  I guess, if everything good goes on the real money auction house, then it won’t be so bad, as everyone will be making / spending what amounts to virtual money.  I’m actually a little excited about the thought of making a little cash from all the heavy playtime I can imagine will take place.  Over saturation could be a problem though, as it will drive prices really low.  Let’s hope the crafting system removes many items from the economy, so only the truly unique and legendary items end up for sale.

    The crafting system is another spot that might play heavily into how many items actually end up on either AH, but until we get some hands on time (particularly with high level crafting) we aren’t going to have a good handle on this.  Jay made it sound like we might need to salvage many of the rarer items to get mats for crafting the high end gear.

  17. People who were good at making gold using the WoW AH will have a blast making real $ with this game!

  18. No hardcore real money AH?  I don’t get it.  So they don’t want softcore to use d2jsp, but they are fine with hardcore using d2jsp?
    I get the spoon-feeding aspect of it (noob tries HC, pays $$ for uber item, dies, quits the game), but i don’t think they fully thought the decision through.  Using it for SC but not HC is a contradiction.

    An odd side-effect of this is some of the most anti-RMT will end up switching from SC to HC. A little odd that some ppl will feel shoehorned into a rough playstyle they don’t want to use.

  19. Well yeah, its not gonna make me rich but getting (any) money from playing computer games? Count me in! Also, there’s been no hacking. Just accept it, the idea is amazing, it just goes to show how loud whiners can whine.
    Blizzard can make some extra money on the side and look after the game for longer by sucking the blood from the casual farmville players while serious item hunters (not player killers) get paid for being cool. The only annoying thing that it creates is the compulsory “online always” aspect (presumably to authenticate and prevent fakes). For those of us who don’t always have an internet connection (out and about, and friend’s houses etc) that is seriously crippling.

    • This just goes to show how ignorant you are.  Make you rich?  Really?  lolz.  Sure, players may be able to make a few bucks from this system, but to suggest this may provide any kind of substantial income is ridiculous.  No hacking?  Really?  lolz.  Hacks, bots, and farmers will always exist in gaming.  Giving players the option to trade with real money in a game does not prevent that.  

      To those who are making the argument, “Its optional, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.”  Stop using a cop-out excuse to back blizzard’s decision.

      1.  Almost everyone will use the AH.  Why?  Because Diablo 3 is an online game about getting phat lewt.  A key part of that is trading with other players.  Yes, there are purists out there who will use only items that they themselves find.  But that group of players is small.  It’s a a safe bet that the large majority will use the AH.

      2.  Why the hell would anyone put up a good item in the gold AH when they have a chance to make real money from it?  This leaves the gold AH for crafting items and other lesser quality gear.  

      So no, the argument “Well you don’t have to use it” is flawed, and not thought-out very well.  It’s a quick response cop out from those who have $$ for eyeballs.

      I am not 100% against the RMAH.  But I have yet to hear a solid argument for it.  

      And no, killing third party sites is not a valid argument.  Why?  Because 1) third party sites existed due to bad game design in Diablo 2, not because players WANT to spend real money.

      Reading through different arguments for and against this RMAH on forums has been interesting.  Most people aren’t talking about the game anymore and how fun it will be.  They are talking about money. It’s like a f*cking econ class.  It’s sad.

      • You make a valid point in that the cash based auction house will likely see a lot of activity, because people want to try and make some real money, and this could affect the gold AH.  I don’t understand why so many people think this is a bad idea.  A bad idea would have been, if Blizz said we are making a RMT auction house and filling it ourselves, so you players can buy your way to power.  Notice how that type of AH would not give the control or profits to the players.  With the current design, which is pretty unique as far as I am aware, allows “you” the player to profit from it.  Who cares if you won’t get rich, but you may very well make a few dollars.  Even a few dollars a month is better than “no dollars a month”.

        I said in my earlier post that I think we should reserve judgment for now, until after we see what happens.  We don’t absolutely know that the gold based auction house will be totally unused, even if some people are very loudly saying that will be the case.  It may be that only the most legendary of items actually show up on the RMTAH, because there is a listing cost involved here.  If that listing cost is more than a few cents, there aren’t many people who are going to just throw their money away.  That listing cost, if it’s say 10+ cents, will keep a lot of people from using it on anything less than a very unique item.  No way someone is throwing real money away to list an item that is already up there 100+ times.

        I’m going to say this again, because I don’t think it has fully registered with a lot of people…What game company has ever offered (licensed???) their players an opportunity to make profits from selling gold and in-game items?  Come on, we are going to be spending so many hundreds of hours playing this game, won’t it be nice to have some ability to get a little coin for some of this time?

        I’m like you though, just on the other side, I haven’t heard any valid arguments against this system.  Diablo is a PVE game at heart and trading is a huge part of this game world already, so whether trading with players or buying from them on the AH’s, what’s the difference?  Blizzard has put some boundaries on this stuff, both with item levels and listing fees, so why are some people so against this?

        My two cents.

  20. Well the vote results reinforce the idea of the silent majority, while there has been complete outrage by a vocal section of the community it seems most are pretty happy about this. For me I dont really mind. I like the Auction House overall and with RMT all they have to do to for the purists is create an achievement “never bought with $ AH”.

  21. I’m surprised so many voted ‘I hate it, especially the RMT’. I can understand that some people are opposed to the idea of using real money, but why hate that they facilitate trading? Why hate the entire trade system?

  22. The RMAH hopefully makes spambots redundant and tp item sites history. That for me is a WIN. How else should Blizzard have tacked the problem?

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