Vote: Diablo 3 PTR Mega-Buff… Too Good?

PTR Season 2 buff

PTR community buff

The big buff to exp and legendary drop rates now present on the PTR (for normal or Season 2 chars) is a great incentive to play, and a lot of fun. Some players are arguing that it’s actually too much fun, and will cause problems in the short and long term.

The main complaints/objections I’ve seen and heard are:

  1. PTR is overwhelmed with people just playing for fun, creating long join/wait times and keeping “real” testers from doing proper testing.
  2. Players will get used to the super boosted leg drop rate (and the boosted Ancient Items rate)and ruin themselves for the real game once the buff ends, or will rage and complain asking for similar exp/legendary buffs on a regular basis.

PTR Wait Lines

Point one is definitely true, in terms of the wait to get on the PTR. I haven’t seen more than a 15m wait, and usually it’s just 2-4 minutes, but I haven’t tried to play during peak hours. (And once I’m in a game, I stay there for a long time, since creating a new game will involve a wait. Which makes farming for a RoRG pretty hard.)

The obvious fix here is for Blizzard to allocate more resources to the PTR. If they doubled the capacity to allow more players on, then problem solved. (No idea if they can/will do that.) In the macro, they obviously wanted more people to get on the PTR and test out stuff, so they put a big buff for incentive. And it worked. Too well?

The whole “other people aren’t *real* testers” argument simply reeks of elitism and self justification, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. However, everyone on the PTR is finding the new gear, experimenting with new skills and gear builds, etc. If that’s not “testing” then what is? Perhaps the argument is that more “casual” PTR players aren’t going to post feedback and debate the issues the way the more dedicated PTR players will, but that’s open to debate.

Buff will “Spoil” the real game

On Point #2, about players getting spoiled by the leg-a-minute (it’s actually more like 3-8 legs per minute, once you’re on T6) drop rate… I guess that might be a problem. Everyone I know on the PTR has been trading “this will spoil us for the real game” jokes, but they are jokes and the buffed leg drop rate is the biggest joke of all. I’d actually like to see it lowered, since I often have my entire inv full of legs even before I get to the Rift Guardian, and I’ll fill up 3-4x if I clear out an entire Rift, not even counting Blood Thiefs, which are a guaranteed 3-4 TPs to gamble off the Shards. On the whole there are just too many town trips once you’re up to T6 and the leg rate has gone officially insane, and it makes me want an “ID all in field” button. The devs can put it right beside the “salvage all legs” button, while I’m making requests.

Lacking those interface improvements, I’ve already gotten to the point of leaving a lot of legs on the ground, just to save time. I’m picking up every weapon and jewelry, but orange and green items of slots I don’t want/need are getting passed by, and I’ve become incredibly selective and instantly-dismissive of 99% of the legs when I identify them. Including most Ancient Items.

Will this have some long term effect on me? Probably not, though I’ll obviously miss it when reality returns. Especially since I usually play Hardcore, where I can do T6 but have a lot lower killing speed. (Though much higher Toughness, which actually makes the play feel easier. I’ve had to dodge and run and play much more alertly doing softcore on the PTR, just since there’s so little margin for error.)

Will the super buff rate cause wider problems, though? Will players complain endlessly or just /ragequit when they can’t get +2000% or even +200% legendary drop rates in the real game? Perhaps, but it’s not like “endlessly complaining about something” isn’t already the constant state of affairs on the forums.

Vote and Debate

What do you guys think of the PTR issues with the community buff? Is it nothing a little more server capacity couldn’t fix? Or do you think it’s going to corrupt the short term testing and sew seeds of discontent for the long term game and community?

Vote: Diablo 3 PTR Mega-Buff… Too Good?

Huge Community Buff on the PTR... Good or Bad?

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A few pics to show the outrageousness possible on the PTR now. And to send more people to try it, thus making even more wait lines for “real” testers. On [email protected]!11!!

Meathead Mikhail has posted some great Legendary Gem tutorial videos in the past, so here’s his “rant” against the community buff now on the PTR. I don’t think his argument is very convincing, but it’s right to the point, so check it out if you want the audio version of the same arguments made above.

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  1. It really is a bad thing, because people are testing for the wrong reasons, and they'll get too used to the buffs. Not to mention it is creating huge queues keeping the potential testers who want to do their job out of the game..

  2. The drop rate really makes you realize how terrible most legs are once you get to a certain point. Had 107 on a full rift clear and kept 2. Definitely fun though for leveling my season 2 barb in PTR.

  3. This shows us a few important things.

    1: The problem is quality. When you get 30-40 a run and keep 0-1, and even at low gear levels wouldn't keep much more that's a problem. What's happening is yes, there's a lot of legendaries. They're not the 0-3 per item type that have any potential of being good, or they are but have 2+ stats wrong (the things low geared people will keep anyways). If that "ruins things for live" it's because people realize the live rate of 3/run at the same soul/leg ratio means several hours for one item you might keep. If you're lucky. Even items like Wand of Woh are still rare at this rate (I've seen 2, which is double what I seen in 600 hours of live). One was a sidegrade, one was actually worse and had 3 stats wrong.

    If you think I'm saying this buff should go live as is you're an idiot, but if more item types were actually useful, if you wouldn't auto salvage 5 Ancient Exarians because Exarian actually did something useful you'd probably be fine with the live drop rates. If Kadala could change more than one property, you'd still want something reasonably close but you wouldn't ragequit when you finally get build unlocking item x at level 546 and then it has minimum damage and 3 stats wrong. You could fix it, it'd just be expensive as hell.

    2: GRs should actually be like this on live. There still is a cap on the number of items dropped, so a GR 3x will only give 6 legs, and 4x will only give 7. Given that STILL compares unfavorably with standard rofflestomp farming but is only a little worse instead of much worse it wouldn't be broken at all. Likewise, double shards in GRs only makes them almost competitive with standard rofflestomp farming. Which means it will still take more before the harder content is actually more rewarding but it's not a complete waste of time anymore. It takes Blizzard months before they make their new content actually worth running and we're not quite there yet/

    3: Trial rewards are stupid high. They should be better than the 1.4 mil/10k on live but not as high as their current values. Switch the values of trials and GRs. Trials will give more, but it will be a reasonable number (remember, the actual enemies in trials give greatly reduced experience). These 1 bil+ numbers are much more reasonable at the end of something that took 5-15 minutes. If you don't want SCs death zerging through their now nonexistent death penalties make it so you get the enhanced experience and loot if you don't die and the current worthless live values if you do.

    4: Ancients should be a gift. As in you should find an Ancient Gift item that enhances the values of an existing item. None of this one more level of RNG between you and a not soul.

    5: Failing that, go for the quality approach. On T6 10% of legendaries are ancient. On GR 26+ it should be higher. Currently it isn't. Getting fewer legendaries overall isn't a bad thing if more of them are not souls. Make it contingent on not dying so SCs don't glass cannon death farm.

    6: So, about this actual new stuff. Where is it? What changes what we do in the game and how and why? The sets aren't in.

    • The current trial rewards are bugged and this is known by Blizzard.

      Apart from that I agree with most of your points. I think the real 'impact' of this buff is that it really has highlighted the general loot problems: a) too common instant-garbage legendaries, and b) too few ultra-rare legendaries.

      The weighted loot system should be scrapped and they really need to fix all the garbage legendaries asap (not 2 per season and pass them off as 'new' content when they're really actually just 'fixed' content)

      • I know that. I'm saying the high values would be fair on the GR as it's much longer and more difficult. The current GR values are much lower and more sane, yet much better than the live values. I'm saying they should be switched. Lower but decent reward for the short thing and a big prize for the longer thing.

  4. I was teary eyed when I frist started the PTR up. It felt like heaven had fallen upon Sanctuary… then it got old real fast with all the leg drops. At least I stopped and went back to live as I was not testing, only feeding my greed. I only ever try out the PTR just to get a quick taste of what's to come. There are people who do test for the right reasons and they definitely need to be able to get into the game to do that so the rest of us can enjoy it when it's live.

  5. Could not get in. 1h wait then 1h49 (got kicked for inactivity) then 2h26…

  6. Can I add a 3rd option?

    Point #3, I think the PTR having full version of "season 2" is going to ruin things for the non-PTR… I think Blizzard will end up having to run two full seperate seasons. Essentially Season 2 and Season 2.5

    Season 2 being run on the PTR and Season 2.5 run on the regular game. I'm concerned that running the Season 2 on the PTR will set a precedent and that players are going to expect that Blizzard allows the entire season to run through.

    Maybe, maybe not. I haven't been playing much PTR. I'm not a fan of test realms really.

    • They did 3 or 4 season resets on the previous PTR when they were introducing Seasons into the game, so expect a wipe very soon and a new Season 2 on PTR and again and again until they are ready with the patch.

  7. The amount of "new" legendary effects is a joke. There are a ton of no-orange legs still dropping, and those are the ones dropping the most, all the damn time. Legs are the new rares. They really need to fix that, and then we can talk about the leg rate.

    And a few other obvious things:
    -All helms, jewelry, and weapons should have sockets naturally. The difference isn't sub-optimal, it's downright game breaking. As others have said, let Gifts or equivalent upgrade stuff to Ancient quality.
    -Leveling is still stupid and unnecessary. Let gear and difficulty be the progression. Give skills out as rewards for basic story achievements. 1-69 is wasted time. You don't learn how to play, b/c most of the gear you're probably going to use (end game sets) doesn't drop until level 70.
    There are a couple of PTR Greater Rift barbs, one in the mid-50's and the other in the 60's. Everyone else is about 10 levels below them. Anyone know what they're up to?


    stop wasting our time with these troll drops.

  9. I played first day and a half on PTR just before buff and a little bit of time after.

    Before buff – maybe 2 second queue time, 2/3 dropped games
    After buff (within hours of the buff) – around 1/2 minutes and lots of dropped games.

    Personally I wanted to test the wizard which I did, only issues I found were already reported before I got to forum and, (or) reddit (mostly rift related), as well as wizard I tested the level reduction gem (leveled a barb pre-S2) and then a little bit on the monk – maybe I played it wrong but my monk was rather shit with bells+monkey king set.

    Since this buff, I haven't been able to get back on and I don't really feel the need. Obviously this is different for other people who weren't able to play from ptr release+S2 release, but my testing this round is done until they release a new iteration of the patch.

    Side-note: Mammoth Hydra + TnT = GG, firebirds feels like it takes longer to apply and i'm on the fence about a random ancient 2h vs non-ancient 2h/1h+source, but my gear was kinda low so hard to tell and not like I'm getting back on to improve gear and test again.
    Blue/Yellows are rarer than legendarys o.0

  10. I really would love to test. But I can’t. No matter when I try to create a game, I have to wait for at least 2 hours – and even after 2 hours nothing happens or I get disconnected due to inactivity.

  11. I cant even get in and play, always que time, now my characters which i copied are gone it wanted me create a new char and i did and my copy characters are gone? and ofc icant copy them back its not allowed at this time.. this PTR is nothing but a BIG JOKE u cant play or host your own games…. nonsense

  12. It's great that some people who are testing posting things, especially when they find bugs, but people who are just playing for the loot are testing as well. Blizzard passively collects a huge amount of data about what skills and items people are using and what content people are running. So while "active" testers may be more useful per capita than "passive" testers, it's really quite ridiculous to argue that people shouldn't play if they're not going to report bugs because they're using up server space.

  13. If people are playing the PTR due to the huge drop rate, sounds like people are (still) having trouble to find stuff on live.

    Considering that, maybe they should get rid of those 1% drops (buff them to 5%, in a world where a set piece is 10%)… They also should buff T1-T5 drops. Imo, right now it's easier to gear non-DH collecting shards with a DH, even with some pieces missing.

    Non PTR: I have a Kridershot – which makes the process more enjoyable, but the bis on live patch (arguibly) is Helltrapper – but I'm missing all the other 1%s (witching hour, calamity, tnt – even rucksack). Tried to roll a lightning version w/ meticulous bolts, but now I'm praticing with a cold version and dead man's legacy, because easier to enchant.

    I wasn't willing to spend shards on DH stuff, due to the uncertain M6 future. I just got full Akkhan's set (and some roland's) with a few thousand shards, after a couple days of DH action (which was geared in one week or so, missing the 1%s). My crusader couldn't run T1, now he has a full set that would take weeks to find using him, because T1 is garbage, rift keystones are hard to get with him, etc. I could go on and finish the gearing step of my DH, but I actually fell like gearing the poor alternates that can't gear themselves at a decent pace.

    I don't have a "main class", but played 3-4 during the RoS days. If you have a non-DH "main", gearing is just hard, "game is unrewarding", etc. It's faster to gear up a DH to gear "your class", compared to relying on drop rates without factoring in kadala.

    (I will try the PTR this week mainly to see if one of "my" DH builds work. Haven't tried this weekend because PTR testing is like "working for free". Having a queue to that is just… 🙂 )

    The fact that people are logging in because of the drops shows that there's something wrong with drop rates on live. In my case: "it takes around 30 legendary rings to find a soj and I yet have to see my first unity". Some people are struggling to get the first 6-piece set.

    I wouldn't mind a rain of everything on live if that means less hours to get 30 garbage rings and 1 soj/unity/decent rolled compass rose. Having a bazillion souls is useful when you plan to gear up your alternates.

    Of course: I don't want a 2000% buff on live. But at least 200% buff (especially on lower torments) would be nice… By the way, I think the T6 drop rate is garbage, so garbage that I do T6 only to get keystones and RoRG. Considering the trouble that some elites can give you on T6, doing one run with zero legendaries should be impossible. And that happens once in a while…

  14. The buff is bad, it makes the game fun to play. Games aren't supposed to be fun.

  15. Eh – the simple answer is this:
    The buff is "temporary" – it allows players to gear up fast – and then "actually" test. When it goes away, all the "extraneous" "non-testers" will leave the game and go back to playing regular. Also – with no real statistics to point to, how many people are actually trying PTR vs. regular? And of those trying, and not "testing" – how many just give up?

    I think this whole thing is getting way overblown. The Buff is great, but I hope it goes away in a day.

    However – I think, in the future, buffs like this have a place (maybe not 2000%, but 200? 500?). But should really only be the kind of thing blizz surprises people with – maybe don't even announce it. Make it last for 2 hours a random time on a random day. Or a 1/1000 chance to hit it when you create a game.

    Bottom line – it'll blow over. If they cut it short sooner than later.

  16. Hi,

    just played a few hours in story mode with a not so well geared crusader (from T2 to T4), after more extensivly "rifting around" with a M6 demon hunter (T4 and T5 – waiting time on T6 was always too long ;)). The buff really puts the games itemization issues in perspective.

    On the ratio of drops in story mode I'd say that T3 on PTR feels just about right for rare-, leg- and set-drops. Only the amount of blue items is already lacking far too much. Going up to T4 the droprates were already a tad bit too much, with too much overweight of leg-/set-drops and even less blues. (One could Blues on blues based on PTR ;)) It felt more like T5 or T6 droprates on live should look like. On T2 it was a strong opposite, with the droprate feeling more like it should on Hard or Master. For once the amount of blues was starting to turn from "crippling" to "just not enough," though. [Note: The Crusader had +50%mf from cains set the whole time.]

    On Rifts, the droprate was excessive on T4 and already ridiculous on T5. Going from the above, it was more like T10 and T14 droprates should feel like, if such difficulties would exist ingame. (Counting in the increased legendary droprate bonus of rifts to make them feel more rewarding, I'd take that down to T8 and T11/T12.) [Note: No mf% gear on the Demon Hunter.]

    In conclusion I'd say, that the droprate gained by going up a difficulty has too low an starting point and rises far too sharply. The buffed PTR droprate on T3 should be taken over to live, as it just really feels right there. [Reminder: Meant is the T3 droprate in Story Mode, with 50% mf counted in.] But that's probably just me.

    What the ridiculous droprates on Rifts painfully brought to light is that the real bummer in the rng is really just the randomization of affixes on legendary and set items. The game would be better served by tripling the amount of legendary items, sort them into five tiers of rarity instead of the three we have now and uniquely defining each individual legs affix sets. Accordingly, the fixation on 6 to 7 max affixes (+ socket on weapons) should be broken up on legs to create room for diversity in their design. This should complemented by something like three affix legs providing much higher than slot values on all their predefined affixes, over midrange affixed legs having one or two stats above the usual and up to "Masters of versatility"-legs, with perhaps one to three stats in the slot value range and the rest of the affixes of lower values. I guess this would also make it easier to balance legendary affixes against each other, perhaps even up the space for a few ultrarare legs without legendary affixes actually being a competition to legendaries having such.

    So much for now, … and all in the eye of the beholder 😉


  17. wow silly i must have id maybe 200 legendaries so far and i havent found a single decent one… no furnace no uber weapons to see how it would be like lol… so much garbage legendaries u dont care about and this is with 2000% buff damit..

  18. Umm.. there is no such thing like proper testers >.>

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