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    PTR community buff

    The big buff to exp and legendary drop rates now present on the PTR (for normal or Season 2 chars) is a great incentive to play, and a lot of fun. Some players are arguing that it’s actually too much fun, and will cause problems in the short and long term.

    The main complaints/objections I’ve seen and heard are:

    1. PTR is overwhelmed with people just playing for fun, creating long join/wait times and keeping “real” testers from doing proper testing.
    2. Players will get used to the super boosted leg drop rate (and the boosted Ancient Items rate)and ruin themselves for the real game once the buff ends, or will rage and complain asking for similar exp/legendary buffs on a regular basis.

    PTR Wait Lines

    Point one is definitely true, in terms of the wait to get on the PTR. I haven’t seen more than a 15m wait, and usually it’s just 2-4 minutes, but I haven’t tried to play during peak hours. (And once I’m in a game, I stay there for a long time, since creating a new game will involve a wait. Which makes farming for a RoRG pretty hard.)

    The obvious fix here is for Blizzard to allocate more resources to the PTR. If they doubled the capacity to allow more players on, then problem solved. (No idea if they can/will do that.) In the macro, they obviously wanted more people to get on the PTR and test out stuff, so they put a big buff for incentive. And it worked. Too well?

    The whole “other people aren’t *real* testers” argument simply reeks of elitism and self justification, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. However, everyone on the PTR is finding the new gear, experimenting with new skills and gear builds, etc. If that’s not “testing” then what is? Perhaps the argument is that more “casual” PTR players aren’t going to post feedback and debate the issues the way the more dedicated PTR players will, but that’s open to debate.

    Buff will “Spoil” the real game

    On Point #2, about players getting spoiled by the leg-a-minute (it’s actually more like 3-8 legs per minute, once you’re on T6) drop rate… I guess that might be a problem. Everyone I know on the PTR has been trading “this will spoil us for the real game” jokes, but they are jokes and the buffed leg drop rate is the biggest joke of all. I’d actually like to see it lowered, since I often have my entire inv full of legs even before I get to the Rift Guardian, and I’ll fill up 3-4x if I clear out an entire Rift, not even counting Blood Thiefs, which are a guaranteed 3-4 TPs to gamble off the Shards. On the whole there are just too many town trips once you’re up to T6 and the leg rate has gone officially insane, and it makes me want an “ID all in field” button. The devs can put it right beside the “salvage all legs” button, while I’m making requests.

    Lacking those interface improvements, I’ve already gotten to the point of leaving a lot of legs on the ground, just to save time. I’m picking up every weapon and jewelry, but orange and green items of slots I don’t want/need are getting passed by, and I’ve become incredibly selective and instantly-dismissive of 99% of the legs when I identify them. Including most Ancient Items.

    Will this have some long term effect on me? Probably not, though I’ll obviously miss it when reality returns. Especially since I usually play Hardcore, where I can do T6 but have a lot lower killing speed. (Though much higher Toughness, which actually makes the play feel easier. I’ve had to dodge and run and play much more alertly doing softcore on the PTR, just since there’s so little margin for error.)

    Will the super buff rate cause wider problems, though? Will players complain endlessly or just /ragequit when they can’t get +2000% or even +200% legendary drop rates in the real game? Perhaps, but it’s not like “endlessly complaining about something” isn’t already the constant state of affairs on the Battle.net forums.

    Vote and Debate

    What do you guys think of the PTR issues with the community buff? Is it nothing a little more server capacity couldn’t fix? Or do you think it’s going to corrupt the short term testing and sew seeds of discontent for the long term game and community?

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    A few pics to show the outrageousness possible on the PTR now. And to send more people to try it, thus making even more wait lines for “real” testers. On [email protected]!11!!

    Meathead Mikhail has posted some great Legendary Gem tutorial videos in the past, so here’s his “rant” against the community buff now on the PTR. I don’t think his argument is very convincing, but it’s right to the point, so check it out if you want the audio version of the same arguments made above.

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