As yesterday’s vote has clearly demonstrated that a strong majority of Diablo 3 players really do Hate the Realm of Trials, let’s take a look at the related issue. What do you guys think about DiabloWikiGreater Rifts?

    Wurmer’s long-running State of Greater Rifts thread in our Diablo 3 community forum is a good place to see a variety of comments about DiabloWikiGRifts, as well as a wide-ranging comparison of everyone’s best GR clear times and related comments.

    With the leaderboards displayed on B.net it’s easy to focus on the very highest GR clears, but that’s misleading when considering the average player’s experience. Just look at that link; the few top Barbs are over 50, but if you scroll down it changes quickly. There are only about 100 Barbs ever to finish GR40+, with the vast majority of the top 1000 in the mid-30s.

    Things should shake up a bit when the current patch goes live, since there are many improvements to monster density and composition in Greater Rifts. On the PTR now you get more variety of monster types on each level of the Grift, and much higher density throughout. Most players who have copied over their accounts enjoy immediate 3-6 level bumps in their best GR time due to the increased monster density, and there are a few new legendary items that can boost performance as well.

    So wherever you are on the gear and GRift curve, what do you think of the feature?

    What do you think about the current state of Greater Rifts?

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    One related question I asked in the thread and I’d like to survey here: How much of an outlier is your best GRift time? For instance, if your character can routinely clear GR25, is your best clear 10:34 on GR28? Or is your best a 14:58 clear on GR36 since you constantly try to push higher, and one time you got a really lucky spawn with Conduit Pylons?

    Personally, my best times are only a level or three higher than the GR I can clear routinely, since I’ve never really focused on one char and tried to max out their GRift potential. That’s partially since my chars on Live are DiabloWikihardcore and that makes pushing higher GRs a dangerous proposition, but even with the softcore chars I’m lately playing on the PTR I don’t feel the urge to just do GRs repeatedly, trying to get a lucky run and a better time.

    But I’m curious how other players approach that issue, so feel free to share in comments here, or in the State of Greater Rifts forum thread.

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