What’s your goal for Diablo 3 difficulty? Speed running in DiabloWikiNormal? Crushing in Torment 1? Battling to survive in DiabloWikiTorment 6? I brought up this question on the last latest podcast after both guests were going into very deep waters in their “A class/build is crap if it can’t dominate in Torment 6 on DiabloWikiHardcore!”

    Obviously that is the goal for some players, but I know it’s not unanimous and I don’t think it’s even the majority view. What do you guys realistically aim to achieve with your main character? The key word is “realistically,” when you realize the dozens (hundreds?) of hours, focused entirely on one char/class, in order to gear up to the highest levels. You can cross your fingers that you’ll trip over half a dozen spectacular drops in a row and suddenly fly into T6… but miracles aside, what’s more likely to occur? Where do you plan to go?

    What difficulty level do you expect your main character to achieve?

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