Vote: Diablo 3 Difficulty Aspirations?

Vote: Diablo 3 Difficulty Aspirations?

What’s your goal for Diablo 3 difficulty? Speed running in DiabloWikiNormal? Crushing in Torment 1? Battling to survive in DiabloWikiTorment 6? I brought up this question on the last latest podcast after both guests were going into very deep waters in their “A class/build is crap if it can’t dominate in Torment 6 on DiabloWikiHardcore!”

Obviously that is the goal for some players, but I know it’s not unanimous and I don’t think it’s even the majority view. What do you guys realistically aim to achieve with your main character? The key word is “realistically,” when you realize the dozens (hundreds?) of hours, focused entirely on one char/class, in order to gear up to the highest levels. You can cross your fingers that you’ll trip over half a dozen spectacular drops in a row and suddenly fly into T6… but miracles aside, what’s more likely to occur? Where do you plan to go?

What difficulty level do you expect your main character to achieve?

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25 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3 Difficulty Aspirations?

  1. It really depends for me… When I am in a party with jade wd who does 1b dps, I move to my 750k/30m toughness monk to pull/palm. Alone my wiz does t4 and my wd does t4-t5 np. To me, it varies and I have viable chars for all types of play.

    • I was going to break up the vote further into solo and party, and maybe even include some HC options, but it just seemed too fragmented. There’s overlap; a char with the same gear who would feel pride in working solo T2 Hardcore could probably fly through T4 in a party in softcore.

      Everyone will answer a bit differently, but I guess that’s what comments are for.

      • Looking at the leading vote, with 30% wanting to dominate T5-6, I’m reminded of studies done of online dating profiles, where like 90% of women in 28-36 range want a husband and kids, while most of the men in their demographic range (30-45ish) just want to date and have fun and nothing too serious.

        There’s a obvious math problem in the dating scenario, though I guess that’s not true in RoS, since everyone can ultimately find mega-good gear, if they just look long enough. In D3, unlike in dating, there really are always more fish in the sea.

        • I really see no difference. In both cases, luck and method play a large role along with time.

  2. Realisticly I’m shooting for being able to do T5/T6 where its a challenge but doable and my HC DH won’t get gibbed by a bad combo of elite affixes. I’m not sure I’ll ever put in quite enough time much less get lucky enough before ladders come out to be absolutely dominating T5/T6 but I think being able to actually somewhat do them (solo) is an attainable goal that’s just going to take a lot of patience and work on my and along with a healthy sprinkling of hundreds of hours of farming time.

    I’m already farming T3 at a decent pace outside of a bad rift (i.e. crap ton of corrupted angels vs a fire build…) so I’m not *that far off* but I also realize that the gearing curve will get exponentially slower. That said I just found (after roughly 300 Act I caches although its roll was garbage ~_~) a ring of royal grandeur so once I start getting some set pieces I can really start seeing some results.

  3. I run t3 pretty easily now in HC and can do t4 in groups but certain multipack puls can be a bit sketchy. I am not entirely sure that some classes can run t5 in HC efficiently since getting that much EHP and Damage balanced properly is a near impossibility but sacrificing one for the other it is possible.

    I have run t6 ubers in HC and that is probably the only time I expect to venture into t6 without some major changes to the monk class.

  4. To experience all of the features and content the game has to offer and as far as I can go within the time frame that is my enjoyment of the game. In D3’s case I’ve been fortunate enough to reach soloing T3 comfortably before it felt like trying to get gear was an exercise in futility.

    Do I feel satisfied with where I currently am? Yeah. Even if I went beyond T3 will anything change drastically from what I’m currently doing now in T3? Things will have bigger numbers but the gear I’m trying to get will be the same random items. I don’t particularly care about making numbers bigger for the sake of making them bigger.

    • This about covers it. My Crusader can stomp all over T3, and with a few more tweaks/upgrades could move to T4. I’m not going to flush hundreds more hours down the drain hoping to get all perfect roll best in slot items when I could be having more fun playing other classes and seeing what they have to offer.

  5. I want to get to T6 but it still be a challenge. If it ever became the equivalent of playing on Expert now then the fun would be gone and I’d just be going through the motions to find items out of habit.

    I never want to dominate the game.

  6. Although I agree with “A class/build is crap if it can’t dominate in Torment 6 on Hardcore!” to some extent, I’ll just try to bring all my characters at T1 levels and I’ll focus on one after that. Or maybe not. RL>RoS. SC.

  7. If one is serious about farming there is no point in running anything above T1 or T2.

    The Max HP of monsters goes up 60% per Torment level.
    Monster damage goes up 45% per level.
    Legendary Find (supposedly) goes up 15% per level.

    Obviously in a good party higher Torments can be run as fast as lower ones. But in a.. “not so good party” you are actually being hindered. I wrote a longer article on this and posted it in these forums and on the main Diablo site but it has gotten no reads or responses.

    • Legendary drop rate actually increases a lot more than 15% per diff level, since it’s exponential x the other bonuses. You can see all the figures on the difficulty article. Going from T1 up to T3 essentially doubles your drop rate, and T6 is nearly 5x the drop rate of T1. If it takes you 10x as long that’s not a wise decision, but that’s the point in upgrading your gear; so you can do harder content without it taking that much longer.

      Torment 1: +15% Legendary drop bonus, +44% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 2: +32% Legendary drop bonus, +65% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 3: +52% Legendary drop bonus, +90% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 4: +75% Legendary drop bonus, +119% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 5: +101% Legendary drop bonus, +151% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 6: +131% Legendary drop bonus, +189% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.

      • I didn’t quite word my statement correctly.

        The rate of change between each Torment level for monster HP, monster damage, and legendary drop rate is 60%, 45%, and 15%, respectively. The Rift bonus is definitely better, but the rate of change is consistent there, as well.

        Comparing graphs of the old difficulty bonus system to the new one is quite interesting.

  8. For me, Diablo is about the mind numbing facerolling. So I have no set goal for difficulty. I just try if I can faceroll the current difficulty with my gear and if yes, stick with it, otherwise, faceroll previous difficulty untin enough candy drops.

    That is why I don’t agree with Blizzard “everything needs to be balanced and challenging” Philosophy.

  9. I want to get powerful like in D2 (endgame gear and endgame character development) and then I want to faceroll the highest difficulty Torment 6 (equivalent of Hell in D2) with the occasional \OH OH OH\ moment when I almost die to keep me on my toes when multiple elite packs attack me at once (like Chaos runs in D2) I want to one shot white items, and two shot elites, and 4-5 shot bosses, and the main efficiency comes from your movement speed and perma-teleport if you build your char correctly (just like D2)

    Why do I want that? Well because I want to feel uber-powerful after all that time investment. I also want to be that powerful because it allows me to teleport to bosses quickly, kill them quickly and loot lots of uniques quickly. (after investing all that time into building my godlike character and gearing it)

    What is the problem and why will this never be the case in D3?

    – Developers and decision makers have a heavy wow paradigm
    – Bosses dont drop uniques
    – No targets that drop many uniques (as a replacement for the removed boss loot)
    – Cooldowns on various things which frustrate me a lot (town portal casting bar, archon cooldown, meteor cooldown, etc.)
    – Highly regulated and \complex\ loot system that streamlines everyone into the same drop frequency (communism anyone?)
    – White mobs do not drop any loot at all anymore

  10. My informal goal is to “complete” 2-4 characters and craft a level 70 hellfire ring. That means, either getting enough of a class set or two to feel powerful (I don’t have a ring of royal grandeur, but I figure one will drop sooner or later – haven’t focused on it).

    In order to achieve these things, I need to be able to play T4 and survive with at least my main. In D3V 2.0, I found T4 necessary for farming organs. Below that, the infernal machine quest felt like a waste of time.

    I know a lvl70 hellfire ring isn’t worth the trouble, but it’s about the journey, the challenge… I actually had a lot of fun doing that content pre-RoS.

    Even if I get that strong, I doubt I’ll ever be powerful enough to efficiently farm above T2. Right now my main wizard can do alright in T2, but it’s still too slow to make much sense. But I do want to play at a level where I’m maximizing experience and gold earned, and the number of legendaries and crafting materials that drop.

    • With the + to XP on all 12 wearable items a “new Hellfire” is just NOT worth the time and effort. Use the original Hellfire and flip-flop a big ruby in your helm when you play solo for XP. then just roll the paragon points!!! It is self full filling with the xtra points. Playing solo 95% of the time I am generating 4 to 6 paragon level a week a 240P.

  11. Dominating T6, no doubt about that. Whether it’s possible or not, I’ll try to be as strong as I can be.

  12. It seems I’m at the other side of the scale than most of the commenters. I’m so casual it hurts 🙂 OK, for my non-Diablo friends I’m hardcore gamer but they are easily impressed with my measly 500 hours of gameplay 😉
    My long term goal is to get all of my six characters to T1 and then concentrate on one of them. Knowing my rate of progress I’ll probably reach T1 just before second expansion hits, but there, that’s my goal 🙂

  13. Being only a HC play, and only playing a DH right now, I can faceroll through t1, providing i don’t stop and stand still, because if i do and elites hit me i will die.

    I haven’t played a lot in a party. But when i do with a WD or Wiz, i feel like im just standing there not doing anything, so what’s the point

  14. Can’t decide where to cast my vote. The build I want to gear for is very atypical and has very specific needs.

    If – and only if – I can get the specific items for it with near-perfect rolls in all slots and/or Blizzard decides to favor Physical a bit more (hail Fire’s all-glorious Cindercoat), my damage would steamroll T4 regular monsters and melt T4 elites in under 10 seconds. But moving in T5 and T6 is much more uncertain; and I haven’t crunched the math on my survivability, which also hinges on Dexterity being revisited.

    I would frankly require using gear-swap in T6 to take on bosses like Ghom with ~2.8 billion life. That opens a new can of worms on re-calculating my resource expenditure and damage under gear swap; but if I could sustain with the alternate weapon, I should be able to down them in under 10 seconds if I didn’t die.

    Frankly Dexterity should contribute to an Evasion stat that then produces the Dodge percent in the way Intelligence contributes Resistance and then Resistance produces \damage reduced by __%.\

    All this is also compounded by the question — do I have the perseverance to grind through the gearing process? Given I’ve only gotten one item for my build – and a very poorly rolled version of it at that – I believe the answer will be \no.\

    So I might have to settle for face-rolling T1-2 with a completely different build from the one I even want to play until I just choose a new game.

    Tl;dr: Probably option (5) if I could even get my gear, but likely option (3) playing a completely different build from the one I want because I’ll likely quit at this rate. Only 1 item for my build found so far, and very poorly rolled.

  15. Ya, I really just don’t care to get pasts Torment 1. My gear’s pretty decent at 1 million DPS, 5 million toughness, and at this point, I just don’t feel like grinding for hundreds of hours to get those stats higher. In T1, I can get sets to drop, and when I play in higher torment levels, HP values skyrocket to the point where it basically evens itself out efficiency wise.

  16. I play HC and my goal was to get to T4/5 ish for hellfire ring making. I am basically there now and am playing around with different builds for fun/speed.

  17. I am playing HC and rather casually. So my goal is to reach T1/T2. I am not yet there (Master at the moment). Then I want to work on my achievements, equip most of my characters for T1/T2… Eventually, I will work more on one character but I find it quite boring after a while (when things start to get slow in terms of gear progression). I guess by the time I reach these goals and with some extended periods where I will play other games, the next expansion will be out.

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