news-vote-not-cow-levelThe new not-so-secret cow level went live in Diablo 3 on the 15th, and will remain accessible until the evening of the 21st. The Goblin-cow that provides access is spawning pretty frequently (in Adventure Mode, but not in Rifts) and most players I’ve talked to have seen the Secret Cow Level, by now.

    So what do you guys think? Do you like the nostalgia and the level? Find it rewarding? Enjoying the treat? Or would you rather just have a week of +100% gold/legendaries, with maybe double goblins as well?

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    I enjoy the level, but I’ve found it so many times already that the novelty is wearing off. I’ve had rather limited play time this week, but I’ve found the Not A Cow Level 4x already, and twice the Cowblin was standing right beside the first waypoint I hit in a brand new game, making it virtually impossible to *not* score the orange portal.

    As for the level, the novelty is neat, but masses of trash mobs go so fast in D3 that it seems over before it begins. All the chests are pretty neat, and I’ve seen 1-4 legs each time into the level, but really, the biggest benefit for me has been all the blue items. I’ve joked with other players that Bliz should have lined the outside of the level with armor racks also, or just had the Cow Queen drop 500+ stacks of white/blue mats, if they really wanted to make players value the experience.

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