Vote: Diablo 3 Anniversary Cow Level

Vote: Diablo 3 Anniversary Cow Level

news-vote-not-cow-levelThe new not-so-secret cow level went live in Diablo 3 on the 15th, and will remain accessible until the evening of the 21st. The Goblin-cow that provides access is spawning pretty frequently (in Adventure Mode, but not in Rifts) and most players I’ve talked to have seen the Secret Cow Level, by now.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the nostalgia and the level? Find it rewarding? Enjoying the treat? Or would you rather just have a week of +100% gold/legendaries, with maybe double goblins as well?

Vote: Diablo 3 Anniversary Cow Level

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I enjoy the level, but I’ve found it so many times already that the novelty is wearing off. I’ve had rather limited play time this week, but I’ve found the Not A Cow Level 4x already, and twice the Cowblin was standing right beside the first waypoint I hit in a brand new game, making it virtually impossible to *not* score the orange portal.

As for the level, the novelty is neat, but masses of trash mobs go so fast in D3 that it seems over before it begins. All the chests are pretty neat, and I’ve seen 1-4 legs each time into the level, but really, the biggest benefit for me has been all the blue items. I’ve joked with other players that Bliz should have lined the outside of the level with armor racks also, or just had the Cow Queen drop 500+ stacks of white/blue mats, if they really wanted to make players value the experience.

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25 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3 Anniversary Cow Level

  1. I strongly believe that “moo” will win this poll!

    This isn’t THE cow level (because it doesn’t exist) but I’m satisfied enough.
    I’ve found it thrice since I haven’t been playing that much as well.
    The legendaries were all trash but nonetheless it’s a real chestmania.

    Maybe for the four-year anniversary, Blizzard will turn all monsters into cows.
    That would be even more amoosing.

    • I enabled voting for up to 2 results, since there’s no reason not to vote mooooooooo along with any other reply.

  2. Meh, I don’t feel it’s nice to criticize blizzard for adding something fun and silly to the game. Do I wish they’d add a xp/mf buff? Yes I do. Am I going to complain about it not being there? Naaaaaaah.

    The verification thing asked me to type “drink milk” coincidence?

    • I expect that like the goblin vault and the rainbow goblins, cow goblins will be here to stay just rare. The buff is effectively turning their spawn rate up through the roof (similarly to how it was with the goblin vault in the PTR).

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, after you do it a few times you end up skipping it for sure, but it was a nice bit of nostalgia. I would love for this to stay in the game but on a slightly rarer scale. That would be pretty cool

  4. Damn your an RNG lucker Flux … I found it once in my first hour or so of playing with the buff and have since killed ~20 treasure goblins without encountering another cow-goblin again (outside of Rifts, obviously, as it can’t drop inside rifts). πŸ™

    • No, You are not alone! I haven’t found the cow level either…… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
      If it is an anniversary buff – why have such a low chance to find it??? It should be easily found and not random! Sure, when the anniversary is over – then make it ultra rare (like goblin vault) but as long as we are celebrating – EVERYONE should be able to celebrate!

    • For me cow level is still a lie has make many runs and none of my friends has found it, so lame and poor and why only in adventure mode ??
      No celebrating at all just another day on the office

  5. I’ve had pretty poor luck finding it as well…only got it once amid a bunch of roaming/bounties in Adventure mode. It was fun, but it’s a poorly thought out “anniversary buff” that still relies on RNG.

  6. Exp buff and MF buff would be too much i think….. Well there is 2 ways to think here…. Casual or people who plays 20 hrs a day…. i think they went the casual way because a whole week of double exp would be insane advantage for those who compete for high grift ???! maybe ??

    I enjoyed it … It just a little lame that it is only on “Bounty” mode…..Must use the vault coding or whatever but Bounty are not fun ….not @ all they are a chore and i think ive read somewhere that they wanted to remove normal rift key and that Bounty would be only for RORG euh sorry Bounty bag! Oh maybe you can add the key run in there !!

    Cow queen need to drop more and blizz need to stop beeing afraid of doing sutff like a special transmog or whatever your want…would be nice !!

  7. Found it twice , 0 drops , so usual gameplay for me .

    Why oh why did they not make the cows moo with the D2 sound effects :/

  8. I stopped playing in D3, but I checking this portal in case something new come out, maybe cow level is OK for people still playing in D3 but I’m certain that this kind of things won’t bring back other players.

  9. Now what would really be cool would be a cow print dye for your gear. How about that?

  10. Hahaha. And instead of the Hallowed Essence helm, it’s a giant cow head? Oh wait…that’s already included with the Nats set head. :p

  11. “Anniversary Buff”

    Great Idea. Lets make a level which is a copy of the cow rift. We make it super rare so that most people can’t find it and if they do there is no loot in it!


    I don’t think there has been a worse Idea ever from Blizzard for an Event.

  12. It’s pretty par for the course of Diablo II throwback in Diablo III. Make a snarky reference to a previous game, nostalgia freaks come in and bash it into oblivion. Unfortunately for this individual piece, it’s temporary, so there is no thought needed in this cow level. (random chests scattered, mob generation random, Fields of Misery ghetto map copy, horrible drops aside chests, the list goes on)

    Maybe Blizzard will give us a new Cow Level once they have time to work on it. Highly doubt it though.

  13. For me cow level is still a lie has make many runs and none of my friends has found it, so lame and poor and why only in adventure mode ??
    No celebrating at all just another day on the office

  14. Beats me why they didn’t put some guaranteed reward there, like a unique transmog or even an achievement/FoS for clearing it, or perhaps making the Cow Queen drop a few legendary items the first time you kill her.

    I guess I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve found the cow level 3 times in the little time I’ve spent outside of rifts, and those 3 cow levels combined resulted in one (1) legendary item… and that was from the 3rd visit. I don’t know what kind of player reaction Blizzard was going for with this event, but I doubt it was “disappointing”.

  15. I’m not really impressed. I ran around 3 or 4 games before I found the portal, and it was good for a chuckle but little else. It’d be fine as a rare easter egg, but for an anniversary, it’s pretty much a non-event.

  16. Excited to find it the first time, and it was fun, but there’s nothing substantial there to make you want to find it again. Second time I found it I felt like I wasted 5 minutes.

  17. I am still reading on the forums that there are still people who have not found it or at the most seen it once in 6 days .

    Bit ridiculous for an anniversary buff when you rarely , if ever , see it ….
    I think the voting was slightly biased to liking it too .

    “It’s okay, but have liked a +100% GF/MF type buff also.”

    Nope , it’s bloody crap but I would have liked the gf/mf .

    Wonder what it would have been been if “it’s okay” and “I wanted the +100 gf/mf” was a separate answer .I’m betting there would be much less okay’s .

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