news-ancient-items1The concept for Ancient Items: upgraded Diablo 3 Legendary Items, was revealed at Blizzcon 2014 to what felt like a fairly mixed reception. The idea is simple; about 1.5% on T1 and up to 10% on DiabloWikiT6 of legendary items that drop (or gamble, or craft) will be Ancient Items, with considerably higher rolls to most of the primary and secondary affixes.

    The stats are boosted by ~1-30%, making any Ancient Item at least a minor and potentially a very major upgrade over the non-Ancient version of that same item. Not all affixes get a boost; currently Critical hit Damage & Chance, Attack Speed, +skill damage, and +elemental damage are not boosted by being Ancient-ized (subject to change during the PTR, of course). Almost every other affix is, though including DiabloWikimainstat, vitality, DiabloWikiRes All, and perhaps most impactful of all… weapon damage.

    You will see *much* bigger DPS numbers on weapons that roll as Ancient, to the point that a player might ditch their current weapon with a useful Legendary Affix for the Ancient version of a different weapon. Hey, it’s an incentive to try a different build! A new, Ancient thing. You like new things, right?

    The stated purpose of Ancient Items is to provide another source of item upgrades, even for players who are very well kitted out. The Diablo 3 devs feel the game is most fun for players when they are regularly (or at least irregularly) finding impactful upgrades to their gear, and the AIs are a way to implement that without adding a whole new tier of higher quality items that would obsolete everything your character is now wearing.

    grumpy cat ancient itemsNot everyone likes the idea, of course. The main objection I’ve seen is that the Ancient quality will become the new baseline, making all current items feel like junk. Which is probably true, at least for players at the highest end, but it’s odd to focus on the “won’t have and will feel left out” instead of the “will find and will feel great to upgrade.” Imagine, people on the internet focusing on the negative!

    The other complaint is that the odds of finding an Ancient version of the the really uncommon items, especially some of the weapons that take so long to hunt up in any form, will be too long. If you’ve got a 1/10000 chance of finding a Furnace now, and you’ve only got a 10% chance of that Furnace being Ancient… you’ll be looking for a long time! Of course the whole point of Diablo 3 is to spend a long time looking for perfect item upgrades, but not everyone was temperamentally cut out to hunt The Grail in D2, or the Ancient Grail now that we’ve got it in D3…

    Anyway, here’s the vote, and let’s measure some opinions on Ancient Items. Vote: Diablo 3 Ancient Items… Newer and Better?

    How do you feel about Diablo 3 Ancient Items?

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    Click through to see screenshots of the 9 Ancient Item examples so far revealed, Blue quotes on AI, and hit the comments for your specific complaints/praises of the Ancient Items question.

    Travis Day’s comments on Ancient Items from our interview with him on Friday afternoon at Blizzcon 2014. (This was before the Satuday panel explained more AI details.)

    IncGamers: So do Ancient Items look just the same? Is the clang or drop beam different?
    Travis: That’s the idea.

    IncGamers: So there’s going to be new excitement when IDing, eh?
    Travis: Sure, it’s meant to preserve a little bit of that anticipation. And Ancient Items are really meant to serve the players who want to play the game a considerable amount. We want our game to be as accessible to all of our players as possible. And our drop rates reflect that.

    I started my Seasonal Monk and within a week I had surpassed my Crusader from ship of RoS, since drop rates are insanely high now, Kadala is really rewarding. And it’s great that I could do that with a brand new character, but man I really wish there was still something I could want… cause I’ve got everything already. And Ancient Items are really meant for people like me or streamers or players like you who play a lot and want something new to discover.

    A couple of recent Blue posts on Ancient Items as well:

    When Ancient legendaries were announced at Blizzcon, the first thing that came to my mind along with many others was the fact that another layer of RNG would be added to the many layers that already exist. In terms of end-game progression this would mean that players will have to re-farm already hard-to-get legendaries, have them roll the right stats, and on top of that hope that it rolls as an ancient legendary. This will only drive many of the remaining player base away.

    After discussing this matter with many others, I feel that the best way to implement this system would be to add a gift similar to Ramaladni’s that will transform the legendary item you use it on into an ancient legendary with increased stats. Of course this item will have to be extremely rare to make the system fair. By implementing the system in this form it will avoid the issue of forcing players to re-farm all of their gear in order to progress through higher level greater rifts and improve their leaderboard rank. Blizzard… for the sake of maintaining the current player base and longevity of this franchise, please reconsider how this ancient legendary system will work its way into the current state of the game.
    Tyvalir: Thanks for taking the time to post, Verdrix! We sincerely appreciate all the thoughtful threads the community is putting forward on Ancient Items. We’re reading through each and every one we come across, and we’ll continue to pass your ideas on to our dev team. Similarly, once the PTR for patch 2.1.2 arrives, we’ll be sure your hands-on feedback is relayed just as thoroughly.

    For clarity, Ancient items are Legendary or Set items which have up to 30% higher stats than their non-Ancient counterparts (as well as being much rarer). They can drop from monsters starting in Torment difficulty, with an increasing chance to drop as you move up in difficulty level. They also have a chance to be obtained by crafting or from Kadala. As with all other changes and features included in patch 2.1.2, this particular design for Ancient items is subject to change based on testing and player feedback during the PTR. We hope to see some of you who are posting so passionately now putting these items through their paces once the public test realm is live.

    Crafted Sets/Legendaries + Ancient legendaries

    How will this work? It takes a lot of mats to craft Legs/sets. Is one supposed to keep crafting the same items over and over and hope one turns out to be a ancient item? does anyone know?
    Tyvalir: Great question!

    While we can’t say for sure how rare they’ll be just yet (since they haven’t been tested on the PTR), I can confirm that crafted Legendary and Set items will have a chance to roll as Ancient items, regardless of the difficulty in which you’re crafting.

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