Vote Debate: Ancient Weapons, Working or Not?

Legs on the PTR, but still no Ancient weapon!

Legendaries on the PTR.

The huge +2000% legendary drop rate buff on the PTR means you find heaps of legendary items, which makes it possible to gear out your character very quickly. That’s true for armor, at least. Even with the drop rate it’s still quite difficult to find a great weapon… surprisingly so.

The best weapons with the special legendary properties are all rare drops, and even on T6 you’ve only got about a 1/10th chance of a found legendary rolling Ancient. So, even when you’re choking on legendaries like Homer paying the price for his delicious Soul Donut, it’s quite difficult to find the weapon you want, Ancient, with a good enough damage roll to make it an upgrade.

This is a problem that’s pretty much unique to weapons, since armor (and especially jewelry) gets some upgrade from legendary, but never enough to make or break the build. That’s not true of weapons, since except in some special “I must use this weapon for my build to function” Starmetal cases, most players will take a big damage roll on an Ancient weapon without any legendary affix, rather than their ideal weapon if it didn’t roll ancient.

None of this is news to anyone and we all saw it coming months ago during the PTR testing (or maybe even all the way back at Blizzcon 2014 when Ancient Weapons were first revealed), but seeing it in practice during Season Two has soured many players on Ancient weapons. (We had this same discussion in January just after Ancients went live.)

Can't live without it.

Can’t live without it.

I often see forum threads or clan chat where some player is bemoaning his terrible luck in finding the Ancient weapon his build requires, and how endless farming for that one item has consumed and ruined his entire Season. And that’s a real thing, especially for builds that require a certain weapon, in comparison to other builds that can spend a few minutes crafting legendary weapons until they get an Ancient that’s plenty good enough.

So what do you guys think of Ancient weapons? Are they awesome and worth the farming trouble when you find one, or too powerful and thus capable of ruining your build if you can’t find one? Should they be removed entirely, or made easier to find?

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Coincidentally, just about the time I posted this vote, Wyatt Cheng tweeted a comment about this very issue with Ancient Weapons. I didn’t see his tweet until some time later, and it doesn’t impact the vote options of this debate, though it may disappoint players hoping for some big change to the Ancient Weapons system.

Click through for that and to add your comments on this debate.

Rather than make a specific ancient weapon easier to get, we’d rather improve underperforming weapons so it’s not as much about “the one”. —WyattCheng

Sticking cool legendary affixes on more weapons would be great, especially if that opens up more build options, but there’s still going to be the issue of some builds requiring weapon X to function, which means those builds are never going to perform anywhere near top level unless/until they obtain an Ancient Weapon. (And the issue is weapon in comparison to armor and jewelry, since the weapon being ancient is worth more than ancient or not on every other slot combined.)

If anything, this reminds me of the old days when weapons without sockets were insta-churned, no matter the quality of their other rolls. Blizzard eventually bowed to the endless fan complaints about that issue and added enchanting, and then the DiabloWikiGift of Ramaladni to fix that “no socket = useless weapon” issue. Which makes a similar fix to the Ancient Weapon issue seem like a possibility, eh?

Update: Handy graphics showing the relative damage of ancient vs. non-ancient weapons. In all cases, the worst possible roll on an Ancient weapon is as good or better than the best possible roll on non-ancient weapon. Source Reddit



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  1. It's a bit irritating to get a non ancient Kridershot up around 2850 dps and then find an Ancient windforce at 3450 and realize that the Krider outperforms it with the M6 setup, and thus the only possible upgrade is the rarest bow rolling ancient with a good roll.

    Some change to ease that sort of situation would be welcome.

  2. I’ve hit the option for some kind of gift but I’ve changed my mind about that – although it seems neat I don’t think introducing a separate drop chance is a good cure for an issue caused by a low drop chance. Some kind of crafting situation seems better I feel. It’s something that you could add to the Mystic as a tab without too much trouble.

    It’s not like it would be an over-used feature if you just allow it for weapons and stick a cost on it that will hurt (I’m thinking a top tier gem, probably an emerald so the dev’s can have a giggle about it).

  3. maybe part of the problem is that people are too fixed on playing optimal builds instead of just having fun from playing and using some builds they can do with their current items…

    • Did you read my comment? I tested a much nicer damage Ancient Legendary bow (Windforce) and it couldn't keep up with a non-Ancient Kridershot (due to the 500% bonus from sentries on M6 applying to EE which acts as a generator replacement if you have Krider).

      It's not as simple as just using the best number to drop.

      • so whats the highest GR you can solo with each of these weapons ?

        • My DH experience with the way M6 works now is that Krider isn't that useful. Maybe at very high GRs where every battle means an endless barrage of generator shots, but I've done up to GR40 solo (in HC) and even at that level, I hardly ever have a battle go long enough to place more than 2 or 3 Sentries, and I usually kill everything with Cluster and hardly use my generator.

          I've done my highest GRs with the Bow that makes all Entangling Shot enemies take extra 20-25% damage, (Great for bosses, and I use the rune that makes Entangling generate 6 hatred), but most players go with a plain bow or xbow and just use the cold form of Evasive Fire, which generates 7 hatred. Krider brings 3 or 4 per shot with Elemental Arrow, but since 90% of your damage comes from bombing with Cluster, having more Hatred is more valuable than the higher damage per generator that you get with Krider.

          Especially if you're just speed farming T6, where you hardly have to use your Generator since most battles are 2-4 Clusters = everything dead, and then refill Hatred from Globes.

          • I concur with Flux. I picked up a 3350 dps(no attack speed) ancient krider las night and it does not compete with my 3150 dps(no attack speed) xbow in GR 44+. Both the Krider and Xbow have 10% damage and near perfect ranges.

            Ideally you never want to be casting a generator with M6 including the Krider EA as a gen.

            Last night solo I was running Physical CA:SS my rockets were hitting for 500-650m(1200% wpn damage) in GR 46. Evasive does 200% to 1 targer and 100% to 2 more targets. On boss or elites, the main time sink in higher GR, doing 330% instead of 200% will not make a difference. In addition you would have to cast EA more(3/4 htd) vs 7 htd from Focus Fire reducing the amount of time available for cluster arrows. Adding a few EA will not significantly up my dps on bosses or elite packs and is likely to cost me dps. Reaper's wraps, bat, and prep:punishment for hatred regen also reduce the need to cast the generator.

            I think the confusion is where Drixx says the nothing out performs his krider. What specifallcy is he doing?

            1. For T6/bounties/ubers/etc, sure, anything works but I never cast my generator anyway. Sometimes I run dual 1h xbows for speed T6 rifts solo. unlaiden#1273, seasonal dh "keyFarmer" for example.

            2. Solo GR <35. Again almost anything works. Same as T6.

            3. Group speed rifts GR33-45. Krider would be wrong here. CA: LFB or CB is the most damage when you have a person gathering the mobs for you. With extra health globes from solarium on the support class and killing elite packs quickly I never need my generator except on the bosses.

            4. Ive cleard GR 44 with etrayu(CA:malstorm), multishot(xBow) and CA:Shooting stars(xBow). The etrayu spec ran nightstalker which cost me a passive slot. The fastest clears were with the 2h xbow.

            5. I've only been able to clear 45 with the 2h xbow. Etrayu did not do enough damage to the bosses. Krider will would be worse than Etrayu.

            The place where Krider may shine is in a lightning slow ball build like Wujido's, swapping the Calmity for Krider and changing a few talents. I plan on testing this build next week.

    • I have fun trying to get to hightest/fastest GR. After a certian point without optimal builds/gear I would be limiting my progress while others on the ladder do not.

  4. Part of this whole hyper sensitivity to drop rates on a particular item can be traced back to the decision to kick end game rares and magical items to the curb. When no other interesting choices or alternatives exist in our itemization, of course we will have this problem.

    Our back packs we fill up are nothing but mat storage bins, the possibility and excitement of rummaging through a freshly filled backpack of powerfull Magical, Rare, and in some cases, White items was killed off long ago.

    Things are way too linear and hyper sensitive to a drop rate and it's been going on for too long!

    The only way to solve this problem is to broaden out itemization, bringing choice back into the equation. I am not holding my breath however.

  5. Maybe once a weapon drops you're able to teach your blacksmith how to craft it? Something would need to be done to make it hard to craft (besides using 2 souls). So maybe the weapon needs to drop again so you're able to craft it while it destroys one in the process. This way you would have a second chance at getting an ancient.

    • An interesting idea, something like a super enchant that simply rerolls an entire item.

      It would certainly make the blacksmith serve a bit more of a purpose in the end game.

      • Or maybe a new ‘consumable’ legendary gem that has a chance to convert an item to Ancient. You can try to upgrade the legendary gem but it uses up the 3 tries in one go. To make things more exciting, if the gem upgrade fails, the gem is destroyed or if you use the gem and it doesn’t upgrade the item, the item has a chance to be destroyed. 😀

    • Instead of salvaging an item, there could be an option to have the blacksmith, I dunno, learn from it destroying the item in the process. But it gives a small chance that the blacksmith may learn to replicate it (say 25% to prevent having the item finding part of the game instantly obsoleted) and then may need to have a heavy investment of resources to build several prototypes gradually working up (similar to how items currently have apprentice, journeyman, illustrious, awesomsauce, magnificent levels right now) to being able to forge an ancient version at a huge cost?

      The cost of the items, and the build up, would have to be large enough to not replace finding items and still provide a reason to grind, etc.

    • I think that's a possible. I've also heard ideas for like, salvaging 5 or 10 of the item you want to create an Ancient of that item type. Maybe Griswold could keep a counter going, and you'd see that he'd churned 4 Furnaces so far, and that meant the next one you found could be turned into an Ancient.

      It would certainly provide a boost to party play/trading, as you'd want to match with diff classes and potentially swap BiS non-ancients that weren't for your class.

  6. I'm with Pustka above – why do people get hung up on playing a particular build when they don't have the optimal equipment for that build, rather than creating a build that makes best use of the equipment they've got? This isn't a whine, it's a genuine question – I don't understand, and I'd like to.

    • I think it’s about understanding the mechanics of the game and how that’s been made difficult through some of the layout choices in the UI design.

      Let’s say you’ve not played since either Vanilla or RoS launched – you come back into the game, find seasons are live, roll a new class and get to level 70. You hear all the cool kids are rocking T6 without too much trouble so you either look for builds online or you have a look at the top of the leaderboards for your class.

      If you do that you can find a build that works and kills stuff and will get you through the gears into a decent Torment level without understanding why the build works mechanically. So you know you need these items because the Youtube video said you needed these items but you’re not looking at “Property X synergises with Property Y” or “If I get 56% CDR then those gloves with CDR aren’t needed any more”.

      That works as a path into Torment 4 or even Torment 6 but it fails hard when you don’t get what you want out of the item game. An Akhan’s set build for the Crusader would be my example here – I’ve got plenty of bits of the Thorns, Rolands and Blackthornes sets but I can not find any of Akhan’s set apart from the helm (which I’ve got three of). If you don’t get the mechanics you can’t then work out “well, my stat X is low so I’ll do this with this other item to buff me back up”.

      • Agree. More build should be able to do T6 without having to farm too long (like when reaching P100). Not steamrolling. Just do. GR should be the only way to distinguish between really good builds and normal builds. This would improve the fun pillar.

        • Yeah I think part of that is happening – I know Flux thinks that only Katniss plays Crusaders but I did notice there’s a really good guide on the EU Crusader forums on different builds, different gear choices, different substitute pieces of gear and different skill combinations: I don’t play much else apart from Witch Doctors and then I’m all about the pets so I don’t know if there is much out there for other classes but this is more the kind of thing people need to be seeing.

          Blizzard as a whole have tended to shy away from some of the “deep” stats you see in Diablo, in the latest WoW expansion they took a lot of the “second tier” stats out completely , things like Hit Chance and Mastery got nuked out because you had to refer to out of game materials to find out what they did, what the caps were and how to optimise properly.

          If under the detailed stats the tooltips were adjusted to say “the cap for CDR is X%” that would help and they could bake it into the stuff on the website. Of course that would require BattleNet programmers though and they’ve already admitted Diablo doesn’t get any time from them because WoW’s more important…

        • Some people woulr argue that this is already the case. When the last season started it took me roughly a day of playing to get into T6.

          And you can run a bunch of builds if you use the powerful class sets (barb being the exception) and with the addition of the new/reworked sets there will be an even greater number of builds that can effeciently do T6. This is the major argument against the introduction of T7 etc.

          On the notion of fun vs. power. I think many people are under the misconception that fun and power are two seperate things. In reality for many people they are closely interconnected. If something is powerful it makes it more likely to be fun, while builds that do not kill anything are often not fun. This does not mean that if something is not powerful that it can not be fun.
          For instance if you have a build that can clear T3 and is a ton of fun to play then that can be very fun for you. However many people would not feel the same since the loss of effeciency in terms of exp and legendary gain would make the experience less fun.
          Fun is a subjective, iuntuitive experience. Judging others based on your own conception of fun will not get anyone anywhere since they can counter your argument with same reasoning.

          • Aye if you get the set drops you can run T6 without trouble but that requires you to get the set drops. If you don’t get the drops then you can find yourself stuck in this situation where the only viable T6 build(s) you know of require certain items but you can’t get those items so you can’t move forwards. That’s purely a mechanical discussion though as this is ignoring legendary affixes which can give you a build changing setup. It’s also assuming you’re running solo rather than in a group of 4 characters that share a main stat. Yes group play is going to net you more legendary items per hour (especially if you’re playing with friends who will give you the stuff they don’t need) but this is more for people who aren’t “hardcore” (as in, they follow the game and have played all the way through, not the game mode).

          • If you can add fun for some while not lowering fun for others, you are globally increasing fun. Set items add one build. I would play hundreds of them and yes, seeing less legendary drop ruins the fun because it keeps you stuck in your build.

  7. Ancient weapons in theory were…okay. Having non-ancient weapons be viable for T6 (because that’s pretty easy) with ancient as a long term goal sounds nice, but weapons are difficult to find as is. Gambling weapons is expensive and you can’t control the type you get.

    The biggest issue by far isn’t even related to ancient weapons, it’s the rarity of weapons. A crap 2h sword will drop 20x as often as a blade of prophecy, which is crucial to playing crusader. Now if your choices are non-ancient blade of prophecy vs ancient garbage, then maybe ancient weapons are an interesting choice, but what if you can’t even find a non-ancient of the weapon you want? I don’t play a ton, but it took me a long time to find a furnace and I still haven’t found a blade of prophecy.

    Ancient weapons only further the feeling that 99% of what you pick up is instant-salvage trash. Weapons that aren’t ancient are auto-salvage to me with very little exception. If weapons all had an equal drop chance then ancient weapons would be a little more interesting.

    I think it’s a mistake for the dev team to make stronger weapons more rare and then talk about improving the other weapons. Make the drop/gamble chance for all items equal, then address the “problem” of nobody wanting to use cluckeye. Most people (myself included) will probably give up and stop playing because the kridershot/furnace/bladeofprophecy seems like it will never drop. If I keep playing will it drop? Sure, but then I only have a 10% chance of it being ancient. If I’ve played 100 hours with 0 drops, do I want to play approximately 500 more just to get a probably shitty roll on a must-have item? No.

  8. If push came to shove then I would like to see the more used weapons drop more often. The 10% ancient is fine, but increase the normal drop rate for weapons that people want to use.

  9. not working imo I have found a few with great damage but other stats sucks and the chances to find it is to low. I miss the times when you could find runes and make powerfull items. In a way I agree with Pustka and Tango Tango Tango it seems like peopel has forget to have fun and get the best out the item they have, I also see peopel who quit the game because they didnt get their dream items! come on! its a game a not a matter of life and death

  10. What about using 3-5 of one item + a new hard to find reagent (kind of like a ramaladni's gift) to craft an ancient version of that item?

    This way there is some sort of progression towards an ancient item if you've had no luck having one drop normally.

    It may still take a very long time to achieve this but it at least gives you something to work toward.

    • A similar possibility could be to allow conversion/re-rolling of legendaries/sets in a similar manner Sacred 1 did with runes (where you traded 2 runes for a random rune, 3 allowed you to select which class rune & 4 allowed you to select a specific rune you wanted). So you could trade in x legs/sets for a random leg/set item, x+y legs/sets could allow you to select an item slot & x+y+z legs/sets would allow you to select a specific leg/set item (which would then roll randomly).

      You could also increase the cost each time you do it (the same way enchanting increases the gold cost). Or apply a % reduction to stats for legs/sets rolled in this way (so you can get the build-defining items, but one found normally would be likely to be an upgrade).

    • This is an interesting idea. I like it! It would address a lot of the concerns.

      Right now, there is no sense of progression, so it feels completely random. You know that if you play 1000 hours, you SHOULD, on average, find an ancient Krider (or whatever super-rare you’re looking for). The problem is that pain is not spread out evenly over the course of the 1000 hours.

      In other words, there’s no way to make progress and get 1/4 of an ancient Krider, you either get one or you don’t. With your proposed system, players would make meaningful progress towards getting that ancient Krider, and it would make them feel better about getting two non-ancient Kriders in a row.

      A problem

      • Yeah, they would still have to find a load of uniques/etc & they may still have very bad luck on getting an ancient version, plus the stats may not be particularly good stats (especially if items obtained in this manner have artificially low-end stats) thereby leaving room to find upgrades while still being able to finish off your set or find the build-changing unique you need.

  11. Some good thoughts in this thread. I like the idea of a “super enchant” that allows you to reroll an entire wepaon with a crazy high cost, but that could backfire too if the one you get is worse than your original one.

    My solution: nerf Ancient weapons and make them more common. For reference, here are some graphics detailing the damage ranges of ancient vs non-ancient:

    Nerfing the damage: I’m proposing that an ancient weapon should only roll 1-10% higher damage than a max-rolled non-ancient. This way, ancients are a nice bonus, still meaningful, but not build-breaking if you don’t find one.

    Increase the drop rate: I’m thinking double or triple the frequency of ancients, which will make them seema bit more predictable and less like winning the lottery.

    Now, of course Blizzard won’t nerf ancients (or else people will just start hoarding “legacy” ancients) so if they were to implement my proposed changes, they would just have to increase the damage on non-ancients and keep the max rolls on ancients the same.

    @Drixx “It’s a bit irritating to get a non ancient Kridershot up around 2850 dps and then find an Ancient windforce at 3450 and realize that the Krider outperforms it with the M6 setup, and thus the only possible upgrade is the rarest bow rolling ancient with a good roll.”

    I feel your pain, however, in this case I think the game is operating as intended. You should be faced with hard choices, tradeoffs. If the choice was obvious, that takes a lot of fun out of the game. In your situation, the affix of the Kridershot outweighs the pure damage of the Windforce.

    The problem is that at the highest, highest levels, there really are only one or two weapons that are BiS for your build. Blizzard can fix this by giving more viable options (and it sounds like they are working on that).

  12. Rework Furnace into some fun changing Barb skill legendary, balance all legendaries to change every skill in a fun, high-GR clearing way, make sure they're all competitive with each other so there are multiple optimal builds instead of "Akkhan is best right now, Roland's will be best next patch so people will whine Akkhan is too weak ect. ect."

  13. I'm a fan of ancient items. I think it was a great idea and I really enjoy finding them.

  14. I personally say it depends on your class: My Season 3 normal ?Starmetal? Kukri still beats the hell out of my presumably better Ancient ??Wormwood? staff. Barbarians, on the other hand, will need that super-rare Ancient Furnace drop for a top rank. That being said, D3 is primarily about having fun with a wide variety of builds, and the leaderboards should not determine the itemization.

  15. There are several supportring factors for the argument that Two Handed ancient weapons are too hard to get.

    The most obvious being that the differenc between non ancient and ancient weapons is larger that that of other slots.

    A weapon being ancient basically means that you add another multiplier (up to 30% in the best case) to your damage. That is huge! Especially in comparison to other item slots. Getting 30% more mainstat or vit just does no create the same kind of difference, eventhogh I think that people undervalue the impact of ancient armor pieces.
    Another point is that gambling for a specific weapon just yiels terrible odds, gambling for a specific ancient weapon is borderline insane. The average amount of Bloodshards you need to gamble a Furnace is around 98k (so 98 T6 Rifts) mutliplied by 10 for the chance of getting an ancient one. It is pretty bad.

    On the contrary, people might just overvalue ancient weapons. Last season I got into top 250 Monks (GR45) with a non ancient Torch and the some people cleared a 48 with a non ancient torch which put them into the top 20.
    So unless you are pushing for Rank 1 or Top 10 you might actually not need an ancient Weapon (in the case of builds tha require specific ancient weapons).

  16. I feel that Ancient items are just lvl 71+ with out the lvl requirement. Introducing Ancient gear kinda did the same thing ROS did to lvl 60 gear. I really don't like the whole idea at all, it just created another power-creep, with no real reason for it.

    I'm stilling using my lvl 70 Hwoj but just about every Ancient belt I've found has been an upgrade. I like the slow effect but it sucks knowing to keep my play style I'm giving up 5% dmg, just because I didn't find an Ancient version yet.

  17. I like the idea of using a copy of a legendary item to improve the original. Like all the affixes which have better numbers on copy are get the copy's values (except for the enchanted slot)

  18. Getting legendary weapon of your dreams is not that bad. But good luck getting ancient trifecta (crit chance, dmg and socket) Hellfire amulet with passive that you want.

  19. i found my first ever rimeheart lastnight, ofc it didnt roll ancient only crappy 2100 damage paragon 650.. so this means i will never ever maybe find another one again.. so much for my chances to ever get a ancient rimeheart.. so depressing.. i would payed tons of gold to have the damn thing become ancient just for the fun, now its just a usless weapon im thinking of salvage it i already have the transmog now so… thanks blizzard

  20. Ancients are a massive failure. They simply dont drop enough.

    Increase the chance to at least 5/10 and its possible to actually find any of them.

  21. I find ancient items to be a natural progression when gearing a toon.

    If there's one I need and I'm not getting it is just an incentive to keep playing.

  22. In theory Ancient Weapons should be a huge boon for the game. They’re powerful and rare enough that when you’re lucky enough to get a good one, it’s worth creating a build around. Ancient WEapons also create a long term goal for the dedicated players determined to have an ancient weapon that fits their ideal build.

    However, in most cases there is one weapon for each class that is miles better than the competition. You simply can’t design a build around what you find unless you want to be left in the dust. And as much as I’d love the solution to be lots of viable weapons so finding that one Ancient isn’t essential, its not happening for a year minimum. Thus we need a short term solution – and the best one I’ve seen is a gift to ancientize weapons.

  23. *Sticking cool legendary affixes on more weapons would be great, especially if that opens up more build options, but there’s still going to be the issue of some builds requiring weapon X to function, which means those builds are never going to perform anywhere near top level unless/until they obtain an Ancient Weapon. (And the issue is weapon in comparison to armor and jewelry, since the weapon being ancient is worth more than ancient or not on every other slot combined.)*

    Those are my exact thoughts. But I really only find this being an issue on Seasons, when your time is limited. I mean, on a long enough time scale, you’ll eventually get the item you need. But Seasons don’t allow for that.

    I think a band-aid fix could be to lower the cost of gambling for weapons to 25 blood shards.

  24. I also specifically didn’t play Crusader because I really only like to play and Condemn, and fat chance of finding an ancient version of that. So rather than smash my head against a wall trying to find one, which would actually let me reasonably compete, I just made a character that doesn’t need a specific item.

    • It could be worse – you could have found the shield, gone off with a nice fat stack of souls to enchant it and have hit the +Strength affix by accident…

      Yeah, maybe less beer when playing…

  25. The most common Ancient is still Wand of Woh tier rarity, and it still must:

    1: Be a useful weapon type.
    2: Have at least 3 correct affixes.

    Who thought this was a good idea again?

  26. Heres an outlandish idea, eliminate special affixes from all weapons and reintroduce a diablo2’esque rune system. Where all current weapon affixes (and a boatload of new ones too hopefully) are attributed to rune words and able to be applied to any weapon instead of having to win the lottery with a specific drop – eg furnace, incense torch etc etc.

    Perhaps item quality may even be determined by the quality of runewords applied.. say runewords consist of 4-5 individual runes, one determining the overall quality – ancient, legendary, rare, magical. Much like current gems, you would then be able to infuse lesser quality runewords together to progress to the next teir. 10x legendary = 1 ancient.

    would take quite some effort on the devs part. I for one would love to be runnin around with a 2hand xbow with furnace powers 😛

    • Not so much effort: really rune word = plan, rune = legendary material (and not only one by plan which ruins it, a set of legendary materials)

  27. I am not a fan of these Ancient items.

    It is just the same item with more stats.. which means what? Well after finding a few of these you need to scale up the monster HP and damage by changing the difficulty. Not interesting.

    I'd rather enhance the normal items with somekind of enchant that would boost them. It would require of course some rare reagents to be found etc.

  28. I don't care about ancient weps. There is probably no chance I will ever find Ancient Fury of the Vanished Peak, so I don't care. I'll run the Torment level I can. If playing the game is not fun for you, you should either change the way you play or stop playing at all.
    I'm not playing a lot, but I have fun when I play.

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