Legs on the PTR, but still no Ancient weapon!

    Legendaries on the PTR.

    The huge +2000% legendary drop rate buff on the PTR means you find heaps of legendary items, which makes it possible to gear out your character very quickly. That’s true for armor, at least. Even with the drop rate it’s still quite difficult to find a great weapon… surprisingly so.

    The best weapons with the special legendary properties are all rare drops, and even on T6 you’ve only got about a 1/10th chance of a found legendary rolling Ancient. So, even when you’re choking on legendaries like Homer paying the price for his delicious Soul Donut, it’s quite difficult to find the weapon you want, Ancient, with a good enough damage roll to make it an upgrade.

    This is a problem that’s pretty much unique to weapons, since armor (and especially jewelry) gets some upgrade from legendary, but never enough to make or break the build. That’s not true of weapons, since except in some special “I must use this weapon for my build to function” Starmetal cases, most players will take a big damage roll on an Ancient weapon without any legendary affix, rather than their ideal weapon if it didn’t roll ancient.

    None of this is news to anyone and we all saw it coming months ago during the PTR testing (or maybe even all the way back at Blizzcon 2014 when Ancient Weapons were first revealed), but seeing it in practice during Season Two has soured many players on Ancient weapons. (We had this same discussion in January just after Ancients went live.)

    Can't live without it.

    Can’t live without it.

    I often see forum threads or clan chat where some player is bemoaning his terrible luck in finding the Ancient weapon his build requires, and how endless farming for that one item has consumed and ruined his entire Season. And that’s a real thing, especially for builds that require a certain weapon, in comparison to other builds that can spend a few minutes crafting legendary weapons until they get an Ancient that’s plenty good enough.

    So what do you guys think of Ancient weapons? Are they awesome and worth the farming trouble when you find one, or too powerful and thus capable of ruining your build if you can’t find one? Should they be removed entirely, or made easier to find?

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    Coincidentally, just about the time I posted this vote, Wyatt Cheng tweeted a comment about this very issue with Ancient Weapons. I didn’t see his tweet until some time later, and it doesn’t impact the vote options of this debate, though it may disappoint players hoping for some big change to the Ancient Weapons system.

    Click through for that and to add your comments on this debate.

    Rather than make a specific ancient weapon easier to get, we’d rather improve underperforming weapons so it’s not as much about “the one”. —WyattCheng

    Sticking cool legendary affixes on more weapons would be great, especially if that opens up more build options, but there’s still going to be the issue of some builds requiring weapon X to function, which means those builds are never going to perform anywhere near top level unless/until they obtain an Ancient Weapon. (And the issue is weapon in comparison to armor and jewelry, since the weapon being ancient is worth more than ancient or not on every other slot combined.)

    If anything, this reminds me of the old days when weapons without sockets were insta-churned, no matter the quality of their other rolls. Blizzard eventually bowed to the endless fan complaints about that issue and added enchanting, and then the DiabloWikiGift of Ramaladni to fix that “no socket = useless weapon” issue. Which makes a similar fix to the Ancient Weapon issue seem like a possibility, eh?

    Update: Handy graphics showing the relative damage of ancient vs. non-ancient weapons. In all cases, the worst possible roll on an Ancient weapon is as good or better than the best possible roll on non-ancient weapon. Source Reddit


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