Vote: Crusader and D3:Ros on the Whole

I meant to put up one of these votes earlier in the week but since we kept getting more and more info releases I figured minds were still being changed by new revelations. Now that it seems like we’ve seen almost everything we’re going to see until Blizzco… what did you guys think?

Two separate votes on this one, so you can weigh in on the Crusader and on the expansion as a whole. Vote based on what you know so far and how you feel right now. Obviously you might change your mind (pro or con) as more info is released, but just vote for how you feel today; not how you think you might feel in 6 or 8 or 12 months. And yes, we’ll probably run a similar vote after Blizzcon in November.

What do you think of the Crusader class?

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D3: Reaper of Souls first impression?

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Hit the comments to explain why you’re right and why other people are wrong. This is the Internet, after all.

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35 thoughts on “Vote: Crusader and D3:Ros on the Whole

  1. Voted both number 2.

    1 – Even thought im def pick crusader as my new main character (which means i liked him), i was expecting/hoping a totaly new class OR a shapeshifter, the crusader is likeable but seems like a mix of barb + monk so..

    2 – Same goes for the expansion, i liked everything i saw, and im assuming we are counting loot runs and loot/paragon 2.0 on this, but i have some doubts about the expansion – the lack of PvP and the lack of new modes, we only got 1 quick new one, loot runs, which looks alright but for an expansion i was expecting ‘doubts’ for sure but also ‘hopes’…BlizzCon here we go!.

    • From the sticky’d thread on, it says that there’s a mode of play called ‘Bounties’. It has no other information on it, but there appears to be another end game mode. Exploration is another but that could just be the normal game.

  2. RoS seems nice, but there are still few things I’d like to see like the ladder system, self-found mode, charms (talisman), improvements, etc.

    As for Crusader – he’s nice and I will definetely give him a go, but I don’t think that he will become my main 🙂

    • I was encouraged by Gamescom since as you say, there’s a lot more yet to be revealed about the expansion. And (for once) we don’t have to wait forever for it, with Blizzcon only 2 months away.

  3. Crusader – Love him. He’s not becoming my main, but I can’t wait to play him and I like the design.
    Impression – Very. What they said was great and what they didn’t said sounds interesting. Yes, they impressed me – final thoughts after blizzcon.

  4. Pros: Binding, which was in before Beta and somehow Wilson’d.

    Cons: Manual stats, tied to the D3 boringness of said stats, makes things even more tedious and boring.

    Pros: Specific affix tweaking w/ the Mystic.

    Cons: The diamond gem still can’t compete w/ emeralds in weapons. The helm socket is very intriguing, though. Of course, it still does nothing for the most ridiculous no-cooldown builds in the game (WW-CM-Archon and WW-ToC-Barbarians).

    Pros: Shields are required for specific skills/builds.

    Cons: Crusader only (thus far).

    Pros: Loot Runs and Neph Trials.

    Cons: Completely ignoring PvP. Not even new brawl maps.

    • Ironic complaints, given that Rubies are actually better weapon sockets for more builds than emeralds.

  5. Massively let down by it all. There’s not really anything that impressive being offered. 1 new character, who doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, 1 new act, which won’t be overly long. Loot 2.0 doesn’t look like it’s going to change the core game enough to fix all the problems we have, Paragon 2.0 seems like it will bring more problems than it fixes, The Mystic is underwhelming, Transmog (who cares?) and only re-rolls, and we know her gold costs will be as ridiculously unaffordable as the other 2 artisans unless you’re an AH Tycoon, and the whole point of her being in game now is supposed to be to ween people off of the AH, (yeah right). Nephalem Trials and Loot Runs sound like potentially fun minor diversions, but that’s just it… Even if Blizzard nails the implementation (and they almsot certainly won’t) they’re just that, minor diversions. So far I haven’t seen a single shred of info that’s making me even consider pulling the trigger on a purchase of RoS. I hope they have a LOT more at Blizzcon.

    • Really ? 100% negative ? Cant see anything good on all announcements ?
      To me seems like no matter what Blizzard brings would be (or will be…in Blizzcon) a let down to you…”Fans” like you are impossible to please and i hope to god Blizz dont waste time trying to.

      • ADest isn’t the only one who sees it this way. As long as the core game is broken nothing else really matters. The loot game has to be fun for the game to even be worth playing and so far all signs point to Blizzard completely ignoring the main faults of itemization leaving the same bland crap that we had to begin with.

  6. “Cons: The diamond gem still can’t compete w/ emeralds in weapons. The helm socket is very intriguing, though. Of course, it still does nothing for the most ridiculous no-cooldown builds in the game (WW-CM-Archon and WW-ToC-Barbarians).”

    Probably because these builds will no longer exist come expansion. :O

    • I can see the ww build and cm build going to hell at the start of the expac. but I don’t really see archon going anywhere. it’ll just hibernate untill we have good enough gear to perma archon.
      *givien everything that we know, critical hit chance and damage will be much rarer/lower on items.

      • “it’ll just hibernate untill we have good enough gear to perma archon.”

        Yeah, ’cause they couldn’t possibly put in a fixed lower limit for cooldown, like say 30 seconds?

  7. I think I’ll be rolling a Crusader day one of the expac. So I can try out something completely new and get a preview of Act V before I tackle it with a max level toon. I still liked the shapeshifting class Flux and I have talked about more then the crusader but I think it’s going to be an awesome class.

    Overall I’m pretty pleased with the RoS reveal, a lot more information then I was expecting for sure.

  8. “N/A. I hate D3 so much no expansion could ever win me back”

    thats 22 people who probably shouldn’t visit this website anymore.

      • Might be funny, but its true, why, why GOD do people keep coming back to things they hate ? To forums, blogs, youtube videos to comment on how they hate something…I dont remb the last time i went to a Justin B.B. music video to tell how much i think his music sucks…Some people cant let it go.

  9. Lots of positiveness around here. 🙂

    Blizzard’s “Reality Distortion Field” never disappoints.

  10. Love the Crusader – he’s exactly the type of character that was missing from the starting five classes (I’ve always thought the Monk was the type of class you’d add in an expansion). The Crusader is the typical heavy armor/heavy weapon + shield class you need in a Diablo game, akin to both the Paladin and the Warrior (from the first Diablo). I really dig the look of the female Crusader too (been working on a portrait of her) – warrior women in heavy plate is favorite of mine.

    I’m pretty pleased with the other features shown so far – the customization with the Paragon 2.0 system is going to be a great complement to the “freespec” skill/rune system and allow better management of stats on equipment, which is especially helpful for self-found players like myself. Better loot, new game modes/exploration options, and a new, full-sized act to play through…looks great so far. I only hope that they do a good job on the added skills/passives for the existing 5 classes.

  11. Well its a diablo’s FAN site after all…What surprises me is to see how many, even if not majority, are negative…After 1 year and half they are still here….thats the weird thing.

    • What’s encouraging from the polls though is that it’s a vocal minority who just make the whole site seem overly negative visitor wise.

    • Because a diablo fansite is like a castle where damsels-in-distress can wait for her knight in shining-armor to return. Some of the damsels lived happily with the knight; some got saved by other heroes. Most either stayed or went back to the castle just to hear some news if the knight will be back not just in full armor, but also with his heart and soul.

  12. I was in the mostly positive camp but my outlook is now a brighter because of this blue post:

    \We think the expansion is a great time for it, so we’ll be giving all of the existing classes (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard) skill updates in Reaper of Souls. We’re looking to make adjustments that improve the experience for skills that are currently underused, or have balance issues. These changes will likely be part of the pre-expansion patch, but new skills will require players to purchase the expansion to access them.\

  13. I think they are moving in a good direction. It looks like they are making improvements.

    Now, my view is that D3 is a beta, and D3X is also a beta, and the actual RELEASE of the game is D3X2. I’m not going to buy a beta. I see no reason to buy this beta when it is released.

    I’m waiting until the D3X2 comes out, and then for all 3 parts to go on sale before buying. Unless they offer D3X for super cheap at some point, then maybe I’ll buy.

    But to be clear, this is not a full game yet. We’re still in beta mode.

    • Can you just come back at that time, because this type of stuff is just beyond old. I mean its been 15 months already. Move on.

  14. Everything sounds good, but I need to see what they’re doing with a skill or stat overhaul and the new loot system. If they convince me that I won’t run into an endgame pigeonhole because I don’t treat the AH like a financial sim and like to play more than 1 class, I’m in. Otherwise, I’m probably out for good. Their poor showings lately led me to quit WoW a couple years back and skip Heart of the Swarm entirely. I guess it’s either 3rd time’s the charm or 3 strikes you’re out, eh?

    Fortunately the pre-patch should be a good indicator, so my final judgement is withheld til then.

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