Vote: Closed Beta Testers Rewarded with a Feat of Strength

Earlier this week Blizzard revealed that all Diablo III accounts flagged for Diablo III Closed Beta access would receive a special Feat of Strength called DiabloWikiOne of the Chosen. This reward will never be awarded again, and grants a unique banner sigil to the lucky winners.

It’s not a stretch to call this decision wildly-controversial. Our news post has 177 comments, our main forum thread on the issue has 245 replies, the original forum announcement post has gone 171 pages, and another thread created for complaints about it hit 170 pages in a day before Blizz locked it.

While the majority of the posts in those threads seem to be from angry fans who 1) didn’t get into the closed beta, 2) are still scarred by that, and 3) regard a special reward offered only to closed beta testers as Blizzard ripping off their scab and pouring salt on the shiny pink flesh thus revealed. Not everyone hates it, though. Quite a few repliers thought it was fine for Blizzard to reward beta testers, while other people didn’t care one way or the other and just wanted to say “QQ, noob!” Adding to the “opinions are mixed” evidence is a vote in our forums, which is nearly 50/50 on support/disapprove about the reward.

So here’s a main page vote, with more options than two, since lots of people have said “you only support it since you got one — or — you only hate it because you didn’t!”

Vote quickly; this poll will close by Monday, when the big “wut clas 1st u plays?” vote gets underway.

D3 Closed Beta Feat of Strength; Your Opinion?

  • 5) I didn't get it -- I do not approve of the award. (30%, 2,035 Votes)
  • 1) I got it -- I approve of the award. (26%, 1,761 Votes)
  • 3) Don't care/no opinion/achievements are dumb. (23%, 1,551 Votes)
  • 4) I didn't get it -- I approve of the award. (16%, 1,052 Votes)
  • 2) I got it -- I do not approve of the award. (5%, 372 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,766

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Last Vote Results

The last vote only ran a couple of days, since I wanted to squeeze in another hot topic vote before launch time, but that was long enough for a representative sample of voters.

Do you prefer to see Character Names or BattleTags?

  • 1) Character name should display in-game and chat. (43%, 2,432 Votes)
  • 3) Give players the option of which to display and view. (32%, 1,785 Votes)
  • 2) BattleTag should display in-game and chat. (15%, 856 Votes)
  • 4) Don’t care/no opinion. (10%, 575 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 5,646

    According to the numbers, most of you guys want character names, or some kind of hybrid display option, to show on your character in-game and in chat. Only a small 15% want BattleTags (as the system currently offers). This means we’ve got another example of 2.0 offering precisely the features that Blizzard’s customers least desire.

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    82 thoughts on “Vote: Closed Beta Testers Rewarded with a Feat of Strength

    1. I didn’t mention since the post was long enough already, but Feats of Strength that are only possible for some players aren’t a new thing. WoW has a bunch of them, with the prizes awarded only to CE purchasers, or Blizzcon attendees, or via weird short term game bonuses that not everyone has a chance at, etc.

      I think some of the rage is from people who think this is an Achievement, and that it should be open to everyone via some in-game mechanism. FoS ain’t necessarily like that.

      • I think it’s just dumb to name it a “Feat of Strength” – Sounds like something that should be awarded to people who contributed by sending in bugs.

        It’s ok that beta players get something for being chosen for beta, but in this regard it should be called “Against the odds” or “Incredible luck”. Something like that. 

        • It’s been called Feat of Strength since forever. Why don’t you go back in time and talk Blizzard out of naming it like this.

          • I think he was referring to the name of the achievement in his last paragraph rather than the term “FOS”, which I think would indeed be much better than “one of the chosen” 😉

      • Well then maybe you should have had “Feat of strength are dumb” instead of “achievements are dumb” Flux.

      • I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting to see when I hit the “vote” button, but I was actually kinda surprised when I saw how low in the polls the option I had selected: will receive the award but do not approve.

        I’m not a “hater” and I’m not furious at this, but I think it’s setting a bad precedent. I think the incentive to get into further beta tests will be HUGE now, and not for the right reasons. People will want to buy their way into the beta – and sell accounts with access on ebay – regardless of whether or not they intend to contribute or even play just for the sake of an in-game reward they might get at the end of the beta.

        I think a feat of strength on its own might have been fine, but the banner sigil seems like maybe a bit much to me. 

    2. The haters are hypocrites. They are mad now because they didn’t get it, but had it been that they were lucky, then 100% they wouldn’t be complaining. This is merely a case of “I don’t have it so it’s somehow someone else’s fault.” Haters, grow up. Just be glad for those who lucked out. No amount of crying will change back time nor Blizzard’s descision. It is a “Feat of Strength” after all.  You’re either destined to get it or not.

      • It shows basically the other way around. People saying “I have it, so I don’t have to care.” and “100%” (I use this as counter of your 100% as I think a different percentage would be appropriate) of them WOULD be complaining that they didn’t get it. Gratz for proving nothing.

      • Blizz is giving it to people who were in the closed beta whether they played the beta or not  

        that’s just stupid  

      • The lovers are hypocrites. They are happy now because they got it, but had it been that they were unlucky, then 100% they would be complaining. This is merely a case of “I have it so it’s somehow nothing to worry about.” Lovers, grow up…

        I got it — I do not approve of the award.

    3. I joined every fucking key giveaway. I spent days on twitter and facebook trying to get one.
      Finally after HOURS spend camping and waiting. I got one. I damn well deserve this. 😈

      • No matter how long you spent on trying to get it, it was always a matter of luck. I know FoS aren’t archievments and i would be fine with it if there were a similar FoS with a slightly altered sigil for signaling that a person were in the open beta.

        But i disaprove of how it is currently. 

        • If someone thinks they’re special they should have gotten in one of the art/story contests. These weren’t random.

        • Luck =/= chance.  If you never buy a ticket you’ll never win the lottery.

          (The fact lotteries are taxes on people who are bad at math is another issue.)

    4. Aside from a couple ways of getting beta access, it was out of our hands. Many, many people tried to get beta access and weren’t chosen. Those who got chosen were already rewarded. It doesn’t make any sense to give them special recognition.

    5. There’s a difference between awarding an achievement for something you could have done but didn’t (like attending a con or buying the CE) and awarding an achievement for something that many people tried to do but Blizzard wouldn’t let them (join the beta).

      I opted into the beta.  I entered every beta contest out there.  I still never got in.  I’m not alone in that.  Not by a long shot.  If the beta was open to everyone, I wouldn’t have a problem with the achievement.  If they gave it to stress test participants, again, I would not have a problem with the achievement.  But this was something that a lot of people wanted and tried to get, and very few people got.  The achievement just rubs salt in the wound. 

    6. Thank you Flux for posting the additional options like “I got it — I do not approve of the award.”

      I did get into the beta, but I think it’s outrageous to give a Feat of Strength to those who were lucky enough to get in. Probably 95% of the people who got into the closed beta never reported a single bug — it was all just a demo to them.

      I would gladly relinquish my reward, even if it was a greater greater reward like an item or some such, if they decided to not do this.

      • Thanks for noticing.

        I’m just waiting for one of the usual poll nazis to pop up and complain that I didn’t offer “i got it” and “I didn’t get it” versions of #3. In the same way no cat-owner’s meal is complete without finding a hair on their plate, no vote comments thread is complete without someone complaining about the wording of the choices.

    7. Achivements are fun, at most, but silly mainly. Yes!!!, I’ve just killed a monster!!!! I need a record of that to make me feel epic forever!!!!!!  /doh
      That aside, I can understand those, for which they have some importance, but kicking up such a stink over a FoS seems like a waste of time. Yes, I got it, as I got access to the beta, no, it doesn’t make me feel special in any way, no, I don’t feel others are missing out for not getting it, but yes, I do feel sorry for those not getting access to the beta.


    8. Yeah i feel its a lame award.. doubt many actually bothered to submit bugs etc…

    9. I understand both ends of the spectrum.
      Beta testers did have a responsibility to report bugs and such – it wasn’t ALL fun and games – but at the same time it kind of sucks to hear that not only were you not chosen after SEVEN MONTHS to play the Beta but you also miss out on an exclusive in-game thing.
      For me, well, I didn’t get the Collector’s Edition (gamestop messed up my preorder and by the time I realized it, they were all out of CE) so missing out on that is a much bigger bummer.
      I’m also really glad I got to play in the open beta, it was a pleasant surprise.

    10. Holy crap so many whiners? You all do know this game is rated M right? Crying about a sigil you didn’t get is at about the same level as being a 5 year old and crying because the other kid on the playground got an icecream.

      • inorite?
        The number of whiny babies who care so much about something so meaningless…it’s amazing. Care about online-only. Care about the skill system. But ffs, how can you possibly care about an achievement that’s not even a real achievement?

        If you’re over 18 and you’re crying about this, seriously, you’ve got to take a look at your life.

      • So, statistically, I’m guessing you were in the beta?

        I don’t think it’s especially “mature” to denigrate everyone who disagrees with you as a crying whiner either. Sure, some people out there are overreacting, but I don’t think that’s a fair representation of the majority of people who disagree with this.

    11. I voted for option 2: I got it and but do not approve. I think it’s unfair, sure it’s just a feat of strength, but just the fact that some people will NEVER be able to get it makes it real unfair

      • I will never be a woman either because I was born with the wrong parts. Is that unfair as well? Was pure chance. All I can do is accept it or get a sex change if I really really wanted to be a woman.

        • So just because other things are unfair it’s ok for this to be unfair? Nice logic there

          • He meant that feats of strenght are meant to separate/distinguish players, you can’t have them all. Some of them are exclusive, for example you can’t have the feats of strenght “First to finish Inferno” and “First to finish Harcore Inferno”, because if you choose one path, someone else will finish the other before you.

            I voted : I didn’t get it — I approve of the award. 

            • Everyone who purchases the game, however, has an opportunity to earn every other feat of strength in the game, so even though some of them may end up being exclusive it’s still a matter of choice and skill (if those types of “first” feats even exist).

    12. Btw : I was wondering if we could run another poll for “which class do you intend to start with @ release” 

      i personally wanted to play the least popular class 😛 and with diablo 3 just around the corner the participation should be fairly high. just a humble request 😛 

    13. Why do people see this as an issue? It’s a Feat of Strength, for gods sake; it doesn’t matter the least bit. Why would you rage over this, seriously? If they gave us a note in game that said “You participated in the beta, congrats” would you still rage? It’s a completely and utterly USELESS award, so why does it matter if the participants get it or not?

    14. so uh, approval ratings are roughly 35% for those who didn’t get it and 75% for those who did.

      Interesting how much a random roll affects people’s opinions. 

    15. People are evil.  I dont even trust these votes. Knowing how bad trolling is on the internet, I’m sure a big part of those people that are voting they didnt get it and approve of the FoS are kids that did get the FoS and just want to mess with the poll results. I know, that messing with the poll cuts both ways. But I havent read any posts / replies here yet from people that didnt get it and approve of it. So lets here it. Fire away. I see trolls incoming on the horizon.

      the players in Europe dont have to deal with this that much though, as almost all the beta invites went to the US. Chances are you will never see this sigil ingame. But it better not be shown and greyed-out when I’m selecting my sigil.

      • It’s more of me not giving a *&#$ because it’s a game that I voted that way not that I have some sort of evil plan with all of the “kids” to mess with these oh so important poll results. Take off your tinfoil hat dude. By the way- I didn’t get in and I *gasp* approve of it. I think it’s nice that these people have something to show that they were in the beta; there is nothing wrong with it. Just as there is nothing wrong with the people on this forum whose names are different colors to show that they were in the beta too- or are you going to whine about that too? 🙄

    16. The number of humans complaining that someone else got something that they didnt is just lol ridiculous…ESPECIALLY after you consider its a virtual “thing” that means absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.  Id be embarrassed of myself if I was rage QQ about this.  

    17. I don’t get the rage. Blizzard gives out feats of strength and exclusive in-game pets for blizzcon, and no one rages about that.

      Sure, you can say: “People can choose to go to blizzcon”. And I’ll partly agree. But what about those that didn’t get tickets before they sold out? They don’t get a pet, or a feat of strength. And you don’t see them raging on the forums. Tough luck.

      I think it’s fair to give the lucky ones who got into the beta a reward. They are indeed a lucky bunch, and should have something to show off ^^

    18. I did not know that a sigil was included, I thought it was just a feat of strength.

      I would like to change my vote from “got it – approve” to “got it – do not approve” and retract my previous snarky responses. As someone who faithfully filled out the Marks of Valor just to get sigils (even though I may never use them) it definitely bothers me that there’s an exclusive sigil for this.

      If it was just a feat of strength, whatever – in SC I never even see other people’s feats of strength. 

    19. they played a little part of the tutorial for 7 months big deal. 7 months they knew their chars are $hit, their items are $hit and they dont know $hit about the game and capped at lvl 13. to me itsa a fuking punishment.
      so why so serious?

    20. I agree that the beta testers should be rewarded for the amout of time they (some) invested in it and the good feedback they provided to Blizzard for making a great game. It is IMHO however not fair to attribute a FOS for this since it is a FOS in the endgame which does not involve the end game to obtain it.

      Do I feel bad about them getting it? Not at all!
      Do I have it? No I don’t (EU, need I say more?).
      Is it fair towards other players and in relation to the endgame? I think not.

      ’nuff said, in a few days the game is there, enough with the rants and lets get bashing soon, yes? YES! 

    21. “This means we’ve got another example of 2.0 offering precisely the features that Blizzard’s customers least desire.”
      I don’t think one can make that statement. The majority of the people buying will probably be casual players (although this is just a guess) and the people found on fansites are far from casual.

    22. I originally felt bad for people who missed out on the FoS and sigil, but having seen all the entitled whining on the Bliz forums and around here, I don’t any more. For the record I missed out also, but I do not care. The worst thing about Diablo is often its community and this bout of sniveling is a classic example.

    23. They could have made it more fair for the regular fans by giving a separate feat for having opted-in to the beta but not being selected for the beta.  Then at least those who were around and tried to participate could be recognized years down the line just like the actual beta participants.

    24. Lets see i made it into the Beta but didn’t want to ruin the game with any spoilers. I forgot i had entered into the Beta with my Bnet account, to busy playing Skyrim anyways. I must one of the few with patience. How about i get my own “Feat of Patience”. Heck how about we all get that reward, we’ve wait 12 years for Monday night 😉

    25. I don’t get the whole achievments thing. Is it for the challenge? Cause if it’s for the challenge then what’s the challenge in being chosen at random?
      It’s probably to show off though.
      And if that’s the case, people, wake up, you’re showing off all the time wasted chasing mindless challenges.
      CAPTCHA: black and white, which, ironically, reflects my stance 😛
      I know I know…

    26. There are so many absolutely worthless achievements already in this game, one saying “I was in beta” means nothing.  A handful show that you are a good player, and the rest show that you either are obsessed with achievements or you randomly broke 5 barrels at the same time.  Achievements are just meaningless.

    27. The poll results say it all, don’t they? Most of the people who “approve” were in the beta and like feeling special and exclusive. Those who don’t approve mostly didn’t get in. I didn’t get in, and came very close to voting “don’t care,” but I prefer to have an opinion about things so I went with disapprove, simply because of the way Blizzard went about this. It just feels too much like a poke in the eye to those who didn’t get into beta… especially because there’s nothing for open beta players, who in fact helped Blizzard a lot by throwing themselves (often in vain) at the log-in page so Blizzard could stress the servers. No, I’m not losing any sleep over it and it won’t affect my enjoyment of the game, but if I worked at Blizz, I wouldn’t have done this, this way.

      • in 79 hours you will be able to play the game, and you will not even remember that the sigil and FoS exist…

      • “It just feels too much like a poke in the eye to those who didn’t get into beta…”
        Or a pat on the back to those who did. /half-full

    28. I got it, think it’s nice — if I didn’t get it, it wouldn’t have bothered me. I totally skipped out on the Heroes Rise sigils because my browser (latest Firefox) would not load the page correctly so I just kind of said screw it. So I guess it’s nice to have some kind of unique sigil to play with.

      I will say however that it’s kind of nice for me, since over the course of two days, I posted about 140 well-written posts in response to crap threads trying to win beta from D3 Sanctuary — or where ever that site was. So I guess that’s some kind of nice consolation for my “hard work”. 😛

      It’s just nice we get some last minute forum drama before release. Once this game is out, no one will remember anything.

    29. Once upon a time…
      Gamers play for fun. They play rick dangerous, kick-off or monkey island, for fun. Nobody complaining (raging? no this word does not exist yet) about his neighbour having better equipment, achievements, or cheat codes for infinite-lives. Who cares ? They have fun.

      15/25 years flash forward, internet and stuff, competition, a generation of “I pwnd you fking noob, headshot”-guys, and a lot of forums ending like “get a life / no, YOU get a life, noob”…

      And today ? Wtf. People complaining about someone having/not having a … sigil. Humans, you greedy little creatures.

      This is just sad. This vote shouldn’t exist, imho. /Agree with “Paradox” and “wtf”. Just go bash some zombies, and please don’t look at your neighbour, and his omg-awesome black and red sigil (with a skull-yeah!) he earned by illegitimate achievement.

      Anyway, Hell is coming on May 15, have a great time you all !

      • There are probably more people complaining about people complaining than there are people complaining about sigils. Talk about fueling the fire.

        Anyway, assuming the ingame sigil selection isn’t completely pathetic, I’m sure everyone will be able to find an acceptable replacement for the beta sigil ^^ (and nobody looks at peoples’ FoS’s anyway, speaking from WoW experience)

    30. @Delvin
      Well, only 24% don’t care ^^ but true, maybe this vote lit the fire (in this forest), and we’re all fueling it.
      It was just to say, you know, the times they are a-changin’ (a very good thing, though 😉 )
      And no doubt you’re right about the replacement.

    31. “not a stretch to say its wildly controversial” ? 30% of rabid fans (not a representative sample of people who are going to buy the game) do not approve. 24% just dont care about such a trivial thing.

    32. Solution: possibility of a secret quest for all the people won’t get the reward, all happy, if not, one possibilit at least, dead or alive.

    33. While many feats of strength in WoW and SC are flawed this one stands out for a very simple reason:
      You, the player, can do absolutely NOTHING to influence the odds of obtaining it except click a button and hope for the best. Most FoS are very chance/timing based (rare mount drops, long playing time, being in game at certain times etc) but in all these cases people can influence the outcome one way or another… short of making 50 Bnet accounts and hoping you get invited with one them you would have had no influence on this “FoS”. It’s pure luck and in some cases a perfect example of favoritism since the US got a very disproportionate number of beta invites as compared to the rest of the world… so i guess moving to the US would have helped as well. Horrible decision on Blizzards part if they care about being fair.
      Also… if the results of this poll shock you odds are you haven’t had a lot to do with the real world… everyone is out for themselves… if something favors them, they approve of it, if something is not in their favor they hate it… fairness be damned. It’s just the way the world works.

       Oh noes, some people will get a totally inconsequential title and banner based on pure luck… however will i enjoy the game now that i can only just play it, and not have all of the oh so important achievements… because we all know playing a game isn’t about gameplay but the pop ups that show up when you get an achievement…

    35. I wasn’t in a beta. I don’t really like not having this Feat of Strength but I can understand it’s merit. If I WAS in the beta I would certainly like to have something to show for it. I’ll live. I don’t see why the lucky few should be penalised for me being egoistic, whiny little [email protected]#h. 😉

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