Vote: Changes to Diablo 3’s Nephalem Valor system?

Diablo 3’s DiabloWikiNephalem Valor system is a hot topic of late. Yesterday’s news and argument touched off quite a bit of discussion and debate on changes to how Nephalem Valor works, and when I read dozens of good comments with lots of competing ideas for how to modify and improve the system, I figured a vote was in order.

Rather than just a boring 1-5 approve/disapprove vote, here are some of the best ideas I saw for changes and improvements to the NV system. Select as many as you like, and we’ll see where the fan opinions point and perhaps give the devs some direction for their improvements?

Changes to the NV system? Vote for all that you like.

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(Note: The Holiday Vote was deemed excessively snarky and cynical by some, so we pulled it. I enjoy D3 and enjoy joking about it, but I forget that some people take this stuff so seriously.)

Last Vote Results

The last vote was tucked into a news post about the meaning of your BattleTag™, and it asked how you choose your ID name. Unusually heavy majority with the same choice on this one, and I’m surprised that 5% used their real name. Honestly, I only put that option in there so Elly wouldn’t complain that I’d left her out, and now she knows that she’s not alone in her lack of imagination! 😉

How did you pick your BattleTag?

  • Online name I’ve used forever. (64%, 1,255 Votes)
  • From some other game/character/movie/music/etc. (11%, 208 Votes)
  • Tossed cat onto keyboard. (6%, 115 Votes)
  • It’s my real name. (5%, 101 Votes)
  • Spur of the moment, off the top of my head, blah. (5%, 99 Votes)
  • Created for D3 after careful thought and deliberation. (5%, 94 Votes)
  • Something else. (5%, 89 Votes)
  • Don’t remember. (0%, 14 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 1,975

    v3B_kNzs4EOFnrS1gvKwww2Another recent vote was tucked into an article I wrote purely to work off some of my annoyance that Diablo 3 still has only 6 hotkeys. It’s nice to see that most of you guys agree with me that more are needed, but more votes and a stronger majority would have been nice. I’ll try to word the question in a more leading fashion next time, and post the vote more prominently.

    Should Diablo III add more skill hotkeys?

  • Definitely. At least 7 or 8. (56%, 414 Votes)
  • No way. Six is a better design. (27%, 196 Votes)
  • Not sure / no opinion. (17%, 124 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 734

    The last vote post asked which of Diablo 3’s three followers you like best. There’s no telling how much of the votes were for fashion vs. function vs. a shared obsession with hidden footprints, but Medieval Barbie is the clear favorite.

    Which is your favorite of Diablo III’s Followers?

  • Eirena the DiabloWikiEnchantress (37%, 1,085 Votes)
  • Lyndon the DiabloWikiScoundrel (26%, 782 Votes)
  • Kormac the DiabloWikiTemplar (21%, 624 Votes)
  • Hate them all / don’t use Followers. (10%, 303 Votes)
  • Not sure / no opinion. (6%, 165 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 2,959

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    18 thoughts on “Vote: Changes to Diablo 3’s Nephalem Valor system?

    1. as if wish-thinking has done anything for diablo 3 so far …

      might as well discuss fanfiction-classes … or an itemization that does not suck.

      i mean yeah NV is actually good at what it does – but that is only because Blizzard failed miserably @

      a) creating a Skill-system in which character building, character identity as well as character progression is fun. ( that actually seemed to be the case when skillrunes + multiple passive skills / passive skill level + talisman was still in the game.)

      b) creating an immersive and randomized Environment in which Exploration is encouraged. making Boss encounters exciting, challenging and more randomized.

      just look at azmodan… he was the most disappointing thing ever after finishing Belial … especially on the first playthrough.

      So yeah If Blizzard would have delivered on these 2 points something like NV would never have been necessary.

      Instead they decided to put a “this is how you are meant to play the game”-mechanic into the game which is completely arbitrary and counter intuitive.

      If you ask me NV is an cheap excuse – similar to Paragon Level.

      “we didn’t realize that the lack of endgame would discourage player from playing. We also didn’t anticipate that MF is an antiquated and absolutely horrendous in an Itemhunting- game ; so we decided to phase it out. 4-5 after launch.

    2. Carry between acts for sure.
      Carry between games to some degree; doing 100 pindle runs / hour is bad, but being able to hop into a game for 5 minutes before leaving and accomplish 1/12th of what you would accomplish in a 60 minute session is a good thing.
      Start at level 1 for sure; I don’t know the reasoning behind restricting it to level 60 play… the restriction really just encourages rushing more.
      Also, I thought they were already lost on death? I play HC, so forgive me if I’m wrong. Anyways, I like imposing death penalties on softies so I vote for that one either way >_>

      • Not lost on death. Only on end of game or respec. People often die repeatedly while doing key runs or organ grinding, with the only risk that 30m might pass and the stacks will expire before the kill can be made.

    3. Nv was bad idea to begin with. Whole mf is kinda crappy, having to do several hour long mf runs.
      I didn’t play since months, doubt it’s any better, probably all the same. Gold farming ftl…
      I’d rather have d2 drop rates, equally good chance from both quick boss runs or long area clears.

    4. – Carry between acts
      – Carry between games – but reset if you reset quest (anti-repeat farming)
      – Stack much higher
      – Start at lvl 1
      – Lost on death for sure – making deaths more severe makes the game more fun! Might not necessaerily have to lose all stacks, that would depend on how high it stacked tbh (as in how much “time lost” on death)
      – And my own: Better rewards at high NV stack, that encourages doing a wide spectrum of content: For example high chances for legendaries when finishing an end-act boss, better chances of lvl 63 rares when completing a quest etc (Combined with stacks resetting with quest reset you cant just run the same quest or act boss over and over).

      Most NV changes can’t stand on their own though, as chaing one thing means others have to change as well, to prevent opening up for exploitable behavior.

    5. Changes and more changes… patches and more patches… and the game still sucks as a diablo game. I spent 6 months trying to like this game but is over. I lost faith. This is not a diablo game, it´s just a boring arpg.

        • So what? I came back to the game every time new content or major changes were released to give it a try. I need to test the game before i write any conclusion.

        • I did the same. I think it’s safe to say, that even after 6 months, many of us are still in denial.

    6. I never really liked the whole magic find thing. Not even in diablo 2.

      In diablo 2 i never even used the best gear i had for dps instead i opted for magic/gold find gear all the way up to lvl 99. The game quickly became boring without the big gold stacks and the rain of shiny loot.

      It was sad though because the best gear actually didn’t get used. Only magic find gear. You wear magic find gear to find the best items but you never use the best items because then you can’t find more of them.

      Valour in d3 is a huge improvement over magic find on gear in d2.

      It’s good to see it can be futher improved. The majority of players clearly aren’t content with the current state of it.

    7. while you could argue for most of the points, why the stacks don’t carry over between acts is beyond me…

    8. Pretty indifferent about NV, more concerned with item overhaul, mob density overhaul, crafting overhaul and some new minor content (at least one new tougher uber please). If NV stayed the same I couldn’t care less.

      If 1.07 is just an NV change to allow it carry between acts and reflect damage nerf, I’m going to be sorely disappointed and probably gonna throw in the towel until 2014/2015 if they ever finish an expansion. Bored to tears and friends list is diminishing to nobody online (about 40 friends in my list and ZERO on last night). Sorry for the slight derail.

    9. Let’s see!

      1.) NV is great as it is. No changes needed.
      *Cough* existing D3 content and ‘great’ in the same sentence? 😉
      2.) More stacks can build up in MP games.
      D3 isn’t meant to work as a multiplayer game. There’s too much fireworks going on in singleplayer already. Worst case, a sense of community between players would arise, encouraging an item trading/swapping system from which no money could be embezzled. Also, besides WoW, another multiplayer fantasy game wouldn’t fit into the corporate portfolio. NV rules supporting MP? Never.
      3.) Make NV available from level 1, or at least before 60.
      NV is meant to be a substitute for a goal. As long as you get to replay the same content four times in a row on varying difficulty levels, that has to be enough of an ambition for you.
      4.) Each stack is worth less (3% 5%?) but you can build up many more stacks.
      Counterproductive by tendency. Players could just warm up with the 1-3 most efficient stacks, neglect any further stacks and quickly farm a 5 minute race track level.
      5.) Stacks carry over between acts.
      They invested precious developement time and myriad hours of testing (as with all other aspects of the game, so we’re told) to strip you from your NV stacks upon reaching the next act. I can’t come up with an idea what’s so wrong with it, but they’ll have their own mazy reasons or wouldn’t have added it in the first place.
      6.) Stacks carry over between games.
      So you can jump to a waypoint next to champion/elite pack spawn area, milk it, log out, next game, repeat? Wasn’t the NV ‘mechanic’ specifically in place to discourage … meh …
      7.) Some/all stacks are lost if you die.
      Masochistic leanings from playing D3 longer than a week aside, what good would that be supposed to offer?
      8.) Stacks are not lost (or just one/some) if you respec.
      See 6.)II.
      9.) NV builds like a resource, and you choose when to spend it for better drop odds.
      Fascinating concept, very playful. On which occasion other than the very next guaranteed multi-magic-/-rare-drops would that be, for example?
      10.) Remove any NV requirement for keys and organs to drop.
      Similar to 6.)II. No keywarden/über hopping for you!
      11.) NV is terrible. Remove from game entirely.
      Yeah, start over from scratch, please. The whole game.

      Merry Christmas!

      • “6.) Stacks carry over between games.
        So you can jump to a waypoint next to champion/elite pack spawn area, milk it, log out, next game, repeat? Wasn’t the NV ‘mechanic’ specifically in place to discourage … meh …”

        Easily preventable if you get even better rewards by staying in the game and moving forward in quests.
        Or, if really needed, simply stop respawning elites in already cleared areas, when you relog (without resetting quest that is). That would be quite a change, but would obviously remove this repeat-farm possibility all together.

        “7.) Some/all stacks are lost if you die.
        Masochistic leanings from playing D3 longer than a week aside, what good would that be supposed to offer?”

        A better sense of danger and meaningful consequences when we fail?

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