Blizzard has replied to some questions, comments, and complaints about how they handled Thursday’s Blood Thief/Shards exploit. There was lively debate in comments of our news thread, and lots of angry threads demanding that heads roll have been closed or deleted on Battle.net, but in a couple of cases a Blue had made some sort of reply. Blood Thief Exploit Aftermath: Bans, Rollbacks, and Debate:

    Punishment suggestion for exploiters

    Since we’ve all heard about the bloodshard exploit and the possibility of Blizzard banning the exploiters, I would like to propose the correct punishment for them. Reset their accounts completely, in season and non-season:

  • Lose all paragons
  • Lose all Characters
  • Lose all Items
  • Ban them from current season
  • Ban their accounts for one week
  • After said week, let them play again. This way there could be no dispute over value lost, but it will send a strong message to those who would like to continue abusing exploits and the exploiters will surely think twice…

    Personally I’d like Blizzard to post a list of the users they, if they ever going to that is, banned. Naming and shaming should be a good deterrent as well.

    Tyvalir: Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick reminder with everyone, since I’ve seen a lot of threads popping up around this topic.

    It’s totally okay to share your thoughts and concerns here on the forums. In fact, that’s a big part of what people enjoy about them, and an important part of their purpose.

    While we welcome friendly and constructive discussions about the game and the community, we draw the line at making derogatory remarks about other players (even when they are made with the best of intentions for the community). These comments can wear away at our sense of community, and create a hostile atmosphere.

    If you believe someone was playing the game and using hacks or exploits, rather than make a post about it here, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and include as much detail about the hack or exploit as possible. Thank you!

    The reason why naming-n-shaming isn’t allowed, is because people will often do this in err, accusing innocent people of things they didn’t do.
    Tyvalir: The bottom line is that name shaming (of any kind) isn’t appropriate for these forums. It doesn’t result in constructive dialogue, no matter how well-intentioned an OP might be, and instead works to tear down the community.

    If your goal is to report hacks and exploits, or other types of exploitative behavior, there are tools both in-game and outside the game (as referenced in my previous post) which are far better suited to this purpose.

    All that said, this is really not the place to discuss what account actions should be taken against which individuals. Since that’s the direction this thread is headed, I’ll be locking it up.

    It’s interesting that Blizzard has (in recent years) relentlessly promoted people who stream their games, far in excess of any promotion (or even acknowledgement) of their fansites. And there’s no policy on Bnet about not linking to or publicizing streamers the rest of the time… but once a bunch of them start pushing some exploit, it’s forbidden to mention them or talk about what they did or how they were punished.

    As for the issue of punishment, what do you guys think should be done? Here’s a vote with the commonly-suggested punishments, arranged in a sort of sliding scale of retribution. Pick the one that most closely aligns with what you think should be done, and hit the comments if you’d like to plead with the mercy of the court, incite more vengeance than a Demon Hunter, or instruct others on the error of their opinions.

    How should Blizzard punish those who exploited the Blood Shard trick?

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