It’s been a few weeks since DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 made big changes to gambling prices and returns, and everyone who plays regularly has had time to absorb the tweaks. So what do you think of them? I was a fan until I started gambling Amulets, and now that I’ve gone 3000 Shards without a single legendary, my love is diminished. Others share that opinion, if not the motive, and a Blue acknowledged our pain today, without tipping any hints about further changes.

    Five Hundred Bloodshards no longer *FEELS* rewarding

    My usual sittings would involve playing rifts until capping 500 blood shards and them gambling for the piece of gear I am after. Even though Kadala rarely gave me what I was after, it still FELT rewarding, because of the quantity of tries — 5 blood shards per gamble. Ironically, by removing the need to go to the blacksmith more (a “quality of life” change I have never seen anyone ask for), and making it so that 500 blood shards no longer even fills my bag, I have to say it feels incredibly less rewarding.

    I realize legendary rates were increased. But the perception of reward is way off now. I no longer feel good about running rifts to cap 500 blood shards, because 500 shards gets me five times fewer gambles. It feels like a waste of time. And when those 5 times fewer gambles yield no legendaries, it feels FIVE TIMES more punishing than it did before.

    I actually didn’t mind having to go to the blacksmith (A1 Kadala is 2 steps from it), and I felt satisfaction by clicking “salvage all” to a full bag of gear, gaining a good amount of crafting mats.
    Tyvalir: Hey guys, just wanted to jump in to say this thread has some very solid feedback (from all sides of the discussion).

    We’ve been watching the topic of Kadala’s reward rate for some time, and how people feel about it after the recent patch (and the hotfix to crafting materials). While we have our own data on how frequently players are getting certain items, seeing these discussions gives us valuable insight into how you all feel about certain changes (which isn’t something we can get easily from our data).

    I’ll be passing this feedback to the dev team. Again, thanks for keeping the discussion constructive!

    This exact issue came up on the podcast last week, and Rankil and N3rdwords both complained that gambling was less fun now, since you got to do less of it. I forget which guy said it, but the analogy of having fun scratching 50 lottery tickets vs. scratching just one with 50x the potential payout seemed a useful one.

    I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I agreed. I liked the principle of the switch; more legendaries from fewer gambles, but the change to gambling prices was so abrupt and extreme. The devs could easily have just doubled or tripled prices while boosting the total return, but quintupling them, without warning?! That seemed like a PTR-type change, throwing a huge tweak in there to see how fans reacted.. and they did it on LIVE.

    Personally, I think the change is fine for armor. Paying 25 per roll gets you 20 armors from a full Blood Shards bank, and that’s a decent amount. It’s a lot less fun when gambling weapons or rings, and amulets suck. I’ll say it flatly. Gambling amulets sucks. Five is way too few rolls for a full stack of shards. It makes the price ratio feel insane, even though amulets have always cost 4x as much to gamble as other armor pieces. That wasn’t so noticeable when it was 5 vs 20, but at 25 vs 100, with the absurdly low cap of 500 shards, it’s really unfun. (And yes, the fact I’ve gambled my last 3000 shards on amulets without a single legendary is probably influencing my opinion.)

    Also… can we get a Shards softcap? So you could exceed the 500 cap, but only to pick up one big stack? Currently there is nothing dumber or more annoying than dribbling 45 shards in a circle around Urshi since you hit 500, so now you have to portal to town, gamble a few times, then portal back down to pick up the rest of the shards from the ground, then portal back to town and end the rift and maybe gamble the rest. (I harangued a CM about this in-game the other night and he promised to bring it up to the devs, so there’s hope…)

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