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It’s been a few weeks since DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 made big changes to gambling prices and returns, and everyone who plays regularly has had time to absorb the tweaks. So what do you think of them? I was a fan until I started gambling Amulets, and now that I’ve gone 3000 Shards without a single legendary, my love is diminished. Others share that opinion, if not the motive, and a Blue acknowledged our pain today, without tipping any hints about further changes.

Five Hundred Bloodshards no longer *FEELS* rewarding

My usual sittings would involve playing rifts until capping 500 blood shards and them gambling for the piece of gear I am after. Even though Kadala rarely gave me what I was after, it still FELT rewarding, because of the quantity of tries — 5 blood shards per gamble. Ironically, by removing the need to go to the blacksmith more (a “quality of life” change I have never seen anyone ask for), and making it so that 500 blood shards no longer even fills my bag, I have to say it feels incredibly less rewarding.

I realize legendary rates were increased. But the perception of reward is way off now. I no longer feel good about running rifts to cap 500 blood shards, because 500 shards gets me five times fewer gambles. It feels like a waste of time. And when those 5 times fewer gambles yield no legendaries, it feels FIVE TIMES more punishing than it did before.

I actually didn’t mind having to go to the blacksmith (A1 Kadala is 2 steps from it), and I felt satisfaction by clicking “salvage all” to a full bag of gear, gaining a good amount of crafting mats.
Tyvalir: Hey guys, just wanted to jump in to say this thread has some very solid feedback (from all sides of the discussion).

We’ve been watching the topic of Kadala’s reward rate for some time, and how people feel about it after the recent patch (and the hotfix to crafting materials). While we have our own data on how frequently players are getting certain items, seeing these discussions gives us valuable insight into how you all feel about certain changes (which isn’t something we can get easily from our data).

I’ll be passing this feedback to the dev team. Again, thanks for keeping the discussion constructive!

This exact issue came up on the podcast last week, and Rankil and N3rdwords both complained that gambling was less fun now, since you got to do less of it. I forget which guy said it, but the analogy of having fun scratching 50 lottery tickets vs. scratching just one with 50x the potential payout seemed a useful one.

I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I agreed. I liked the principle of the switch; more legendaries from fewer gambles, but the change to gambling prices was so abrupt and extreme. The devs could easily have just doubled or tripled prices while boosting the total return, but quintupling them, without warning?! That seemed like a PTR-type change, throwing a huge tweak in there to see how fans reacted.. and they did it on LIVE.

Personally, I think the change is fine for armor. Paying 25 per roll gets you 20 armors from a full Blood Shards bank, and that’s a decent amount. It’s a lot less fun when gambling weapons or rings, and amulets suck. I’ll say it flatly. Gambling amulets sucks. Five is way too few rolls for a full stack of shards. It makes the price ratio feel insane, even though amulets have always cost 4x as much to gamble as other armor pieces. That wasn’t so noticeable when it was 5 vs 20, but at 25 vs 100, with the absurdly low cap of 500 shards, it’s really unfun. (And yes, the fact I’ve gambled my last 3000 shards on amulets without a single legendary is probably influencing my opinion.)

Also… can we get a Shards softcap? So you could exceed the 500 cap, but only to pick up one big stack? Currently there is nothing dumber or more annoying than dribbling 45 shards in a circle around Urshi since you hit 500, so now you have to portal to town, gamble a few times, then portal back down to pick up the rest of the shards from the ground, then portal back to town and end the rift and maybe gamble the rest. (I harangued a CM about this in-game the other night and he promised to bring it up to the devs, so there’s hope…)

Vote: Blood Shards and Gambling Changes in Diablo 3

What changes are most needed to the current gambling system? (Vote as many as apply.)

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  1. My opinions seem to resonate with the majority here. A double-increase of shard cap is awesome, along with gamble cost reductions and specific weapon gambles.

    If gamble cost doesn't go down in general, how about this: break 1H and 2H weapons into separate categories, and reduce mainhand 1Hs to 50.

    Nothing is more frustrating, than gambling 1H/2H weapons, and not getting class-specifics 50% of the time.

  2. They need to reduce the 30 second timer for rift closing to 20 seconds or less it is frustrating standing around waiting for it when you just wanna get some farmmode done especially when you are averaging 3 min rift t6 clears that is a huge chunk of time waiting to start the next rift in proportion to the length.

  3. I want the "punch Kadala in face" feature implemented. Along with ALL THE THINGS.

  4. Cap of 1000 and specific weapon types are what I picked.

  5. I voted for more shards from other sources (namely buffing the amount you get from bounties to encourage doing them; bounties really need the next major overhaul) and I also voted for being able to gamble for specific weapon types. Gambling the category of two-handers as a Crusader is a painful process of seeing A LOT of flails that I really don't have a need for.

    • The problem is that compared to other item types weapon gambling is penalized twice: both with a higher price and more unpredictability. I understand the reason for the penalty, since weapons are the most important items in terms of power, but one of these penalties have to go away, they are too much together.

  6. The cap on Blood shards should be REMOVED – there shouldn’t be any cap at all.

  7. I don't really care about the higher cost, since the leg-per-shard ratio is higher. Math. Their reasoning for doing it (running back/forth to the blacksmith) was kinda weird though.

    I do think a higher cap is in order, 1000 sounds about right, maybe 2000, nothing more. There should definitely be a cap to prevent hoarding before patches and such though.

    I also voted for more sources. Blood shards from bounties is laughably small, and bounties need more love.

    Salvage all on Kadala? Would make sense if that was what they were really trying to fix the issue they said they were fixing. How about salvage in the FIELD? Like we used to have in the beta, their reason for getting rid of that was not only lame to begin with, but no longer relevant to the game at all.

    • Salvage All on Kadala (or just a salvage all button in the inv full time) was the ridiculously obvious solution to their fairly shifty "running back and forth to Griswold" reason for the change.

      And since the huge buff to rare material drop rates… the whole salvaging of rares has become pointless. I was always out or nearly out of Veiled Crystals before. Now I'm drowning in them, to the point I don't even pick up rares anymore. Which doesn't change the gambling issue, since even you still need some method to get all those junk yellows out of your inventory when you left Kadala, and salvage all is the quickest solution.

  8. Voted for increased cap and gambling for specific weapon types. Never even tried to gamble weapons because my chances of getting what I want (dagger of darts or SMK atm) are ridiculously small. After reading some of the comments, I’d also like to see another source of blood shards, maybe give bounties a buff, like maybe guaranteed blood shards from caches, increase the amount you get from individual bounties per difficulty and add a bonus for completing all bounties from all give acts in one game.

    • Yeah, that's why I put in the vote option for more shards elsewhere. As Katniss said, bounties need a buff, and gathering shards now is just silly. You get virtually none for bounties or anything else, while Guardians drop heaps of them.

      Occasionally I'll play an hour doing some bounties or helping rush someone or whatever, and it's always a surprise when I notice I'm still at like 43 shards. It's just the opposite surprise when I'm doing Rifts and always hit 500 before I realize I was even filling up.

    • I really think elite packs should drop shards. If they don't drop a legendary, at least they should contribute to getting one from gambling.

  9. the only reason that the cost is so high is that it really limits how u gear through kadala its not a design flaw and is intentional, i geared 3 chars though her in less than a week now its more of a struggle to get armour weps and jewellery though her as ive not seen leg weps or jewellry drop from her as they are 2 expensive and has really demoralised my play time its just not rewarding to play the game as rifts dont give u as much as they used to back when they supposedly boosted leg drops ( ninja nerfed in to hell now) and grifts are too sucky always giving mumdane items that u have had a bajillion times.

    • id also like to add the serious lack of trading has killed the game too since gold isnt a chore and is easy to get now they should reactivate trading and get rid of this boa crap

  10. Its a again the retarde wow philosophy applied on diablo world (because they dont know shit how to make good arpg).

    Its like grinding for some prestige or faction points, whatever and then getting reward for it. It is ****ing gambling for god's sake, tune those blood shard prices down to maybe 2-3 per item and let us gamble. And let us gamble for gold too, while you are at it. We can't buy gold from chinese so whats the big deal? Let me play my waym farming gold with boon of hoarder and gf items and then gamble it for nice legendary items!

  11. Agree with the majority as for what’s needed to fix the gambling changes. I’m still disappointed Blizz chose to make this change without any input from the community beforehand. Or, any input that was logical. Still can’t get over the fact that some of the changes came from, \Player A doesn’t like to walk over to NPC B.\

  12. Yeah I barely bothered with jewelry before, but I laugh in the face of amulet costs now. Also, and let's be honest… Most classes want a Furnace and cluttering that gamble category with as much pointless junk as possible (staves, flails, mighty weapons) to aid in the abysmal drop rate is working exactly as intended. You're supposed to get most of what you want easily, to keep you interested, but not ever get all of it, to keep you playing.

    My votes matched the top 4, and my other opinions have been said already.

  13. Gambling for a specific slot is just another "fix" to a major problem in the game: the poor drop rates of rarer legendary. If the drop rate of rare (1/2), rarer (1/4) and rarest (1/10) would increase with each level of Torment to become something like 1/1 1/2 and 1/4 on T6.

    First Kadala wouldn't feel frustrating, although in reality it's the game that is, and she would go back to her intended non-essential role. Secondly playing higher Torments would feel purposeful other than stupid shards, which is a "MMO currency".

  14. I think you should be able to gamble for follower tokens as well. I’m P200 normal and almost P200 seasonal and have yet to see a legendary templar token.

    • I agree. It's generally a bit hard to get good equipment for the followers anyways, if their mainstat differs from your characters. The 15% non-smart drops ain't delivering enough breathing room there. Only problematic when running one character exclusively or lacking a mainstat, but then getting good followergear can turn into quite a downer.

  15. I voted for increased blood shard limit and reduced gambling costs. I agree 100% that gambling is a lot less rewarding…and Flux, I definitely feel your pain with the amulets. I gambled for well over a hundred amulets – can't remember the exact number but it was a lot of shards – without getting a single legendary; this was back in April/May and I felt like I was just throwing away blood shards back then. The current cost for armor isn't horrible, but the higher cost items (especially melee weapons) are way too expensive considering the limited amount of blood shards.

    While I know that some of the other choices would make it easier to better items from Kadala, I feel that it shouldn't be too easy to get the best gear. True, I would love to get that elusive Blade of Prophecy for my seasons Condemn-build Crusader, but part of the fun of Diablo is finally getting that special item after 100s-1000s of bad rolls. To quote Flux from the recent podcast, "It's not Diablo unless you're getting screwed by RNG!" =) Kadala is great for getting that last part of a set you're trying to complete (or at least get a partial set bonus) but she still shouldn't be a great source of gear. I still greatly prefer getting a special drop by killing monsters, but I'm still glad gambling is in the game.

  16. I just did a load of gambling for chest armour and it felt great. Far more rewarding than before.

    The problem is I'm not even slightly tempted to gamble for anything other than armours. Everything else is too expensive for me to even bother trying to see how it feels.

  17. I just don't understand why jewelery and weapons are a different cost to armor items. Just make all gambling costs the same.

  18. I think gambling is great now.. I'd much rather gamble less and get more, than gambling more and get nothing.

  19. Short question to all of you: What gambling prices would you imagine being balanced? (Be it just from a gut feeling or with reason behind…)

    Imho 20/35/50/65 Shards (, with slightly lower leg chances, ) would make for a gambling feeling more worthwhile (, while still maintaining balance). The current 25/50/75/100 ratio may be mathematically simple and 25 Shards for Armor is quite good given the droprates, but rings, weapons and amulets are too expensive and need to drop in price before becoming worthwhile to gamble for. Especially weapons are imho too expensive, only being split in 1hd and 2hd gambles.

    For the wishlist: If the weapon categories would be split down to their type, I'd prefere each character having their own Shard cost table, each having gamble "specialties" that are cheaper to them than to the other characters to gamble for, some "normally" priced and others being even more expensive. This would add to the roleplaying aspect of the game. (It would make sense to do the same with armor gamble prices, too).

  20. I chose 4 and it ended up being the top 4 , great minds and all that 🙂

  21. I dont think the double shard cap is the solution, its just a good think.
    But what good comes from it? Nothing u just gamble double the amount at once.
    I think the lover cost, and some higher chance for the build defining gear drops ( that can be weapon or anything that improves the build, this items are mostly ultra rare )

  22. I think this could be used to give something more to unique enemies. They could drop blood shards. Even if only in small numbers. After the unique crafting material were removed it just doesn’t seem so rewarding killing them. Most of the time they just drop two piles of gold. Makes me think of them less than an average trash kill.

  23. why not make a 13 piece gambling set which has only 1 set bonus for 13 pieces which gives better bloodshard drop rate better chance at a legendary and also reduces prices that will cure kadala catch is this set piece can only be gotten from kadala

    • A 13 piece gambling set would be too much for the current game design. Even with good luck on affix roles, you would probably only accumulate enough damage, mitigation and healing, to run rifts/bounties no higher than T1-2. Gearing for higher difficulties for the increase in shards dropped each guardian, would probably always be favorable to wearing the set, unless the values of the set bonus would be set absuredly high. (The latter would imho result in a gameplay being most effective, where you'd be running T1 with the set, until finally all the items needed to gear for T6 have been gambled/dropped.)

      If it just has to be the set with the most items needed to counterbalance the boni, then I'd rather see the set bonus limited to 8 pieces(/7+RoRG), though with 10 or 11 itemslots covered to allow for a bit more of gearing freedom.

      I would still prefere keeping the 6 piece-boni concept used by existing class sets, splitting the boni onto the usual 2/4/6(2/3/5+RoRG) items worn accordingly:

      2 items – reduce all gamble costs by 10-35%
      4 items – Guardians drop 5-15% more blood shards
      6 items – Increases the chance for any legendary roll to be dropped/gambled as class restricted legendary or class set item [: I do find this more interesting than your suggestion of increased leg drop chances, which would essentially be an additional stat counteracting the diminishing return of mf-effectivity on leg/set-rolls, which could be reached quite the same and simpler be just tuning these back a bit. Would also add more value to existing mf gear, sparse as it's already is.)

      I'm further inclined complement this by another 4-piece set then, with
      focus on bloodshard gain through bounties and an additional legendary affix on one of the items, increasing chances of rolling items for slot xyz (logically 1 out of 13, randomly rolled) and/or reducing the probability of a drop in the rolled slot being affected by smartloot (: To farm gear for followers/secondary characters with one his main char while allowing the player to shape the odds for sought after items dropping.)

      2 items – Amount of blood shards rewarded by bounties increased by 50-150%
      4 items – Increases run speed by up to 15%, dependent on amount of blood shards accumulated

      Alexis of Silverfang

      PS: No calculations were strained in generation of the above. It's all just a mirage.

      • again its a nice chance to discuss but being honest i would like to see both of the aforementioned sets made for season 2 it would help stop all bitching about kadala low legs per leg item and lend a hand with bloodshard generation so u can reach cap faster and give u a higher chance to find super rare leg items.

        but blizz being blizz wouldnt go for something like this and that is kinda a shame because it would justify the changes to kadala and compliment them and with the sets being kadala oly u will still need to gamble just to get them (kadala only sets should get purple beam if displayed on floor and also purple writing for linking in chat)

  24. Got 4 legendaries out of 10 gambles. No change is needed.

    • wow good for you and nice insight there , you sure you used enough words ?

      I just gambled 4000 shards for 1 crappy legendary and can quite often go 1500 shards with 0 results . Oh , these were for items worth 25 shards , I will not gamble 2 handers and amulets . I couldn't imagine going 16000 shards for 1 item .

      Yes please , change it , it's ridiculous , with losses like that it now feels way worse than it ever was . I'm farming shards all day for 0 results , fed up of it .

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