Vote: Blizzcon Expectations?

With Blizzcon 2011 set to start up in just a couple of days, does anyone care? I’ve seen few signs of excite in the Diablo community, and at least judging by forum comments you guys seem pretty indifferent to the show this year. I guess that’s inevitable; we’ve seen tons of ongoing info from the beta, and we recently got word that the game would not be out until early 2012, dashing a lot of “best Xmas evah!” hopes.

There are a stack of Diablo III panels at the show, but the developers have not been talking up the Diablo content at all. (Remember Bashiok’s “biggest Diablo Blizzcon ever! remarks last year?) Since we were told that all the game systems were revealed before the beta, there’s no expectation for big new features. After all, it’s not like we’re going to get a sixth character or something.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m misreading the mood of the community. Maybe most of you guys are eagerly awaiting the show? We’ll surely get new screenshots and artworks and gameplay footage, at the very least. The playable demo at the show might be all new Act Three content. There might be awesome new info at the panels. There might be an Arena demo with a new map and high level characters from each class to choose from. Etc.

So, which is it? Are you excited and eager, or not?

Do you have Blizzcon 2011 excite?

  • 3) Not very excited. Not expecting much. (30%, 1,193 Votes)
  • 2) Eager for Blizzcon, but not crazed. (23%, 917 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion. Wake me when the game is done. (16%, 655 Votes)
  • 1) Super excite! Can't wait for tons of new info. (16%, 624 Votes)
  • 4) Don't care. Will just be old info in a new wrapper. (15%, 614 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,002

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Last Vote Results

The last vote once again went over 10k responses, so even with the general slow down in the Diablo community since the release date delay clarification, we still see a lot more people closely following the game’s progress now than there were earlier this year. (I have site stats to confirm that; I’m not just making suppositions from vote tallies.)

As for the predictions… clearly most of you guys are taking Blizzard’s “early 2012” literally, with 67% opting for Jan-March. Then again, with fourth place going to the spiteful NEVER crowd, perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into these results…

When will Diablo 3 be released?

  • February 2012 (29%, 3,081 Votes)
  • March 2012 (25%, 2,665 Votes)
  • January 2012 (13%, 1,344 Votes)
  • Canceled. Vapor ware. (9%, 911 Votes)
  • April 2012 (8%, 855 Votes)
  • Second half of 2012 (5%, 513 Votes)
  • 2013 or later. (4%, 452 Votes)
  • June 2012 (4%, 392 Votes)
  • May 2012 (3%, 298 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,511

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35 thoughts on “Vote: Blizzcon Expectations?

  1. what if they show all rune effect visuals and some end tier items ingame? not too unrealistic, is it? so i voted #2

    • You think that they would show all 565 rune effect visuals during a Blizzcon panel? Yeah… not unrealistic at all… 🙄

      Also, if you want to see some end tier items in game then go to Risingred’s gallery and look at them…

  2. I voted 1 because i really hope we will see an intro/cinematic of something like that. Blizz cinematic are always good! 🙂

  3. i dont think we care anymore about screenshots, we just want to play the game.. at least from me

  4. I stopped caring about Blizzcon after 4.0 and Cataclysm destroyed WoW for me. My interest in D3 is still relatively high, but my interest in Activizzard in general is lower than ever, other than in a shocked-bystander-at-a-train-wreck kind of way.

    • Yeah pretty much who cares about this years blizzcon. Beta gameplay videos have shown all the stuff we need right now, and interest is fading away with great speed. Worst anti-climax ever

        • It’s also the first half hour to an hour of the game every single time you roll a new character.  So, about a thousand times more important than some secondary section of Act 2.
          Of course, with the new insta-skill system, you won’t need to roll more than one of each class.  😛

          • It’s not even that because since it’s the Beta Blizzard cut off even more large chunks out of the beginning to keep the story intact.

            Frankly, I just want to either learn more about the story or hear a solid release date from Blizzard.
            Any cinematics, screenshots, or artwork is appreciated but not what I want.

    • I wouldn’t… announcements like that usually come in press releases a couple months before release… I would, however, expect a blurb or two about the Book of Cain at their publishing panel…

  5. Hmm Blizcon pah means nothing here, wake me up when all the articles are written and I can get any Info I want out of what new stuff there is zzZZZZZ.

    Guess I have to go with 3, since theres isn’t a “Pah Blizcon? just give me the info vote” option.

  6. I haven’t lost any interest in Diablo, but there’s nothing I’m really looking forward to at Blizzcon so I can’t say I’m super excited or anything. I do hope there’s a Collector’s Edition announcement for D3 so I can give them my monies though. 😀

  7. I voted one, only because I am going to Blizzcon this year.  If I was just getting the V-ticket I would have voted for two.

  8. I has excite for the sound panel, but I don’t expect much out of Blizzcon besides maybe part of a cinematic. Blizzard seems to be teasing that.

    I voted for April in the last poll. What’s the point of delaying unless you’re going to use the time?

    Game files seem to hint that Act III may be playable this year, but that’s still a rather wild guess.

    • Hey Red, if you have a question you want to ask let me know, I will be at the panel and I will ask if you want.

      • If I could ask them one thing, it would be “Would you please, please, please include a special on the CE DVD about making the sounds, including footage from within the studio?”. 😀

        Seriously the studio footage of people actually making the sounds in games (or movies) is absolutely mind-blowingly cool beyond all reasonable dimensions. And it’s so bloody rare. Or I would ask about barb shouts, if they felt they had to live up to a sort of “audio legacy” from D2, since I see they took the shouts in a different direction, and what that process was like. I really, really love the shouts in D3.

        <3 the sounds so much.

  9. I voted one because I am a fan of all three franchises and there will be tons of info when you follow them all… also the fact that we know there will be at least a game announcement for the next WoW expansion (not saying I’m horribly exctited for it, just saying there will be lots of info on it) so yeah… plus I’m always excited for Blizzcons… although this one seems to be more Q&A’s than straight info panels this time around… hmm maybe I should’ve picked option two…

  10. Diablo 3 right now is like the hot girl you flirted with at a party who returns your phone calls but keeps delaying when she is ‘free’ for a date.
    At some point you just lose interest.  That point is now.  When Blizzard actually announces a release date I will become interested again.  I wonder if Cleve Blakemore will finish before Blizzard?

  11. I’m always excited for any dev panel. I like to listen to Jay talk about the game as he’s always very thorough and knowledgeable regarding all the details and thought process behind their design.

    • Yeah he sure is……..ermmm……uuuuhhhh…..uummmmm………..well………..scintillating talker, he is!

  12. More interested in SC2 because the Diablo 3 panels will be just rehashing stuff from last year’s Blizzcon.

  13. While I love Diablo a lot, it’s not the only game I play from Blizzard. I’m interested on the possible plot advances in WoW (I don’t play the game, but I like the RTS and its tales), and also Starcraft. Kerrigan just happens to be one of my favorite characters of all time, and I just love the Zerg, so it’s pretty sweet that they’ll reveal more about them this Blizzcon.

    I am also very excited about the Diablo panels. Any new information or reasonings behind certain features are always a delight to hear. Let’s not forget about the possible showing of a Cinematic/New Trailer. 😀

  14. Hopefully we will see some other acts, higher level chars and combat using runed skills. Or some high lvl PvP videos. Something fresh, really.

    Videos from beta are boring

  15. Blizzcon ’11 will be pure crap. Release date expectations are non-existent since this was the most anticipated piece of info we banked on before their crappy revelation, teeny weeny beta already started and we’ve heard nothing really interesting about it. Blizzard too busy playing with their…..runestones. Especially now they won’t divulge any end-game info to avoid spoiling anything (quests, characters and story stuff).

    We’ll most likely get some boring panels with what the skills look like after the umpteenth tweakfest, some new monsters that we’ve probably already seen in the Beta Emulator and some uber-crappy boring screenies to go with your fries. In other related news, personally for me SC2 and WoW can go F themselves, couldn’t care less.

    In a nutshell, I wouldn’t attend even if they had invited me, all expenses covered. Blizzcon will suck miserably. Ladies n gentlemen, boys n girls, children of all ages, request your refund now, show won’t even be worth a single dollar. The attendees will most likely be there expecting a beta key. A beta they’ll only play for a few days before they get sick to death of it. According to Blizzard that’s what pretty much everyone’s doing.

  16. Bought a virtual ticket  – and chose option #3. Interest has gone downhill ever since it was “2012”. It’ll grow again sometime in april though! At least my daughter will sleep more regularly and earlier by then.
    What’s worse is that yet again there’ll be no “big announcement” like last years show. HotS wouldn’t be one – and it won’t be Titan either.
    I wasn’t there when that 12-stringed guitar hummed in 2008 ( it’s quite costy flying from Denmark to California + hotels) but I don’t see anything that’ll shake things up like that sound almost 3 years ago

  17. I voted 3, but just thought of something potentially awesome/exciting.  The Blizzcon crowds have been very vocal in the past over the D3 announcements… loud cheers for things like hardcore deaths (even in arenas) being permanent.  I am VERY interested in how the crowds will react to discussions regarding the RMAH and always online stuff.  I hope for crickets, but a smattering of applause will be pretty awesome too.

  18. As for as Diablo goes I don’t really look forward to blizzcon, but Starcraft is another matter. So (1) I guess.

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