Vote: Your Blizzcon Attendance and Interest

Blizzcon 2013 and its info-rich panels looms directly ahead of us, and like Captain Edward J. Smith, I see no need to lower the speed or steer aside this mighty craft.

You may not share my sense of predestination, though. So, a survey masquerading as a vote. What are you planning for Blizzcon 2013?

What are your plans for this Blizzcon 2013 weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Vote: Your Blizzcon Attendance and Interest

    • No one is watching Thor 2. Because there was a Thor 1, which many people watched, and presumably learned from the experience.

      • =[

        Thor was my favorite of the individual MCU movies. Chris Hemsworth is incredibly endearing as a confused bro-deity.

  1. lol, nevermind, that was quick on Blizzards behalf: taken down.

    Good trailer though, just showed off the open world/ bounties/ clans/ mystic etc. I’m guessing they will make it public on their official youtube page tomorrow.

  2. Don’t really know, how to answer the poll. Yes, I refresh the news more often at the moment for signs, that this action game may finally turn back again into an arpg and into a game of the diablo-series by more than just it’s name and primary gameplay. But that’s about it, as my glimmer of hope has worn rather dim over time. So it’s definitively not excitement, but on the other hand far from not interested.

  3. Prepared to sit half the night (or two nights) watching panels and SC2 tournament. Always great fun.

  4. If I could actually -go- to Blizzcon I’d be way more excited.

    I bought the virtual ticket last year. I most enjoyed watching the opening, the closing, and the costume contest. The tournaments were mildly interesting as well but there were too many of them to sit through every one. Think I also watched the live raid and the challenge mode run but wasn’t impressed. Just about everything else wasn’t really worth the money since the news sites cover it all.

    I expect actually being there would be worth the trip, though, just to get a chance to go to a con with fellow Blizzard fans, honestly. Wish I could afford it. =(

  5. Surprised not more people have virtual tickets. I guess they are pretty expensive if you’re not into SC2/WOW/HS at all.

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