Where fits D's tail on the Maltypony?

    Where fits D’s tail on the Maltypony?

    Blizzard has engaged in digital cross-game promotion for years, with players able to earn prizes in their games by attending Blizzcon, or unlocking special prizes with the purchase of Collector’s Edition versions of their games. Those were almost always just cosmetic buffs, but the trend is definitely accelerating, and with the cross-game prizes increasing in quality, including things like new cards in Hearthstone and new characters in Heroes of the Storm, some controversy is ensuing.

    I assume people with lots of time for video games, who play multiple Blizzard titles, love these promotions, as they are getting bonus features for doing what they were doing anyway. Other players are much less enthused, or find their versions of the games ineligible for the tie in. For example:

    I saw the news that reaching level 70 will grant a unique mount in Heroes of the Storm. I was wondering if the eligibility of this is checked for console accounts. I only own D3 on PS4 and linking accounts has never shown any ownership on my Battle.net profile nor did I get the reward for linking. Wondering if this will be the same.
    Grimiku: I’m glad you asked about this, and I’ll be sure to mention it the next time we have a meeting with the dev team. However, this cross promotion is only for PC/Mac users, and the Ultimate Evil Edition is not eligible.

    Our post earlier this week about a bunch of new HotS perks generated interesting debate, with some players quite annoyed that Blizzard was “forcing” them to play other games to enable Diablo 3 content, while other players thought it was all cool. So let’s survey community opinion with the blunt little tool of a survey.

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    I couldn’t figure a way to offer enough vote options for fine-grained opinion gauging — players might love this since they play all the games, love it while only playing D3, like it while playing only one of the games, hate it since they don’t have time to play all, not like cross promotion in general, not care since the prizes are (almost) all cosmetic, etc. So after you vote, hit the comments to share your opinion and why, since I think the reasons for this are as interesting as the general approval rating.

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