Vote: Are You Using the D3 Auction House?

Now that DiabloWikiPatch 1.05 has been live for a few weeks, and item finds are greatly increased in quality, I’ve been wondering how the DiabloWikiAuction House is faring. In v1.05 you can find a lot more good items, and many more legendary items, but I can see many possible ways this could affect player AH use.

Are you finding so much stuff that you want to self-find and be self-sufficient? Or are you trying to score huge profits with your great item finds? Or are you buying more, since the increased flow or top end items has dropped prices on everything else? Or something else?

I tried to put a fair representation of options in the vote, and yes, more than one might be true of you (4 & 5, or 5 & 6, for instance) but pick one that seems the best representation of your experience, and feel free to elaborate in comments. Personally, I only used the AH a tiny amount pre-v1.05, selling mats for gold and buying some cheap gear upgrades to survive in Inferno (back when it was harder). I haven’t been tempted to use the AH at all in v1.05 though, since I’ve been finding sufficient item upgrades to improve all of my characters.

That said… if I ever find a truly epic BEST IN SLOT type item, I might be tempted to sell it just so I’d have 50m in my bank and never be poor again.

What's your D3 Auction House behavior in v1.05?

  • 1) I'm buying and selling items. (44%, 1,456 Votes)
  • 3) Buying, but little or no selling. (17%, 560 Votes)
  • 6) I haven't played the game in v1.05. (16%, 542 Votes)
  • 2) Selling, but little or no buying. (11%, 356 Votes)
  • 5) I've never used the Auction House. (7%, 247 Votes)
  • 4) No AH use; in v1.05 I can self find. (5%, 152 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,314

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Last Vote Results

The last vote went up in a news item about (the lack of) Halloween bonus content in Diablo III, and the results are interesting. As I said in that mini-article, every time I’ve brought the topic of bonus holiday content up, the majority of commenters are against it. That was the case in that recent post as well, and yet from the vote results… a strong majority of you guys want such content, at least if it’s done well. So why don’t you silent majority of 68% speak up?

Would you like to see seasonal bonus content in D3?

1) Yes, it would be awesome. (42%, 616 Votes)
2) Maybe, but only if it was done very well. (26%, 379 Votes)
4) No way. Never. Under no circumstances. (20%, 292 Votes)
3) Probably not, since it would be done poorly. (10%, 150 Votes)
5) No opinion / something else. (2%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,483

The last main page vote was a survey on the v1.05 patch, and it’s obvious that most everyone who hasn’t written D3 off in a /ragequit is pretty happy with the current direction of the game. I have to agree; I’ve played much more D3 in v1.05 than I had in the previous months, and I’m enjoying it.

What do you think of Diablo 3 v1.0.5?

1) It made awesome changes. Great patch. (45%, 1,550 Votes)
2) It’s good, but not great. (30%, 1,040 Votes)
5) No opinion / haven’t played. (12%, 423 Votes)
3) Not very good. Game needs work. (8%, 292 Votes)
4) Terrible patch. Game still sucks. (5%, 161 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,466

It sounds obvious in retrospect, but it’s funny how much more fun D3 is when your character can kick ass and roll up fat l3wt in the process. It’s a shame the devs took so long to realize their best approach was to emulate D2’s game balance, but I can’t entirely criticize them. After all, I was with a lot of other fans pre-release; we *thought* we wanted a harder game, where the best loot could only come from the hardest monsters, and DiabloWikiInferno was a really challenging difficulty. And yet when we got that… we hated it.

It reminds me of the Malcolm Gladwell TED talk where he discourses on product preferences, and how consumers don’t know what they want, and in fact actively lie to themselves and to survey takers. For instance, almost everyone in the US *says* they like rich, dark, strong coffee, and yet almost everyone drinks milky, weak, sugary coffee.

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19 thoughts on “Vote: Are You Using the D3 Auction House?

  1. I’m self-found since the beginning but i still sell what i don’t give to friends, just to cash some euros. Enjoying v1.0.5, i find approximately 2+ lengendairies per run.

  2. “After all, I was with a lot of other fans pre-release; we *thought* we wanted a harder game, where the best loot could only come from the hardest monsters, and Inferno was a really challenging difficulty. And yet when we got that… we hated it.”

    I still maintain if Blizzard went for non-gearcheck driven difficulty in Inferno it would have been more fun all around.

    Sigh, genre conventions.

    • You’re probably right, and it’s a big issue with a lot of variables that I wasn’t going to delve into in this post. Obviously they improved a lot more than just MP and making Inferno easier in v1.05, and those other changes help. But the basic issue of players thinking they wanted a hard game, and then getting it and shrinking from the challenge, is an interesting one.

      • I wonder if, in this case, the distinction is further muddled due to the difference between “hard” and “cheap.”

        Blizzard stated they wanted smooth damage where you died if you could no longer win the war of attrition in an encounter — some combination of lacking DPS or lacking sustain. However, the game as released was the exact opposite: spiky damage everywhere. While damage has been toned down, and regular damage is less spiky, obviously a lot of the affixes are specifically about spiky damage (lol trapped with 3 arcane sentries inside a U-shaped wall), which is a strange design decision. In addition, sustain in the form of LoH creates a weird dynamic where if you can outheal incoming damage via LoH you’re unkillable EXCEPT for damage spikes, which is again, a strange design decision given that the point was to steer clear of them.

        There’s plenty of ways to design encounters that are hard/not “cheap”, but this difficulty can be circumvented. It seems like at some point the design focus veered away from any such mechanic and towards something that was more of an exponential numbers game, because those create artificial length by making things harder to overcome. As a result, damage is still relatively spiky, but at least it’s been toned down such that you don’t die after 1/2 hits on squishy ranged characters, so it’s not as noticeable, and hence not as annoying.

        My DH still dies in about 4 melee hits provided I don’t dodge/avoid/Gloom them, and the gear necessary to bring this up to a less frantic 8-10 probably isn’t worth it from a DPS perspective, considering I’m playing self-found and will likely not find good offense/defense rolls on the same gear slot.

        • Pretty much this. Too much of their idea of “so hard!” was cheap and spiky, which is baffling since it’s exactly what they preached against pre-release. I for one still dream of a game that’s a lot harder in a skillful way, not just a “get better gear” kinda way.

  3. I feel like there needs to be another choice:

    “I’m fed up with trying to sell and buying seems to ruin the game for me now.”

    Option 4 comes closest but to me it implies that I’d prefer to self find in 1.05. To me, I’m just frustrated with trying to sell stuff. What sells and what doesn’t seems to be all over the place for me. So I’ve just given up with the AH.

    • It seems to be the consensus that it’s become a “Buyers Market”.

      I have a pile of “did not sell” items in my completed column.

      I’ve bought several nice Legendaries for less than $100K by using the “search by ending time” feature. Meanwhile, my gold accumulates… have to spend it somewhere.

  4. I buy and sell, but it’s little to none, mostly none. Anything that would be a good upgrade is either not available or way out of my price range, 400 mil to 3 bil. Even small upgrades, 50 mil to 100 mil, are way out of my price range. So, I’m left with searching for bargains, 50 mil to 100 mil items that are priced at 15 mil or less. I don’t see these often, but when I do, I pray someone is not quicker at the buyout button.

    As for selling, items are slow to sell. Only set/legendary items sell at a decent pace, but finding ones that are not vendor trash is still difficult. Good rares not selling though baffles me. It’s like everyone only considers sets/legendaries as being good, which is not true at all. Barring a Vile Ward, my main is decked out in rares which, other than my weapon and ammy, were all self obtained. Would I someday like to have Zunimassa’s? Sure, but any Zunimassa’s that would be an upgrade, would cost billions — because I won’t have the luck to self-find useable Zunimassa pieces. I don’t even have the luck to find any Zunimassa pieces, but I’m sure that when I do, they will be useless AH trash.

  5. Yeah, I was hoping higher difficulties wold mean giving the mobs better AI, new special attacks, greater use of curses and debuffs, and so on. Shame they didn’t.

    • This was in response to konfeta. It’s a shame that even with all this modern day technology, the scientists of mankind have yet to come up with something that lets people edit their own posts on the internet.

      …wait, you mean they have? Then why is it not here?

  6. I have used the GAH quite a bit on my wizard. But, you wouldn’t think so seeing as she only has about 73k DPS. I have tried to leave room for possible self found upgrades, and the only thing I have spent alot of gold on is her source. The rest is reasonably priced decent gear thet has helped me find gear for my other characters. I did put a little real money in at launch that I used for weapons early on. I have had way more legendary items drop since 1.05, but no luck at all on the rolls. I have had so many pieces that are good, but missing a socket or CC/CD. It kinda sucks to find a pair of bracers with a good Main stat/Vit/AR combo and they not have Crit chance. At a certain point, if a piece can roll Crit chance and Crit damage, and it don’t, the item is vendor trash.

    I try not to look at profiles on Bnet much anymore. When I see these guys with 50% CC, 350% CD, and 50% IAS that have 300K DPS/30,000 elite kills it makes me want to use the AH to get better gear. I am sure that is what Blizzard was going for, and it has hooked me right in.

  7. I’m still using the GAH and I like it. I found an IK armor set from a chest, and gave it to my barb, who is my weakest 60. And after giving that to him…he’s still my weakest. So I decided to list it and it eventually sold for over 40 mil. Much of that gold got put into my monk to double my DPS. All-in-all a happy experience for me.

    And yes, I realize that high-end barbs are very powerful and I suck at playing them. 🙂

  8. Selling items in the AH is extremely hard these times. Only legendary items and the absolutely best iLvl63 items are selling. Only occasional iLvl60-62 item will sell at REEEEEEALLY low price.
    I’m buying but not a lot since the most items are soooo overpriced and as a casual player, I haven’t gathered millions and millions (and sometimes billions) of gold that is needed for good gear. Only have a 3,9 million gold in possession right now. That wont get me that far in the AH.

    So, pre 1.05 I sold a lot of gear… now not so much.

    Buying gear from the AH has turned out to be a negative experience for me. Feels like cheating. But as a casual player I don’t have hours and hours of time to play, so if I want to progress I’m forced to upgrade gear through AH. It became a little better in 1.0.5 but the random itemization thing isn’t working.

  9. I feel like the AH has become sort of weird for people not looking for high-end gear. I’ve vendored rares I bought for 250k in 1.0.4 because I couldn’t sell them again on the AH, but it also seems like people aren’t listing mid-level rares as much (maybe because they don’t sell) and thus they’re not there for me to buy, either, if I want something better than what I have but not millions of gold worth of better. It’s frustrating.

    • I knew no one would vote on that one, but I thought option 4 would do better, since v1.05 seems to create almost the sort of item/game balance many of us wanted pre-launch, much like D2, where you could succeed just playing the game instead of playing the market.

      I guess it’s still almost a morality choice if you go that way, since you can always and so easily vastly improve most of your slots of self found gear for just a few million gold.

      • When you combine 4 & 5 it’s at 13% total, which isn’t a lot, but isn’t nobody either. And I suspect it’d be higher amongst the general, less-power-gamey population.

  10. The big problem is that there are many ways to make a game difficult, and most of the simple ways aren’t particularly engaging. It’s not about how difficult it is, it’s about how it is difficult.

    Most gamers (or even people in general) don’t understand this, and are unreliable sources for feedback in this area.

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