Blizzard posted news that players can now view the Seasonal Conquests, as well as the Seasonal and Era Leaderboards, via battle.net. They also explain how to view Leaderboards in-game, which can be tricky since it’s not been integrated into the basic UI display.

    Season 2 begins February 13 and we’re as excited as you are to jump in and start tackling new challenges with fresh characters!

    Some of you may be planning to compete for particular Conquests. To prepare for the start of the new season, all new Season 2 Conquests (and their associated leaderboards) are now available for viewing in-game and on our website. While you cannot yet claim a place on these leaderboards, it’s a great opportunity to check out the new challenges and start planning your strategy for when the season goes live next week.

    To view the new Conquests in-game:

  • Open up the Leaderboard screen (default Shift + L from the main menu)
  • Click on the Conquests button on the left
  • To view the new Conquests on our website:

  • Visit our Rankings page
  • All new Conquests will be listed on the left hand-side of the screen
  • If you’d like to view your progress for Conquests from Season 1:

  • Open your Profile (default Shift + P from the main menu)
  • Navigate to Season
  • Click on Season 1
  • Click on Records
  • I think easier is to just right click on your profile in-game, and one of the pop up menu options is “Leaderboards.”

    As for the web view of the Conquests, they display just fine, but in something of a web design failure… there’s no text to explain what the Conquest actually is! So congrats to everyone who managed Sprinter, Better Lucky than Good, Top Spot, Death Gets Got, Now You’ve Really Done it, and all the others… but it sure would be nice if those pages had the info necessary to appreciate the time/date listed for each Conquest.

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