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Diablo 3 VideosDiablo3.TV is filling up nicely and plenty of you have been adding your own videos and favourites you’ve discovered made by others.

With Patch 14 and of course the unintentionally reachable areas being explored over the weekend there’s been another wave of new content added. A selection are walkthroughs from the new areas (spoiler), a playthough as a Hardcore Monk by Maaxreap,  Slybacongaming has made a couple of videos demonstrating the new skillrunes.

For a spot of retro Tarsius added six shortish episodes of his 100% pure tanking Barbarian in Lord of Destruction. Surprisingly enjoyable watching someone else play, if purely from a nostalgia and comparison point of view. Usually I glaze over after a few mins….bored!

MackTen has been keeping the status updates coming. He’s looking for feedback as he’s now set out a schedule of programmes that he’ll be recording each week. He’s new to the broadcast scene and has invested in some new equipment for the job,  so if you have an idea or any sort of input speak up or forever hold your peace.

Here’s some Barbarian action in the DiabloWikiFestering Woods shot by Maaxreap.  But if you prefer to watch the Wizard Kuma Hobby takes his through the new areas with that class.

You can see all of the above and more videos on the front page of Diablo3.TV. Use the categories on the right to view by type or there’s always the search box at the top of that list if you prefer.

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    5 thoughts on “Videos & Broadcasts on Diablo3.TV

    1. I wish Blizzard could open up another zone or 2 in the beta since we all have been waiting patiently.  This would be awesome for Blizzard to do this since it is taking so long. I know Blizzard wants this game to be the very best which I really do believe this game will win alot of gaming awards when this game is released. For Blizzard to keep the people of the world waiting for an awesome game this the least they could do.

      • Why would they open new areas for “poor patient beta players” when a lot of folks like me doesn’t even have a damn beta key ?? Just enjoy the fact that you can play it, I would if I could.

        • Seconded! Also, it would actually take them some time to ‘open new areas’ unless you’re happy with them being unfinished and buggy (like the ones just leaked), which isn’t really Blizzard’s MO

    2. Monsters with that affix roots you for 2 sec.

      You will still be able to attack, but you can’t move 

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