Video: World’s First 4P Hardcore GR60

A powerful party on the EU realm has completed GR60 in Hardcore, raising eyebrows across the globe. The group can be seen atop the current EU HC Season 3 leaderboard, with the 12:55 clear you see in the video below. The team consisted of a WD and Crusader for the lockdown and a Wizard and DH for the artillery support, and it all looks pretty simple in the video, if you forget that any single tiny mistake means they’ll all die almost instantly.

Witness the Video: World’s First 4P Hardcore GR60:



If you’re wondering about the overall Rankings, the next best on their EU HC Seasonal 4p is GR57, though EU HC Era isn’t far behind with a party through GR58. Compared to the US Hardcore Grifts, they really stand out though. The best so far this season on this side of the Atlantic is 54 for HC Era and 56 for HC Seasonal. As a ‘murkan HC player I’d like to pretend that 8 hour head start the EU players got when the patch/season went live was to blame, but a week and a half into the season that excuse is getting old.

(The current 4P records for Softcore are 69 Era EU, 65 Season EU, 68 Era US, and 65 Season US.)

This concludes today’s installment of, “some people have way more time to play video games than you do.” Have impressed?

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  1. I'm impressed, I still can't get past mid 30's in solo, but then again, I have a life that gets in the way — plus when you look at seasonal paragon after like a week, and it's more than my non-seasonal paragon… that's just crazy.

  2. there are 2 billion crits there – whaaat?

    also, nice to see bastion's will used

  3. I wonder, are they gonna get banned, or nerfed?

    • Personally I think perma-CC is just as stupid as perma-invulnerability was and wouldn't shed a tear if it would be gone from the game.

  4. Until they nerf the constant cc from wd party means shit but that is a personal opinion.

  5. sad no barbs really in the higher records.. 🙁 just lame op wd and dhs….

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