Video: A Real Life Demon Hunter

A popular new video documents the amazing archery skills of Lars Andersen, who seems practically a Demon Hunter in some of his fast-firing tricks. Video: A Real Life Demon Hunter:

No one thought the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 had some historical precedent or physical reality — remember the “how does she reload while dual wielding xbows” debate? At least we didn’t get a repeat of the “did or did not Amazons cut off a boob” debate from the D2 days.

It’s cool though, watching the guy in the video giving some insight into what actual archery in combat might have been like. It’s not the formalized, slow-motion, firing-in-ranks stuff that you see in movies, where the archers stand motionless and are lucky to get off two arrows before someone runs up and chops them in half with a sword. Now imagine if this guy could magically summon an unlimited number of arrows to his hand, and fire massive explosions as well?

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  1. Boy, I hate to be a party pooper, but it seems that this video contains not only amazing trick shots, but also an amazing lot of crap about archery:

  2. watched this yesterday or the day before or such on B3TA and I was like w00t!!!

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