Video of Diablo 3 No Latency for High Ping Players

A few months ago I wrote quite a controversial article regarding Latency no longer being a factor in Diablo 3 thanks to some clever programming by Blizzard. I finally got around to making a video showing this. So if you’re an Australian or you just have a high latency than this will make you very happy!

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35 thoughts on “Video of Diablo 3 No Latency for High Ping Players

  1. It will be interesting to see how this sort of traffic of data is handled with four people with a high latency in the same game, with some corpse effects (Thinking WD confuse alablaster runestone) or on-hit effects and the like. Time will tell.

  2. I’m in Australia and in the beta and I’ve played only a little, largely because at times the latency was very noticeable and ruined the experience.  Sometimes it felt snappy though, so the potential is there.

      • In this case, it’s not applicable to the point being made.

        I do have a terrible connection, which directly contradicts what is being said by Azzure and a few others about this exact subject. I can make a spiffy video myself.

    • Any competent programmer knows it’s marketing (or BS, if you will), so creds to him if he understands it too. 😀

    • So you read a news story that says “Online Game Not Affected by Latency” and you don’t think, even for a second, that it is in fact bullshit?

        • Was Homer Simpson chasing it?
          “It’s just a little airborne! It’s still good, it’s still good!”

      • I didn’t say it was or wasn’t (I know it really is too good to be true), I was just making a joke because I knew you would probably call bs on this because of your bad connection.

  3. I can see how this would work perfectly for a player alone on bnet, but how would this work in coop play or pvp?

  4. This again?

    Azzure my friend, you’re comparing D3 with a 12-year old game. Client-side prediction method has been used by most of the games in the last 7-8 years. It’s a standard today.

    However, it only masks the latency and gives you a feeling of your actions are instant. But in the truth, there’s still delay and none of your actions occur instantly in the server side. In PVP situations latency will be very obvious. As a side effect, this method causes resync issues with the client and sometimes players are gonna experience odd situations and they will blame the lag.

    In the end; yes, it’s an improvement upon a 12-year old game. But it’s a natural aspect of today’s online games. Calling it revolutionary and Blizzard’s clever programming is simply beyond ridiculous.

    • Yeah this site has gone crap really fast. It’s like the evening papers.. they don’t even bother to check anything, they just post it. Revolution, revolution!

      But, as far as I understand it’s not just client prediction. They actually give the clients some authority too, so during spikes the clients can “mimic” gameplay. This isn’t entirely new either, but I haven’t seen a single game using it that hasn’t got multiplayer cheats too.

      But it’s a good marketing ploy, and all the kids (and “journalists”) buy it.

      • The site hasn’t gone to crap – this is pertinent news to a lot of people who don’t live and breath game design, and yet have valid concerns about their poor connections.  And guess what?  This server-client implementation is indeed good news to them.
        Try not to be so pretentious next time – a tall order for some of the “regulars” around here.

  5. A few things I’ve noticed on my 215-255ms ping, certain skills like vault seem to take that extra .3secs to cast(could be just how vault works)

    -Health globes are an item so the drop is latency based right?, could potentially be annoying in inferno having a delayed globe spawn on you when you wanted to save any that appears. ( this effects combat, does it not? )

    -I rubber band in combat every now & then ( not level loading lag, possibly minor lag spikes on my end)

    -frost nova, wave of force etc.. sometimes the animations don’t play when cast. ( and I’m not talking about a lag spike or frame skips, my fps is good.) (again no biggie could just be me, could be a bug etc… I’ve seen videos of low ping players having no problems though *shrug* )

    All minor things i know, just saying. Its not 100% gone like this article makes it sound.

    • Health globes doesn’t have to be latency based but they probably are.

      They could transmit the seed to the client and somehow make it predictable so all health globes that *will* drop are known to the client before-hand. They could do this with all items but it would open up for minor cheating (ie, just like the maps in D2 were known by the client before hand.. items would be too, and which monster drops them.. though only after the monster is visible by the player)

      To what extent they’ll employ those techniques is another matter, though.

  6. Well the beta isn’t a great indication anyway since it’s based in NA and Aussies will have the SEA servers to primarily play on.

    • A ton of players from this region have the same high ping to SEA & NA… No matter what server i play on i will be above 200ms.

  7. Nice video..
    As an Australian that get’s around 180-200 MS, I’ve never really struggled with latency, weither it be me getting of kicks in 2.2k Arena or FPS, but there definately is a subtle difference ( If an american played with it he’d probably rage quit) But I guess that’s all iv’e played with / all i expect ….
    I don’t know what Diablo 2 server you were on but wow the delay you got on Diablo 2 pretty bad and was nothing close to what I get, it seemed weird


  8. hmmmmm i get ~400 ms usually from where i am (perth, aussie). I have the fastest home-use broadband available in my region, without overpaying. And yeh, i have far worse lags on D2 than what this video shows. I usually hit a quil rat with a sword, run away, the quil rat went off screen, and u can hear it die and 1 gold pops out. Sometimes it gets to 15k ms……….. dunno how D3 gonna work around that……..

    • The client will predict that you hit the quill rat without delay. The client will then predict that the quill rat lose all life. Hopefully (for you) the client will also predict that the quill rat will die from that action.
      All without delay.
      Then you have to wait 15 seconds for the server to relay the confirmation that the quil rat is indeed dead and that it dropped 1 gold.
      There is no way around it. It’s a client server model, you will have to wait for your latency to receive confirmation on actions.

      • As someone else said on here, drops can be predicted ahead of time by the server and sent to the client, it doesn’t have to be a transaction that takes place at the instant the monster dies. As long as the server sends the “future drops” to the client in time, there would be no delay for the player.
        I’m sure there are situations where there is no clever way around the latency, but item drops isn’t necessarily one of them.

        • Sadly that will open up possibilities for abuse. You can’t have the client predict too much.
          In case of client known loot drops, a third party program could be made to show what a pack of monsters is going to drop. The player/bot can then ignore that pack based upon information he really should not know.
          So yes, item drops is dependant on latency.

  9. I can confirm that diablo3 is playable with high latency. I play from Namibia and have around 380- 550 ms latency and it plays fine. Once over 600 i get that characters stutter. I expect to have better latency once i can play on where i expect around 250,s delay.

    • I’m near Rigby,  a bit south in Cape Town. Playing D2 with 400-500ms for years. So yes, this programming method might not be groundbreaking, but it sure sounds like good news for me. To call it anything else but good news is just looking for a reason to troll.

  10. Funny how this revolution fails to prevent rubber banding and total desync even at 250 ping at times. No matter what they do desync and rubber banding will happen. Patch 10 actually increased the amount of lag and desync issues i have had so far in the diablo 3 beta. Its a step in the right direction but its lightyears away from “without delay” as some claim.

  11. Nothing really new here… this is exactly how AJAX works in web.Im pretty sure that this is one of the main reasons why the drops are unique to each player even though it could be avoided by synching the drops for the next 50-100 monsters near the player location…

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