Video: Monk GR57 World #1

The Monk has been something of a forgotten class this season, with most of the attention on DH, Wiz, and Barbs with their new sets, plus the Monk was a very popular choice last patch/season when the Gungdo Gear bracers were new and everyone was enamored of their domino effect Exploding Palm.

If not making headlines, Monks are still doing well, and with the big buffs to Dashing Strike through the Thousand Storms set, plus the CDR magic of the new In-Geom sword, well-geared Monks can clear medium and higher GRs as fast as anyone. They’re not up there in the same numbers as DHs and Barbs at the highest GRs, but the class is far from gimped, as you can see in this video of the new #1 Monk (and #7 overall, just behind 6 DHs) US Seasonal Greater Rift rankings.

The player is Quin and you can see his stream here, and this GR57 doesn’t even look that hard; not a great spawn and not great levels and he still got it in just over 13m. Obviously Stonesinger helped a lot at the finish, and the way he saved that Power Pylon was nicely-done.

Anyone maining a Monk this season and enjoying the experience?

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  1. He is actually not Rank worldwide anymore, a EU Monk completed a 58.

    As Flux mentioned it seems that this looked like an easy try, pretty shitty layouts with decent mobs and only a Power Pylon at the end.
    With some RNG and Power+Channeling this build may reach 60.

    Important to note is that he wass trying a dual wield setup with azurewrath and pig sticker. The jury is not out if that is actually superior to a Flying Dragon.

    • That sounds like Brbc’s build over in Bnet forums. Also noticed that he was going dual wield there.
      Only dislike that you are supposed to use the numlock-trick nowadays, they should fix that or add autocrats (would be okay by me)

  2. Plus, he is paragon 1000.

  3. LOLWUT. See his T6 clear speed and playstyle in other videos and stop blaming barbs’ Spin2Win playstyle.

  4. “the monk has been something of a forgotten class this season” — no, you guys just provide cradling comforting oral service to Demon Hunters every. second. you. can. get.

  5. I’ve been main-ing Monk for a while; through the PTR that took place in Season 1 and throughout Season 2 … I felt that we, monks, were given a real boost and a nerf within the same season. If you followed what was happening with monks in season 2 … you might have to agree. “Here’s a new bracer, it’s a gift … take it” “now, let’s take away it’s power” and it was kind of a drag if you were working hard to build monks in season 2.

    But, yeah, paragon 1000 in season 3 … is due to the overwhelming support this player has on line. Quin is likable … I like him. And what kind of support are we talking about? People let him join EXP Grift game after game dressed up in full exp leech gear and all he has to do is take a walk.

    He also get’s paid to play … with that kind of support, it’s good to see he’s actually on top. He has no excuse to drop outside of the top 5 players … unless, of course, his wrists fall off. I hope he’s ok, but how could his hands survive 3 seasons in a row of constant diablo?

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