The Monk has been something of a forgotten class this season, with most of the attention on DH, Wiz, and Barbs with their new sets, plus the Monk was a very popular choice last patch/season when the Gungdo Gear bracers were new and everyone was enamored of their domino effect Exploding Palm.

    If not making headlines, Monks are still doing well, and with the big buffs to Dashing Strike through the Thousand Storms set, plus the CDR magic of the new In-Geom sword, well-geared Monks can clear medium and higher GRs as fast as anyone. They’re not up there in the same numbers as DHs and Barbs at the highest GRs, but the class is far from gimped, as you can see in this video of the new #1 Monk (and #7 overall, just behind 6 DHs) US Seasonal Greater Rift rankings.

    The player is Quin and you can see his stream here, and this GR57 doesn’t even look that hard; not a great spawn and not great levels and he still got it in just over 13m. Obviously Stonesinger helped a lot at the finish, and the way he saved that Power Pylon was nicely-done.

    Anyone maining a Monk this season and enjoying the experience?

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