Video Interview: Alex Mayberry and Jason Bender

A new video interview with Diablo 3 developers DiabloWikiAlex Mayberry and DiabloWikiJason Bender has appeared on JeuxVideo, a French gaming site. It’s not a new interview; the footage was recorded back in July at the Blizzard media event, and it’s not really an interview; it’s under five minutes in length and we just get two minutes of each guy talking about game features.

Despite that brevity, there is some new info, or at least info I hadn’t previously heard confirmed for the final game. Blue items, magical gear, no longer needs to be identified. You find it with the DiabloWikiaffixes and item type already on display. This had been noted in some images (as you see to the right), and now we know why.

You do still need to/get to ID DiabloWikiRare and DiabloWikiLegendary items, so there’s still that moment of surprise (and usually disappointment, randomness being what it is) when you click and hope. Here’s a quick summary of some of the interesting stuff the guys say during the video; the narration and subtitles are in French, but the Bliz guys speak English, and the audio is good.

Jason Bender: We want it to be really easy to pick up items. You should be able to grab and go. Your inventory is very large, and you can now sell items straight out of your inventory, or you can salvage them just as easily. We don’t want to force players to go back to town to stop the action.

DiabloWikiLeah calls DiabloWikiCain, “Uncle.” She’s learning from Cain. She’s interested in magic and lore which is what Deckard is all about. He’s finally found someone to stay a while and listen. Despite that, Leah doesn’t really believe his stories as literal truths. Like most people in DiabloWikiSanctuary, she thinks of them as kind of fairy tales. They don’t become real to her until the events of the game, when your hero arrives and she sees some sights.

The video is embedded below, click through to view the whole thing. Thanks to thebluemonk for the tip.

Diablo III – Les objets – PC sur

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29 thoughts on “Video Interview: Alex Mayberry and Jason Bender

    • I don’t see why not. 
      The interesting thing will be to see the prices that the UnIDed items will stable on…

      • Mostlikely won’t be nessecary unless there’s duping going on to proof unid items are legit, otherwise and especially in the beginning from release, people will have no clue what that item will do since it’s unid and simple won’t buy it.

        • That’s simply not true.
          If the system will work properly you’ll NEVER be able to know in advance the properties of an unIDed RARE item (and possible even some unIDed uniques as well). Buying an unIDed rare will therefor be akin to buying a lottery ticket (which is something many many people do all the time) – you may hit it big, but most likely you won’t.
          For the right price (which will be determined by the communities demands) I can see the buying/selling of unIDed items a very interesting and probable option.

          • The Rockman – I don’t agree. The price really depends on the item and its potential. 
            Remember gambling from D2? It’s a very similar concept, and better items (=better potential to be awesome) weren’t cheap there. And this time you’re guaranteed a rare/unique, so all the more…

            I’m pretty sure that an “elite” rare unIDed sword/helm/shield/etc or an unIDed Rare ring/amulet will cost much much more than the worst stuff.

            Not to mention unIDed runes (if they’ll also be unIDed when found – I sure hope so!)….

          • I agree with you Mutajon. I’m also hoping for unID’d runes. They would make trades more interesting and I don’t see a downside to them.

          • unID runes doesn’t make much sense. I’m sure these will drop very often, and you can level them and unequip from skills. Runes will be cheap in AH.
            unID rare items don’t make sense. To randomized. Won’t sell.
            unID unique might be possible but it’s a gamble to get high % on stat affixes, and like I said in the begin from release nobody will know what those unique item stats are unless they use an online database.

          • “you can level them”

            Possibly, but we’ve heard nothing so far about upgradeable runes.

            “Runes will be cheap in AH.”

            The first few levels of them probably will be, but the devs said, that the ones dropping in the end-game will be much more rare and in result of that, much more expensive.

            “unID rare items don’t make sense. To randomized. Won’t sell.”

            Despite the much more randomized results players gambled in D2 all the time, so I think unID’d rare items would sell very well on the AH.

          • Runes are level-up-able unless that was scrapped. Can anyone confirm?
            “Despite the much more randomized results players gambled in D2 all the time, so I think unID’d rare items would sell very well on the AH.”
            Yeah, no… as far as my experience in d2 history goes from years of playtime, nobody sold/bought unID Rare items. They only bought/sold unID uniques to make sure it wasn’t a duped one.
            As far as my forsight goes, unid items selling aint gonna happen.

          • It’s confirmed, that the Mystic will be able to craft Runes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that (s)he can upgrade them as well.

            “as far as my experience in d2 history goes from years of playtime, nobody sold/bought unID Rare items.”

            It may not have been clear, but I was talking about gambling at Gheed and other NPCs. Don’t tell me you’ve never spent your every penny at that greedy bastard, looking for an awesome Rare tiara, ring or amulet. 🙂

  1. That’s really nice we don’t have to ID magical items anymore. I agree with that one. Just don’t take it any further 🙂

    • Loot magical/blue item, open inventory, sell for gold, close inventory. *4 steps*
      Autoloot gold. *0 steps*
      Why not autoloot magical/blue items and autosell for gold. Unless you need crafting mats auto(breakdown the item for mats, forgot the word :P).
      Why still make us spend time on doing these things Blizzard when if we don’t, there will be no downtime in farming. The same reason gold is now autoloot.

      • A more robust auto-loot system (I’m thinking about something like Sacred and Dungeon Siege had) would be very nice indeed.

        However implementing auto-sell and auto-salvage doesn’t make sense to me, since you have to choose between the two on a per item basis. Shortcuts (ALT + Left-Click for salvage and CTRL + Left-Click for selling for example) work fine for both of these functions.

  2. I wonder if Cain dies in D3 and if leah will replace cain. 
    If that’s the cain, I’m excited to see the old version of leah in D4^^

    Edit: *case not cain

    • As they’ve said that D3 completes this trilogy, in terms of story, I hope and assume that D4 will be a whole new game/story/world/time/etc. Taking place long before (Sin War?) or long after events in the current cycle. Which makes it seem unlikely that any of the characters will carry over, other than the big demons, naturally.

      • Interesting Idea.
        I just wonder how they should get information, if not from cain or leah. Maybe in D4 there will be an Archangel to tell us everything?

        W/e I guess it’s too early to speculate about D4, since D3 isn’t even released yet^^

    • What year it is has no relevance to their decision to bring the “identifying” attribute to the game. Items have random properties and therefore, once people know what every item is, the unidentified version will be worth more because there’s the chance for it to be near perfect to completely perfect.

  3. Identifiying items was  a fun part in D1. made the game more realistic…descovering the dungeon…and all part of the scenario…story etc. if I want to play and kill and not discover nor think nor imerse myself…then I play a shooter not an action rpg…
    Nothing was random in D1, everything was simple medieval dark and part of a world. Simple actions like picking items off the ground yourself, having a realistic weight limit etc. made the game feel more real and made me feel like more part of it, made it a more personal experience not just a competition with time and other players towards a goal -> kill > evolve > kill more > kill boss > kill everything else including other players > the end. << that is not Diablo…

    The excitement I had when finding an item….to rush back and show it to Cain, made me feel so good. Everything in that dungeon was bits and pieces, scraps and garbage; something good was hard to find and when you found it it was so rewarding…all griswalds edge quest and Arkaine's Valor was not just random mass drops… but were virtual items full of meaning and value.

    Also working up towards finding more and more about Cain who became more and more misterious; I remember wondering how and why he knows so much…and how all linked to the dark story of Leoric…that is a great game. Hope D3 will have some of that…even some drops would be great.

    • It was a completely different stile of  play in those times…
      I remember when I first so a checkpoint in D2, I was… it didn’t feel serious. And getting back to your corpse after you died, didn’t help either. In D1 if you died… hasta la vista baby!
      I will be happy now if they will treat the lore part with seriousness and the cinematics.
      Because I’m that guy who always stays awhile and listen…

      • Very true…well evolving is of the essence…but with caution not to loose the essence itself 😉

        The dieing part yes…all items popd off the char on the ground…that was interesting :))

  4. I am REALLY surprised they aren’t getting rid of identifying all together, considering how stubbornly obsessed they are with ‘streamlining’ the experience for us.  Good to hear that uniques and rares still require it.

  5. How many times are they gonna assure us that it feels like a diablo game? Which I’m sure it does but still makes it seem like they don’t think it truly does

  6. I dunno about you, but ID was just a couple of extra mouse clicks. If you’re out fighting, you don’t have time to sit and open your bags and peer at your shinies. You need to find a good break point to gaze at your loot, and when you do, what does that extra click add to the experience? As for trading unID items, I think people are vastly overestimating the allure of flat out gambling on them, especially when you factor in RMAH. There is already enough random chance involved in looting and crafting; how much more do you need? How popular is it going to be to throw down real cash on the chance at getting a perfect roll? You just spent a few hundred dollars on a +1 light radius ring, congratulations.

  7. I like the change, especially since most magicals were worthless except for a few item types like phase blades, body armors, or circlets. These were quite annoying to have to pick up and waste space, or have to use up time and scrolls id’ing as there would only be a 1/100 or so chance it would be useable/sellable.

  8. um, did he say playing diablo 3 feels like coming at the the end there? I hope he’s right.

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