A new video interview with Diablo 3 developers DiabloWikiAlex Mayberry and DiabloWikiJason Bender has appeared on JeuxVideo, a French gaming site. It’s not a new interview; the footage was recorded back in July at the Blizzard media event, and it’s not really an interview; it’s under five minutes in length and we just get two minutes of each guy talking about game features.

    Despite that brevity, there is some new info, or at least info I hadn’t previously heard confirmed for the final game. Blue items, magical gear, no longer needs to be identified. You find it with the DiabloWikiaffixes and item type already on display. This had been noted in some images (as you see to the right), and now we know why.

    You do still need to/get to ID DiabloWikiRare and DiabloWikiLegendary items, so there’s still that moment of surprise (and usually disappointment, randomness being what it is) when you click and hope. Here’s a quick summary of some of the interesting stuff the guys say during the video; the narration and subtitles are in French, but the Bliz guys speak English, and the audio is good.

    Jason Bender: We want it to be really easy to pick up items. You should be able to grab and go. Your inventory is very large, and you can now sell items straight out of your inventory, or you can salvage them just as easily. We don’t want to force players to go back to town to stop the action.

    DiabloWikiLeah calls DiabloWikiCain, “Uncle.” She’s learning from Cain. She’s interested in magic and lore which is what Deckard is all about. He’s finally found someone to stay a while and listen. Despite that, Leah doesn’t really believe his stories as literal truths. Like most people in DiabloWikiSanctuary, she thinks of them as kind of fairy tales. They don’t become real to her until the events of the game, when your hero arrives and she sees some sights.

    The video is embedded below, click through to view the whole thing. Thanks to thebluemonk for the tip.

    Diablo III – Les objets – PC sur jeuxvideo.com

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