A weirdly-amusing video from a Spanish TV show where a crazy old man with no teeth laughs hysterically through his garbled account of working a bad job has become a viral meme thing, with people plugging in creative subtitles. The usual approach is to portray the toothless man as someone from some tech company, laughing at how he rips off the customers. The raw cut without subtitles is here, and I don’t follow video card news, but apparently it’s been bad lately, since there’s a SHOCKING interview with Nvidia engineer about the 970 fiasco, and another one where an Nvidia engineer talks about free G sync.

    Of course there’s now a Diablo 3 themed version as well, which you may find good for a laugh or three. Needs moar WILSONED jokes, IMHO, but see what you think. Video Humor: Shocking Diablo 3 Dev Interview:

    This vid is just a variation (laughing instead of ranting) on those classic “Hitler loses it” vids that were popular a couple of years ago. Several were created with Diablo 3 themed subtitles, and click through for a couple of selections. How does Hitler react to his account being hacked, and to having to use the RMAH for gearing? (Hint, not well.)

    Hitler’s Reaction to Diablo 3 RMAH

    Hitler’s Reaction to Account Hacking

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