Video Games Unplugged Debuts D3 Cinematic Teases

Thanks to Neinball for spotting a cool video with some new Diablo III music and cinematic visuals. The video is a recording of a very recent Video Games Unplugged performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, in which the symphony played the music from numerous video games, including Diablo III.

The audio quality isn’t great, but there’s Diablo III seen throughout this video, though the new goodies are seen around 6:40, when the big screen shows several short, never-before-seen clips from the 2D, storybook style class intro cinematics. You only see artwork of the classes posing, and don’t get any of the narration or story, but it’s a nice teaser of what we’ll see in full quality, soon enough.

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14 thoughts on “Video Games Unplugged Debuts D3 Cinematic Teases

  1. Would be nice if it is included in the official soundtrack or something like that. I really felt the chills down my spine while listening. 🙂

    • Then download the fantasia soundtrack. God the music has really gone downhill without Matt Ulmann

    • The piece, Legacy of Terror, was done by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra for their Echoes of War release and though it uses themes from the D3 soundtrack that had been revealed at that point it is an original work of theirs and may not actually be included in the D3 soundtrack. I thought I remember seeing a blue post recently about this topic but can’t for the life of me find it.

  2. Diablo stuff begins around three minutes. Big long piece called ‘Legacy Of Terror.’ I’m betting this is what plays at the opening screen, while you choose your character.

  3. “soon enough”. Is it really soon enough? I don’t want to wait another 32 days 😉

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