This is good news, well for those going to WWI in Paris next month.

    Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Video Games Live and Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain will both perform at the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational, taking place at the Porte de Versailles Exposition Center in Paris, France over the 28th and 29th of June.

    Following thunderous shows at previous Blizzard Entertainment events and in-game within World of Warcraft, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, an all-Blizzard rock band, will bring their customary madness, mayhem and metal to the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational’s closing ceremony—their first live European appearance. The band’s pounding rock anthems will be followed by a Video Games Live symphonic performance, featuring favourite themes from Blizzard Entertainment games, played by a full orchestra and choir, with an epic multimedia backdrop.

    “We’re looking forward to spending a great weekend with Blizzard gamers from around the world and then closing the event out with some incredible live entertainment,” said Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment. “The music and performances of Video Games Live and our in-house group, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, will help us make the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational an unforgettable experience for our attendees.”

    The 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational celebrates the communities surrounding Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft?, Diablo and StarCraft series, as well as showcasing the skills of top eSports gamers from around the world. For the latest updates, check the official website at http://eu.blizzard.com/wwi08

    Elite Tauren Cheiftain usually has the following top Blizzard employees:
    [*]Mike Morhaime (Blizzard President)
    [*]Chris Sigaty (Lead Producer StarCraft 2)
    [*]Samwise Didier (Art Director)
    [*]Allan Dabiri (Quality Assurance etc)
    The group was originally known as “Tenth Level Tauren Chieftain”, the highest level a Tauren Chieftain could be in Warcraft III; the name was changed to Level 60 Elite Tauren Chieftain for the 2005 BlizzCon, Level 60 then being the highest level attainable in World of Warcraft. On July 16, 2007, the group released I Am Murloc, and the new name becomes Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, level 70 is now the highest level in WoW.

    I’m particularly excited about Video Games Live because that looked fantastic, to hear such familiar tunes played by a full orchestra, live. I was very jealous not to be at Blizzcon last year.

    Video Games Live is an orchestral and visuals treat celebrating some of the wonderful music in video games past and present. At Blizzard events that obviously focuses on their games but they tour and include music from many different games.  You can check their tour dates if you fancy treating yourself and your family to something different.

    Those on Worldofwar.net who were able to go to Blizzcon shot videos of both the shows.

    [*]Blizzard – Video Games Live
    [*]Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain

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