Video Game Companies as People

Oddly-amusing cartoon making the rounds lately, with an artist’s vision of what video game companies would look/act like if they were people. That description is probably incomprehensible, so I hope you’re not surfing from some weird location that blocks images loading, or this post isn’t going to make any sense at all. Here are the pics for Blizzard and Activision; click through for the full image which includes EA, Sony, Valve, Nintendo, and others.



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21 thoughts on “Video Game Companies as People

    • Yeah they should at least mention how your cat disappears for years at a time, only to show up with some dead thing,
      when you would have preferred something at least half alive.

      • Cats are pretty awesome though, it’s just too bad about those crazy Cat Ladies who sever contact with all other friends in order to devote all their time fanatically to their cats and god help anyone with the gall to suggest they’re obsession is unhealthy.

      • We should get the team together in a fortress and issue a counter-strike against the kind of cat that won’t even bring something back half alive. Text me and I’ll send you a Portal to get there.

  1. Blizzard is more like the long distance friend; we *used* to hang out offline all the time. While they’re great to talk with online sometimes, it’s just not the same any more.

    • Hmm, no. That doesn’t quite work, most people fell in with Blizz around the SC1/WC3/D2, which we played almost exclusively online.

      It’s more like that friend who used to have a great collection of console titles for the rare but memorable occasions we visited but has since shelved most of his offline video games and plays exclusively on steam.

      That cat really needs a hat.

  2. I’ve enjoyed it except Bethesda. As a fan of Fallout 1/2, they are on the same level as EA to me. 🙂

    • I would assume no LAN for SC2 & D3. I don’t get the part about Microsoft’s junk either, could somebody elaborate?

      • Red ring = dead xbox. Apparently lots of those around.

        I don’t know, but I thought the 6 week thing might be the time it took to get a replacement?

  3. Valve needs to be remade as a black hole. When something goes into it, you have to charge in to get it back. And sometimes it never comes back.

  4. The guy got activision wrong, likes to change perfectly good games by turning them into repetative cash cows changing the gaming industry into a boring monotonous versions of themselves for a long period of time.

  5. This was done by someone in a country other then the US if they think of Microsoft as foreign considering I like in the USA that one made zero sense to me

    • Foreign to gaming world, I think. A while ago, MS didn’t have the Halo/Xbox thing. While PCs were popular, they weren’t into games that much (except for simulators and some hardware like sidewinder).

  6. truth is that valve is the last big (last!!! – bliz is gone) company in the game industry that seems to care about players to have real fun and doesnt treat them only like wallets that need to be emptied by selling them nicely packed and dumbed down crap. dont make jokes on valve because you will end playing activision and ea turds without any alternative. howgh

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