Video Game Companies as D&D Alignments

We saw a similar cartoon infographic some months ago featuring video game companies as people, in which Blizzard featured as the Internet friend. Today Memebase brings us an assortment of video game companies as RPG alignment types, with Blizzard featured in the Lawful Neutral position.

The description from the image:

Reliable, respected maker of well-polished games, if rather uninspired.

Bobby-eyes-sThere’s no short form “official” description of that alignment, but you can read a lot about all nine of them on the helpful Wikipedia article. Note that parent company/partner EA made the chart as well, in the Chaotic Neutral slot. (Yes, I kind of expected Bobby to hold down Chaotic Evil as well.)

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12 thoughts on “Video Game Companies as D&D Alignments

  1. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to either axis. The graph doesn’t understand the lawful->chaos or good->evil axes at all. Example: Valve is neutral good when it does things that both seem reasonable (ie neutral on the legal scale), and “free trials and great games on sale” is goody two shoes and “all sales are final no refunds” is dbaggy (neutral on good to evil). And EA is classified chaotic evil, seemingly entirely because the writer thinks chaotic evil is baddest of bad. I think EA is lawful evil. They are orderly and calculating when it comes to their evil plans to screw gaming fans.

    TLDR: The creator of this graphic doesn’t understand D&D alignments.

    • Replaying D2 lately…following D3 development…the Blizzard statement is not valid for D3…D2 is so so better in so many ways…I shouldn’t reinstall D2…=$

  2. Anyone that thinks Sony isn’t going to have DRM on used games is delusional. They will have the same or almost the same system as MS. EA, Activision and a few other big publishers want it so both new consoles will have it.

  3. Funny but all wrong.
    Bit jumping to conclusions with Microsoft so far.
    Valve is horrible with customers/communication so they more like chaotic neutral.
    EA aint holy but its time to get off the hatebandwagon.
    And Zynga is the worst of em all. Filthy thieves.

    • Indeed.
      By the way, the German equivalent for ‘don’t paint things too black’ translates into ‘don’t paint the devil on the wall’. Just came to mind …

  4. What about Perfect World Entertainment (Champions Online, Star Trek Online)? Neverwinter is in Open Beta but has a working cash shop, I found that fairly surprising.

    • That’s not surprising at all. PWE only cares about money. Everything they do is a cash grab and sooner or later some regulating agency should force PWE to reveal the odds assigned to the lottery boxes they put in games like Star Trek Online. In STO, the game drops lock boxes, but you have to buy the keys to unlock them with real $$$. The incentive to unlock them is that you get something desirable, but the odds of a lock box actually containing the desired item is never published. It’s unregulated, online gambling.

      • You have that in NW too. Also you have to buy respecs either with cash or the AD in-game currency (which you also can buy with cash, or grind but it is a lenghty process).
        I get the impression that they are trying to capitalize on the D&D IP.

  5. Oooooh….buuuuurrrrrrnnn. Such a devastatingly sharp critique, you win sir. Well played indeed.

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