Veiled Crystals Hotfix coming soon

One is unlike the others...

One is unlike the others…

Mentioned in the upcoming Hotfixes is a big buff to the drop rate of the yellow salvage material, Veiled Crystals.


The number of Rare crafting materials that will drop from monsters (including Rift Guardians) will be greatly increased

This has been an issue since the big change to gambling in Patch 2.1.1 greatly reduced the yellow Veiled Crystals materials salvaged from failed gambling efforts. (The change dropped yellow mats recovered from 500 Blood Shards worth of gambled armor items from something like 85 to 15.) The shortage was irrelevant to some players who weren’t doing much enchanting or crafting, but it was crippling to many (especially in Hardcore) who were working hard on gear upgrading.

Crafting Legendary and Set items costs a lot of yellows, and enchanting does as well, making it very easy to spend hundreds of yellow mats in just a minute of repeatedly trying to roll a desired stat. The prices are completely insane, also. Not just high, but wildly inconsistent. Enchanting Level 70 legendary items costs 3 Veiled Crystals for most armor slots (belt, boots, shoulders, bracers, helms), but 50 for chest armor and 40 for pants. Rings/Amulets cost 11, and Weapons cost 16. For Crafting, you’ll pay 90 Veiled Crystals to make for Gloves/Helms, 45 for boots, and 7 for pants/chests/bracers/helms. If someone can make any sense of those prices, feel free to explain it to the rest of us.

You know mats are scarce when this starts looking good to you.

You know mats are scarce when this starts looking good to you.

Before the hotfix news, I was going to post a discussion article with a vote asking how you guys thought Blizzard should address the issue. I’m still interested in discussion, but with the news of mat drops being buffed, there doesn’t seem much point in a vote/survey now. At any rate, the options would have been something like:

What should be done about the Veiled Crystal yellow material shortage?

  • 1) Reduce and rebalance crafting/enchanting costs for Veiled Crystals.
  • 2) Drop more Veiled Crystals from chests/monsters.
  • 3) Return more VCs from salvaging Rares (1-2 or 1-3?)
  • 4) Greatly buff VC drops from Rift Guardians.
  • 5) Some or all of the above.
  • 6) No change needed. Veiled Crystals are abundant now.
  • How shortage’d out were some players? I saw suggestions to craft Sovereign Rings with the jeweler, simply to salvage them for the material. That’s 10k + 2 Marquise Diamonds, simply for a Veiled Crystal! Hopefully the buff to yellow mat drop rates will save players from that sort of desperate creativity

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    1. 1 and 3 would be sufficient. Salvaging a yellow item, which is most of what you get from rifts/grifts should yield multiple crystals. I think it is already that way for the blue items and Arcane Dust.

    2. I don't get it. I burn a lot of stuff on random crafts for the lulz. I practically have over 9,000 crystals anyways. Literally.

      Arcane Dust was sometimes a problem before, it's not now.

      I think people are not grabbing rares, then are mad when they don't have the thing you get by grabbing rares.

      • Is this in seasons or non-seasons? The problem is greatly exacerbated in, and I think the majority of the complaints are in reference to seasons. My normal account has a few thousand crystals but on seasons I am scrounging for every one, doubling back for every single rare that drops. I do play HC and RIPed twice early in the season though which certainly doesn't help any.

    3. I think a big factor that can lead to shortages of veiled crystals is that it's very tedious to collect enough of them. When you only get 1 crystal per rare, you have to constantly pick up every one if you want to replenish your stock, but that means filling up your inventory a lot. The salvage all button is a big help in this regard, but it's a bit tiring to have to keep doing it to keep pace with your needs. My suggestion would be to greatly buff the amount gained by salvaging rares to something like 3-5 each. That would help relieve some of the inventory space limitations and still be able to maintain a decent supply without picking up every single yellow.

    4. If people have Greeds Gem (unlimited money) then they could just buy as many rares/magic items as necessary from normal shop vendors and then salvage them for the mats. Still tiresome but better than spending all your normal Gems on jewellery? That's what I do anyway.

      • except that gear purchased from vendors cannot be salvaged, unless of course you found some loophole you care to share? That sounds like an exploit I might not feel to bad about using

        • Are you sure? I just salvaged a pair of trousers sold by the Barbarian in Act 3

          • Nevermind, I must have mixed it up with a normal rare – you are correct. It doesn't work.. my bad.

          • Yeah, they added that in some months ago when we had a material crunch in early RoS, if my memory serves.

            The real irony comes when you buy a rare while leveling up, put gems in it, and then want to salvage the item to get the gems out to use in an upgrade some levels later… you can't. You've got to pay to remove the gems, even if you just want to trash the item. Or sell it and lose the gems.

    5. I dont see how this change makes any sense. Most people who dont have enough mats are probably not picking them up to begin with, and relying on salvaging yellows from Kadala or rift gaurdians. Granted the number from guardians will be up, but we’ll have to wait and see if that alone is enough. I also find it strange that the original change was to save us time ‘running back and forth’, and this new change will require us to do a lot more running around clicking on mats. If mats were auto-pickup this change makes sense.

    6. I think they should enable auto pickup and just wait and see if this problem persists.

    7. When I spent nearly 1500-2000 crystals rerolling my chest to get 3os, that is why I have none. If they are making it easier to gamble because its to much work to walk and hit a button..I think they better get to fixing this.

    8. they should bring back the tool that lets us salvage in the field. They removed it because they wanted town to be important. Well, with the Jeweler and the Enchantress, and Tyrael for bounty return, and the rift stone, its pretty darn important.

      Give us that tool back and we can be more efficient in how many yellows we pick up and salvage. In rifts, I'll simply stop picking up yellows because I want to keep up with the group. Imagine if we could just pop open our inventory and hit salvage all.

      • Unless they put in a "salvage all" button for the field, I'd prefer the current system. Faster to portal back to town and salvage 25 rares at once than to click 25 at a time out in the field.

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