The Vault, Greed’s Domain: Q&A

The gate! The gate...

The gate! The gate…

I constantly see people asking questions about the basic rules to enter DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, AKA DiabloWikiThe Treasure Vault, so here are some of the basic rules. After a Blue post that spurred it.

Will The Vault open for a group of people or just solo?

The vault will start to spawn when the goblin dies. You will see a little swirl animation and then the portal pops up. Anyone that was in the game at the time of the goblins death may enter the portal. You do not have to be near the kill either. You could be in town or in another location farming and someone could kill a goblin and spawn a portal then you could zone to him and enter. Anyone who enters the game after the portal has spawned can NOT enter, though they can see it in the world.
Grimiku: A very accurate description! To reiterate, the portal to the Vault can spawn in both solo and group setups in Adventure Mode (though not inside of Nephalem or Greater Rifts). In addition, any players who were in the game at the time the portal spawns are eligible to enter it, though they need not have been part of the goblin kill itself.

The Vault, Greed’s Domain: Q&A.

  • The Vault will only spawn for level 70 characters, and it occurs completely at random, as far as we know. Some players have found lots of them, some have found none.
  • Higher difficulty, Gold Find, or Magic Find has no effect on the likelihood of a Goblin spawning the portal. (Though you’ll find much more gold in The Vault on higher difficulty and/or higher Gold Find.)
  • There’s no exit portal from The Vault and you have to Town Portal out. The golden portal stays open, too. You can go back through it to the Vault if you want, though nothing respawns, so there’s no reason — aside from the not-very-profitable infinite goblin farming.
  • The Vault was added in Patch v2.1 and is not yet available in the Ultimate Evil Edition, which shipped at v2.0.6. It will be patched in at some point to the PS4 and XboxOne.
  • Greed is the only drop source for DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder legendary gems.
  • The gem will drop 100% of the time if you do not have one already.
  • You can get additional BotH gems from Greed, just by dropping any that you have before you kill her. (The Gem must not be in your jewelry, inventory, or stash.)
  • The Portal will NEVER spawn in a Nephalem Rift, and no Goblins appear in Greater Rifts. (Whimsydale portals may spawn in Rifts, though.)
  • I’m sure there are some other common questions, but those are all the ones I can think of right now. If anyone has some more hit the comments and I’ll update the list.

    Also, thanks to Mormith for the tip about getting a second Boon of the Hoarder, if you find The Vault with a character who already has one equipped. Here’s his email for the full context:

    I listened to part one of the legendary gems podcast and was amused to hear of your love for “Boon of the Hoarder.” I had just spent two weeks killing 174 goblins to finally get one of my own. The very next day (yesterday) I was raking in the gold doing act 1 bounties for a DiabloWikiRoRG when a second goblin portal opened! With none of my friends online to help keep the game open while I switched chars (to one without BotH), I eventually tried something risky that worked.

    I unsocketed BotH, dropped it on the ground in town, portaled back to the where the goblin portal had opened (I hadn’t gone in yet) and quickly fought through to the end where I got another BotH as a reward. Portaled back to town where my original gem was still on the ground and now I have two— WooHoo!

    Hope this isn’t old news to you, it might be of help to someone.

    This should also work for any other Legendary Gem from a Greater Rift Guardian. You’d have to plan ahead though, and drop the gem before you even opened the Greater Rift, since once the portal is open you can’t access anything in your stash or inventory or equipment.

    Of course the easier way is to just hold some Legendary Gems on another character. The game will drop at least one LGem with each dead GR Guardian, *if* any of the 13 LGems (not including Hoarder) is not presently in your stash, inventory, or the gear of the character you are playing. Many players have worked the system to get additional LGems so they can level them up for an alt, or save up/level up some extras in Hardcore, so the inevitable death won’t leave them without any of their favorite kind. LGems are fantastic twinks, adding tremendous damage and utility from socketed rings/amulets even on low or mid level characters. I was just doing it tonight and let me tell you… leveling up an alt with a Conduit Gem in their gear is amazingly fun. Boon of the Hoarder is awesome as well.


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    1. On T6 bounties, popped my third portal on seasons; a T6 Greed run is at least 100m w/ no gold find paragon. Again, RNG is RNG, but it really does feel like Blizz boosted all sorts of chancy stuff on Seasons so you could build "big" characters quicker than normal. Again, I filled out RoRG and Marauder in less than 50 hours. That's ridiculous. Were the 2.0 drop tables that terrible?

      Oh, and all this gold is more worthless than D2, b/c you can't buy shards or gems w/ gold. I wish there was one of those Dragon Quest skills/items that lets you throw gold and do damage to enemies. The one from Dragon Quest IX was really powerful.

    2. I feel like I have killed millions of Goblins and still no Portal 🙁 Any good pointers/spots to farm goblins?


      • I think the Tower and Crater levels in Act 3 (basically everything after the Siegebreaker) are the best place. Start a 4 player game, spread out over those levels and start hunting. The levels are small and fairly linear, so the run can be done quickly. It's best if you do this on a difficulty where each player can handle the levels by themselves, since that way you can find the goblins even quicker. Like the Blue said, you don't have to participate in the kill to be eligible for the Vault, you only have to be in the game.

      • Try Leoric's Passage (in the Act 1 cathedral, between F1 and F2). I looked there every game for a while, and there was a gob ~2/3 of the time, and it's a tiny tileset*, too. Good luck!

        *if you can call one tile a tileset…

      • The spider caves is a good spot. The purple elite spider on the bridge always has a goblin, and spawns quite frequently. And it's only a short run from the entrance. Not that I've seen a portal yet, but I'm sure I'll get one some day while running for keys or a better RRoG.

    3. Most important info that is missing from the list … the Vault can NOT spawn in Rifts.

    4. There's one perfect route, I've already got multiply goblin portals there.

      Core of Arreat -> Tower of the Cursed 1 -> 2 -> Tower of the Damned 1 -> 2

      With my Danetta DH it goes really fast and it's from 1 to even 5 gobs per run (my best).

    5. thanx I had no idea rifts had no goblin portals and I will try the tower

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