Various Diablo-themed news tidbits:

    Tom’s Games has a very detailed article about how the closure (and reopening?) of Flagship Studios has affected (crippled) the progress of Flagship’s “other” game, Mythos.

    Mythos was fun and showed potential in its beta state, and it brought back fond memories of the early days when the action/RPG genre was new and dungeon crawling with friends and strangers lasted until the break of dawn. But with Diablo III out in the open, it seems quite possible that Flagship discovered that its isometric MMORPG wouldn’t stand a chance against the franchise its founding members helped create. Judging from the official Diablo 3 gameplay footage and screenshots released by Blizzard, Mythos would need a complete overhaul just to compete. Then again, Mythos offered the recently popular-free-to-play scheme, with premium weapons and other items up for real-world purchase.

    But out of the Flagship Studios gloom and doom, and the bickering between the company and HanbitSoft, one ray of hope still shines down on Mythos fans. In his post on the now-defunct Mythos forum , Travis Baldree, project lead and programmer for Mythos, had this to say: “Now, on the face of it, that really does sound like the end of Mythos as we know it – but we have a tight-knit team that feels like family and hopes to stick together. Unfortunately, I can’t speak at any real length about our immediate plans just yet – but let’s say that we hope to have you back up and Beta testing for us in one way or another sometime soon.”

    This year’s E3 was largely notable for the lack of big game debuts or general media attention, and don’t think the gaming companies who rely on the event absurdly macho names.  Activision/Blizzard weren’t there, and neither was much media attention.

    Following last week’s E3 2008 Media and Business Summit, several industry veterans have weighed in on the usefulness of the conference, with many remarking that the show has outlived its usefulness.

    …Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello offered harsher words for the revised E3, which as of 2007 has shifted towards an invitation-only arrangement for attendees. “I hate E3 like this,” Riccitiello told the San Francisco Chronicle, as reported by MCV. “Either we need to go back to the old E3, or we’ll have to have our own private events.”

    Oft-quoted Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter remarked that “the spectacle of E3 is dead” in an investor mailing, adding that publishers and console manufacturers must take action to salvage dwindling consumer interest in the annual show.

    And for a laugh, check out the selling points absurdly macho names on Cnet Australia.  You’ll need the fine control for Diablo 3!  Nothing like planning ahead, now is there? Incidentally, what’s the deal with mice getting the most absurdly macho names? They’re all poisonous reptiles, or banshees, or phantoms, or snipers. Are we compensating for something? It’s like reading the pee wee league box scores, if they let the 12 y/o boys name their own teams.

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