Variety.com has added a brief profile of Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime to their online listings of the biggest names in entertainment media. It’s quite short, so I’ll just quote the whole thing:

    With its 10 million-plus subscribers, each of whom pays about $15 per month to play, Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” is the most financially successful videogame of all time. So, while Vivendi may have technically merged its entire games unit with Activision, it’s no coincidence that the resulting company is taking the name Activision Blizzard.

    As CEO of Blizzard, Morhaime will focus on gaining new “Warcraft” players globally and satisfying existing players with expansions, launching new games like “Starcraft II” and “Diablo III,” and bringing Blizzard’s online expertise to other Activision franchises.

    “We have been trying to preserve the small company mindset that’s baked into our culture,” he explains. “It was important in this deal that our new parent company allow us the illusion of still owning Blizzard.”

    In the interests of accuracy, I must point out that around half of those WoW subscribers are in China and SE Asia, and they pay considerably less than a month.

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