Actual location near Mt. Diablo.

    If you run news searches on Diablo III as often as I do, you begin to notice some OT news topics appearing regularly. News related to Mt. Diablo, California (which is what gave Dave Brevik the idea for the name of the game), small town news about various little kids’ sports teams called “Los Diablos,” news about Pirelli tires, and oddest of all, golf headlines. Today’s is the best example I’ve ever seen of that, in this press release from Callaway.

    En route to a 17-under-par finish and a two-stroke victory, Mickelson used prototype versions of Callaway’s new RAZR Fit(TM) Driver, which will be available at retail this Friday, February 17, and Callaway’s new HEX Black Tour(TM) Golf Ball, which will be available on March 2.

    In addition to his RAZR Fit Driver and HEX Black Tour Golf Ball, Mickelson’s bag featured a full complement of Callaway equipment: a Big Bertha Diablo 3-wood (15 degrees), an X-Hybrid (19 degrees), RAZR X Muscle Back Irons (6-PW), a Callaway Prototype 5-iron and an X-Forged 4-iron. He used his Odyssey White Hot XG PT 82 Blade putter to roll in six birdie putts and an eagle putt.

    Does it strike anyone else odd that the cool-sounding names of golf products have so much overlap with the cool-sounding names of computer games and peripherals? Given that golf equipment makers want to sex up the most boring old person sport on earth, what does it say about we computer gamers that 90% of these golf product names could be used for gaming mice or 3D graphics cards?

    There’s a ton of news about last week’s ATVI conference call, but the headline of this one amused me. Activision Ignores Star Wars Challenge. As the article details, WoW’s sub numbers hardly budged despite the much-hyped release of the Star Wars MMO. It also reminded me of something funny — remember back in November, when some guy was writing book-length posts on the B.net forums about how D3 was certain to be released on January 17th, since Blizzard was all panicked about SWKOR? Anyone heard from him lately?

    In news that still strikes most of us as slightly surreal, Blizzard and Valve are escalating their legal struggle over the term “DoTA.”

    There’s nothing specifically about Diablo III in this write up of Frank Pearce’s remarks from the DICE conference, but it’s got some interesting tidbits about gamer addiction, and how Blizzard learned to improve their game launch preparations after they were caught flat-footed by WoW’s instant popularity.

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