I’ve resurrected the third installment of my humorous Diablo 2 holiday stories, and reposted it in the Fan Fiction Forum. This one was originally posted back in 2003, and like the preceding Thanksgiving and Christmas tales, it features the seven characters and an assortment of demons enjoying a holiday get together and meal. This being Valentine’s Day, love (or at least flirting) is in the air, and the characters and monsters trade customized candy hearts and pair (or triple) up in the most interesting and awkward ways.

    Here’s an excerpt, head to the FFF to read the whole thing.

      “Diablo. Baal. Mephisto… Don’t you get lonely, down there, deep in the depths of hell?” asked the Amazon, putting on her best conciliatory voice.

      The three Prime Evils jerked at her words, and Mephisto actually froze with a spoon of bean salad halfway to his mouth. Baal’s eyes shifted to the sides, trading a quick glance with each of his brothers.

      “Uh, not really.” Baal began. “That is, um. I mean, we… we have our work to keep us busy.” he finished, trying to sound confident.

      Diablo chimed in, “Yes, work. We had a civil war in hell, you know. Belial and Azmodan are power-hungry, and though banished now, they might return at any time. We must train our armies and prepare our defenses!”

      “I see.” answered the Amazon. She, like everyone else, had their eyes to Diablo’s side, where Blood Raven was crouching on her knees in a chair, not eating a bite. Just sitting there, almost squatting, and leaning heavily into Diablo’s side. The Lord of Terror was trying to ignore her, and eating one handed so he didn’t knock her head off with the long spike poking out from his right elbow, but he was clearly discomforted, and the topic of conversation was doing nothing to soothe his nerves.


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