Players have already figured out the new “uber quest,” and it’s fairly underwhelming—it’s just another way to gain additional respecs. (Also note that the wording was identical to the v1.11 announcement of the Pandemonium Event…?) Here’s the run down:

    There are four new items to be found from the Act Bosses, only on Hell difficulty::

    • Twisted Essence of Suffering (Andariel/Duriel, 1/11 chance to drop)
    • Charged Essense of Hatred (Mephisto, 1/13 chance to drop)
    • Burning Essence of Terror (Diablo, 1/13 chance to drop)
    • Festering Essence of Destruction (Baal, 1/13 chance to drop)

    These are dropped randomly by the Act Bosses listed by each item. When a character has one of each, convert them in the Horadric Cube to create a “Token of Absolution.” This item allows you to fully respec your stats and skills. Yes, another way to respect, besides the new Den of Evil quest reward. Better yet, this will finally give players some incentive to kill Act Bosses, who have perpetually been a vastly-underutilized game resource. *cough*

    Full stats for the “increased” high level rune drops can be seen here, thanks to Pyrohemia. (Also, Silospen has already included the v1.13 odds in his drop calc.) Rune drop rates are unchanged for #1-22. They begin to increase with Mal (#23) and improve up through Zod (#33). Here’s a quick summary:

    • Zod : 4x more common
    • Cham : 3x more common
    • Jah : 3x more common
    • Ber : 2.3x more common
    • Sur : 2.3x more common
    • Lo : 1.77x more common
    • Ohm : 1.77x more common

    I’d say this increase is far too slight to make any real difference in how useful/necessary rune duping will continue to be, given the demand for the uber Runewords. But I hope I’m wrong. (Or that Bliz increases it more after getting PTR feedback.)

    On the whole, players are excited about some of the changes, (fixed instakills from Fire Enchanted bosses and Iron Maiden curses) and many new Hydra Sorcs are being planned, but there’s a general sense of disappointment that the patch doesn’t (appear to) address many of the most critical and long-term bugs and game issues. The ones most mentioned in the various threads about the patch:

    • No fix to the TPPK exploit = Hardcore public games will continue to not exist.
    • No change to Teleport on Enigma = one item will still totally define many character builds and all PvP.
    • No fix to the mega-stacking invisible poison clouds created by Poison Vipers = minions are still insta-dead.
    • No fix to the long-known bugs that break skills such as Fend, Impale, Assassin Martial Arts skills.
    • Single Player ignored again, with no realm-only additions to the SP game: Uber quests, ladder runewords/uniques, shared stash, etc.

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